don’t worry it’s sol to the rescue!

but the erifish damaged his fins in the process and now he needs to be put in an isolated medicinal tank

he’s very unhappy about these turn of events (by he I mean both of them) 

aquariumstuck AU by dear sali


I find the scene between Zoë and Zig in the woods to be very interesting, yet disturbing. You can see the moment that the idea of hurting Grace (when Zig says that it hurts to see someone you know with someone else referring to Jonah/Maya) comes into Zoë mind. Her face is already torn from hurt over Grace, but it also shows that she doesn’t want to do this. But Zoë is so driven by being vindictive, that she does it anyway. Every step of the way from the thought popping into her mind, from her placing the phone on the ground, and then approaching Zig shows she doesn’t want to do what she’s about to do, but she does it anyway. Watch her face and each step - she feels very off here, primarily in her sluggishness and sadness in her eyes.

This brings up why. Why is she so driven by revenge? It’s what she always does. I wonder if we’ll ever get a source cause for this (beyond learning it on West Drive). And, more importantly, I wonder if she will ever learn to do better. Miles is learning to do better, and Drew learned to do better. I hope she gets her turn to be a good person after being a poor one for so long.

^thoughts while re-watching Next Class for the sixth time. Personal, sleep deprived thoughts and not meant to spur new thoughts. I’d be shocked if none of the above have been noted (except for maybe the Miles/Drew comparisons).