Bring forth fruitfulness, Bring forth peace, Bring forth prosperity. Before the dusk, And before the new, As old wanes, Bring these things to our home. As we share the weath we do posess, With those who come, And those who go, Bring blessings to our home. A gift to you who gave me, The breeze in the summer. A gift to You who gave me, Water to quench my thirst. A gift to You who gave me, Earth to hold me up in weakness. A gift to You who gave me, Fire to push me forward. You have uplifted me, And as we begin to prepare, To lay You to rest, We offer to You, That which You have shared with us. **In an effort to keep my privacy fully intact, I have omitted to whom I am praying and given my prayer without the personal parts. I am eclectic, but solitary and very private. zagreaus I threw in a prayer for you