i just remembered how liam appeared out of nowhere at the brits in a hoodie to get the award so that simon wouldn’t and made sure to say they will always be 1d that was.. something

I Should Tell You

george washington x reader

prompt: Reader x Washington, reader traumatized after being assaulted by the British for being close to the general and she struggles to be close with him again

a/n: i’ve been meaning to write some gwash fic so here’s some unedited crappy angst for your night 


Your whole body was shaking, not a single ounce of energy in your body as the British officer continued to torture you.

“You know, even though you’re Washington’s little toy, you are quite pretty.” The officer purred, caressing your bruised and cut cheek as you spat at his hand, glaring up at the man in disgust.

The Brit simply chuckled, wiping the back of his hand on his uniform as he calmly raised his hand and slapped you across your cheek. You whimpered in response, looking down at your lap as the officer laughed manically. 

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Fic Recs (March 27th)

Here we again! New fic recs for you lovelies!! 

The Brit and The Hunter” written by @little-red-83. Evan Owens returns the bunker where she meets Mick Davies of the British Men of Letters. (SPN. I usually only read reader inserts, but I absolutely LOVED this and I can’t wait for the 2nd part.) 

Carefree Confessions” written by @roxy-davenport. The reader gets drunk with Sam and confesses her feelings for Crowley in the back of a very rowdy taxi. (SPN, Humor)

It Takes an Accident” written by @iwillbeinmynest. The reader hates their soulmate mark until the day Pietro runs into them. At 894 meters a second. (Avengers, fluffy soulmate AU)

Meet the Ketch’s” written by @faith-in-dean. The reader and her husband, Arthur Ketch, meet the Winchesters and Castiel. (SPN. I’m so far in the Ketch trashcan, it’s not even funny.) 

Geekchic” written by @tryingtobeanimaginesblog. The reader is something of a geek and Snart takes an interest in them (Legends of Tomorrow, fluffy humor.)

The Mysterious Girl” written by @avengersnthings. Loki is taken to Midgard against his will where he meets a girl he takes an interest in, especially because she doesn’t speak. (Avengers, slightly angsty fluff)

A Good Reason” written by @not-moose-one-shots. Crowley and the reader get into an argument, leading Crowley to admit certain feelings he’s been keeping under wraps. (SPN, angst)

Excuses, Excuses” written by @imagineangryspacegrump. Bones keeps finding excuses to keep the reader from their job in engineering. (Star Trek, angsty fluff)

Electricity” written by @devynwright-writesimagines. The reader tries to join their brother Barry for lunch only to spend time with Julian instead. (The Flash, fluff)

The Set Up” written by @atari-writes. Joanna and Jim try to set up Bones and the reader when they go to her candy shop. (Star Trek, AU fluff)

Titles” written by @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester. Dean messes up when he introduces the reader as an old hunting partner instead of his girlfriend. (SPN, slight angst)

Meeting You Was Fate” written by @of-badges-and-guns. Sonny and the reader bump into each other again and again. Sonny starts to think it’s fate. (Law&Order: SVU, fluff with a teeny bit of angst.)

There you have it, lovelies! A new list of fics I’ve enjoyed! Happy Reading and Lots of love!


Took these 3 gorgeous ladies out for dinner yesterday in celebration of the Mother’s Day, which took place on March 26th in the UK. (And since we’re true Brits at heart, we celebrate it this day too.) Gorgeous ladies ain’t even the right caption for them though - most important women and mothers in my life might suit better. First of all, my beloved mother without whom I wouldn’t be here today, my incredible wife and mother to my unborn child, as well as her beautiful mum, who always treated me like her own son and thanks to whom I’m married to the most amazing woman in the world today.

Hope everyone of our fellow UK people here didn’t forget to show their mamas some love as well yesterday!

I. Am. Such. A. FOOL.

Back when I first got into Martin Smith I was searching online in 2013 for recordings of him and found a bootleg list which included a concert he appeared in entitled “Brits On Broadway” at the Barbican Centre, but I never contacted the person.


“The Music of the Night”.

Guys. Good LORD.


I can’t seem to find the list I saw this on, can ANYBODY out there help me find it? I think it was on a Yahoo Groups page somewhere. Please!