for youuuu and meeeee

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i would fight for youuuuu if youuuu would fight for meeeee (but seriously unleash me on those anons i'm ready to kick some ass) - @femilton

I would fight for you everyday Nina <3

  • Imagine a drunk Jacob annoying the hell out of Evie and Henry
  • Henry: Evie it's really nice of you to take me out to dinner, but...I mean Jacob is here with us?
  • Evie: I know. Forgive me. Besides Jacob is well a little drunk. Can't leave him alone by himself when he drank so much...
  • Jacob: Y-you have n-nice hair Henry. *Pats Henry's head*
  • Henry: *tries to ignore Jacob*
  • Jacob: Evie do youuuu loveeeeeeee Henry? Tellll meeeee!!
  • Evie: *tries to ignore Jacob as well*
  • Henry: How much did he drink?
  • Evie: Like 5 or 7 glasses. I don't know. I don't keep track of how much he drinks.
  • Jacob: You know guys.. I love you both very muchhh. so muchhh *pulls Henry and Evie into a big hug*
  • Henry and Evie: .... damn it Jacob

So there is something super cool I wanna share with everyone that happened when I was in line to get Jared’s autograph. I made it close enough to where Jared was signing that I could see him through the mirrors on the theatre walls. I caught a glimpse of him and jokingly sang “youuuu aaaaaare soooo beautifuuuuul to meeeee” and the girl in front of me spun around and said “ohmggod please sing that to Jared EXACTLY like that” I burst into laughter and everyone around me was like “yeah! It’d be so funny!” So I said I would! I got up to him at the table and smiled happily at him. Jared is so cute, he wiggled in his chair and raised his eye brows at me like he was excited HE was seeing ME and than said “heeeeeeeey!” I laughed and he started his signature. He slid the signed photo towards me, I pointed to him, he jumped back wide eyed, and sat in awe as I sang to him. Without ANY warning he snatched my hand out of mid air and gripped me super tight than sang the next 2 lines of the song!! I was so happy!! Than he said “well you’re beautiful to ME” (*faints*) We laughed than he winked and told me to have a great night, I blew him a little kiss and he BLEW ONE BACK!!!

So than I’m in the line for Jensen’s autograph and everyone who saw me sing to Jared was like “you should sing it for Jensen too!!” I actually nodded, and said “maybe I’ll just really sing for Jensen instead” and that seemed to be their favorite idea! I got up to Jensen’s table and as soon as he turns to me he winks, smiles the BIGGEST smile, and says “HEY! Are you feeling better now?” I felt my whole face go bright red and he just giggled at me as I stumbled over my words to apologize, totally star struck AGAIN! Jensen finished his autograph and I said “I actually have to tell you something I couldn’t say earlier” he sat back all ready to hear what I had to say. I started singing the chorus of Caught Up in You by 38 Special, but changed “little girl” to “Jensen ackles,” and “Jensen baby”
The MINUTE I opened my mouth his jaw dropped, people in line, the volunteers, and even security guards, stopped what they were doing to pay attention to my voice. I finished singing and Jensen stood up with a look of total amazement on his face and said “wow! My god I didn’t expect a voice like that from you missy!” (HE CALLED ME MISSY AND HIS LITTLE SOUTHERN DRAW SLIPPED OUT - IT MADE ME WEAK IN THE KNEES - I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!!) he hugged me again and rubbed his hands up and down my back. I told him I entered to ask a question but didn’t get picked and I was gonna ask if he would do a duet with me. He looked so let down, like that was the best idea he had ever heard! He said “oh my god! That would have been so fun! Are you coming back next year?” I nodded quickly as I grabbed the photo op photo and started to step away from the table. At this point Jensen and I’s conversation was while I was walking away, we’re like calling at each other as he tries to sign another persons picture. He said “hey sweetie, you stay strong now, bye bye” I (subconsciously bit my bottom lip) waved goodbye with a goofy, nervous, smile on my DUMB FACE and he blew me a kiss. So sweet, he’s a real angel.


delena s5 appreciation week | day 7: favorite s5 delena song moment → i don’t deserve you by plumb

You never give up when I’m falling apart
your arms are always open wide
and you’re quick to forgive when I make a mistake
you will love me in the blink of an eye

I-iiiiaaaeeeeee haaaaveeee someeeething toooo teeeell youuuu~♫♫♫
Waaaieeeet for meeeee~♫♫”

Leaked excerpt from Naruto’s song when Hinata’s kidnapped. SP going full Disney.