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Woefully disappointed by the academic lack of interest in alternative history? Just spent two hours hiking in the library, elbow-deep in paper and what looked like bat droppings, and everything seems to be either ‘what if Hitler had never been born’ or ‘what if Hitler had won the war’. And I get that’s major, but there’s so many other major crossroads in human history? Who does a woman need to talk to if she wants to know ‘what if Alexander had lived past the age of 30′ or ‘what if Hannibal had conquered Rome’? I’m stuck with this book disproving ancient aliens - which is great, but definitely not what I was looking for.

⎡ 4:42 p.m. ⎦  jeno laces his fingers through your cold ones, placing a quick kiss on the back of your hand before pulling it into the warmth of his pocket.

Introducing Agau Laboratories, the world’s best funded lab in the year 2050

By that time, global warming has escalated to near-disastrous levels. More than half of the species in the ocean have been eradicated, and the ice caps on both poles are dangerously diminished.

Despite the warning signs and the growing community of scientists calling for change, humanity has progressed as it always has: with more technology and less awareness. 

At the head of that community of scientists is Dr. Barbara Agau. She proposed her idea, named the Spark Of Life Experimental Project, or SOLE Project for short, in 2020. The name was fitting, since Dr. Agau wanted to both preserve the spark of life on our Earth, and discover it.

Dr. Agau’s idea was a radical one. Though genetic modifications are common practice in modern medicine, she wanted to design and create a human from scratch. More than that–she wanted to design and create the world’s first superhuman from scratch.

The science indicating that a hydrokinetic is possible is brilliant and innovative, and captures the world’s attention. Moral and ethical debates rage, but one fact prevails: climate change will induce an apocalypse if dramatic action is not taken soon. Agau Laboratories is funded and operating within a decade, but Agau’s name is a passing mention until 2033.

That’s when she announces the success of the SOLE Project: a beautiful baby girl with blue eyes and blonde hair. She is referred to as “Experiment One” to keep her anonymous, because things cannot progress until the child is 18 years old. This will happen in 2051, and it is that year that Dr. Agau plans to go global.

Of course, the hydrokinetic herself might have something to say about it at that point.

This moodboard has been made in celebration of @my-words-are-light commissioning the incredibly talented @danielscholes on my behalf! Daniel worked with me to create an amazing logo for Agau Laboratories, and it’s a safe bet that I will be using this, and variations of it, in MANY future works.

If you’d like to learn more about the sci-fi novel this lab features in, you can read a full summary of the plot right here, or visit it’s page right here!

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I’m still so glad MSA is back! I got a job now *so work is slow* but creating new ones as we speak! Like i have a list lol, but you can have this small preview for starters!

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Life Cycles [Spencer Reid]

Spencer and Diana Reid take a year to move to the countryside in hopes of some peace, but instead find themselves in the presence of a magical being.

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A change of scenery would be good for his mother. She’d been trapped up in small apartments for far too long in the city, and with her health on the decline he wanted her to feel at ease. He figured a house out in the open country would be best for her mental health, and so he found a small cottage to rent for a few months where they’d be free to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, away from the turmoils of the outside world.

“Oh, look Spencer. A fairy ring,” Diana observed their first day there. The two had decided to explore a bit and get the lay of the land, enjoying the array of wildflowers that sprung from their backyard before disappearing amongst the trees that separated them and their neighbors. There wasn’t another house for at least half a mile but the blanket of green trees that surrounded them felt like a security blanket of sorts.

Spencer turned his attention towards his mother and realized she was exactly right. A ring of fungi had formed a rather large circle in the middle of the wildflowers, leaving an empty patch of grass inside. Spencer found it rather peculiar to see.

“Just don’t go walking into it. You know how tricky the fae can be,” she warned before walking off into another direction. Spencer observed the ring once more in slight puzzlement before following her lead, exploring more of the property until the fairy ring was just a distant thought in his mind.

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