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zack addy + flirting (or trying to at least)

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“We’ve got a case.” Hodgins knocked on Dr. Brennan’s door. 

“Come with me, Ms. Y/L/N.” She led you out. “I’m very pleased with your work so far and very happy that you could come in today.” 

“It’s an honor, Dr. Brennan.” You smiled and followed her. 

“Oh, Ms. Y/L/N,” Zack fixed his lab coat, “it’s nice to have you back.” 

“Thank you, Dr. Addy. It’s a pleasure as always.” You smiled at him innocently. 

“Dr. Addy and Ms. Y/L/N, you may begin cleaning the bones now.” Dr. Brennan pulled off her latex gloves and exited the platform. 

“Centuries ago, prostitution was seen as a reputable profession for women.” Zack looked down at the victim as he said this. This was not the type of conversation he really wanted to have with you. He knew that this was not how people talked socially to someone they were attracted to.

“Do you know where the term ‘hooker’ comes from?” You raised an eyebrow.

Zack simply shook his head. 

“A souther general during the Civil War was named Joseph Hooker. He moved from town to town, pillaging and taking anything he wanted, him and his band of merry men. A group of women would constantly follow them. Soon enough, they began to call them Hooker’s, as in Hooker’s girls. Slowly, it simply turned into a euphemism for a working girl.” You looked up at him to gage his reaction. 

“That’s fascinating.” Zack’s eyes sparkled. You could swear it. 

Something inside him clicked. He knew that you were trying to meet him halfway and that his awkwardness and trepidation didn’t frighten you. 

“Thank you.” You nodded and chuckled. 

“Do you know a lot about the Civil War?” He cleared his throat. 

“I do. You should come by some time and see my collection.” 

“I’d like that.” He was beaming. “Maybe, we could, uh, get something to eat first?” 

You could tell he was nervous. “I’d like that a lot.” 

I think my nerd was showing on this one. I know some weird facts sometimes. Thanks for welcoming them! 

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“Look, Cas.” Dean said, as he walked back into his own bedroom. Cas was sitting up on the bed with his back resting against the wall, carefully typing out a message on his phone. At the sound of Dean’s voice, Cas looked up questioningly, but continued to tap his phone screen with familiarity.

“Mmm?” Cas mumbled in response, before averting his gaze down to what Dean was referring to. Dean had stuffed his arms full of several different foods, ranging from cookies to microwaved mashed potatoes, the latter of which were delicately balanced in between the mountain of food and Dean’s chin. Dean lifted his eyebrows twice, in offering.

Cas smiled before looking back down to his phone, quickly scanning the text to Claire to ensure there were no errors before pressing send and locking it. He tossed the phone onto the end of the bed and switched positions so he was kneeling in front of Dean.

“This is too much, Dean.” Cas said, as he dipped a finger into the bowl. He caught Dean’s eye before sucking the mashed potatoes into his mouth, releasing his finger with an obscene pop. Dean scowled at him from above the food, still in his arms.

“Man, stop. Are you gonna help me or what?” Dean asked, shrugging his shoulders to draw attention to the food. Cas laughed and started to take packages out Dean’s hands, making sure to thoroughly inspect each item. He smiled when he came across several of his favorites. After noticing three different packages of the exact brand that Cas had mentioned craving earlier this week, he became suspicious.

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Let the Reigns Go Loose || Addy & Emma

L.A was wonderful. There was nothing Emma liked more than spending a few weeks somewhere warm all the time with plenty to do surrounded by pretty people. Even when she was filming. The only thing that got to her sometimes was how bored she got. She had none of her own surroundings or comforts so she was living in a hotel room with the bare minimum she needed for comfort. That’s why it was a blessing that Adelaide was taking a trip to visit. It had been far too long without a girls night and Emma was definitely excited. She loved a good girls night. Wine, food, comfy pyjamas and talking. Living the lives the two girls did, there was always plenty to catch up with in the time they didn’t see each other. So Emma pulled out all the stops. A few bottles, rosé and a bottle of champagne too and there was always corner shops for anything else. She also bought in cat food, two bowls and so much snack food that they could easily wait out an apocalypse. Along with a pizza joint menu and number on hand.

After receiving a text from Addy saying she was on the plane and just about to leave, Emma got everything together and decided to meet her friend at the airport. She slipped on her leather jacket, pushed her feet into a pair of flats and left her apartment, key card in hand. 

‘I’ll be at the front exit when you arrive. Can’t wait to see you! x’

She text in the cab over to the airport and put her phone back in her handbag. She stood at the front door, just inside at the side in hopes of not being spotted and missing Addy with people around her. She took her phone out and flipped through Pinterest until the flight flashed up on departures and she gave the crowd her full attention. Finally seeing the brunette through the masses, a smile grew on her face as she walked towards the woman. “Addy!” She shouted when she was close enough to be heard and walked faster toward her, arms slowly opening to embrace the girl. “I’m so glad you’re here, I’ve missed you.” She pulled away enough to link their arms and walked together toward the exit. “There’s a cab waiting outside. What do you wanna do first?”



YG Addie - “See Me”

L. O. R. D. March 4th