See You Later. Thanks For The Memories...

Thank you Brandon, Ciro, and the rest of the gang for an amazing job on this show. 4 seasons were amazing. I even enjoyed some of the episodes in season 5.

This fandom was really great. Best 5 years I spent. Ill never forget. This show really helped me through my worst times in this life. Got me through so much. Im glad I stumbled upon this show when I did. I’ll miss it.

Hopefully someday Ill see you again my friend. Till then Ill wait and enjoy the memories we had. 2018 show I will chance it, though 2012 show will always be my number one. 

This show wasnt perfect, but it had some amazing stuff like; Beautiful animation. Beautiful voices. Beautiful story arcs, ((When they were tied up I mean)) and just all around great characters.

Ciro even though your not my favorite right now, Im grateful to you for bringing this show to life. 

Yeah yeah I know I bitched but I can be like a light switch. Leave me be.

Im just grateful that I got to experience a show, and a fandom family for the very first time of my life. I will be forever in this fandom. <3

To ROB PAULSEN, thanks for making me fall in love with a total adorkable turtle. I will always keep him close and love him.

To the other VA’s thanks for making the characters great! 

To everyone!

Thank you for the memories. I will certainly cherish them.

This isnt goodbye, its only a see you later.

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Frank Iero and the Patience - Joyriding (snippet), Manchester Academy, Sept 24 2017

My 3 nights of the FIATP tour have come to an end and this was the perfect show to end on. Pleased to see the Jeremy Corbyn chant has become a staple now. Ah, in jokes :) Thanks to Frank, Evan, Alex, and Matt for making me cry in the best possible way tonight. I love you ❤️ more than you’ll ever realise and I’m a ridiculous hot mess rn. Until next time you bunch of beautiful heart-stealers!

the-last-alicorn  asked:

If you had to pick a single decade that was particularly kind to the Big Three, what would they be? (One decade for Super Sentai, one decade for Kamen Rider, and one decade for Ultraman)

I’ve actually given a lot of thought to this one in the past and though I am tempted to say the 1990s were the best decade for Super Sentai, I am actually going to have to say it was the 1980s.

Sentai got started in the 1970s but the formula as we know it was shaped in the early 1980s and perfected in shows like 1983′s Kagaku Sentai Dynaman, 1984′s Choudenshi Bioman, 1987′s Hikari Sentai Maskman and 1988′s Choujuu Sentai Liveman. All of these were under the creative direction of Hirohisa Soda who would not leave the series until the early 1990s after the relative failure of Chikyu Sentai Fiveman. It was also the decade where the other two major tokusatsu franchises (Ultraman and Kamen Rider) were either on hiatus from TV, producing only movies or relegated to ancillary media such as manga and Hero Club videos. In the 1980′s Super Sentai was king and the ratings and toy sales really speak to this.  It was also the most creative period for the franchise with far more classics and hits than even the more well known (in the West) 1990s’ entries. 

For Kamen Rider and Ultraman, that decade of dominance was the 1970s. Yes, Ultraman got its start in the 1960s but rather late in the decade and with only two series (Ultraman and Ultraseven). It wasn’t until after the death of company founder Eiji Tsuburaya that his heir decided to bring back Ultraman and thus established a connected timeline for the series, creating what we know as the M78 Continuity with 1971′s The Return of Ultraman.

The success of that series lead to the sequels; Ultraman Ace in 1972, Ultraman Taro in 1973, Ultraman Leo in 1974 and the animated The Ultraman in 1979. There were also movies, manga, toys, picture books and all kinds of companion media that made Ultraman the dominant tokusatsu force of the early 1970s.  Well, almost dominant.

1971 saw the debut of the the hero who to this day rivals Ultraman in popularity, Kamen Rider.

One could argue that Kamen Rider arrived and just took over TV Tokusatsu, running almost continuously throughout the entire 1970s starting with the original and then 1973′s Kamen Rider V3, then the two series from 1974; Kamen Rider X and Kamen Rider Amazon, then 1975′s Kamen Rider Stronger before taking a break for a few years and then bursting back with Kamen Rider a.k.a. Skyrider in 1979. It also had a ton of merchandise and this, the beginnings of what we  now call the Showa Kamen Rider Era were absolutely the most fertile and creative period, overseen by its creator, Shotaro Ishinomori, at the height of his creative genius.

Thanks for the question!

idk the show aint perfect but if you’re trying to help people empathize with trans issues, maybe? given mom already had an okay grasp of it what with the ex and most of my friends and my own. situation. but i think watching this show she understands why pronouns and bathrooms matter. i think. i mean i pause it sometimes and explain how it relates to stuff ive dealt with both as me and through having friends and partners who werent cis. i think she understands better. i want to think she does

Compilation of Seventeen’s songs

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i really really love the cold open in the b99 pilot, like it’s the perfect introduction to the show. dan goor said he wanted jake to solve a case in the first scene of the show to make sure people know that even if he’s stupid and goofy, he’s still a really good cop. and not only did they do that, but they also introduced the jake/amy dynamic perfectly. she complains about him being annoying and apologizes to the store owner on his behalf (while also sneaking in the fact that he had a rough childhood). but then when jake starts talking to her through the teddy bear she doesn’t get annoyed at him, she smiles and shows that she’s not as serious as you think she is. idk what this is I’m just really proud of b99 for nailing their character exposure

I think the thing that I really love about Mob’s explosions as a power-up concept is that in a lot of other series, these states (especially when they create a negative change in the character’s demeanor) are treated as a separate being, or an aspect of that character that isn’t *really* them. They come down from these “true” states, go into a funk, and are reassured by other characters that “No, this negative side of you isn’t the truth!”

With Mob it’s the opposite. Mob at 100% is Mob in his purest, most honest, and unfiltered state…and it isn’t always very nice. In fact, a majority of his explosions are negative thoughts and feelings that he’s held his tongue over, whether through necessity or Mob not wanting to burden others.

Mob isn’t being influenced by his own powers, but rather, his powers are a magnified reflection of what was already there.

It’s the perfect way to show how being kind and patient is an action, and not necessarily a state of being–that being compassionate is an active choice when we could choose (and sometimes have the right) to be unkind.

His “Goodness” doesn’t come from an inhuman moral perfection, but a very human strive to do and act better when he doesn’t have to.

Okay, this might be one of my favorite Wolfgang/Kala moments this season because look how protective Wolfgang is. Lila doesn’t know Kala, she doesn’t even know Kala’s name. At this point, Lila is no threat to Kala. On the other hand, Lila is very much a threat to Wolfgang. But Wolfgang’s immediate instinct is not to protect himself. It’s to protect Kala. 

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1. We /all/ know The Bold Type is the most critically acclaimed show your network has ever had. Let’s not kid ourselves here.

2. You have been clamoring about a network re-brand for years and The Bold Type is literally the perfect show to pilot this around with all of the positive publicity it is bringing to your network and well… brand. 

3. You pride yourselves on your networks diverse storylines and The Bold Type is the epitome of inclusive storytelling. 

4. The cast on this show is phenomenal. This is not a cast of teeny-bopper dreamboats (although the cast is pretty dreamy). These actors are delivering deep resonating performances across the board every episode that stick with you long after an episode has aired. Isn’t this what you want your shows to be doing????

5. Speaking of actors… PLEASE make Nikohl Boosheri a regular for season 2. I have seen otherwise really great shows turn disastrous because they did not lock down a talented fan-favorite actor. I do not want this to happen to a show as beautiful as The Bold Type. 

6. Announcing a renewal will actually bring more views and streams to the show because fans will see that the show is “worth” investing in. Believe it or not fans are more likely to invest in a show when they know the network it is on is invested in it too!


Starlight Lovers Collection

@thingsbydean and myself decided on collaborating together to create the set you see today

What do you get :

  • A candle in a jar ( 7 swatches )
  • A rose in a jar
  • A candle in a tall glass
  • A candle in a bottle
  • Usable cushion seats (8 swatches)
  • Boho canopy (  8swatches ) sims will clip through it as the footprint is invisible

BaseGame Compatible

Textures for the canopy and seats are pulled from Movie hangout pack so its cohesive and in theory can be seen as a addon

Find these items by searching Starlight lovers set in game

Look out for more collaborations in the future 
happy simming , be safe and enjoy Valentines day
To the anti valentines day people black recolors are included haha Edit candles require perfect patio to show up

Recolours are welcomed , please dont include our meshes

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• “Nothing ever happens in this small town until ________ happened,”
• The girl next door falls in love with the outcast rugged boy with family issues
• everyone’s white/white passing and heterosexual
• one of the main characters must have a sexual relationship with a teacher for no point what so ever
• someone has to die at some point
• maybe some high quality queer baiting for #views
• lots of random sexual scenes that have nothing to do with the plot except spreading the heterosexual agenda
• all teens played by 24-30 year olds