His name was Kunta Kinte, son of Omoro and Binta Kinte from Juffure in the Kingdom of Niumi on the Kamby Bolongo. Flying home from The Gambia, I knew I had to write a book about him. My ancestors would be a symbol for millions of slaves, all of them seeds of American families living today, captured, chained, sailed across the same ocean in ships where untold numbers died. Sold to thousands of plantations, millions of men and women who struggled to survive and fought to be free every day. The truth can never be known. It can only be told in a story. There once was a boy who was taken from his family and carried halfway around the world. He lived to start a new family. And in his journey, he became a hero for a new nation. I hope my story honors him, brings peace and pride to us all. 

today in school; i spent half of media class taking photos of my new mate binta and noticed she always poses sitting so i tried it and i’m shocked?? it looks less awkward than i imagined??

also i would post the pics of her so you’d see her amazing ground poses - but then again we ain’t close enough mates for me to feel like i can ask to post her on my tumblr ya feel

ps. art is by james fisher and kate mcleod ((i love this school as every now and then a random art exhibit just shows up out of nowhere and stays for like weeks))

ANTM Cycle 23, Episode 15 - The Final Countdown

Well, I’m going to stick to my original prediction that India will be the winner with Tatiana as the runner-up, because they’ve had this random rivalry set up all season out of nowhere. It’s a definite possibility that CoryAnne might take the title, though, but I don’t think her edit points to it.

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3. Bintarella

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman named Bintarella forced to live in a home with nine wicked stepsisters.

Bintarella was a kind, gentle soul, but her stepsisters were mean to her because they were jealous of how much prettier she was in photographs.

One night, a neighboring castle invited every eligible woman in the kingdom to attend a Paper Magazine Ball to find Prince Charming a wife.

The girls were allowed to attend the ball, so long as they cleaned their house first. Bintarella was put in charge of mopping.

She took her job seriously because it’s not like she had a pair of glass slippers that she could wear to avoid walking on the filthy floors.  

Meanwhile, the wicked stepsisters pretended they were going to help clean up the house, but quickly got distracted and left some animated mice and birds to pick up the slack.

Bintarella was not impressed, but she continued her work without any complaints.

Like, seriously, she wasn’t passive aggressive about it or anything.

She wasn’t straight-up aggressive about it either, which is why she’s this story’s heroine.

Bintarella just kept her head down and tried to get her work done so she could later join her wicked stepsisters at the ball.

Just when Bintarella thought it was safe to get dressed for a night out, hairs were discovered in the bathroom!

Somehow, Bintarella was blamed for these hairs, even though her jealous stepsisters had previously shaved off her golden locks in an effort to make her less beautiful.  

Bintarella’s wickedest stepsister, Tatiana, also got on Bintarella’s case for getting “wetness” all over the bathroom.

That’s wasn’t just water escaping from the shower, though, that wetness came from Bintarella’s tears. Tears she regularly shed after being treated so poorly.

Nevertheless, Bintarella thanklessly finishes all of the girls’ chores and now she can finally attend the ball!

But then Wickedest Stepsister Tatiana threatens violence against Bintarella if she tries to leave the house. It turns out it was never about getting the chores done, it was always about keeping fair Bintarella away from Prince Charming because she is too much competition.

Bintarella summons her Fairy GodRoach in the hopes that she’ll cast a spell to get her to the ball, but instead, Fairy GodRoach says:

Bippity-boppity-BURN! Dejected, Bintarella goes to bed, missing out on the Paper Magazine Ball, which includes a lot of exciting head rubbing and same-sex pecks on the lip.

Poor Bintarella. Someday her prince will come to rescue her from this life of servitude!

5 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 6

     Buksan Ang Bintana (Bukas Na Window, Completed)

     Digital Art, Digital Mixed-media)

          No it is isn’t Fan Art Friday, and, yes, the subject  is, an Andorian -but for a long time this piece was also was incomplete. I think may finally be satisfied with it. Whoohoo! Another w.i.p. bites the dust. 8D


kneipho, © 2016

#7: Binta Dibba

One of the most controversial contestants of the cycle. Binta was such a large personality, which I was not expecting at all. She seems like such a sweet person, and I’m sure she actually is, but she also has this fiery side to her that just sets of immediately when she’s upset. Her blowups at Giah and Tatiana felt like they came out of nowhere, and then her fight with Courtney was so explosive it felt like it came straight out of a film. I actually enjoyed watching her on the cycle, though. She helped keep it alive for me while she was there.

In regards to her performance, Binta wasn’t really the most consistent model there. Her photos were really up-and-down, and her videos were abysmal. She was, however, probably the best runway walker out of the group. She also had a very strong brand that she knew how to use to present herself to others. Because of that, I thought this was the right spot in the ranking for her.

Post-ANTM, Binta is signed with SMG Models in Seattle and is still working as a model. She’s booked a couple of jobs with Nike recently, from what I can tell on her social media. Other than that, I don’t really know what she’s been up to since the show ended.

Favorite Photo:

This works brilliantly as a fashion shot for me.

Least Favorite Photo:

She just doesn’t look very strong here, to me.

Ini poto diambil pas di dieng praktikum pertama kami. Btw itu fotonya jauhan saya dibelakang dia didepan tapi kaya yg nyandar 😂😂 banyak yg bilang.
“Si Binta beger”
Salah salah besar.
Mungkin renol lagi kangen saya….
Iya kangen….
Kangen ngebully 😏😏
Ni bocah doyan banget gangguin anak orang bukan cuman aku tapi semuanya dia gangguin.
Keturunan cina sunda ini kekeuh surekeuh hayang jadi euntepeuneur.
Sing sukses we mang didoakeun ku kami.
Eit tapi bereskeun heula skripsi na nya. Sing sumanget! Ulah nepi ka abi tos di Bandung deui keneh mahasiswa ai maneh ngerakeun :(
Apalagi untuk mendapatkan hati doi tidak mudah mang. Burukeun ah!

anonymous asked:

1 Paige-fits the prizes the best, versatile, brand 2 Cody-just a random prediction with the prizes 3 Tatiana-decent photo skills but has a clear brand 4 Courtney- problematic, more high fashion 5 India- good photos, bland personality 6 Coryanne-some good photos, bland 7 Tash- decent photos and fits the prizes 8 Binta- very inconsistent but good runway and brand 9 Marissa- very middle of the road 10 Giah-brand 11 Cherish-some decent photos 12 Krislian-clear brand bad photos 13 Justine 14 Kyle