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The memes of 2017

(N.B. The months below offer only a loose means to put the memes in rough chronological order. Some memes may have started earlier, but Meme Documentation just aims to give a rough outline as to when the memes became popular.)













How To Send Dreams 💤

This post explains how to send a dream to another person. I’ve done this before many times and it’s always worked for me. I’m not here to boss anyone around, but it’s best to get permission to do it first. If not, that’s on you.

  • Read this post I made about energy work. (x) You’re going to want a little experience with energy work if you want to do this, otherwise it won’t work.
  • Print out a picture or pull up a picture on your phone of the person you wish to send the dream to.
  • Create a ball of energy in your hand. Infuse the ball of energy with images or words by thinking it, then imagining the thought or word going down your arm from your head, into the ball of energy.
  • Slowly push the ball of energy into the picture while imagining that you are in front of that person and physically putting it into their head. Do your best to feel yourself doing it.

Feel free to send me an ask on how it works for you or if you have any questions! :)

~ Eris


Curls Up Collection

If you know me you know I was like wao when the curly bg hair rolled out, and within hours started working on a bunch of edits lol. Took my sweet time finishing these but good things come to those who wait right? ^^”

Many million thanks to my testers @cowplant-pizza @mellocakes @ceechalla !! ♥♥♥

  • All hairs are fully hat compatible
  • Hairs come in 18 EA swatches
  • Jones hairs works with my accessory overlays made for the Jungle Adventures bandana hair (THIS is why it took me a while to get it perfect just FYI hehe), and all other accessory overlays/recolours made for that hair! Woo! 
  • Head wrap comes in the usual 25 solid colours and an additional 17 random cool patterns that I thought looked cool on the head wrap~
  • Custom thumbs, disabled for random, colour tags, sepcs, shadows, bumps, everything!!
  • BGC

Don’t claim as your own or put behind any adf*y links etc. Just don’t make money off my hard hard work, come on. Recolours most welcome!

Download: Simfileshare

Soulmate Voice AU

The voice you’re reading this text in right now is probably your own, but, what if it wasn’t? What if it was your soulmate’s?

  • Everyone has a voice in their head they hear when they read anything; books, texts, emails, tumblr posts, etc.
  • They know the voice isn’t their own.
  • Even though science can’t explain it, the voice ends up being someone’s love of their love, or as it’s been put, soulmate.
  • What’s even more curious is when someone’s soulmate can’t speak, they don’t hear a voice when they speak, but see images.
  • These images are usually along the lines of sign language.
  • Every word is perfectly translated, not just to any sign language, but their soulmate’s sign language. All the shortcuts, and they can feel their facial expressions because they make them on their own face when they read.
  • The voice in their head is the same voice their soulmate will have when they meet them.
  • After they meet them, the voice in their head will change with their soulmate’s.
  • There are sometimes, when someone just can’t read, the words mix up, because they don’t really understand what’s going with their head when it comes to their soulmate’s ‘voice’.
  • Lucky for those people, once they meet their soulmate, their soulmate recognizes them by their voice and helps them understand their own ‘voice’.
  • Now, just imagine person A doesn’t hear a voice but instead they see hand gestures.
  • Everyone was telling A that the voice they heard when they read was their soulmate’s voice, but since their wasn’t a voice and no told them how deaf or mute people’s soulmate’s read A thought that the hand gestures meant they just weren’t meant to have a soulmate.
  • A studied the hand gestures until they became a second language to them.
  • Person B was deaf and because of that they thought the voice in their head was their own or something along those lines, because in the town B grew up in believed deaf people didn’t have soulmates.
  • B’s family moved to the city, the one A lived in.
  • It was in the first few weeks when A and B were put together for a partner project with C.
  • B signed to A and C that he was deaf and was sorry for the interrupter and before his interrupter could even translate A signed, “That’s alright and there’s no need to be sorry.”
  • B is shocked at this and signs excitedly and the two started a long conversation where is C would have stopped if it hadn’t been adorable. Besides, C knew they were soulmates and that’s what they thought they were talking about.
  • A few years pass and A and B have become inseparable with C still as one of their other friends.
  • A’s voice changes a bit and so does B’s head voice but, B already feels like a crazy outsider because of their ears, they keep quiet not wanting to be more of one.
  • A, B and C are together at one of their houses and C starts to talk excitedly because the new kid in their school is their soulmate.
  • A looks sad and B looks angry about C’s chatter. C signs what’s wrong and after a few minutes of both explaining their side C looks at them in disbelief.
  • After C explains how deaf people find their soulmate and makes it clear that A and B are soulmates they leave to give them some privacy.
  • A and B look at each other and B just breaks down. After being told all their life a soulmate was impossible for them they finally understand. They finally know that it’s possible and it’s already happened.
  • Once B, and A cause they’ve been telling themselves a soulmate couldn’t happen for them, stop the tears A signs, “Does it suck that you’ll hear one voice for your entire life?”
  • B let out a silent laugh and signs, “It doesn’t suck at all because it’s your voice and that’s the only voice I ever want to hear.”

This was so fun to write I hope you all enjoyed! Feel free to reblog and edit this to your OTPs.

Never The Friend (one-shot)

Synopsis: The Reader has always been in love with Bucky, as he has been with her, but neither ever made a move. So when Bucky brings home a new girl, the Readers takes drastic measures to protect her already broken heart, but what will Bucky do to regain the person who he truly loves?

In The End (one-shot/ follow-up)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: SMUT (or my shitty attempts at writing it; first-timer, so please be gentle); unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, guys); swearing; brief crossover with Criminal Minds (aka, Spencer Reid is involved)

Genre: angst

Word count: 7349 (boy, this gon be a long ride)

Originally posted by theseromaniansarecrazy

   “You gotta tell him.”
   “Tell who what?”
   “Bucky! You have to tell him how you feel.”
   Y/N’s eyes almost bulged out of her head.
   “Wanda I love you like a sister, but mention this topic once again and I’ll put your heard through a wall.”
   “If you don’t, then he’ll just start dating someone and you’ll be miserable.”
   “I already am and by the way- that is how crushes work. You fall for someone way out of your league, they don’t feel the same, you die alone with twenty cats and then they eat your body. Simple as that.”
   Wanda huffed, exasperation clearly evident in the puff of air, but there wasn’t anything she could do to make Y/N tell the man she was in love with how the girl felt. The Scarlet Witch had been watching her best friend pine over the man for far too long and she knew that Bucky was absolutely in love with the girl, yet he did nothing. So Wanda had hoped that maybe Y/N would gather up the courage and make the first move, but as it would appear, that would not happen anytime soon.
   “But, Y/N, he is crazy about you.”
   “Who is crazy about Y/N?” Bucky snapped the two girls out of their conversation as he appeared in the common room.
   “No one,” Y/N was quick to dispel any implications. She took a sip of her wine and threw Wanda a warning glance.
   “Okay then,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “Anyways, I just wanted you to meet someone.”
Suddenly the noise of clicking heels invaded Y/N’s and Wanda’s senses. A gorgeous brunette appeared behind Bucky. She wrapped her arm around his waist and he mimicked the action while a dazzling smile stretched his face.
   “Y/N, Wanda this is my girlfriend Diana. Diana, that is Y/N,” he gestured at the girl who had a tightlipped smile and a heart that was shattering in pieces, “my best friend and that is Wanda- a chick you really don’t wanna mess with.” He once again threw the girl that brilliant white smile, making Y/N’s heart clench even more.

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Don’t allow expectations to put a limit on your actions. You are able to achieve remarkable things, regardless of what others may believe. So head out there, fight, and show the world how amazing you are.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
;in the car (m)

pairing— jung hoseok x reader
genre/warnings—  smut, romance, slight angst, mechanic! hoseok, street racer! hoseok
words— 14,739

summary— All you had was a dead car battery, you weren’t looking for romance, regardless if the charming mechanic had other ideas. You’ve heard stories that could put you off… Can he change your misconceptions, or will they prove correct after all…?

songs: in the car | offonoff + 2002worldcup | hyukoh

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watch your mouth |myg|

Originally posted by jungsooneul

pairing: min yoongi x reader

words: 1.3k

genre: smut

summary: fingers wrapped around your neck, “watch your mouth baby, or we’ll have to put it to good use.”

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13 Reasons Why PSA:

This is obvious, but the last ep has an incredibly graphic (visually and auditorily) scene. You are NOT obligated to watch/listen to it. If you won’t be able to get the image out of your head or it might trigger you or make you nauseous, take care of yourself first. It’s okay. There’s tons of warning time; you’ll know it’s coming. Close your eyes and/or put your tv on mute. It’s okay. It’s something that’s very difficult to unsee and if you don’t want to live with the image, you do not have to. It doesn’t make you a bad person or a weak person.

The people who created this show worked hard to educate us on the subject of mental health. You wouldn’t be letting anyone down by taking care of yours first.

Put on some socks

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x American!Reader
Summary: You’re a member of the Cupler Ring and you’re working with Galahad on a mutual assignment. Overbooked hotels lead to everyone’s favorite scenario: bed sharing.
Genre: Smut, apparently. Fluff, too. Still not sure how the smut happened, though…
Warnings: It’s smut, what do you expect? Things get a little rough (hair pulling, light spanking, etc.), but nothing major.
Word count: 3,910


A/N: Tumblr flipped and screwed the original post up, so let’s try this again…

Originally posted by theandrophile

“Put on some socks, dammit,” your partner, Eggsy, grunted as he ran a hotel towel over his wet hair. “I don’t wanna deal with your ice feet tonight.”

You chuckled to yourself, shaking your head and looking back down at the tablet resting in your lap. You and Eggsy – or Galahad, as the Kingsmen called him – teamed on this assignment a few weeks back when your paths crossed and you realized you were working the same case. While your team – the “petticoated patriots,” as the larger organization playfully called you – was weary of working with “the red coats,” you happily accepted the help. A fresh set of eyes wouldn’t hurt, and neither would establishing connections and a working relationship with your buddies across the pond.

Additionally, Eggsy was a cute, funny guy. In your line of work, the only guys you ever met were fellow Cuplers (and you weren’t really a fan of dating within the workplace) or bad guys that you had to take down. Hanging out with a cute guy who wasn’t a coworker or criminal was a nice change of pace.

“You’re the one who got all cuddly last night,” you reminded him, your memory flashing back to your new partner holding you close to his shirtless chest throughout the night. “You’re like a fucking furnace, by the way. I actually thought I was going to get heat stroke at one point.”

Eggsy responded by pitching his damp towel at your head, which you promptly tossed to the floor.

“Seriously, my guy,” you continued with a teasing smile. “I woke up like five times last night and you were wrapped around me like a baby koala.”

Eggsy smiled and hopped onto the bed, blue eyes trained on you.

“People love baby koalas,” he told you with a smirk.

You laughed. “Oh, do they?”

“Mhmm,” he nodded, crawling closer to where you sat at the head of the bed. “’sides, love, you’re the one that picked the room. All a ploy to get me into bed, yeah?”

You scoffed, your face heating up at the insinuation. That may not have been your original intention, but it wasn’t as much of burden as you pretended.

“Definitely,” you said. “It didn’t have anything to do with the fact that I booked the room last minute and a single was all they had left.”

“Coulda had the penthouse,” he pointed out, rolling over and leaning against the headboard.

“I see ‘discretion’ isn’t in the Kingsmen handbook,” you said with an eyeroll.

Eggsy shifted in the bed, folding his hands behind his head and glancing down at your lap.

“It is,” he argued, smirk still firmly in place. “It’s just not as important as style.”

“Figures,” you laughed.

He groaned in response, reaching across you and turning off the bedside lamp before inching under the covers.

“Whatever ya say, Yank. Put your socks on and turn in.”


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bts scenario: they help you fall asleep

hello i’m finally back! i took a two week break because i was feeling super depressed but i’m feeling better now! i’m also in the mood for some fluff so i hope you guys enjoy it! love you all xx

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jin: slow and soft breaths left your lips as jin’s hands ran softly up and down your sides. “comfortable?” jin asked quietly to which you hummed and snuggled closer to his warmth. a smile pulled at the corners of jin’s lips as he watched your face, relaxed and slightly pink from the warmth in the room. “you’re so beautiful,” he whispered which made you open one eye to glare at him. “don’t be cheesy,” you giggled. “but you love it,” jin smiled, you couldn’t deny that.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

yoongi: the vibration of yoongi’s chest as he spoke could be felt against your cheek. “keep talking,” you said when yoongi had finished his sentence, the vibration stopping. “why?” yoongi asked with a quirked eyebrow. “i like the sound of your voice,” you replied before pushing your face even more into his chest. yoongi couldn’t help but awe at how cute you were before he continued to talk, telling you all about his day with the boys. within minutes you were asleep.

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

hoseok: hoseok tucked the blanket around your body before spooning you. a few minutes later you began tossing and turning, “hoseoookkk,” you whined. “yes, baby?” a huff left your mouth, “i can’t sleep, my brain won’t stop thinking.” without a word, hoseok turned you around so he could pull your head into his chest and started running his fingers through your hair, humming the outro to his new mixtape. the soft sound putting you to sleep in seconds. 

Originally posted by hoseokb

namjoon: soft light filtered out of the bathroom as you walked down the hallway. “namjoon?” you called out to him. “in here!” he called from inside the bathroom. once you walked inside you saw that he was standing in only his pants, lights dimmed and the bathtub full of steaming water. “really?” you rolled your eyes. “i know you’re having trouble sleeping, so i figured a nice bath would help you sleep.” minutes later you were practically falling asleep in the tub. 

Originally posted by dailyjeons

jimin: “here,” jimin said with slightly flushed cheeks as he placed your favorite snack on your lap. a smile adorned your face, “what’s this for?” jimin shrugged, “i figured since you’ve been having a hard time sleeping, your favorite snack would make you feel a little better.” you pulled jimin down into a kiss and patted the open spot next to you, “here,” you handed him a piece, “i wanna enjoy this with the person i love most.” cuddling ensued and you both fell asleep peacefully.

Originally posted by ggukbun

taehyung: “i have no idea why i let you do this,” taehyung grumbled while crossing his arms. “come on tae,” you giggled, “you look beautiful.” the braids you were plaiting in his hair pulled at his scalp, “the things i do for you,” he said but smiled up at you. “it’s relaxing, just let me finish i’m almost done.” your tongue poked out in concentration, “i’m done! now you’re gonna have beautiful wavy hair.” taehyung tackled you and you both fell asleep soon after. 

Originally posted by samwol

jungkook: jungkook hummed 2u softly into your ear while you played with his fingers. “your fingers are really long,” you said absentmindedly to which jungkook chuckled. “you know what that’s good for.” you slapped his chest, “not the time,” but you couldn’t help but smirk slightly. jungkook smiled and started to sing again “with every breath that i take i want you to share the air with me.” jungkook’s soft voice lulled you to sleep within minutes.

Originally posted by ggukbun

Always the Gentleman

Tom Hiddleston x reader

Warnings: Language, smut, lots of smut

This fic arose out of a discussion about Tom. We all agreed that all that gentlemanly stuff would be tossed all to hell the second he got you in the bedroom. This is my take on that. There is a (sort of) NSFW gif beneath the cut.

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hello we here at bunjywunjy dot tumblr dot com would like to wish you good evening, and inform you that it’s time to talk about weird animals once again.

this time, we’re investigating a creature of the air, rather than the deep sea. everyone put your hands together for the Potoo, a bird(?) which looks like it was designed by Jim Henson.

let’s recite our ABC’s, children! remember, ‘A’ is for ‘AAAAAA WHAT IS THAT’

found throughout Central and South America, the Potoo is a nocturnal predator related to Nightjars. since it lives mainly off very small insects, its head is mostly mouth.

go ahead and stick a finger in there it’ll probably be fine

since these birds(?) are nocturnal, they spend most of the day sleeping. because they don’t nest, being a bunch of deadbeat nightmare muppets, they use camouflage to hide in plain sight while they do.


when I said Potoos don’t nest, I meant, like, at all. ever. they’re such career deadbeats that they lay their eggs directly on branches and rotten stumps, like so

yeah just leave it there it’ll probably be fine. probably don’t pay child support, either.

if the egg survives, the chick has many weeks of getting force-fed dead bugs by its loser parents to look forward to

dad, stop pretending to be a branch I’m hungry. dad? DAD.

well, that about wraps it up for this BioTime Adventure. a final lesson we can take from our friend the Potoo is that you can escape any problem if you can convince it you’re a dead branch.

I haven’t paid rent in 17 years

bts scenario: domestic

hope you enjoy this scenario! i hope you don’t mind i just changed it to have a general theme of domesticity! being domestic and cooking with someone and stuff like that is so cute! xx

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jin: strong hands found themselves in the divots of your hips as jin helped you cook dinner. “pass me the salt?” his deep voice asked you and you couldn’t help but smile as you passed him the salt. “what’s the smile for, baby?” jin asked as he took the salt from your hand, gently shaking some into the pot on the stove. you shook your head, “nothing,” you couldn’t help but smile again, “i just love you.” jin’s face broke out into a smile, “i love you too.” a soft peck was placed on your lips. 

Originally posted by bwiseoks

yoongi: you watched yoongi from your place on the couch as he dried the dishes and stacked them in the cupboard above. “yoongi?” you asked softly, yoongi turning his head to look at you. “yeah?” the sound of his voice made you feel warm and safe as you reveled in the moment. “how do you look so pretty while putting away the dishes?” yoongi’s cheeks flared as he turned away from your gaze. “i’m not cute.” he defended, pushing out his lips, only making him cuter. you laughed, “sure sure, you’re ‘manly’, whatever you say.”

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

hoseok: “hoseok?” you asked him as he hummed in acknowledgment. “can you sing for me?” a low chuckle rumbled in his throat as he looked at you, “i’m a ra-” “i know you’re a rapper hobi, but you’re also a really good singer,” you smiled at him, “please?” hoseok huffed and you knew he had given in, “fine.” as hoseok began to quietly sing you laid your head on his chest, drifting off to sleep at the sound of his soft voice and the warm arms wrapped around your waist.

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

namjoon: namjoon and you sat quietly on the couch, the low sound of the tv playing as background sound to fill the silence. namjoon was staring intently at a book, and you watched as his eyes scanned the page. “why are you staring at me?” namjoon asked. your cheeks flushed from being caught staring, and hid your face in your hands, “you’re just really handsome.” namjoon laughed, “i know i am,” he sent a wink your way, “come here.” you clambered into namjoon’s lap, him holding you close to his chest, it felt like home. 

Originally posted by slapmon

jimin: jimin sat criss-cross on the living room floor as you both sorted through the laundry. you held up a shirt, “want this one still?” jimin looked up and shook his head, “nah, i’m sure it’d look a lot better on you.” he winked and you rolled your eyes, unable to stop your cheeks from turning a slight red, “shut up.” jimin laughed, his eyes crinkling. “you know you love me, babe.” you laughed along with him, “not sure why.” jimin looked offended and crossed his arms, “mean.” you leaned forward, placing a kiss on his cheek, “i’m kidding, of course i love you.”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

taehyung: “taehyung!” you yelled as you ran away from him, sprinting down the hall. “here comes the tickle monster!” taehyung yelled as he chased you down the hall, hands ready to grab you. you ran into your bedroom only to realize it was a dead end, you were trapped. “ah ha!” taehyung yelled as he grabbed your hips, tickling you. “stop stop!” you yelled as you laughed, squirming in his arms. taehyung’s hands slowed as he placed his head on your shoulder, “you’re so beautiful, baby,” he kissed your shoulder, “i love you so much.” 

Originally posted by piedpiper405

jungkook: the lights in the living room were dimmed as you entered the house, “kookie?” you called out. “in here!” you followed the sound of his voice, leading to the bathroom. “here, i set this up for you,” jungkook smiled at his handiwork as he showed you the bathtub filled with bubbles and the bathroom lit with candles. you awed, “kookie…” you were speechless. jungkook shook his head, “get undressed babe, you need to relax.” following his orders, you were soon in the bath. “kookie?” you asked as you smiled up at him as he sat outside the tub. “mhm?” “you’re the sweetest boyfriend on the planet.” 

Originally posted by suga-mummy

Imagine the fans shipping you with Chris, others with Robert and others with Tom, so you just tease them and play along as well. Unknown to them is that you are actually interested in one and all three are intereted in you.

Originally posted by cloudenthusiast

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

“So I wanted to ask (Y/n) this question.” the fan said and after a small giggle, you grabbed Robert’s glasses and put them on.

“Go right ahead.” you said with a grin as Chris laughed and said something to Robert about it. You glanced at your costars, that you were sitting between, and casually shrugged.

“What? They totally look better on me!” you laughed before taking them off and placing them on top of your head “I’m listening.”

The fan himself laughed before nodding “So in the movie there is a scene where we see (Y/c/n) have some sort of vision-nightmare concerning the infinity stones and Asgard, which results in her waking up almost distraught and- and calls out for Loki-” he paused for a second when the crowd cheered at the mention of their favorite villain and that characteristic scene that broke the internet at the premiere of your movie. You giggled, playing with your microphone, as Chris and Robert visibly groaned and pretended to be jealous.

“So I wanted to ask: Was it because she was surprised to find out he is alive, considering what we know of her powers be, or because of the infinity stones part? Thank you.” he finished and you nodded your head with a smile.

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Back to School Advice for the Signs

 ARIES: Acting nonchalant regarding school, sports, or anything of the like may seem “cool,” but it’s good to care and have passion towards things like your education. You may not like school, but you may as well make the best of it! Expose yourself to new people or clubs to make your school experience as enjoyable as possible. School doesn’t last forever! :)

TAURUS: Rather than letting things fester and bother you, address your problems with those who are causing them. It does you no good to sit around and be angry. Confront what upsets you, and if no agreement is reached, know that you are better off!

GEMINI: Remember that not everything happens immediately as soon as you want it to. Sometimes it takes a few months or a couple of years for things to start settling into place. Not to mention, there are times when taking baby steps benefit you the most when beginning to lay the foundation of your future! Be patient, and keep in mind that you are capable of anything!!

CANCER: Priority management isn’t easy for most people, but a this time in your life it is essential for success. It can be helpful to put pen to paper and write out your priorities in order, whether school is first or not. Being organized and knowing what comes first will seriously help you out as fall approaches!

LEO: This school year, try to focus on yourself rather than what everyone else thinks about you. Really put effort towards improving your inner self, never mind your image. People already like you! :)

VIRGO: Not everything you do has to be completely thought out and executed perfectly. Mistakes are what make us grow as people and it’s important to learn how to move on from those mistakes. Don’t get tripped up over not meeting your own expectations! Learn from it and do better in the future. :)

LIBRA: Staying calm and keeping a cool head amidst the present or oncoming chaos is key right now for you, Libra. Whether things are changing, or you are simply overwhelmed, do not get all freaked out and make a big scene. Just breathe, take a step back, and let yourself calm down. Everything will be okay!!

SCORPIO: You are strong and independent! You don’t actually NEED a romantic relationship, or some type of intimacy in your life right now. Focus on school as well as the friendships you have. Love will come when you’re not searching for it. Also, if you feel as though someone is acting rather distant, kindly ask them about it. They are probably having their own problems and wouldn’t mind someone reaching out! :) 

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to crack down. If you’re not putting forth your maximum effort, you’re not going to see the results you may want. Don’t put things off, be on time, and manage your time!

CAPRICORN: There are many components to school besides the academics, and sometimes these can get in the way of our education. Try not to let drama and other social predicaments veer your focus away from your school work! 

AQUARIUS: You may feel a bit stressed because of some unfamiliar experiences coming your way, but don’t doubt yourself! Things come and go, and sooner than later this unfamiliarity will turn to familiarity. Embrace the unknown and stay open to new experiences!

PISCES: The looming future can be stressful, and you may be thinking quite a bit about the possibilities. Try to focus on the present and be more mindful. Remember that the most impactful thing to do is to make smart decisions right now and not to worry about what is going to happen in a year!

bts scenario: you’re sick

thank you for your request! i hope you like it! recently someone close to me passed away, and i had to attend the funeral this morning. i have not had to deal with any deaths close to me before, so i’m having a bit of a hard time. i apologize if i am not as active. thank you for your understanding. 

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jin: “baby?” jin’s soft voice brought you out of your sleepy daze. you groaned and tried to bury your head back under the blankets. “baby please you have to take your medicine,” your groaned once more before taking the pills from his hand. you sat up shyly and swallowed the pills, “thank you jinnie,” you whispered as you leaned on his shoulder. “no need to thank me, princess,” jin placed a kiss on your forehead, “you mean the world to me.”

Originally posted by rapdaegu

yoongi: yoongi’s soft hands would run through your hair and tears slowly fell down your cheeks, “it hurts,” you whined under yoongi’s touch. “i know, baby, i know,” his fingers pushed a piece of hair behind your ear, “it’ll go away soon, i’m here.” yoongi’s comforting words made you feel slightly better as the feeling of his fingers weaving through your hair slowly lulled you to sleep.

Originally posted by cyyphr

hoseok: hoseok would hold your hair back as your breakfast came up, slowly rubbing your back. “shh sweetheart, you’re okay,” he would console as a shiver ripped through your body. after that, he would take you to your bed and wrap you up in blankets, making sure you were warm. “do you need anything?” he would ask. “cuddles?” you smiled up at him as he rolled his eyes and climbed into the bed next to you.

Originally posted by jjeonguk

namjoon: namjoon would be so concerned he would put you on bed-rest. “are you hungry?” you shook your head, “thirsty?” you shook your head again, “do you need mo-” you cut him off, “namjoon, i’m fine,” you said with a laugh. he huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, “i’m just worried about you.” you grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the bed with you, “ i know joonie, but it’s just the flu, i’ll be fine.” he sighed again and placed a kiss on your cheek.

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jimin: jimin would try his best to make sure you made a quick recovery, covering you in blankets and working in the kitchen to make you something edible. jimin would bring in a steaming bowl of soup and softly place it onto the coffee table in front of you, “i tried my best,” he said shyly, “i hope you like it,” his eyes fluttered down to the ground. you awed at his shyness and pulled him down to kiss his forehead, “it’s perfect no matter what,” you said, “thank you jiminie.”

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taehyung: taehyung would place soft kisses were placed on your cheeks, lips, and neck as you cuddled up to taehyung on the couch, “how’re you feeling, babe?” you merely sighed and pushed your head farther into the crook of his neck. “still feeling bad?” he asked to which you nodded. “i’m sorry, sweetheart,” he pulled you closer to his chest and pulled a blanket around the both of you, continuing the many kisses across your body.

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jungkook: jungkook would hum softly in your ear as he tried to lull you to sleep, hoping that sleep would be the best medicine. his fingers ran through your hair as you gripped tightly onto his shirt. “kookie?” you asked softly to which jungkook hummed in acknowledgement. “you’re too good to me.” jungkook tsked, “hush, baby, don’t think like that,” he placed a kiss on your forehead, “now get some rest, for me.”

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