don’t worry it’s sol to the rescue!

but the erifish damaged his fins in the process and now he needs to be put in an isolated medicinal tank

he’s very unhappy about these turn of events (by he I mean both of them) 

aquariumstuck AU by dear sali

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You're a pathetic vindictive cunt. You don't deserve what you think you do.

Hahahahahaha ooooooookay, you might as well come off anon or actually message me your feelings instead of being like this. I didn’t do anything wrong but you can go ahead and tell me if I did. But if you do tell me, you better either be off anon or messaging my cellphone. Because we both know you’re being childish. Im not a vindictive cunt, stop being so petty. You wanna do name calling, I mean I guess that’s fine, but at least try harder.

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ok but the woRST thing that could possibly happen would be bellamy telling her that he understands and actually understanding and not being angry but also just not quite trusting her in the same way so that their relationship is strained and clarke can see it and it makes her feel worse about her choice OH GOD I CAn'T TAKE IT

Today 2-27-15

Today, I let people get to me. As an independent and strong young lady, I let myself down because I allowed mean actions of others towards me to seep into my thoughts. Yet, I am grateful for the experience because it has taught me lessons about good and bad. It is understood that there is evil in our world. That’s why there is a Satan and there is an Almighty God. God is there to lead us away from sin and into his arms. However, it still blows my mind how people can be so vindictive towards another human being. I don’t understand it and I don’t relate to it, because I am naive to cruel thoughts and actions, which I am incredibly thankful for. With that being said, I learned a good deal about myself and the world around us today. Although we don’t understand why and how another can treat us the way they do, we must not allow them and their actions to affect us and our state of mind. We can not let cruelty damage our pure thoughts. Bullying of any sort is not okay. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be hurt or affected by the matter because frankly that is an impossible feet to accomplish. Yet, it is possible to rise above and not let the insecure person who hurt you bring down your self-confidence. Perception is a matter of opinion compiled from life experiences, values, and beliefs, meaning everyone’s perception is different. Therefore, YOUR perspective is the ONLY one that matters to you. Disregard the rest because they will not and will never understand your perception and vice versa, which is okay. Don’t allow your perception of yourself be changed by another person.