Geci depressziós 2016-ban a világ.

Most tegyük azt félre hogy milliárdoknak sosem volt jó, középosztálybeli, szabad országban élt, létbiztonságban töltött életük.

Tegyük azt félre hogy a szíriai/palesztin/afgán menekültek be lettek a szőnyeg alá söpörve és le vannak szarva.

Tegyük azt félre hogy a brit rasszizmus és osztályharc évtizedekig lett a szőnyeg alá söpörve és most hirtelen kitört alóla.

Tegyük azt félre hogy K-Európa kezd visszarendeződni a diktatúrába a rövid féldemokratikus/demokratikus szünet után - élén Magyarországgal és Lengyelországgal.

Tegyük azt félre hogy Oroszországban mindenki mindig a lehető legrosszabb döntést hozta és a belső hatalom konzerválása miatt Putyin többfronton is háborút generál.

Tegyük azt félre hogy Ausztriában már pengeélen táncol egy fél éve hogy egy holdkóros FPÖs vagy egy normálisabb arc lesz a köztársasági elnök.

De hogy bazmeg,


azon kelljen aggódni hogy most már megint 3-4%-al van Trump Clinton mögött és a kibaszott rasszista amerikaiak, a faszkalap “párthűség fontosabb mint az életbenmaradásom” republikánusok és az iskolázatlan tuskó réteg segítségével ha éppen úgy fúj a szél lehet hogy megszavaznak egy olyan embert aki teljesen ELMEBETEG/INSTABIL és semmi sem állítja meg hogy atomháborút csináljon ha úgy gondolja, na azért az már túlzás.

Flame Anon - A Letter to the UK

Dear United Kingdom,

Today we read an article in the Telegraph quoting a man named Nicholas Drake. He said he was a stylist.  He referred to his niece as “immaculate, refined and modern” as well as “discerning and decisive” and “meticulous”.

We have seen his niece.  

Please immediately send enough of whatever he’s drinking for every man, woman and child in this country to last us until our upcoming Election Day and we’ll never speak of this again.

Your most faithful ally,




Flame Anon, perhaps you should address this letter to the Hunter clan?  I believe they’re mixing their own special brew.  I’ve never met a Brit that’s as delusional as Weirdo and her relatives seem to be, and believe me, I’ve met A LOT of Brits!

anonymous asked:

Brits are my people. Love their accents. (american right here hoping to live in England. on day...) YOU MAH MAN

England’s a jolly ol’ place. We have tea, lots of trees, fields… um… yeah

50/50 Anon - Doctor Strange Submission

Hi Anna. So, saw Doctor Strange last night and really enjoyed it. Saw it in 3D IMAX cause why not?

Did I go thinking it would be the best Marvel film ever? No. Did I leave thinking it was the best Marvel film ever? No.

As expected, it wasn’t as good as the first Iron Man film, both the Avengers and Captain America:Civil War. However, I did think it was better than Antman, Iron Man 2 and Thor:The Dark World. Pretty much on par with all the rest.

Ben’s American accent - sorry if I sound a bit ignorant here but as I’m not American, I really couldn’t say. In fact, I’m pretty crap with even British accents! It’s only really London accents I can tell if a foreign actor is doing a good job. Most of the time though the poshness is exaggerated. Cause you know, all us Brits speak like the Queen. Lol.

I thought I would find his accent distracting as I did a bit in 12 Years a Slave. (I thought his acting was superb in that by the way.) But that was the first thing I saw him in with another accent. Haven’t seen Black Mass and probably never will so can’t comment on that. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything else with an accent? And dare I say I also found Martin Freeman’s accent slightly distracting in Civil War. Again, too used to his British accent and first time I saw Martin do something with an accent. Saying that though, Ben’s actually wasn’t all that bad to me. One of friends said he sounded subtle. Americans may think differently though.

I went with six other guys, all complete Marvel fanatic geeks. They were all really looking forward to it and after seeing it had good positive things to say. One of them purposely didn’t watch any trailers as he didn’t want any spoilers. He said it was hell for him trying to dodge them all on FB and Twitter.

The visuals, effects and the whole spectacle was amazing! Can see though what people were saying about the script lacking…that’s what makes this not the best Marvel film.

I thought the whole cast was brilliant and seemed to work well together. Obviously some controversy around the Ancient One, (although, not much here in the UK) and yes, they should have cast an Asian actor but that doesn’t take away the fact that Tilda Swinton was very good. I’ll leave it at that.

Some people saying Doctor Strange was Sherlock with an American accent??? Didn’t see that myself.

Judging by the end, yes, I think we’ll definitely be seeing more of Doctor Strange in the MCU. The first after credit scene is very good☺️

As a Marvel fan and an avid Harry Potter fan, this film was always going to be right up my street. As I said, they could have cast Channing Tatum as I would have still gone to see it.

I’m afraid I’m going to finish this off sounding a bit like a nanny but Ben really was brilliant and funny as Doctor Strange. I think he did a stunning job. And yes, he certainly did look beautiful in that cloak in the big screen😁

Have a good day. The weekend is nearly here😀😘


50/50 Anon, thank you for taking the time to send this in.

Your review of Doctor Strange is perfectly in line with what the other 3 Skeptics who have already watched the film had to say to me by the way.  Everyone I’ve spoken to enjoyed it immensely.

I’m glad you did as well!  :D

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Brit, you are honestly the most beautiful person ever. I love you and you're amazing personality, I can't make this long because I've got things to do and people to save. But before I leave, I just wanted you to know I love you. - Superman


The Mercury nominated and Brit award-winning singer songwriter Laura Marling will make her Celtic Connections debut leading an orchestrated performance of her songs at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Thursday 19 January for the Opening Concert.
She will be performing with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and special guests, and the orchestration will be written by by composer and instrumentalist Kate St. John.

mishas-sexhair  asked:

being a nosey brit..... how much do creation charge for a con? and photo ops? I wondered if there whare priced a long differently to UK cons? x

I’m not sure how much UK cons are but I imagine they’re sooo much less expensive than creation’s cons. It depends on where the con is located, some cons are more expensive than others. 

  • J2 solo ops: $149
  • Misha ops: $89 or $99 sometimes 
  • R2M solo ops: $45 
  • Cockles or Mishalecki: $229 or $249 
  • J2 duo: $359 (or more???)
  • J2M and J2M2: You don’t wanna know ($400+) 
  • Gold 3 day weekend: $800+ front row: $1500+
  • Silver 3 day weekend: $500+
  • Copper 3 day weekend: $300+

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Baby, what are you still doing here, like I said. YOU HAVE N O B O D Y - Bianca

Idk why you keep telling me that when I obviously know it’s not true. So stop bothering me. Why don’t you go to Brit? Bet she would your ass up in a second. Or what? You’re too much of a pussy to talk to her? Cause it seems like it