That’s right: EVERYONE would enjoy this.  :D

EVERYONE should pile into this room and bask.

Oh.  The game teleported….

The Ursine raccoon family patriarch.  >_>;

Well isn’t that just dandy.


I realized here, after at least a year and a half of them being a thing, that the Ursine raccoon sims are in fact bears

Mind = blown.

There's so much R&B to be found, no excuses (pt. 3):
  • Khalid
  • 6LACK
  • SiR
  • Sonder
  • Alina Baraz
  • Thundercat
  • Vanjess 
  • Daniel Caesar 
  • Jake&Papa 
  • Jahkoy
  • Russ 
  • Xavier Omar 
  • Sabrina Claudio 
  • ELHAE 
  • Smino 
  • theMIND
  • Mabel 
  • Jorja Smith
  • Blackbear
  • Kyle Dion
  • Brent Faiyaz

it’s a shame alina didn’t choose the darkling in the end because can you imagine an absolute crack-headcanon scenario, in which inej and kaz meet darklina and are both super star-struck - inej because she’s meeting a saint and kaz because “hi, mr. darkling, i’m kaz brekker. big fan, been following your work for a while.”

Alina: My boyfriend is the third of Morozova’s amplifiers and helped me defeat the Darkling.

Nina: My boyfriend is a hunky Fjerdan ex-druskelle who saw the fault in his ways and helped me survive through my struggle with Jurda Parem.

Genya: My boyfriend is perhaps the best Durast in all of Ravka and doesn’t care that I’m all scarred.

Inej: My boyfriend is a passionate, ruthless gang leader who saved me from forced prostitution and from Jan Van Eck.

Jesper: Bitch please, my boyfriend is a flutist who can’t read and likes to make things go kaboom.