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An Au where Varian never went rogue and traveled with the gang to help them uncover the mystery behind the blue rocks. 😋  also here is what they’re saying on the first page just in case  you can’t read it.

Varian: Kill me

Cass: Only if you promise to drown me first 

Yeah it suck being a third wheel 😅

not so Weekly yoonmin moodboard fic rec 7/?: Compulsory Heterosexuality by minjiiminie

Jimin is desperate for a boyfriend now that his best friends are dating and all he does is third wheel for them… unfortunately all his dates are a mess and his hot and very straight next door neighbor Min Yoongi keeps making fun of him

So yes, I’m back (yay!). Anyway, this fic was super cute and soft and just a little bit angsty. Also I like how it was realistic, like yoongi actually takes his time to come to terms with his sexuality and not just dive into a relationship with Jimin. I loved the writing style and the plot is actually pretty deep and makes you think, more than I actually thought it would when I first decided to read this. Overall I really loved it so go read it nowwwwwww😎😎 (also there is Holly so this fic gets 100 points more from me!!)

Till next fic rec, G.

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Tokoyami is the third wheel in that barbecue screenshot no one can convince me otherwise ;) speaking of the movie, did Yaoyorozu have decent screen time/fighting?


Obviously! She really did her best!


“You don’t get it, Dad,” Clementine said. She had such an angry look on her face. “You don’t get what it’s like to be their … third wheel. I want to go to high school already and make my own friends. Ones who won’t wish I were Adri.”

How was Abel supposed to handle this situation. He thought he might need Izzy to help because she would know more about dealing with pre-teen girls, but she was busy playing with Derek on the space ship jungle gym. This was something Abel had to handle. After all, he knew exactly how she felt. “Clem, come sit down. I want to tell you a story.”

Clementine reluctantly sat across from him, her chin in her palm and a frown on her face. Her cheeks were round, just like they were when she was a toddler. There was a part of Abel that really missed those days.

“When I was your age, I was doing badly in school. Like, really bad. Close to failing bad. But then there was my brother who was super smart, super outgoing, and just super likable.” He paused, but only for a moment. “And it made me so mad. There were times I hated my brother because he was so wonderful and I was just … an extra. People mistook me for him because we were identical and they’d get disappointed when they found out I was Abel and not Adrien.”

“Is this story supposed to be helpful?”

Abel leaned forward. “What I’m trying to say is you shouldn’t go through life comparing yourself to your sister. You are your own person even if Adri has the same face. You are Clementine. So be Clementine and be proud of Clementine because I think she’s pretty great.”

Clementine’s frown faded and she looked at her father with wide, sparkling eyes. She looked so much younger than she was and all Abel wanted to do was scoop her up into a hug. So that was exactly what he did.

Day 19: favourite street version video

Switched to a shitty chibi style ecausd the other style takes too much time and I’m too busy for that :(

just daily changlix and third wheeling Seungmin-

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Agreed with the anon about km’s mutual attraction. I feel like even if theyre not together, they’re at least lowkey really attracted to e/o. I feel like they themselves don’t know why they’re attracted to each other but it kinda feels natural for them to make flirty remarks on each other. There are so many moments where its not exactly a fan service but more them being themselves but then the way one stare at another when one is talking etc makes me feel like I’m not supposed to see that. -Ass

I feel the same honestly. We just don’t know for sure but… it’s there, something is. Lol. We often feel like third wheels with those two and I think that says a bit about how they behave with each other.