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“I am not fragile. I’m a drug addict. I’ve fallen off the wagon twice, and I’ve gotten back on. That does not make you fragile, Derek. That makes you very freakin’ strong. I am standing in a building full of pills right now, a fact that I am painfully aware of, but I am doing this. That is not fragile.”


July 2017, Granite Falls

Heda threw the butt of her cigarette on the ground and used the tip of her combat boot to hide it between the tall grass under her feet. ‘Don’t smoke in front of the kids,’ said Shadow as she left and she realised it wasn’t a completely deranged notion. Her nicotine levels just didn’t have the time to make peace with it. Yet.

She lifted her overnight bag off the ground, watching an old, battered car crawl its way up the dirt path. She quirked an eyebrow, watching it sputter clouds of dark smoke before the engine gave up with a long, pitiful sigh. The door opened with a slight creak and a slim figure dressed in yellow summer dress exited the wreckage.

‘Heda! I’m so happy to see you!’ sang Laney happily, pulling a pastel pink suitcase off the passenger seat. She put it down next to her car, not bothering to lock it up before she rushed over to Heda and used her special Laney-fu moves to strangle the living hell out of her.

‘Hey there, Kerrigan!’ gasped Heda, pulling away slightly. ‘Why you driving a car wreck?’

‘Neat isn’t it? I bought it extra cheap!’

‘That thing cost something?!’

‘Har, har! Stop mocking my car and explain why a stranger called me in the dead of night begging me to come help out at out old childhood camp.’

Heda smirked. ‘Good question. She said something about…’

‘Money problems,’ called a soft, melodic voice from behind them. It was sweet and accented. They both turned toward it, spotting a short, blond woman with the biggest smile they have ever seen. ‘Hi! I’m Silvia. We spoke on the phone.’

‘Right,’ started Heda, shaking her hand. ‘What about the money problems?’

‘Well, the money – and most of luck – ran out for this camp. It was supposed to be closed down last summer, but my hubby and me decided to save it. Last summer we barely did and this summer… Well, there is no money left to pay the salaries. We hoped we could get some of the old campers to volunteer. You see, My daughter has been going here since she was two years old. Seeing it closed would break her heart.’

Heda looked over at Laney. She had tears in her wide eyes as she glanced back, bottom lip quivering. ‘Right,’ sighed the other woman, shaking her head. ‘And why call us?’

Silvia quirked an amused brow. ‘Well, you are a famous rock star and you,’ she pointed at Laney, ‘are driving around the world, collecting stories. It’s bound to shine a spotlight at us.’

Hed looked back at Laney, who bit into her bottom lip, considering it. ‘So, whatcha sayin’, Kerrigan? Up for a few weeks of dirt, bugs and unpaid labour?’

‘Sounds heavenly! Which shack are we staying at?’

Laney belongs to @something-wicked-sims​ (as most of you know :D) 

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Hello Vivi, I thought I’d draw more OC interactions! :3

Chase: So…can I go to this international fair with you guys? I’m interested in learning more about Earth’s diversity.
Jakob: Uhh…sure no problem.
Lin: Excuse me Chase, but…I think there’s a Wight behind you?
Chase: A what…oh.
Lin: This Wight looks different from others
Jakob: Why would there be a Wight here of all places?
Chase:…guys, thatisn'taWight.
Lin and Jakob: Isn’t it a Wight?
Chase: *lifts up hand and smacks the back of hand onto the “Wight’s” chest*
???: Screeeeeeee…ahhhhh
Jakob: Why would you hit a Wight?
Chase: Because it’s notaWight.
Kerrigan: Do you even remember that burns?
Jakob: Woah who are you? What is he?
Chase: My “friend” who likes latching onto people’s shadows. Kerri, you know better than to scare them like that.
Kerrigan: For the last time Orange Eyes, my name is Kerrigan. You don’t just butcher my name that way.
Chase: And I have a name too, Kerrigan. And it’s Chase. I’m not just Orange Eyes. Now let me spend time with myfriends. Oh yeah, this guy is Kerrigan bytheway.
Lin and Jakob: Hi…

I don’t actually know how Lin and Jakob would react to a person who can look like a Wight at times but is actually an alien species made out of shadow, which is what Kerrigan is. Kerrigan can also assume humaniod form. He tends to require a host in order to enter the daylight, in which he assumes as the host’s shadow. Only in dimly-lit places can he actually free himself from his host, because light hurts him, which is why the glowing part of Chase’s hand area (part of his bodysuit) actually stings Kerrigan a little. His eyes are pupiless. Chase is actually of alien origin as well, but looks more human. He got his super-speed through unknown means, but he actually wasn’t born with super speed. But he loved fast-moving vehicles and stuff; he would participate in races to challenge others on speed.

They are both part of the same story of mine. :3 And they sometimes have to work together. Makes me wonder how it works, given that Chase likes doing things fast and efficiently whereas Kerrigan wants to do things his own way and with patience.

Wonder how Lin and Jakob would respond to the sudden new person tat just looked like a Wight not long ago.



Ooooh this is so cool!!! Nice to know that Jakob and Lin have finally met someone new!!! :D

Lin and Jakob would have assumed Kerrigan was a Wight only from the descriptions they’ve gotten of them, since neither of them have ever seen a Wight for themselves. Like Kerrigan they’re also made of shadowy material, but they’re also made of ash and radiation, which is why they’re extremely dangerous to touch. No one has ever known a person who could touch a Wight without getting poisoned or hurt in any way, at least not the public and/or media. 

This interaction was so cool!!! Thank you so much for sharing with me!!! ^7^


if i leave and my patient dies, it’s not me who will suffer. it is his mother, his sisters, his friends, his wife…and they will hate me. with everything inside them, they will hate me and you and everyone here because they won’t understand why he is gone; why people always leave. why everyone you give a crap about walks away or is ripped from your world without warning, without reason, in convenience stores and plane crashes and podunk hospitals with podunk doctors who don’t do what they are supposed to do, which is save people!