Aaron Yoo about Martin Freeman

“ Martin Freeman is one of the sweetest people, but he’s got that Brit sarcastic sense of humor, so he keeps that running non-stop. I learned that pretty quickly. So we definitely had some really great times on set.”

“ And Martin Freeman is one of the best living actors… He can do a scene a hundred different ways and he does. He does some of the most incredible performances off camera too… when he doesn’t need to necessarily do anything but be there for you.”

TalkNerdyWithUs interview with Aaron Yoo , actor in Start Up:

“Glory is a welcome comeback for a true pop visionary nobody expected to stick around long enough for a third album, much less a ninth. Has any star pulled off as many comebacks as Britney? For this girl it’s the non-comeback records that are the exception, because people have kept foolishly trying to write her off since the TRL days.

Nearly 20 years after "Baby One More Time,” people still act shocked when Brit refuses to fade away like the disposable pop trinket they desperately hoped she’d be, which keeps raising the question of how many great hits she needs to score before she finally gets credit as one of the all-time brilliant hitmakers.

Every time she jumps back in the game, the world gives her the look like Kim Cattrall in the Crossroads scene where Britney shows up on her doorstep claiming to be her daughter. (Surpriiise!) But she’s still going because nobody else can do what she does.“

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McCree, about 13 years old: "Brits are so stupid and weak, we practically slaughtered them in the revolution!!! Plus their accent sounds stupid, who'd ever want to be a Brit?" McCree now: Fell hard for a British girl bc of her charming accent giggles and laughter, her bravery in the battlefield, and loves to know more about her home country <3

He’s a  american through and through, but the quick and beautiful Brit caught his heart before he knew it. And as it turns out, British accents aren’t that bad, but she makes it sound pretty. <3

They ask me how I resist
I say I wave my flag

They ask me how I still exist
I say I wave my flag

They tell me I’m obsessed but I still insist
And I wave my flag

They tell me to stop cause I’m now a Brit
But I wave my flag

They can argue but I’ll never quit
And I’ll wave my flag

In fact they can dump me in a pit
Put a knife to my wrist and slit

Tie a rope around my neck and lift
And I will wave my flag

They shoot my neighbours for the hell of it
And I wave my flag

They terrorise me for their own benefit
And I wave my flag

And after all this I’m the terrorist when all I do is wave my flag

And I will wave my flag
Because it’s the one thing I still have

And I will wave my flag
Till all they see is

Red, White, Green and Black.

—  Sanasino.

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Why are Brits obsessed with the wizard of Oz?

I don’t think that’s a thing I just like that bit i think it’s more of a gay thing