surprise, alyx is drunk. haha.

alright i’m a little bit salty right now because of religion. not because i don’t believe in god but the people who believe it’s fucking okay to shame people for believing in one. if you think you’re above someone for putting their hope in a higher power, a god, multiple gods, idols, nature, etc. you’re literally not proving anything aside from the fact that you’re an asshole. i have seen religion drag people out of holes because their god has helped them. i don’t give a SHIT if you believe in a higher power or not; the fact that they had been given the hope to keep going with whatever it was is absolutely fantastic, pure and amazing. you are not above ANYONE. you are a human whether you believe god made us, we came from monkeys, or we were an accident and you are not better than anyone else just because you’re an atheist. god, just be RESPECTFUL. GO OUTSIDE. SHUT UP AND KEEP YOUR SHIT TO YOURSELF.

Jeremiah weaved himself through the crowd, Hanna a few feet in front of him looking like a fish swimming through seaweed. “Hanna, be careful where you’re going,” he called out, shaking his head at her walking through peoples legs. It didn’t take long for her to look back at him with wide eyes, pointing at the person she had tripped, causing Jeremiah to rush towards them. “Are you okay?” 

Okay, you know what I'm really tired of? Seeing Alyx get all this stupid anon hate on her blog.

For those of you who don’t know, Alyx (liamscookie-man) is like honestly one of the nicest and most hilarious people I talk to and know. I love her to pieces.

And she keeps getting completely undeserved anon hate. And it honestly makes me sick, all anon hate does. But it makes me even sicker (wait is that a word) to see it on her page, especially when she is the last person who even DESERVES anon hate. No one does, except for the people who waste their time sending it.

So, this post is basically just directed straight towards this anon, because anon - you need to get this little thing called a LIFE. If you have time to waste sending hate behind a little grey face, then you need a brand new hobby.

So, to Alyx:

I got your back girl :)

And to the anon (since this is what our sass queen Louis Tomlinson would do if this was happening to his friends on Tumblr, I am sure):

And finally…

That is all, goodbye.