for your mom

  • Clint: this is my fun floating water base, I'm going to make a nice pirate reference and call it the Jolly Roger
  • His Awful Sons: no old man, it's called the 'Burg!

Some designs I did for Legends of Mr. Gar & Know Your Mom! All our eps are airing so fast! Both of these were really fun - for teen-Enid Ian specifically asked me to reference a Rebecca drawing from the development stage of the show, & I think lad boxman is one of the weirdest characters I’ve drawn so far. Working with @scrotumnose on him was super enjoyable. :) Art direction is by John Pham and colors are by @kalidraws!

its sunday again.

i know it can be terrifying not knowing what is coming around the corner this week but whatever it is i believe you can overcome it.

i believe in you. you are strong and you are still here. you have made it through every single day this year so far. no matter how hard. you are still here. you have struggled. you have cried. you haven’t given up.

you are still here and i am so proud of you.

stay alive.

you are worth it.


…I feel like there’s a story here.