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90% of the larries I know would accept it's not true if Louis adressed it Daniel-Radcliffe-Style but he doesn't which only leads to the conclusion that either Larry is PR or it IS in fact real (or both)

I’m sorry I got very distracted by your statistic. The only thing I could think of for hours was 

I was like, 90% huh?

But then just now I realised I have no idea what you meant by Daniel Radcliffe-Style and then I thought of Daniel Boring/Rad-cliffe for awhile.

Then I googled, “Daniel Radcliffe addresses rumour” and sure enough there it was. In 2010 Dan the Man told MTV, “If people want to say that, they can. I’m not. I’m straight.” in regards to rumours that he is gay. Which is a very appropriate response. Probably second best to Johnny Galecki’s response to gay rumors which he said he’d never addressed because 

The fact that all of Louis’ declarations about his sexuality have not only been on Twitter but aggressively hostile is extremely strange given that it seems to be in stark contrast to the things he does and says out of his face. 

Also especially curious that around the time “I am in fact straight” happened was when he was coincidentally wearing a lot of shirts that would suggest the opposite. 

And I think when he wore this

just after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook came out, it would honestly be insulting to suggest that he didn’t realise what he was doing or that he wasn’t trying to communicate through his clothes. 

This was basically him during that time: 

Considering that immediately prior to Louis’ tweet Liam had told Louis that he would like the article suggesting that his shirt was in support of Tim Cook

it was looking nearly impossible not to infer that Louis was at the very least showing support for the LGBT+ community. This was also five days after

and to spawn a second media frenzy not only about another member of One Direction hinting that they aren’t straight, but for it to be both Louis and Harry was probably always going to have consequences unless this was part of a seeding campaign that would lead to them coming out. That’s genuinely what it looked like immediately prior to that tweet. I was like, “Holy shit. This is actually happening,” and then it was like PSYCH! 

I don’t know what happened. I don’t know anything in regards to the behind the scenes details of any of this, but given the aggressively heterosexual image of Louis that’s been shoved in our faces ever since I can only guess that the shirts and “not that important” were not planned by Sony or Syco’s marketing team.

All forms of soft outing abruptly stopped and coincidentally that is about when we started seeing a lot more of this guy

Which went from cute stuffed animal to holy shit what the actual hell in 0-60

(Photograph is of Larry Grayson, a closeted English comedian.)

Not to mention that Louis can be seen in the reflection of the bear’s glasses in of one of the photos from the official twitter of the bear.

My point is, your made-up statistic aside, I think you are correct in your assessment that Larry is real, but I do not believe that it is used for PR seeing as they could have very simply done that by just having Louis and Harry do an interview together, which they haven’t done since the 14th of February 2012. 

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(this is adexual) U HC KENT PARSON AS ACE??? pls tell me yr ace!kent headcannons if u havent already??? i thought i was the only one :')


kent really does make the whole “captain of the aces” joke every chance he gets. (his team used to punch him for it, but their arms started getting tired.) it’s a huge part of the reason he’s so confused/stuck on the whole situation with jack, because he doesn’t understand how people can just…have sex and not mean anything more by it?? he isn’t sex repulsed, he’ll do it with someone he really cares about, but miss me with this “kenny p hooks up every chance he gets” nonsense. he may put on a show for the media, but he doesn’t get sexually attracted to literally anyone and he’ll only have sex with somebody he loves. that being said, he really loves lingerie because it boosts his self esteem a lot. if anybody says lingerie is only a lead into sex they’re an idiot and kent will be the first to tell them so.

a list of excuses he’s used to get out of an unwanted one night stand:

- “sorry i have to wash my hair”
- “my cat gets really pissy when i don’t cuddle her after a game”
- “i’m on my period”
- “my mom said no”
- “i just got my dick pierced, ask me again in a month”
- “i can’t afford condoms”
- “car sex makes me carsick”
- “i’m allergic to latex”
- “mean girls is on tv tonight”
- “i just had dental work done, i can’t suck your dick” (that one was actually not a lie)

i mean like it’s so obvious that the idea of escaping didn’t even OCCUR to Kallus at all. not for a second did he think he would be going to chill with the rebels. when ezra gets himself captured his first thought is that ezra did this to WARN him, and even that is enough to make him shocked and incredulous.

when Ezra says that they came to RESCUE him? Just look at this FACE he makes (and sorry for my shitty screencap):

he goes back to bravado mode quickly after but there’s a full moment of silence there where the mask just drops and you see pure shock and astonishment on his face. He is genuinely floored that the rebels want to rescue him. And there’s more than just surprise there in that facial expression - I think he’s also genuinely touched, too. There’s a definite sense of ‘They did this for ME?’ in there. 

Honestly kudos to the animators for popping that in there and expressing so much with just a facial expression. Kallus in general is actually a really expressive character and despite how much I criticise Rebels’ writing they do manage to reveal a lot about his character through subtle cues. 

Better out than in.

The older I get the more accepting I become of my shortcomings (list is long but manageable)… The only thing I wish I could banish from my brain is the idea that my existence is bothersome to people. It makes it hard to connect, make friends when your constantly second guessing whether or not to say hi to someone.

Reality is I probably don’t bug anyone, because to be bothersome is to be thought of. I’m a speck on rolling dirt clod in a universe among an infinite amount of universes. Significance is meaningless.

I watched the BatB movie and it was a badly written, edited, and honestly soul less film.

The best thing was Kevin Kline as Maurice. He brought pathos and depth to the character in a way the film never did otherwise.

Lefou was an awful character who was snarkier than the animated version but brought little else. His redemption was self serving and last less than 30 seconds.

But the biggest crime was how hateful Belle was to the Beast and how a lot of the Beast’s characterization was given to the servants. Belle was utterly flat as a character, who never showed real vulnerability to the Beast and there was little reason for us to care if they end up together.

I have a lot more thoughts but it was a cynical retread of the original with poor direction and writing.

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Also if you're still having trouble with the shiro and brainwashed coran fight, you could try writing the aftermath of the fight instead.

I think I’ve got this! Sort of. Here we go.

Coran could still kick his ass on a good day.

This was not a good day.

This was very much not a good day. 

Shiro gritted his teeth as the energy blade of one sword screeched off his shield and barely evaded getting slashed in the throat by the second, then lunged to the left to avoid getting backed up against a pillar where he’d have no room to maneuver. 

He’d given up trying to get through to Coran verbally. No matter how much he hated the thought, his only chance was going to be to knock out the older man and think of something later.

If he could stay alive long enough to manage that, he mentally amended as he barely blocked a stab at his face.



Frantically, he kept his shield arm moving, protecting as best he could, while he looked around for something, anything, that could give him an advantage.

Then he saw the chain.

Someone apparently hadn’t done a good job of cleaning up from the last bout, but he wasn’t complaining. Diving away from his attacker, Shiro grabbed the cuff on the end and whipped the chain up and around one sword, then yanked, succeeding in dragging Coran close.


He wasn’t sure how hard an Altean skull was. Hard enough to dent his helmet, that was for sure. But guilt still hit like a freight train when his partner dropped to the ground in a crumpled heap. He was going to owe Coran so many apologies for this hellscape of a mission when they made it back to the castle.

“The Paladin is victorious!” the announcer crowed over the roar of the crowd. “Now for the ceremony of final rite!”

Shiro growled under his breath at the knife that appeared in front of him, instead crouching to carefully pick up his fallen companion.

Around them, the cheers began to turn to boos.

“You can’t do that! Guards!”

“Oh, get bent!” Shiro snapped, grabbing the knife to fling it into the head of the first sentry that appeared at the gate. 

The crowd seemed to enjoy that. Maybe they didn’t care either way as long as something got destroyed. Somehow, he wasn’t entirely surprised. 

Maybe he could use it to his advantage.

Shifting Coran so the man was leaning on him instead, he bent and snatched up the chain and sword, swinging it like a grappling hook, then flung it straight at the announcer’s hovering platform.

The explosion and roaring of the crowd made for an excellent cover as he fled through the still-open gate where the sentry had been.

He didn’t miss hiding in these tunnels.

Not one bit.


At the soft groan, he gently laid his burden down. “Coran? You with me?”

The flickering of purple light in the older man’s eyes worried him considerably. “Who’s… is someone… who’s there?”

“It’s me, Coran. It’s Shiro.” 

“Shiro?” the Altean asked, as if not quite comprehending the word as a name. The light dimmed, then flared, refusing to let go entirely.

Shiro bit his lip, willing back the sudden pain in his chest and the way his throat felt tight. “Just… just rest, alright? You’ve been through a lot. You’ll feel better after you sleep some more.”

At least he hoped so.

God, he hoped so.

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Hey, love! Congrats on 700! <3 I'd like to snag a headcanon, if I may. Tell me about Bones on his wedding day. Is he excited? Nervous? Terrified? Second thoughts? I'm picturing his marriage to Jocelyn, btw. Thanks! :)

On his wedding day to JOCELYN?! And people say I’m bad for angst ;)

  • Leonard wakes up in the morning and feels… different. The spot where Joce usually is curled in beside him is empty, and that side of him is strangely cold. She’d insisted on being traditional, so he knew he wouldn’t be seeing her until she walked down the aisle. It was a dumb tradition, as far as he was concerned. They’d been shacked up for months.
  • He doesn’t have much in the way of morning plans, and the wedding isn’t until late in the day, so he heads over to his parent’s house for breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and hot, strong coffee. Perfection.
  • David insists on taking him for a walk across the property, and giving him the Man Talk. How being a good husband is about more than just bringing home a paycheque, it’s about being present. It’s about listening without necessarily trying to fix things. It’s about being willing to do the pink jobs as well as the blue jobs. It was about loving Jocelyn not in spite of her flaws, but loving her and her flaws, completely, and without judgement.
  • After the Man Talk, Leonard was a little nervous. Eleanora took him aside and reminded him that he was a good man, and he would be a good husband. She pinched his cheek, with a wicked twinkle in her eye, and reminded him that he came from good people. And that he’d had a good example of how to behave in his father. She had no doubts he would be a good husband.
  • He was still nervous though. The weight of the commitment he was making was heavy.
  • He made his way home, showered, and shaved close - Joce hated when his stubble rubbed her skin. His suit was so crisp he hated to put it on, but as he fumbled with the knot for his tie, he looked in the mirror and realized he looked damn good. He had a little surge of pride knowing he was giving Jocelyn a handsome man, on top of an intelligent one.
  • As he made his way over to pick up his best man, he never once doubted he was making the right decision. Jocelyn had been the only woman for him since they’d met at that dance. 
  • Once they were waiting in the groom’s room at the church, he practiced his vows. He was feeling the same level of anxiety as he often felt before exams, and wanted to make sure he didn’t flub or stumble on the promises he was making.
  • His palms were sweaty as he took his place at the front of the church. When the music swelled, and Jocelyn came through the doors and started down the aisle, his breath caught, and his eyes filled with tears. She was stunning. The red of the roses in her bouquet accented the red of her lips perfectly. The light lavender embroidery in her gown was set off by dark purple lilies. 
  • She looked up at him, shyly, waiting for his approval and he blinked away the tears. “You are exquisite,” he managed. She flushed at the compliment, and brushed a piece of lint off the front of his lapels. “You’re quite dashing yourself,” she replied.
  • They turned and faced the officiant, linking pinky fingers as the ceremony began.


Cas vs Cass

@writer-picks-the-music posed the Cas vs Cass question, so I’m here to give my two cents.

It has been revealed that Cas is the canon spelling of the shortened form of Castiel’s name. To those who watch the show with captions for the hearing impaired, this is not a surprise. 

Personally, I’m okay with both. When I watched, I saw Cass in my captions and thought nothing of it. When I read my first fan fiction, I saw Cas and had to take a moment to consider it. Castiel being shortened to Cas made a kind of sense, so I got used to it. When I started writing, I told Word that Cas was a thing and to stop telling me it wasn’t spelled correctly.

And then Misha’s Cass tweet caused an uproar.

Before then, I had seen a post somewhere that argued the Cas point perfectly. “His name is Castiel, not Casstiel. Where’d you get the second S, huh? Your ASS?” This made me giggle and cemented my love for Cas over Cass.

Since then, it has been revealed that Kripke uses Cass (he said he liked how it looked on the page) and that this spelling is undeniably canon. Those who have read my stuff know that I really do try to stick to canon whenever possible (to the point where I have written entire fics with multiple tabs open to SuperWiki to ensure I stay within canon’s parameters - Third Wheel was the worst), so in that spirit, I can see using Cass. Also, Castiel is said to be a variant of Cassiel, hence where the second “s” came from.

But changing a habit is hard and I’ve been typing Cas for two years, now. Personally, I will probably continue using Cas out of habit. If I read someone else’s writing, though, and they use Cass, it won’t bug me.

It’s really up to each writer individually. Do you want to stick close to canon? Then use Cass. Do you want to fly willy-nilly in the face of canon (which we’re kind of doing quite a bit by writing fan fiction in the first place)? Then use Cas. Don’t care either way? Just please pick one per fic. I think if I read a fic where someone switched back and forth, I’d probably have an aneurysm. 

Bonnie & Clyde - Chapter 2

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Word count - 930

Summary - Your friend and mentor Kim Minseok wants to direct a new movie starring you and …?

A/N - I’m at this point where I have no idea where this story is heading. This chapter was supposed to be twice as long but the “reader” character pisses me off.

In progress

Chapters: Prologue - 1 - 2

January 19, 2017, Amsterdam, 13:30

“This is the second best ice cream I’ve ever eaten in my life.” Declared Kyungsoo while licking his plump upper lip with a blissful look on his face. “It tastes almost as good as the handmade ice cream my mum makes.”

I’m done with this guy. You thought. It’s been half an hour since we’re sitting here and all he’s talking about is food, cooking and his relatives. I should’ve stayed at home and start preparing for my role instead.

“Be still, Y/N.“  Said Soo looking at your face, suddenly alarmed.

“What? What’s going on?” He scared you.

Kyungsoo reached his arm through the table to and pinched you slightly in the cheek. Then he gently took your hand, placing in your palm a single eyelash.

“Now you have to blow it away. But before you do that, make a wish. Just don’t say it out loud or it won’t come true.” He looked dead serious.

You rolled your eyes. What kind of bullshit is that? I wish he could stop being such a pussy. You blew it away from your hand. “I just finished my meal, I think I should go, still have some stuff…”

“Do you like music?”

He caught you off guard. “What kind of question is that? Of course, I like music.”

“Good.” He stood up and started putting on his jacket and a baseball cap. “Then you’ll love the place I’m taking you right now. Come on, let me help you with your coat.”

Surprised by his sudden change of behaviour, you didn’t even protest and let him help you put on your long beige trench coat.

“Let’s go.” Said Kyungsoo, as he opened the door for you.

The streets of Amsterdam welcomed you with a cold wind stinging your skin. You didn’t know what to say next, so you just stared at your heavy boots thumping on the frozen sidewalk. “Soo, where are we going, is it far?” You asked after a while.

“Oh, is the princess Y/N cold?” He smirked. “I thought living in Europe would toughen you up a little. Don’t worry, we’re almost there.” After a while, he showed you an old rusty door of what seemed to be some kind of antique shop. There was a sign with a musical note hanging above the entrance.

The place was pleasantly warm and smelled of old paper and cheap scented candles. Every inch of the walls was filled with vinyl and books. “Come on, pick one album.” Kyungsoo encouraged you and started to look through the book cases.

“I like this one.” You showed him the cover. “What do we do with it?”

“There’s a listening booth in the second room, come on.”

The booth was only big enough for one person, but you two somehow managed to squeeze in together. You put the disc on the record player, turned it on and sat next to Kyungsoo.

Meu coração não secansa
De ter esperança
De um día ser tudo o quequer

“Why did you chose this record? Do you know the artist?” Asked Kyungsoo.

“No. I liked the cover.”

Meu coração de criança
Não é só a lembrança
De um vulto feliz de mulher

“It’s beautiful. I like Spanish mu…”

“It’s Portuguese, you moron. Shut up and listen till the end.”

Que passoupor meu sonho sem dizeradeus
E fez dos olhosmeus um chorarmais sem fim
Meu coração vagabundo
Quer guardar o mundo em mim

You glanced at Kyungsoo and saw him smiling with his eyes closed. He opened his big owl eyes and looked at you “You’re actually kind of cute when you’re trying really hard to be a bitch.”

“Fist of all, don’t ever call me cute. I’m not trying to be a bitch, I actually am one and…”

“Shhh….” Soo put his finger to your lips. “No, you’re not. I can feel that there’s a nice girl inside.” He stroked your cheek subtly with his thumb and looked you deep in the eyes. “Who hurt you, Y/N?”

A warm sensation spilled in your stomach. You don’t want to know, Kyungsoo. You backed off. “I don’t like that you’re making assumptions of me when you really know nothing about me or my life.”

“Listen, I’m just trying to be nice and get to know you better. We have to spend six months together during filming whether you like it or not. It will be easier if we’ll get to know each other first.”

“We can do that later. I really have to go now. We’ll see each other on set.” You stood up and put on your long black scarf. “Goodbye, Mr Do.”

“See you in Rome, then.”

January 19, 2017, Amsterdam, 23:45

“I do not like him. I feel like he’s reading my mind, it’s too intimidating. He thinks that he knows me and the scariest thing is that… he was actually right about me.”

The phone call with your friend was taking so long that you had to lie down on your bed.  “Anyway, the meeting didn’t go very good, he’s so bo-…”

“You’re talking about him for two hours now, I guess he’s not that boring as you portrayed him before. Y/N, you actually seem a bit fascinated by him.”  Said Anya.

“Can you shut up? I’m hanging up, you’re starting to sound ridiculous.”

She’s talking bullshit. You put the phone down and plugged in earphones. The music you played almost put you to sleep, but before you dropped off, a single tear run down your cheek as you softly sang:

Meu coração vagabundo
Quer guardar o mundo em mim

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This has been a recurring thought since like the second to last update Bro. How do you think Prom feels, not being the only photographer anymore? I mean, Noctis can almost, sorta, kinda ( Prompto: Dont you fucking say it Mun!) Get better pics rhan him, situation depending of course. With Prompto's need to feel wanted, useful and his ( headcanon variant) need for praise, how do you think he'd handle Noctis showing off HIS pics all the time? This is my first ever submission to anyone.

GASP! Did I get to pop your ask cherry?! I’m so honored!

Originally posted by cultfactory

This is actually a really interesting question! I hadn’t thought about it much until now, but I imagine Prompto must get a little miffed about the whole situation. I mean, Noct is a prince, which means he basically already gets everything handed to him anyway. But then he gets to go to the Chocobo-Moogle Carnival alone, and THEN comes back with a brand new, state-of-the-art camera that he won’t let Prompto even touch?! 

So not fair!

And yeah, Iggy and Gladio dote all over him and say his pictures are great, he is such a natural (God, Ignis, get your head out of his ass already!) but Prompto swears it’s only because he gets to spend so much time taking each shot. Seriously, Prompto is flashing his camera while they’re running through dungeons and beating up MTs and junk. Noct just…stands there. He will literally stop everyone in the middle of whatever they’re doing and stand around for hours just clicking away. Even a royal monkey could get a few good photos out of that! Gosh!

(Forgive Prompto, he’s still just salty about not getting to go to the Carnival)

Thanks for the ask, friend!!! Also I loove your icon! Prom cosplay? :3

Why I think that CS is part of the next season (if there is one)?

Since I learned that there was a scene of Josh and Colin where Killian asks David for his blessing to marry Emma, I knew that they would get married this season. A lot of people thought that the wedding would be delayed until the next season but that was not my case. I will explain why.

Despite a lot of people think that the wedding is CaptainSwan happy ending because it’s really probable that Jen will leave, I don’t think so. First, you can’t kill your main character and continue the show without her and several people of the main cast. Second, if you see this season and seaosn five, it was pretty clear that they were giving us a clue that we would have a CS wedding soon. 

And what other kind of clues we also had? Yep, you are right. Babies

I think that one of the reasons of making Emma and Killian get married is that A&E are giving them a baby. But CaptainSwan is always dealing with people threating them, and of course someone will threat the baby.

My thoughts about the season finale are:

  • In 6x22, Emma finds out that she is pregnant. 
  • One of the villains tells Emma or Killian that she/he will steal the baby soon. In order to acelerate the things, the villain threats everyone and cast a curse to destroy Storybrooke. 
  • Emma is about to leave the town with Henry, like in “Going Home” but he convinces her to go with Killian because he would like that his sister/brother grows up having what Emma and Killian didn’t have, a family. 
  • And season 7 shows flashbacks of Emma and Killian arriving to our world, and present time with them with their daughter. Present time could be some years in the future. Emma and Killian could be trying, all these years, to find their family and maybe their daughter will help them.

This theory is propably totally inaccurate, but I would love this to happen.

There must be a reason why we had so many clues of babies :)

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/goes through your tumblr loving every second. /finds Seto gets fucked when he duels the Yugis. /finds Seto gets fucked by the Dark Magician. Are you trying to put thoughts and images in my head?! Filthy, filthy thoughts. There isn't a name for Seto/Dark Magician or Seto/Mahad. And is it Covetshipping if Atem is only...observing, intently? /blames you

This is entirely projection on the part of the consumer and we can take no responsibility for any shipping feels that may or may not be experienced while consuming this blog. Any references to pairings canon or non-canon are entirely incidental. Consuming large volumes of headcanons in one sitting is not recommended and could lead to long term OTP’s.

Please read this blog responsibly.

MHCAU-open starter

Cole was wandering the halls at night as usual, using his wand as light. As risky as it was he liked the adventure sometimes he thought he was sorted into the wrong house but he knew the thrill came from wanting to be like his parents. He knew the shifts of the guards who roamed the halls timed to the second so knowing where to go became second nature to him. To his surprise he turned the hallway and saw someone, “I was uhhh- just going to the bathroom.” He stuttered.

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I love big brother Tweek to be honest. He would be so caring to the little ones. Especially Karen and Ruby (soon, Ike too if Kyle would allow it c: )

Seriously. Like, imagine if he had that complex going where his anxiety would suck and be difficult sometimes but if someone needed help (aka “the little ones”) he would be willing to jump in and help out in an instant. God forbid he get himself some extra napkins but he’ll order their meals for them or help them talk to strangers without a second thought. Maybe a care-taking role would help with his anxiety too, because it would force him to remain calmer in order to take care of crises. Kind of like “yes, this is terrifying, she could probably have broken her arm ten different ways just now, but she’s crying and she needs help getting to the hospital and I’ll be damned if she feels alone or scared in that process.” It could give him a great sense of self-worth too. That’s so sweet aww! I like this mental image thank Auri <3  

wait a second.....

Based off what we saw in episode 12, I believed that Victor had only just started thinking of returning to the ice as an actual option after Yuuri had mentioned it at the hotel. 

I thought that Yuuri had put the idea in his head, and he had been sitting on it those past few days. But based off the timeline of the figure skating season, I think he’s been thinking about this for quite a while. 

The GPF happens around December 9-12 and the Russian Nationals are somewhere between December 20-26 (if I’m not mistaken). With this timeline, Victor would have about a week to somehow prepare and perfect 2–not only presentable, but comeback-worthy–programs. Given that this is actually impossible, I feel like Victor had been considering this for months at that point, creating his programs whenever he had time when not coaching. (Don’t forget that he has music composed specifically for his programs that fit perfectly to the skating, which would take quite a while to get done and so would designing his extremely well thought out and extravagant costumes). Returning to the ice was no spur of the moment decision, but something Victor has wanted for a long ass time, but he didn’t do it because of Yuuri. 

He didn’t want to leave Yuuri’s side and Victor hadn’t considered doing BOTH at once until after Yuuri had asked him to stay on as his coach for the following season (probably because it’s as absolutely insane as it sounds)

So he gave himself an ultimatum and when given the choice he picked Yuuri over skating. He gave up the only constant reassurace he had in his life for the man he loves with his entire heart. Not only until Yuuri said he actually wanted Victor to return did he actually plan on following through. Now if THAT. AINT. LOVE. then I don’t know what the fuck is

I just pictured Tessa Gray seeing Alec Lightwood sitting with Magnus Bane and for a split second she thought she saw her husband laughing with his old friend and Jem asks why she’s crying but then he sees it to and he smiled softly and wipes away Tessa’s tears and I just died a little