Supergirl will be back with sweet treats for its fans after the holidays, continuing the love story of Kara and Mon-El. Also, an alien race will come after Mon-El. According to spoilers, the midseason finale suggests that the real story of his departure from Daxam will unveil. As his past starts to uncover, the future of Alex and Maggie will face some difficulties. The next episode airs January 16.

Is Mon-El Lying About His Past?, by Kara Wayne.

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That is honestly pretty great. BTW Joy, you might know this and I’ve been wondering: is Pratchett’s tendency to spell pun as ‘pune’ in the Discworld novels some kind of strange Brit-specific gag? I’ve always kind of hazily assumed it was because the characters are generally not terribly well educated, but if it’s a pronunciation based joke or something deeper then I’ve utterly missed it.

So, the reason they call it a Pune and not a Pun, is because the founder of the Fools Guild in Ankh-Morpork was called Jean-Paul Pune. The fact that I know this without having to look it up probably means someone is about to appear and shove me into a locker.

Which, yea, there was a habit in ye olde times before the formalization of the English language to add an extra e onto things when writing them down—likely because of how regional accents work and also, well, if there’s no standard for spelling, why not? (You see him doing this a lot with the witches, who for the most part have no formal education up North—same with Carrot’s letter writing which while grammatically ballistic also has a lot of extra e’s in it, which cements the idea in my head that he was inserting regional accent spelling habits that would’ve made Samuel Johnson’s head explode back in 1755 when he first tried to piece English together as a cohesive uniform language instead of the collective clusterfuck that it actually is.)


Spy thriller!Liz/Finn AU: Investigative journalist Finn Kirkwood has his career abruptly cut short when he sustains serious injuries in an attempted assassination. Five years later, the shadowy organisation which wanted him dead sends its newest operative, Liz Garvey, to extract and/or destroy all evidence he holds on them…which means taking his life, if necessary.

Initially, Finn is rightly suspicious of the American who has suddenly taken the house next to his but despite themselves, sparks inevitably start to fly. Time, however, is running out and Liz has to make a choice: to fulfil her task voluntarily or to have her handlers force her hand. But there is a third option: confess all to Finn and with the information he has, possibly turn the fight back against her employers and his would-be assassins?

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these discussions about brits living in other countries and not knowing a language is kinda fascinating to me. im in year eleven, have lived in the dear old county of lincolnshire all my life and recently went on a school trip to germany and poland. some of my classmates were always complaining that the people serving us at shops couldnt speak good english, and i was like, are you serious?? id do anything to be able to remotely speak another language

for all that people laugh at Americans for doing this, gotta remember who they got it from huh…

(i hope your classmates wise up and/or someday someone challenges them to speak polish or german)

Robbie Williams wants new Take That record

Good news for all Take That fans out there… Robbie Williams is keen to hit the studio with his old bandmates and write new tracks with them.

Take That (Photo: Kika/WENN)The Party Like A Russian singer has predicted he’ll work with Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen “soon” and create fresh Take That hits for one of the boy band’s forthcoming anniversaries. “I’m sure I’ll be in the studio with the boys at some point, maybe soon. We haven’t made any plans yet. “You can always fudge an anniversary of some sort. Like, it was the anniversary this year, but we got together in 1990, so the 25th anniversary would have been last year,” he told The Sun newspaper.
Robbie Williams, ARIA Awards 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Caroline McCredie/Getty Images)

He continued: “Then there’s the anniversary of the first song, the first anniversary of most people with brown eyes buying the record and so on.”

Robbie quit the group in 1995 but has dipped in and out ever since and was last reunited with Gary, Howard and Mark at London’s Troxy in November, when he performed a special show to celebrate him being presented with the BRITs Icon Award. The ‘Never Forget’ hitmakers shocked the audience by taking to the stage to present Robbie with the prize and performed hits ‘Back For Good’ and ‘The Flood’ with him. Howard told Robbie in front of fans: “Whether you like it or not, you will always be a member of Take That.” The ‘Back For Good’ hitmakers are to release new album ‘Wonderland’ in March and a greatest hits record is also set to follow.

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As a southern European who lives in a quite popular area among old brits i gotta say thats absolutely infurating when (some) of them start complaning about my english or other locas english even tho they cant speak a Word of our language, like I get they are different and may be hard to learn but hello? I know brits who have been living here since my parents were young and they dont know a word?? Ugh I h8 them

dude i hate these sorts too, they’re often the kind who also can’t believe i don’t speak english with a heavy accent until i tell them it’s my first language (come on folks at least try to remember u had a globe-spanning empire) 

tbh they’re the ones who should be embarrassed. you don’t know how to speak the language of the country you’re in? ok, at least don’t be an asshole to people who alr know at least 1 more language than you 

I spent too much time on these drawings, but I’d say they were worth it. I needed practice on drawing chubby girls and I thought Lena was the perfect character to do so.

There is way too much blank space. I hate it so much. Oh well, what can you do.

Pst. If you want more I will literally throw myself into doing more. I have chronic doodling syndrome, I need ideas.

Hope you like them ^u^


this legit just made my night, oh my goodness, loooooook god i can’t believe people still actually will draw fanart of my silly fanfic and my ocs AND ME, LOOK AT EM ahHHAHHHHHHHH <333333 thank you SO much!!!

I couldn’t possibly decline any more of this fabulous fanart, go for it!!
Diverse Books Resource List 2016
Photo credit: mine Last year, I created my first-ever Diverse Books Resource List , a list of lists containing loads of diverse books fr...

Last year, I created my first-ever Diverse Books Resource List, a list of lists containing loads of diverse books from just about every category. While initially I’d hoped to update it indefinitely, I quickly realized that wasn’t going to be feasible for me, so instead I’ve decided to cover every year from here on out.

So without further ado! I present to you the diverse books resource list for 2016, organized alphabetically. Enjoy!

Body-Positive lists:

Disability lists:

Race, Ethnicity, & Religion-related lists:

QUILTBAG+ lists:

Intersectional lists:

Where do you go to find diverse books?

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Tudom, h nem ez volt a lényeg ebben a jó hosszú posztodban, meg lehet, hogy ez benne is lesz majd valamelyik videóban, de tökre érdekel: miért (szél)jobbos az Öt Csillag? (Farage, persze, de ezen kívül)

De, ezt fontos, hogy megkérdezted, mert másoknál is felmerült (btw. a Faraget miért írtad? Ő a brit UKIP elnöke volt. Vagy azért meg Grillo nagy fanja neki? Hát az szerintem is vállalhatatlan vonzódása Beppének).

Szóval, az 5 Csillagban vannak baromi jó dolgok is - általában épp azok, amelyekkel kritizálni szokták őket. Nagyon jó, hogy populisták, vagyis bevállalják, hogy az állampolgárok széles köreinek percepciója a politikai mozgásokról érvényes észlelés, és azt nem elutasítani, nem lenézni kell, hanem válaszolni rá. 
Szerintem Virginia Raggi (az 5 Csillag egyik sztárja, és Róma polgármestere) mutatja a legjobban, hogy micsoda mély problémák vannak a mozgalommal/párttal - szerintem Renzi (a most lemondott miniszterelnök) nagy hibája, hogy folyamatosan úgy kérdőjelezte meg Raggi kompetenciáját, ahogy az egy balos politikustól egyszerűen ciki: annyi volt az állítása, hogy Raggi populista. Raggi a megválasztása óta gyakorlatilag mást se csinál, mint a korábbi jobbos adminisztrációk top figuráit ülteti maga mellé - ezzel kellene/kellett volna kritizálni, hiszen ebben az eljárásrendben mi is a rendszerkritikai elem? Persze, hogy szimpatikus, hogy szakítani akarnak a megszorítás-ellenes politikákkal, amik Olaszországot is nyomorítják, de ennek moderált és érdemi megvalósítására kevés esélyt lehet látni, ha azt vesszük alapul, hogy Rómát miként vezetik - hiszen hogyan vezetnék akkor másként az országot?

Abban egyetértek, vagy abban szívesen korrigálom magam, hogy az 5 Csillag nem a klasszikus széljobbos formáció - bár Grillo kimutathatóan rasszista, lásd például a viccelődését Sadiq Khanon, a londoni muszlim polgármesteren, aki szerinte fel fogja magát majd robbantani a Westminster előtt. De itt egy erősebb példa: a pármai polgármesterük tipikus széljobbos populista. Megválasztása után (még 2012-ben) csökkentette 10%-kal a fizetését (olcsó húzás), majd ennek árnyékában megemelte a helyi adókat, eladott egy sor önkormányzati céget, lecsökkentette a pénzbeli ellátásokat egy olyan városban, amelyet már amúgy is szélsőségesen eladósított az előző jobbos vezetés. Tehát mit tett? Rátekert a kakaóra, és még tovább szorított a nadrágszíjon. És igen: masszívan menekültellenesek is. 

Nekem az a legnagyobb bajom velük, hogy lejáratják a populizmust - csak úgy, mint a UKIP (akik még vérnácik is ráadásul). Rómában hatalmas a káosz, és folyamatosan azt látjuk, hogy képtelenek a mozgalmi energiákat koherens közpolitikai programmá változtatni. Ez pedig klasszikus széljobbos attitűd: eljátszani a néptribünt, de csak azért, hogy ennek árnyékában szabadon folytathassuk a közforrások megcsapolását és a köz érdekeivel szemben történő felhasználását.