on a more serious note

y’all know i’m laughing at this whole thing bc wasi had it coming for awhile now but what she said about college dropouts and retail workers really isn’t cool.

so yeah, if dropped out and you’re feeling bad about it: don’t be. you had your reasons to do what you did and all of them are fucking valid.

if you’re a retail worker: you’re a fucking hero.

Imagine your OTP 12, or 13?
  • A: *is doing daily tasks*
  • B: *shows up and does their daily tasks in the same space as A*
  • A: *platonic panic short-circuit brain bugs static unable to breath heart gotta go faster faster faster is a disaster*
  • B: *finishes the task and leaves*
  • A: *gasps for air and returns to function with a smile on the warm red face*

Behold: “EnderSymm” and “EnderSom,” based off the origin of my chosen name. 8>

Ik I said I would design matching epic skins for Symm and one gf but these skins ended up looking more like legendaries… I still might change up a couple details cause Symm’s looks a little mismatched imho


only some doodles sowwy i’ve been very busy anyway behold my akiham buns and a lil comic based on a quick dream i had of makoto getting transported to the p3-timeline and meeting her parents who had just started dating lmfao knowing akihiko he’d be like “wow i married the girl of my dreams and have a family with her Whoah” while hamuko’s like “damn i really dicked him huh”

[p3/p5 family au]