don’t worry it’s sol to the rescue!

but the erifish damaged his fins in the process and now he needs to be put in an isolated medicinal tank

he’s very unhappy about these turn of events (by he I mean both of them) 

aquariumstuck AU by dear sali

just sayin’ but i fuckin’ hate you and everything you are. you are vile and a horrible person and i am disgusted by you. i hope you get what’s coming to you, honey. (:

Lol I was out last night to an lgbt+ event in a club (bc Hereford can’t seem to have a gay night w/o alcohol) and I met some friends of my mate and one of them was a cissexist fuckwomble and he was so annoying but it’s all good because I made out with his girlfriend a couple of times and he got really angry and stormed off!