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Su's writing is just atrocious. The entire sardonyx week was a mess. Like amethyst signing a song about feeling bad for the sugilite situation but for what reason? They both wanted to fuse and were both excited. Its not ame or garnet fault at all. And after that pearl being put on a pedestal and even an ep about not hating her and ame is seen comforting her while no one was there for garnet. Like ffs even if the abuser feel "bad". The victim is the one deserving of support CREWNIVERSE.

I never picked up on how bad the sardonyx arc was until I read criticism on here and rewatched it. It’s amazing what you miss when you’re blinded by your love of the show lol.

The fact Sugilite lost control was pretty much Pearl’s fault too, and at the end of the arc Garnet was the one to give Pearl a pep talk and make her feel better, Garnet had to work through how she felt on her own (well, as Ruby and Sapphire) and that’s really unfair.

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quick question: is it possible to ship Malec and be invested in them without watching the show? I mean there are people who are super into sterek without watching teen wolf, so?

Of course you can, baby cakes. (I’ve never called anyone baby cakes in my life but just roll with it - I am in a baby cakes kinda mood!)

Tons of people follow and support ships for different reasons - you may just like the way fandom celebrates it as opposed to canon, or maybe you’re like me and love getting caught up in the enthusiasm others have for something but don’t necessarily feel the same way about same said thing when you are sitting at home on your lonesome at 3 in the morning with a blanket and a cup of tea. There is definitely no wrong way to ship a pairing or love something and you certainly don’t have to watch the show. I personally love the show but certain shows aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay. There is no member’s club, there is only love and that happy feeling you get when you see that special something that makes you happy on your dash. 

Ship away, love, however you would like to!

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you are so super cool!!! star vs is a super cool show and your art is the kind of art i want to be able to make someday!! you are so positive and funny, and i love that you support lgbt theories people have about svtfoe!! have a great day!! -from, a 13 year old future storyboard artist :D

Lookit this. Bless this sweet child.

                      HEADCANON;; A lot of people misunderstand that Vincent’s lack of expression means that he does not feel– This is wrong. He does feel, albeit more numbly then most. And I wanted to talk about that. Specifically one thing: Romance.

               It is wrong to think that Vincent, due to his rather strange hobbies, cannot love a normal person or even feel a somewhat romantic feeling for someone. He can very much adore someone– As much as the next person. But it is how he shows it that might not entirely match up with most people ‘s way of seeing that romance should be expressed. Don’t expect him to be cuddly or come up with sweet gifts or something of that sort of thing– He won’t do that. I can tell you this straight from the gate.
                But, depending on the person ofcourse, he will softly put his hand on your shoulder and squeeze it as a form of support. He will step just that little bit closer to you that makes it feel intimate, and ask in a softer voice than usually if you are alright. He will sneak glances at you.  He will show you that vague smile of his more frequently. He will get you something when he gets his coffee in the morning in whatever flavour their partner enjoys, either a pastry or a drink, whichever you would prefer. He would let you sleep that little while longer, and lean over and press a soft kiss on your temple.

           So don’t you dare think that Vincent is not able to feel love for someone. It is just that most people misunderstand him.

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omg I don't know if you saw this but one time this anti was making sh/a/la/din blogs not to follow and they put the v/ltr/n crew on the list like gurl whaaatjajsjenwk

BRUH if the people who work on the show openly support a ship that should be your hint that it’s not bad oh my god

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Thanks for always being positive and kind even to "them", the hatred and negativity ruined social media for me and almost ruined the show. I used to never block people even if I disagree with them but now it's my favorite thing lol.. anyway have a nice day and I love your blog.

Thank you, love <3 There’s already too much negativity and I don’t want to contribute to it. And I always try to see the bright side of things. In spite of it all, we have been blessed with so much Karamel goodness and an amazing show. I try to focus on that. Don’t get discouraged! Keep getting excited and I do feel like the antis only made the Karamel fandom be more united and supportive of each other and that’s wonderful. 

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Hello! Can I have a ship? Hispanic teenager with brown eyes and hair (short), medium height and wear glasses. Very optimistic. I love of animals, music, food, watch series or movies, read, hang out with friends and make aesthetics. My favorite colour is red and I love the sea and travel everywhere. I'm sassy, funny and a proud sagittarius, Gryffindor and ESFP. I hate fail in something and I want to fight 24/7. Thank you so much and I love your blog (I am a new follower) 💗

I don’t do matchups? Oh well lmao

Your match: Lyon Vastia


  • I feel that Lyon would be a very supportive boyfriend. You love to travel? He now also loves to travel. You just want to sit around watching shows, HE WILL DO THAT WITH YOU. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

  • This boy will never bore you. He’s a literal meme (really likes Kermit memes because UM.. RELATABLE) Will tell you jokes when you’re sad

  • He’s also the ‘reasonable’ one out of you two. Especially because you like to fight, he will pull you back when you try to fight something/someone.

  • This boy is a sass master 3000. He will try and out sass you just to get a reaction. Spoiler alert: Lyon loses in these battles because he doesn’t want to get into an actual fight. PRECIOUS BOY. PROTECT HIM

  • And finally, going back to the supportive bf thing, he hates failure as much you (maybe more??). So whenever you’re doing something, he will watch over you and make sure everything is going okay. Will tell you encouraging things, and bring you snacks. 100/10 boyfriend material!

Other possible matches: Lisanna and Natsu

Everyone should delete their Uber accounts and tweet screenshots of you doing so to @uber and @uber_nyc. Not only is their CEO Travis Kalanick working and supporting the Orange Demon as a member of his Economic Advisory Board, but today the NYC Taxi Driver Union decided to strike and stop pick-up services at JFK to protest the Muslim Ban. Uber disregarded this in and swept in to offer their services in order to make money.

If you can’t make it to a protest but want to be a part of a number that people notice, delete your Uber account. Tweet a screenshot at Uber to show them we will not financially support businesses who not only back a fascist but stand behind his racist policies just for the sake of profits.

go vote for YOI!!!

the crunchyroll anime awards are taking votes now!!! Please go support Yuri on Ice! It’s been a wild ride and now you can vote to show your love for the anime and it’s characters, scenes, and music. ((WE GOTTA WIN)) 

Yuri!!! on Ice is nominated for:

anime of the year !!!!!

best boy (our boy yuuri <3) 

best animation (i mean,,,, the intimate scenes were done really well)

most heartwarming scene (it’s the kiss!!!)

best couple (throw that in the anti’s faces)

best opening (time to make some history y’all)

best ending  (you only live once so use it to vote lmao)

let’s make another big impression on crunchyroll (bc we crashed them for the finale) and make some more history!!! <3 <3 

Things One Day at a Time did:

  • Is about a cuban family living in the states
  • Gives us complex and multilayered latinx characters
  • Talks about latinx stereotypes in a comprehensive and relatable way 
  • Shows us healthy relationships between latinx 
  • A nice loving and relatable relationship between siblings
  • Shows what it’s like to be a latinx immigrant
  • Has discussions about religion and what it means to latinx 
  • Has a strong latina veteran as a lead
  • Shows us the different hardships she faces as a veteran
  • Shows the stigma mentally ill latinx face within our own communities 
  • Support between WoC
  • Layered and complicated talks about feminism (within and outside latinx community)
  • Explains the hardships of what it’s like to be a latinx person having to leave your country behind
  • Has a storyline about undocumented immigrants 
  • Has a coming out story :’) 
  • Shows us the different difficulties/layers of what’s like to come out within the latinx community 
  • Is just a wholesome show that made me cry and laugh more times than I can count

Soooo many of you take time each and every week to show love and support through your amazing words and talents and I wanted to take this video to shed the light on all of YOU!! Hope you all enjoy, you talented angels!! 


ATTENTION ALL YURI ON ICE FANS: Do you want to show your support for this great anime but don’t know how? Well, Yuri on Ice has been nominated for all of the above categories for the Anime Awards 2016. It’s important to me and I’m sure many others as well that YOI is given the credit it deserves. So go vote at from January 3rd to January 10th!



My dear lgbt+ kids in the USA, 

Many of you will likely want to boycott the inauguration of the man who supports conversion therapy, picked terrible homophobes (some of who work for or poured lots of money into anti-lgbt+ organizations) to work with and generally is a orange lump of hate, so please remember: 

The rating will be lower if you keep your tv on but not tuned in to any channel that shows inauguration footage. Watch a channel instead that does not show any of that footage! (Example: The Food Network). 

A lower rating = a louder statement that you do not support him. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

things to take away from today:

1. dont get complacent

2. that inauguration was a class 1 shitshow

3. most of this fucked up legislation thats rolling has low support, as evidenced by the fact that no one gave enough of a shit to show up

get mad, keep calling your government officials and harassing them endlessly when you see scummy garbage being pushed by them. make their lives hell. apparently…it works? keep at it. stay pissed. dont despair yet. i wasnt expecting this event to be the complete ghost town it was

[UPDATED] #StanMonstaX project

As you all know, Monsta X will be having their comeback in the end of March (Will update with exact date when I find out), and I was planning on doing a little project to help them get more exposure in the Tumblr community. I’m not sure how effective this will be, or if it will even happen, but my idea was to trend the tag #Stanmonstax along with the tag #monsta x during the day of the release of their comeback music video, since I’m 100% sure that the tag monsta x will trend that day. I think this is a nice way to show them support and give them more exposure since there are so many new Kpop bloggers that don’t know about them, and even the smallest means of support will do great things. All you have to do is use the tag #StanMonstaX along with #Monsta x on all your posts related to Monsta x that day, and we’ll see how it goes. 

If you guys are up for this, or think its a good idea, then please REBLOG this post to spread the word around. The more support the better! #StanMonstaX

I hope Rap Monster finds someone who

  • can talk about music with him, your favorite songs and etc.
  • can go out with him for a night
  • goes on coffee shop dates
  • gets along with the other boys
  • gets along with his family
  • doesn’t listen to rumors
  • has a sense of humor
  • makes a playlist of all your favorite songs for him to listen too when he misses you
  • doesn’t mind when he’s always touching you in some way, like arm around your waist/holding hands
  • is there for him when hes feeling down
  • is a tea/coffee lover
  • loves alone time as much as being together
  • doesnt mind sharing him with fans
  • supports him because you know he supports you
  • night !! beach !!! walks !!
  • loves to go out and also be lazy
  • shows him new music
  • listens to his playlists even though they might not be your taste in music
  • remembers the little things about him
  • lets him have his alone time
  • lets him talk on and on about deep philosophical shit and dumb conversations
  • or even better, someone he can match up with these thoughts
  • listens to him when he talks
  • would hold him at night when he can’t sleep
  • can handle his dirty jokes
  • who has dreams and ambitions as big as his
  • who will be okay on their own when he’s on tour
  • but will also have their down days without him
  • reminds him how much you love him
  • can be loud and quiet
  • join his #KimDaily OOTD or be his photographer once in a while
  • talks him into going out more (even if it’s just to the store for food)

I’m super excited to share some good news! 

I’m a winner of the DarkHorse Comics, Zelda Art Contest!!! The posted piece won. I’m so happy to have participated and expand on the Zelda: Ghost Hunter world through this competition and through redesigning the look of Link. Congratulations to everyone! (Read below for NEWS!)

I’m super excited to develop the world of Zelda: Ghost Hunter and am working hard on it. If you want to show your support and if you are interested, please follow. I intend and am passionate about posting Zelda: Ghost Hunter content at LEAST EVERY WEEK. Also, PRINTS and merchandise. They are coming..on MONDAY!!!! The prints will be a LIMITED EDITION print with signature.