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anonymous asked:

I'm dying over the "beloved" mentor thing!!! oh God. You know even if sheith never becomes canon, their strength of their relationship and their feelings towards eachother still are, and I absolutely LOVE that. But on another note, do you think that the 'mentor' thing is creators nudging away sheith or is it possible for those feelings to change for both characters in the show? we already know they treat eachother as equals. And even katara was Aangs mentor in atla?

Shiro is beloved to Keith, they said. like, what kind of soft and tender shit…I’m so blessed…and you’re right, even if they never carry it in a more romantic direction, it’s obvious they still love one another and it’s just so heartwarming. And either way, I don’t think their comment was to try and discount sheith (especially considering how many people from the staff do like their relationship in a romantic context). 

Yeah, the dynamic between two characters can definitely change a lot over time, like with Katara and Aang. And in the case of Shiro and Keith, they seem like they’re honestly on equal ground. Much like the Black lion herself, Shiro never tries to command Keith, and instead trusts him to take risks and trust his instincts. He also believes Keith is more than capable of leading Voltron. When Kuron “rejoins” the team, Keith is still team leader. They both are. Keith isn’t training as Shiro’s successor, he’s actively commanding Voltron. 

Even the fact aside that they’re both managing the same responsibilities, their dynamic is entirely unlike a mentor and student. Their interactions are far more intimate than anything else you see from the team. Keith sees Shiro for the first time in a year and he gently reaches out to touch his face, like he can’t quite believe he’s real. Shiro wants to comfort Keith and they end up hugging one another so tight the princess literally stops and stares, visibly perturbed by the fact that a galra is capable of such tenderness. 

In BOM Kolivan explains that Keith’s hologram takes the form of Shiro because he’s just so desperate to see him–because Shiro is the physical manifestation of his greatest hopes and dreams. Holo-Shiro also says that if he leaves then Keith will be all alone. There’s a very close intimacy that almost borderlines dependency implied there. And you would not see that from a mentor and student. Similarly, Josh’s comment that Keith’s “always scared he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose Shiro,” definitely feels more in line with a romantic relationship. I’m pretty sure there are some boundaries that are crossed that make them far too affectionate with one another for just a team leader and their successor. They’re also close enough in age that Keith refers to Shiro as being like a brother, and just that fact feels very off. You wouldn’t go up to someone you saw as a teacher and call them your brother or sister. It carries a sense of familiarity that just wouldn’t sit right. 

Moreover, you would typically expect a mentor to look after their successor. That isn’t the case here. Instead, Keith is typically portrayed as the one taking care of Shiro. Keith runs to his side when he’s in danger. When he fears he’s dying, Keith softly reassures him, promises that he’ll be there soon and everything will be okay. Saving Shiro was literally Keith’s introduction, and Shiro’s name is the first word on his lips. From their very first scene together, you automatically associate them with one another. And you see Keith go from untamed rage to completely vulnerable in an instant. Keith protects Shiro, acts like a knight sworn to defend him.

This fact is so poignant that Kuron even asks about it. And Keith tells him, with the fondest look, that of course he’ll always be there to save him. “As many times as it takes.” 

Even just the fact that Keith alone is allowed to see Kuron when he’s recovering is curious. Again, Keith is the one placed in a caretaker role, and he says things like “Well, if you’re feeling up to it,” never once pressuring Shiro and rather trying to be encouraging while still affirming that it’s okay to not be okay. That Shiro should take his time and go at his own pace. He also says “we’ll be on the bridge,” before he leaves, a subtle way of saying, “This is where I’ll be, come find me if you need anything.” 

Keith is the person really supporting Shiro, the one always at his side when he needs someone. It’s a very unusual dynamic, and one that I think certainly defines Keith as more than someone who’s just training to take up Shiro’s mantle. Also, I personally can’t really see Keith referring to anyone else on the team as “beloved” at this point. So again, there’s this level of intimacy there that I think other character interrelationships lack.