for the Doctor he runs around saving the universe

In The Husbands of River Song, the Doctor spends most of the episode comically and with increasing irritation and sadness trying to get River to realize he’s the Doctor. But it’s only at the climax of the plot that she finally does. 

What if this Christmas it’s flipped? The Doctor spends most of the episode running around saving the universe with a woman who keeps making odd remarks to him and teasing him but he doesn’t understand why or why she is becoming minutely more devastated as the episode goes on until finally he does get it and he says



The Victuuri AU (Sort of) doodle dump. These were all spread across a couple of months so you can see how drastically my style has changed XD

first –– from the @beanpots​ au (which is literal perfection) I actually scribbled the screencap redraw for this several months ago but had no idea how to color it before I came across the au and decided on orange and blue.

second –– the (now startlingly similar looking) fire and water au I started in this little comic. It’s…a difficult process for Victor to hug Yuuri. Victor gets badly singed, but Yuuri evaporates altogether, and it takes him a couple hours to reform.

third –– The Supernatural/destiel Au that I started at midnight with a fever. Yuuri is a hunter who gets himself killed while trying to save his friend Phichit, but is brought back to life by Victor, a rebellious angel from heaven’s garrisons. I feel like that quote is a good parallel.

fourth –– The Doctor Who/timelord au in which Yuuri is a timelord who’s (accidentally) broken several dozen laws of the Gallifreyan high council, so he stole a TARDIS and ran away. He also (accidentally) sort of kidnaps a human named Victor from earth and they run around the universe having fairly dangerous adventures. K-9 is replaced by Makkachin.

I realize that all of these are pretty unrelated but I really needed to get these out of my system.

Chaos |Open|

The universe was full of chaos. No matter where one traveled, the chaos followed. By the now the Daleks or Cybermen had taken over most of the universe. They were each practically at war to prove with species was the best. Without the Doctor to stop them, there was no one defending the universe, no one to prevent them from getting total control.

Where was the Doctor? Well, he was just simply sitting his TARDIS, parked somewhere on earth. He didn’t care about what was going on. After all the losses he’d dealt with, why bother? Why bother saving a universe that only took from him, never once helping him in return.

The Time Lord had just fixed up something to eat and sat down in his chair within the console room. He positioned his feet so that they were resting (lightly) against the console and turned on the console scanner to watch what was going on around him. The Doctor could see humans running rampant on the outside and just laughed.

“Idiots…” He muttered to himself… “They’re all idiots.”


Clara Oswald
Stole a TARDIS and ran away with a companion
Now has a sonic device thing (sunglasses)
Isn’t able to die because she is technically dead
Is running around through time and space saving the universe avoiding going back
Is going back to gallifrey the long way round
Had to leave a friend behind and wipe his memory for the sake of not tearing the universe apart and watch as he talks about her to her face but doesn’t know it’s her
Knows how to operate a bunch of timelord devices
Is one half of the hybrid
I wouldn’t be surprised if she changed her name to Doctor Oswald

So Missy is back, and she still doesn’t want to rule the universe anymore. She doesn’t care much about power. And that’s so really OOC for the Master, because being power hungry was such a main distinctive trait for the character. It was the Master’s curse, in a way. And now, apparently, it’s gone.

Missy has the power to stop the planes mid air, and what she does with it? She basically just uses it to get Clara’s attention.
Missy is on Skaro, she could attempt to gain control over the Daleks, and what’s all she does? She runs around to save the Doctor’s ass like a companion (and he doesn’t even thank her.)

I know people love her for her sassy one liners and innuendos, but the Master, as a character, isn’t supposed to be just a comedy relief. The Master is supposed to be also a main threat. To the Doctor. To the universe.

But Moffat wants the Doctor to be the dark and dangerous one, so the Master has to be just another one of the sassy female celebrities who fancy him: Elizabeth I, Madame de Pompadour, Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, Nefertiti, the Pope aka Tasha Lem, River Song.

That’s why Missy doesn’t call herself the Master anymore, she doesn’t want to master the universe anymore.

Ghosts of the Past

There was so much chaos around him. Women and children running for their lives. Fire everywhere…the Daleks and Cybermen found a way to breach the Void at a weak point in the fabric of reality and now…

He was faced with the choice of razing the whole planet in order to save the Universe. He didn’t want to do it, didn’t want to have to face that music again…maybe this time he would die with them. Pay the price for the wrongs he did so long ago.

Making his way up the teleportation tower, the Doctor helped those he could fine, giving them directions to the new teleportation station that had been set up. He had just gotten the last of the civilians out when the blast hit, sending him tumbling over the edge of stairwell a good two stories down onto bare concrete.

Time Lords were durable but even that shook him to his very core and left him in pain and dazed. That’s when he saw her…

Blonde hair whipping around her face as she directed civilians out of the way of the fire. He could read her lips, ‘Where’s the Doctor?’ and they pointed to towards the tower. No no no…he couldn’t let hallucinations stop him!

Shaking the ringing from his ears, he slowly got up onto his feet and hobbled over to the elevator; ignoring the shaking of the building around him. Worse case scenario, he had to climb the cables to get to the top.



The Doctor does/doesn’t remember [part 2] [part 1]

His hearts dropped. The waitress’ face on his TARDIS. Her face. Clara. She was there, right in front of him. How could he have not known?

He entered his empty TARDIS bereft. Spending 900 years on Trenzalore and 4.5 billion in his confession dial weren’t enough to make him forget her. But the neural block did its job just long enough for him to lose her again. Why did he ever think it was a solution? Why hadn’t she just told him it was her? Why had she been so good at reversing the polarity? (he squashed a momentarily swelling of pride.)

The hard part was over for her. She’d sat across from him and let him tell their story as if she were a stranger. Then she’d let him go. No. She did better than that. She brought him his TARDIS. Found a new coat for him, so like the one she fancied him in. Left him one last instruction to follow. 

The hard part for him was happening now. He thought it had been forgetting her and looking for her anyway. But no. It’s remembering and having to decide to stop looking. Every cell in his body was screaming at him to follow her, find her. Be with her. It was possible. The TARDIS could do it.

He couldn’t. He knew that. They’d made this choice, together, to go their separate ways. She stuck by that choice when she left in her TARDIS. He’d have to do the same. Be strong, even if it breaks your heart. He could do that. 

He’d carry on. Run. Be a Doctor. Like she told him. Like he knew she would do too. She was out there somewhere, saving planets and taking all the time she wanted to return to the trap street. He knew that’s what she would be doing. This isn’t the end for them. The universe isn’t so big, after all. They would see each other again. 

He would make his way back to Clara Oswald. The long way around.