-Shower Harvey pays the Fields’ water bill.
-Lorenzo learns to make his own soup.
-Lorenzo gets his own fucking water.
-Paige needs to return and drown Sara.
^ new otp? #McHarvey
-Alison needs to get her girl.
-Spoby gets high together.
-Haleb gets married.
-Ezria has a kid.
-Ella fights Tanner.
-Charles reunites with his brother and sister forreal.
-Mona and Mike get more screen time.
-Vandermarin comes back.
-Maya returns.
-Jenna comes back with sight.
-Charcoat will become an actual thing.
-Basically everyone who ever died comes back.

what the night does to the day


9062 words

Childhood best friends au!

He eyed Ian up again, and said, “You’re a Gallagher kid?”

Ian lifted his chin a little, though it did nothing to help with his height disadvantage. “Yeah. So?”

The boy just scoffed and started swinging again. “My brother told me not to hang out with the Gallagher kids.”

“You’re not. You’re only with one Gallagher kid,” he pointed out. Then added, “I’m Ian.”