Hey guys!!

I added a one-of-a-kind SHINY Espeon to my Etsy Store, as well as a few other items that you probably don’t know about!!

Please please please consider buying, or at least spreading the word to your friends/family/coworkers as we’re behind on rent by a few months and I’m really trying to make ends meet so we’re not kicked out of where we’re living. We actually overdrafted and I had to take out loans so we’re kind of desperate, and my SO is trying desperately to find a job in the meantime.

I have lowered prices because of this.

If you don’t see one you like and want a custom one, I’ll be putting up a listing for one of those, or you can shoot me a message on Etsy, or on Tumblr here.

Reblogging is also very much appreciated.

Another link to my Etsy Store in case you missed it.

I am also available for art and writing commissions.

Thank you in advance. I appreciate all of you.