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Help me with this scenario I have in my head. You wake up and feel shawn's boner. What does he do/happens

Warning: Smut

You were brutally woken up, when you suddenly felt Shawn’s heavy weight on you, pressing you further into the matress. It took you a second or two to open your eyes, but when you did, Shawn’s lusting, dark once met you immediately.

He breathed heavily, before licking his pink lips, not removing his stare from you. You didn’t know why, but suddenly, you felt your cheeks heat up. 

“Morning love” he breathed, his voice sounded so dark.

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Unfuck tomorrow morning
  • Wash the dishes in your sink
  • Get your outfit for tomorrow together, including accessories
  • Set up coffee/tea/breakfast
  • Make your lunch
  • Put your keys somewhere obvious
  • Wash your face and brush your teeth
  • Take your medication/set out your meds for the morning
  • Charge your electronics
  • Pour a little cleaner in the toilet bowl (if you don’t have pets or children or sleepwalking adults)
  • Set your alarm
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour
#23-Past Abuse (Harry)


Request: Can you do a preference where he finds out you were abused in a past relationship

A/N: If there is the possibility of this triggering you, please don’t read this. This is not meant to romanticized abuse in any way. 

Warning: descriptions of abuse, crying, a nightmare.

You’d woken up that morning, haunted by a dream you’d had that night. It was him, it was always him. He would raise his hand, and bring it down across your face, or he would connect his foot with your ribs. He would squeeze your upper arms or wrists to the point where you thought that your bones would give. You’d try and stay silent, but small whimpers would escape your lips.

“Good morning, love,” Harry said, from behind you. You jumped slightly, before turning and smiling at him.

“Good morning, Harry,” You murmured, walking over to him. He put his arms around you, and you repressed a shiver at the feeling of his touch.

“How are you this morning?” Harry inquired.

“How are you?” You deflected, hoping that he wouldn’t pay attention to the deflection.

“I’m alright, love,” Harry quietly said. “Wondering if you would like to come to lunch with the boys  and I soon?”

“Yeah, that sounds great,” You murmured, giving him a slight smile. You went upstairs to get dressed, showering to try and shake off the memory of your dream. You quickly got dressed, and the two of you left your home.

“Hey, Niall, Liam, Louis,” Harry said, greeting the boys.

“Hey, Harry. Hi, (Y/N),” They greeted, smiling at the two of you. The five of you sat, and you began to look over the menu. The waiter soon came by, and all of you ordered drinks. You ordered dinner soon afterwards, and ate, all of you talking. When it was time to leave, you all stood, and Niall moved towards you. You gasped slightly, biting your lower lip and flinching away from him, fear evident in your eyes.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” Niall quietly said.

“I-I’m fine, Niall,” You whispered, turning towards Harry. “Are you ready to go, Harry?”

“Yeah, let’s go, love,” Harry replied, putting an arm around your waist. You tried to hide your flinch, but, evident from the expression on Niall’s face, it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Harry, can I talk to you for a moment?” Niall inquired. Harry turned towards Niall, and took in the furious expression on his face.

“Sure, Niall. Love, hang out with Liam and Louis for a moment?” Harry inquired.

“Yeah, sure,” You replied, watching the two of them leave.


“What did you do to her, mate?” Niall snapped, his expression furious.

“What? What do you mean, Niall?” Harry asked, his brow furrowed in confusion.

“She flinches every time someone comes near her, Harry! She flinched when I went to hug her, she flinched when you put your arm around her! Has someone been hurting her? Because, so help me, if they have….” Niall angrily said.

“She’s been flinching? I mean….she was jumpy this morning, but I just figured she didn’t hear me come in….” Harry whispered.

“You better talk to her, Harry,” Niall sighed, before the two of them walked back into the restaurant.


You and Harry left soon after he came back in, his brow furrowed in worry, which you didn’t notice. Harry drove the two of you home, glancing over at you repeatedly. You stepped out of the car, heading inside. You changed into your pajamas, and slipped under the covers, exhausted from the tension that you felt.

“Love?” Harry called, coming up the stairs. He paused in your doorway, biting his lower lip.

He quickly slid off his jeans and put on a pair of pajama pants, before sliding into bed next to you.

“Harry….I’m sorry.” You whispered.

“What are you sorry for, love?” Harry quietly asked.

“For not being honest with you,” You quietly replied.

“It’s okay, love,” Harry murmured, holding his arms out. You moved closer to him, hiding your face in his chest.

“It was my ex-he….he would get so angry with me,” You whispered, tears gathering in your eyes. “He would hurt me.”

“I won’t ever let him near you, love,” Harry quietly said, gently pressing his lips to your forehead. “He won’t touch you ever again.”

Written by Angel xx

Taeyong: Uncertain Future, 2



The truth was, you wanted to escape the forest and the town as fast as possible.

You spent the rest of your morning cooped up in their guest room, laying on the bed. It was larger and nicer than the room you woke up in. There were books in the room, a few movies, and even a desk filled with paper and a jar of pens sitting upon the surface.

An old memory of your mother pushed itself to the front of your mind, and you rolled onto your side, feeling sentimental, but mostly nostalgic. If your mother hadn’t passed away, you wouldn’t be in this position. Because she loved you, you knew she did. She would have kept you by her side forever.

She would have kept you from the snarl in your stepfather’s mouth, the cruelty in his words, the anger, the harassment, and the disrespect. I should’ve just killed him, I could’ve ripped his throat out, you berated yourself. But you knew all along, you couldn’t kill him. 

Before he knew, he would smile your way instead of sneer, he would laugh instead of scream, he would’ve been a great stepfather for the rest of your life. But at the young age of eleven, your secret was revealed, your mother, who tried her very best to keep everything together, filed for a divorce, but she suffered a heart attack, leaving you in custody with the monster himself.

Suddenly every distraught emotion you’ve done your best to suppress pooled into your stomach and filled your chest, causing a drowning like sensation, as if you were sinking into the mattress. You’ve never felt so alone, even with the other wolves only meters below you, you felt for the first time, isolated.

When lunch time came around, Taeil’s mate knocked on your door, announcing it was time to eat. But you didn’t answer, resulting in her entering the room, only to find you silently weeping, curled up in a ball on the bed, face hidden in a pillow.

You weren’t sobbing, neither sniffling very much, just letting silent tears run down your face. It had been ages since you last let your guard down. 


Hearing her approach, you stayed still, too tired to move. 

“Y/N?” the older asked again, and the mattress fell under her weight as she sat beside you at the edge of the bed. “I can feel your grief,” she stated softly, setting a hand on your shoulder.

Taking a few long breaths, you turned, scowling her way. “I thought you were human,” you huffed, quickly wiping away your tears.

She chuckled. “I am human, just after mating, I’ve gained stronger senses and the pack link, I just can’t shift.” 

You huffed, slightly annoyed that you hadn’t known that after all these years.

“It’s okay,” she smiled knowingly. “Not all wolves know that.”

You forced a smile. “Right.”

“Yah, it’s okay to cry,” she said, and maneuvered herself on the mattress, sitting next to you with her back against the headboard. You shifted to give her more room. “Whatever you’re going through, there are others here that can share your sadness.”

You didn’t reply but pushed yourself up in a sitting position, sharing your weight against the headboard, indicating you were listening.

“We’ve got a couple pups who were also rogues,” she explained. “If you decide on staying, they’d love to connect with you.”

After letting a moment of silence pass, she stood up and offered her hand. “Come on, it’s lunch, I’m not letting you hide in here anymore.” 

The bridge of your nose bunched together as you let out a childish groan. “Do I have to?”

“Yes,” she commanded, her tone teasing. “I can’t force you but I’m still your Unnie.”

She lead you downstairs and joined everyone at the small coffee table. Although you stayed quiet, you enjoyed hearing everyone talking. Their voices meant company, and right now, in that moment, it’s what you needed.

Even though they weren’t related by blood, they bickered like siblings. Johnny, Yuta, Ten, Jaehyun, and Taeyong, consistently argued like brothers, while the women watched amusingly, all the while spouting their own biting comebacks as well. 

You watched them silently, smirking whenever someone threw in a good retort and laughing quietly when the situation was funny. But you all quickly lost track of time cracking jokes and renewing old puppy memories. It was a moment you wanted to remember, something you wouldn’t forget easily. 

At three thirty in the afternoon the door burst open and nine wolves rushed into the house. 

“Oh my goddess, it’s FREEZING!”

“Chenle, it’s already spring.”

“Nah I get him, we’re both cold blooded in bad weather, heh.”

“Why is it so hot in the house?”

“Who turned the heat up? It feels like freaking eighty degrees in here!”

“Uuuugh Ms. Kim gave us so much homework I’m gonna have to take an all nighter this week.”

“You’re one to complain, Mr. Song dropped the whole, ‘Remember there’s a quarter test tomorrow’. Why don’t I join you in that all nighter, Jeno?”

“Oppa, can you help Jisung and I with our math?”

“Yeah sure, but I have to finish an essay first.”

If the pack house was loud before, it just got louder.

It didn’t take a genius to realize these were the pups you overheard this morning. Some of them looked really young, while others were more in their late teens. You counted seven boys and two girls, all the while wondering how in the world was the pack house still in one piece.

“I know, they’re a little overwhelming at times,” Jaehyun whispered in your ear, having already read the look of surprise on your face.

You allowed the edges of your mouth to quirk up, amused.

“I’ve made you all two trays of muffins,” Taeil’s mate shouted over the commotion and in an instant nine pups crammed into the kitchen. 

“Donghyuck, you can’t take the whole tray to yourself!”

“Who you gonna call? Mark?”

“Nobodys’ got time for your bullshit.”

“Tame your girl.”

“I’m not stopping her.”

“Geez just share, Hyuckie.”

They slowly made their way to the dining room, their squabbling never ending and you watched the older wolves stifle their laughter. 

Not a moment later did you hear, “I’m getting the other tray, we need more.”

One of the older looking pups, a girl, appeared in the doorframe looking around for the other tray of muffins. Her eyes skimmed over everyone but froze when they landed on you. You tensed up under her surprised gaze, but a huge grin quickly spread across her face. “Oh, Mark, she’s awake!”

“She is?” another voice shouted and a boy appeared next to her, large eyes widening at the sight of you. “Thank goddess, you’re alright!”

Your eyebrows shot up and looked to Taeil for an explanation. The healer smiled adoringly at the two pups. “They helped me cure you last night.”

The words warmed your heart, even if they were strangers, just pups too, knowing they helped you when in need brought a thankful smile to your face and you bowed shortly. “Kamsahamnida, I appreciate it, a lot.”

“These two are the oldest pups we’ve got,” Ten added. “We’re gonna cry when they become adults,” and he wiped away a fake tear.

The two pups bowed and introduced themselves. The boy was named Mark, and the girl beside him was his mate. She smiled and revealed her name as well.

Later that evening, four more adult wolves showed up. You learned their names as Kun, Sicheng, Hansol, and Dyoung , who was beta. They had been out catching prey all day for the pack to eat.

As everyone waited for Ten, Hansol, and Sicheng to cook dinner (you learned they would randomly choose who made dinner), everyone else found other things to keep them occupied with. After all the introductions were made, the pups all had homework to finish, but their were particularly two that Taeil’s mate called over: Renjun and Chenle.

These were the two she referenced hours ago.

“Chenle and I came from the same orphanage,” Renjun told you. “But the head ran a cult of werewolf hunters, so we escaped.”

You three privately sat out front in the fresh spring air, sitting where you sat earlier that morning, backs against the picnic table. After being introduced, you were eager to hear their story, and what their plan was before the pack found them.

“We were planning an escape to an old friend’s home,” Chenle explained, taking up the story. “The guy had been adopted and said we were welcome to visit his home anytime we needed.”

You nodded. “So how did you end up here?”

Renjun tipped his head to the side, rolling over the memory, eyes narrowed in thought. “It was ages ago, but Yuta and his mate were out on patrol, and it was winter, so prey was scarce. And because the snow had covered up the pack’s scent, we didn’t know we were in their territory.”

“But they took us in for a week, and then later, after we realized how lost we were, they let us stay forever,” Chenle grinned widely. “I was so happy! They take in other wolves in need of family!”

You laughed at his cheerfulness. “Is their anyone in this pack that’s related?”

Renjun shook his head. “No. But Taeyong and Doyoung originated from the same pack. After moving out and adventuring on their own, they created our family now.”

“Since packs grow and then everyone grows up and starts their own family, many wolves go their separate ways,” Chenle added on. “Even Yuta and his mate are from a different pack.”

You smiled, happy to know how flexible their pack was. “Guess you have advantage in different strengths to share because of so many backgrounds.”

“It’s pretty great,” Renjun smiled in content.

A moment of silence fell upon you, the three of you looking at the stars in the clear night sky.

“So, will you stay?” Chenle asked, his tone cautious and wary. “We need a Luna.”

You hummed a reply. “I don’t know yet, I already have plans.”

"But where are you gonna go?” Renjun inquired, turning to face you. "Do you even have a destination in mind?”

“Not everyone has old friends to rely on,” you murmured. “I was isolated from most of the world. My mother taught me everything I know.”

“We’ll be your friends.”

"Yeah, we’ll be your friends!“ Chenle shouted, grinning from ear to ear. But after you shook your head, he pouted cutely. "Oh come on, please, stay.”

Standing up to leave, you ruffled his hair and sighed. “I don’t know kid…I really don’t know.”

You stood outside Taeyong’s door. Just standing there and staring.

It was a little pathetic, you realized, how you were slightly scared of facing him. Because despite your plans to move on, something in the back of your mind kept tugging you in another direction. You wondered if this was really where you should be.

Suddenly the door flew open, and there Taeyong stood in the doorway with his hand on the doorknob. Despite it being close to midnight, he was still in his jeans and long sleeved shirt. "How long are you just gonna stand out here?”

You couldn’t help but retort, “I was going for a few more minutes.”

He rolled his eyes but stepped to the side saying, "Come in, your anxious scent is making me worried.”

You stepped inside and sat down at the foot of his bed, eyes admiring his room. It was surprisingly clean, very clean. Books were kept on the shelves, his bed was made, and the carpet floor was vacuumed. You watched Taeyong open his closet, which was organized by season you noticed, and he pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt for pajamas. He took the clothes inside his bathroom and came out a second later wearing them and threw his dirty clothes in a basket.

Avoiding his gaze once more, your head turned to the side, eyes falling upon another door on the side wall. “Where does that lead to?”

“My study,” he explained. “That’s where I do all the paper work.”

You nodded, wanting to cut the awkwardness between you two, so you blurted out, “I’m leaving.”

After a pregnant pause, Taeyong cleared his throat and mumbled, “If that’s what you want.”

You gathered the courage to look his way, and held his gaze.

His demeanor was a calm facade but you could feel the turbulence of emotions wrecking havoc within him: anger, sadness, heartbreak, and frustration.

It was too much, too much for you to handle. He wasn’t the only one feeling torn, you were breaking apart too. It was so unfair, so, so unfair to not only you but him as well and if only you were to meet in different circumstances, none of this would have played out. You felt sick to your stomach, and your heartbeat was viciously pounding against your ribcage.

“It’s so unfair,” he muttered, still holding your gaze.

You nodded silently, you hated doing this. But it’s what you needed, and besides, you haven’t revealed your entire decision as well, there was something else he needed to know. Pushing yourself up you took a couple strides to where he stood, stopping inches away from his nose. Your eyes searched his face, the sharp features were so handsome up close, you had to physically dig your toes into the carpet to keep yourself from kissing him right then and there.

“I’m not on permanent leave though.”

His eyes widened, holding his breath. “What?”

You cracked a smile and glanced down at your feet. “I’ll be back, I don’t know when but, once I’ve created a stable life for myself, once I’ve found myself, I’ll return.”

It was his turn to search your face for any giveaway signs. “What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I said.” You couldn’t help the chortle of amusement from escaping your mouth. You felt relieved to tell him this, but even more relieved to hear the words yourself. “I’ll return under not only different but fair circumstances.”

His eyes softened, and you took a daring small step forwards. You were so close to him, you could feel his body heat coming off in waves. “I promise to come back, but staying here any longer is just delaying my return.”

You couldn’t tear your gaze away. The pull between you was too strong, keeping you in front of him instead of turning away. “Please, Taeyong,” you pleaded, hoping he could make this easier on you. “Forget about me, stop yearning, it’s making this so much harder than necessary.”

Frustration boiled up in the pit of your stomach. Like before, he wasn’t helping one bit. Pabo, you idiot, just —

He cut off your train of thought with a wrap of his arm and tugged you forwards, pressing his mouth against yours. Instantly your restraint melted, pressing against his body, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. The kiss was pleading, desperate, angry, yet sad. You held back a whimper from the bombard of emotions, fingers playing with the tips of his hair as the grip around your waist tightened. His lips caressed yours, remaining soft but passionate, tasting every drop of frustration.

Slowly, steadily, the kiss slowed and you drew back just slightly to catch your breath. "I need to go,” you whispered sadly, hating how bitter the words tasted.

He kissed you once more, twice, three times, and whispered, “There’s leftover dinner in the fridge. Taeil’s mate will be happy to offer you some clothes.”

Hearing his words lifted ten pounds from your shoulders, and you pulled away from his grasp, happy he was letting you go.

With a lended backpack filled with food and clothes, Taeil drove you out of the forest. You made sure to memorize your surroundings, and when the car halted right at the edge of town, you bid the healer goodbye, thanking him for the extra medicine he offered and hopped onto the next bus that lead you to another beginning.


Go on, hit me, throw me out the window and scream! *Get’s thrown* Ow! That hurt!

Anyway, next chapter will speed up time so have no worries, I will probably update very quickly because spring break is here *throws confetti 🎉🎉*!

@saneivio HEYA BUDDO. How are ya?


I really hope you get your morning shifts, get to spend time with bearcat and relax, and draw again. I also hope you get a chance to breathe and not feel so broken up. .

Anyway I hope me sending a express delivery of Vanilles to you for his birthday can lighten your day just a little. I have another thing in the works but it’s not done quite yet.

Having A Group Baby With BAP Would Involve:

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  1. This is totally planned
  2. Youngjae overheard Himchan and Yongguk discussing the appeal of becoming parents
  3. And Youngjae being the kind of guy that can’t keep a secret to save his life, calls you
  4. You are kind of shocked, but also thrilled to become a mom
  5. Himchan and Yongguk soon find out that Youngjae informed you, because you start dropping hints
  6. You sand BAP have a long sit down, which makes especially both Rappers very awkward
  7. In the end it’s either Yongguk or Daehyun who’s gona be the biological dad
  8. Bc wth we are really doing this now?
  9. Yes we are!
  10. Daehyun ends up backing out, thinking Yongguk’s genetics are more desirable than his
  11. So you and Yongguk begin doing the do without protection
  12. It takes a while for the genetics to mix
  13. When you take the test, all six bunnies are waiting in front of the toilet door.
  14. They jump up and down with joy when the test is positive
  15. From that day onward their dedication is uncanny
  16. Daehyun has all sorts of ways to lessen your morning sickness
  17. Yongguk comes with you to the first ultrasound
  18. He’ll print them out and put them on the wall
  19. Himchan reads copious amount of books about pregnancy and parenthood
  20. When you enter second term, your hormones start bothering you
  21. But you have six sexy men at your disposal
  22. Especially Jongup and Daehyun don’t mind
  23. All your senses are on sharp, which suits Daehyun’s tender touches just right
  24. By your third term, you are not even allowed to do anything yourself, Himchan makes sure are stress free and off your feet
  25. Youngjae gives you foot massages
  26. Yongguk is giving you the softest tummy rubs
  27. Zelo is so excited any time the baby kicks
  28. Daehyun and Himchan make sure all the stuff the baby needs is already stocked up in the house
  29. And then the big day comes
  30. Your waters break just after dinner
  31. Daehyun, Youngjae and Zelo are freaking the fuck out
  32. BangHimUp are calm and collected and get you to the hospital
  33. Bang is pacing, Himchan holds your hand and Jongup facetimes the stress balls at home
  34. Just a bit past midnight you give birth to a healthy baby boy
  35. Himchan picks up DaeJaeLo
  36. Yongguk holds the baby in his arms with that wide gummy smile on his lips.
  37. Then he gives it to Himchan, because he is crying actual tears
  38. Himchan gently rocks the baby and does aegyo voices
  39. Then Daehyun is allowed to hold the baby, singing softly to him
  40. When it is Youngjae’s turn he is so careful and almost scared he will hurt the kiddo
  41. Jongup in his turn is calm and gentle and holds the baby while he falls asleep
  42. Zelo’s rather insecure and look to you for confimation all the while
  43. You’re allowed to take the baby home the next morning
  44. You’re kind of out of it the first week
  45. Of course the boys do everything for you
  46. Himchan is a burping champ
  47. Where as Youngjae is a killer at nappy changing
  48. Yongguk catches up on sleep when he takes naps with his baby on his stomach
  49. Daehyun is the one that puts the baby in a wide array of onesies
  50. Yongguk especially loves the Tigger onesie, of course
  51. Zelo allows the baby to use his fingers as teething ring
  52. Daehyun always manages to sing the baby to sleep
  53. Jongup and Zelo are the one’s who do most of the playing
  54. At first it is mostly tickling and peekaboo
  55. But as the baby starts to grow they will design more cute kiddy games
  56. Himchan always comes home with the A brand toys
  57. Youngjae is the one who teaches the kid new words
  58. But the babies first word is of course Appa
  59. Queue six grinning proud bunnies
  60. He is pasted all over their insta as well

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f reader dirty talking ty? no daddy or mommy kink tho pls

sometimes you just like touching him, late at night after a day of interviews or shows or both, when he’s too exhausted to even reciprocate, just lies next to you - shivers, whines, arches, clings to you with warm hands.

or early in the morning, when the sun is just peeking over the windowsill to say hello. when you’re spooned up behind him, knees slotted into the curve behind his legs, hand splayed out over his belly button, just under his shirt.

it’s so easy to kiss the nape of his neck, slip that hand down and into his boxers, muttering, “hard for me already?”

tyler, barely awake, shifts and reaches back to grab weakly onto your hip. “’s jus’ morning wood…”

“no.” even though you know that’s exactly what it is, you wrap your hand around it and tug a few times, so that tyler’s breath hitches and he bites at his pretty lower lip. “you’re always hard for me. right? any time this pretty cock swells, it’s for me.”

the noise tyler makes is broken, fingers tightening at your waist and free hand shoving up under his shirt, presumably to play with his nipples.

he twists one and whines and a spurt of precum wets your fingers.

“ty? y’gonna answer me, baby?” you squeeze his throbbing shaft and he cries out, dark eyes screwed shut as darker lashes fan out over his pillow.

“i-it’s for you. promise it’s for you.” he stifles a yawn into his hand and shakes his head a little. “gosh, ‘m so tired.”

with a soft smile, you rub your palm over his sticky head. “you want me to stop?”

“nnh, gosh, no. want you to go until i cum for you, please. then maybe we can go back to sleep.”

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Jesus, I just read your good morning fic and I am in overloads of feels right now. Though, I noticed something. Have you always been slipping shit in like you did here? Like subtle hints at other "things" that may have happened? Because if I have to go back and scour your fics then I will

I may have done something similar once or twice (^_−)☆

Look around. You will find miracles everywhere. The grass grows beneath your feet. Your heart pumps oxygen to you at every second. The sun rises every morning, greeting us as our journey continues. Everything is a miracle, for without them, life would not be possible.

tired Keith is just 10 times the Angst™