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1058. In an alternate universe, the Triwizard Tournament was brought back two years earlier. Gilderoy Lockhart realized there is no age maximum on the Goblet of Fire. He made a huge show of putting his name in, and then sulked like crazy when Percy Weasley is chosen instead.
1057. For their six years anniversary, besides a massive and very romantic date, Harry bought Ginny a muggle diary. It was vintage with pretty doodles on the cover and on the first page was written in Harry's messy hand writing, “Because now you have something worth writing about.” He was referring, of course, to her pregnancy. At first she was terrified of it but she decided to write in it anyway to tell her eleven year old self how much her life would change and to assure her things would be alright.
  • Scully: Okay, I am gonna tell you something about my personal life.Frohike: Really?
  • Scully: My personal life is none of your business. The fact that I know things about your personal life is one of the great sadnesses of my existence.
  • Frohike: Sorry about that.
  • Scully: And the fact that you’re going to know about mine is exponentially worse, but I don’t see how we get around it because we're all going to be fighting aliens together.
  • Scully: Mulder and I are… involved.
  • Frohike: Everybody knows that.
  • Scully: ...Can you not pretend?
  • Frohike: ...Oh. You and Mulder? WOW.