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namjoon scenario | hotel towels

✨ The Classic™: The hotel only has a king sized bed, I guess we’re sharing.

💌 requested by anon // 700 words // fluff

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A weekend get-away had seemed like a good idea. A weekend get-away was a good idea. Or at least, it would have been, if your best friend, Kim Namjoon, (best friend and nothing more) wasn’t forced to share a king-sized bed with you, all through a mix-up that wasn’t even your fault. No. It was the hotel staff’s fault for not listening. It was Namjoon’s fault for not specifying when he booked. ‘A room for two, separate beds please. ‘How difficult is that?

Apparently, amazingly, surprisingly… very difficult.

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Behind The Screen

Ha! Guess what! Light of your life finally comes back! Ha? Get It? No? Okay… Let’s try this again.

*cough* So, I know I was not active yesterday. Sorry about that. I had a bad day, and all the anon hate got to me. But I’m back!

Hate anons, thank you so much for this inspiration because I wrote this based on my own experience, emotions, and your hate asks! Guess what, the more you send, the more inspired I am.

Also, I hope this well make @prinxietyhell ,  @vortexart , @starrykid ‘s day lighten up a little. *lit the candle* I love y’all, and y’all matter a lot to me! I really really really hope whoever is spread this negative vibe will stop attacking my friends and I. Stop sending hate for people’s nationality, gender, their writings, etc. 

This one is dedicated to everyone that supports me and helps me to go through some of the hard times. Thank you. 

Pairing: None.

Warnings: Cyberbullying. Hate Anons. Self-Doubt.

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Did you ever pity the moon for the way it was always left alone to light up the world at night? The stars are too far and the sky is too dark. You only look at it when it’s whole. You only whisper your stories to it when nobody is picking up the phone. You only reach up to it when no one is willing to hold your hand. Did it ever cross your mind that maybe, the reason why it’s hiding parts of it from time to time, is because it’s ashamed for not being good enough? Maybe, it’s jealous of the city lights for they can rob your attention effortlessly. Maybe, it just wants to have another moon to accompany it when almost everyone on Earth will no longer bother to look up for every place will be lighted up so well. Maybe it’s crying itself to sleep, too. But there’s just too much distance between us for it to be heard.

Did you ever pity the stars for there are so many of them but they can’t be too close to each other? The ones who are millions of miles away from them think they are just glitters that decorate the midnight. You always expect them to make your wishes come true. You only admire its light that has ceased to exist a long time ago. Does it ever make you wonder if they have their own wishes as well? Do you think they fall on their free will? Do you think they follow the rule of gravity in order to grant that one thing you asked from it? Maybe they also want to be a part of a world. Maybe they dream about being beside us instead of being just looked upon. Maybe they have nightmares too. But we are too fast asleep to wake them up.

Did you ever pity the sun for out of all the planets that revolve around it, it still can’t be too close to any of them? It produces everything that is essential to the world. Its absence will mean darkness and cold. Its death will be the ultimate ending. Don’t you think that maybe it’s hurt about how everyone avoids to look straight to it because its brightness can cause blindness? Maybe it’s lonely for humans have invented a lot of things to protect themselves from its heat. Maybe it also longs to have some conversations with us just like what we have with the moon and the stars. Maybe it hates the parts of it that are destructive. Maybe, it dreads its death. Not because it fears for its own life but because it can not accept the fact that after years of giving life to everything that revolves around it, it will also be the reason of their demise.

Did you ever pity the universe for even the most massive parts of it still wish they were something else?

Interviewer: Doctor Banner, a lot of our viewers are wondering, who had the worst childhood - you or Mr. Stark?

Bruce: E-excuse me?

Interviewer: Mr. Stark has recently gone on record saying that he and his father, Howard Stark, did not have a good relationship when he was a child, and with the recent release of SHIELD’s classified files, information of your own childhood has come to light. Several of our viewers have wondered if you believe if Mr. Stark has the right to complain about his childhood, with what you went through.

Bruce: You’re asking me … [deep breath] You’re wondering if Tony should be complaining, because it could have been worse?

Interviewer: Well, no. We’re asking if he should be complaining, when he knows what you went through-

Bruce: No, you’re wondering if he should be complaining, because it could have been worse. What, “sorry your dad didn’t love you and treated you like a major disappointment your entire life, but hey, at least he didn’t get drunk and beat you every night?” That’s what you’re saying?

Interviewer: Doctor Banner-

Bruce: His father hurt him, my father hurt me. That’s all that should matter. [eyes flash green] It’s not a fucking competition.

Steve: [head pops in through the door, expression hard] I think this interview is done. You can leave.

You are Skolas. Kell of Kells. Leader of a lost and disbanded house. A race long forgotten in the storm. In a short time you led an entire kingdom on its knees. Now you are imprisoned once again. Awaiting your own execution.

You have been taken.

You are free now. Free of the scrapyard and the light that kept you there. Free of reefs watch and the travelers minions that wants to rip your arms off like a dreg.

Breathe. Taste the sweet smell of freedom.

But what happened? How did you die? Who was your executioner? Who brought you here?

Will. Pure will brought you here. The will to complete what you have started.

You are committed to fulfill the role that the prophecy foretold, to reunited your kind from the great cataclysm, to band the houses into one and honor the ways of the old. You feared extinction so you fight on to keep existing.

But the light thought otherwise. The same light that separated your ancestors has come to break you. To destroy your legacy and separate the fallen once again, you retaliated but you have failed.

Fight, fight on and bring the houses back to one.

This knife is for you. It is shaped like [Reconcile]. Pick it up.

No longer shall you be in shackles, trapped in a rusting prison.
No longer shall the fallen bicker and fight like rabid wolves.
No longer shall the light take away your life and perverse you for their needs.

Take the knife. Reunite the Fallen. Take your new shape.

Your night has consisted of you laying in your bed staring at the ceiling wishing all of the pain of today’s loss would go away. It doesn’t. It seeps through the walls of your house into your empty heart, it is shown on your mothers face, it is heard in your baby brother asking “where’s dadda?” The pain is inescapable.

A knock on your window breaks you from your straining thoughts. “Looks like someone could use a friend,” your neighbor Thomas stands outside your window with his hand reached out. He sees your hesitation, rolling his eyes and grabbing your hands. Landing on the pavement you can feel him staring at you.

“Stop that.” You mutter walking towards the gate.

“Stop what?” He jogs to keep up with you.

“The pity look. I’m fine. If you came to tell me how sorry you are or that things will get better you can just go home Thomas.”

He grabs your arm, stopping you, “Joke is on you because I wasn’t going to say that. Life sucks. Things are going to happen that will make you feel like all the light has been sucked out of your life. I was just coming to remind you that you still have me, even when it feels like you are alone.” Thomas moves his hand down your arm intertwining his fingers with yours and pulling you down towards the beach. The sun has almost disappeared.

“Where are you taking me?” You mutter, smiling at the feeling of his hand around yours. Thomas just puts his finger over your lips telling you to be quiet as he pulls you around the corner. “The lighthouse? We haven’t been here since we were kids-”

“Look,” Thomas pulls you up to the top.

“Its all black I can’t see-”

“Now look again,” he whispers, pulling a lever and turning on the lighthouse light, shining out onto the ocean and making it glimmer in the darkness. “I’m your lighthouse,” his lips brush your ear, running a hand across your cheek and kissing you softly on the lips.

I thought I could stop. I was so wrong. Beast!Wirt is so important.

when you find the one you love, time might not stand still

the room might not spin

you might not feel your heart skip inside your chest…

when you find the one you love, it might be at an inconvenient time

you may be ill-prepared…unready to make the leap into the unknown

when you find the one you love, you might not recognize it as love at first

you might be too caught up in your own life

you might let time pass

you might not think of them again until

one day

when you find the one you love, you might just find

that the light has come on inside your mind

and you’ll wonder where they’ve been all this time

and why you never let love find you before tonight.

—  let love find you this time
Your kid surprises him - Ashton

Anon asked: Could you do one with all four please where you have a son/daughter who’s only two years old but cant walk because of a condition they had when born but they start walking when the dad is on tour so you surprise him by showing up and letting your kid walk on stage to him as they play? Plsss i love your work!!😋

I said: This is actually very specific, so I don’t want to write four of basically the same thing? So I’m going to just do one if that’s okay.

“Do you think she’ll ever walk?” Ashton questions quietly, watching as Y/daughter/N crawls effortlessly on the floor. You sit on the couch and keep a close eye on her, feeling horrible that your two year old daughter can’t walk while all the other babies are currently doing so.

“I don’t know, Ashton. I really don’t,” you repeat quietly and bite your lip. “She’s just a slow developer is all, I know she’ll be able to do it soon.” He takes a seat on the ledge of the sofa, facial expression seeming truly disappointed.

“You’ll take good care of her when I’m on the road again, right? Make sure she feels loved and extra smart, no matter what.”

“Of course,” your eyes trail over as she crawls back to the two of you and begins to yell ‘up’ because she wants to be held. Ashton swoops her from the floor and kisses her forehead, making funny faces at her until she finally laughs. She reaches up with her small hand and slaps his face softly, smiling at his reaction.

“I love you,” Ashton tells your daughter who says it right back and plays with his hair. He laughs and smiles and you take a picture, capturing another perfect moment before he left on tour.

*On tour*

“She walking yet?” Ashton asks as he sits on the dressing room sofa, the sound of chaos going on behind him.

“It’s been two months babe, if she was walking, I would’ve told you.”

“I know…I just…I was wondering,” he shrugs slowly and his eyes focus on your sad irises, the intensity making you feel guilty because she’s not the most normal child. Because she just can’t walk.

“Don’t give up on her, Ashton. She’ll do it; she has to.” He runs his fingers through his hair and looks back at Calum and then at Luke who film each other for some upcoming keek. “You look a little stressed, you okay?”

“Yeah,” everything in him seems uncertain and you can’t help but to feel like it’s because of her. “Where is she?”

“Sleeping,” you sit up a little and hear a noise. “I’m going to go check on her, alright? Call me after your show.”

“Love you,” he hangs up, rejecting your chance to reply and you furrow your eyebrows. “Probably his genes fault that she can’t walk,” you walk over to her bedroom. “His pants are always tight so.” You see her sitting up and rattling the crib bars.

“Hello,” you pick her up. “Let’s go eat and watch some TV. You’re into American Horror Story, right? Wait, no, I’d be a bad mom if I let you watch that,” you shake your head and carry her downstairs, setting her on the living room floor. “Gonna make us some dinner,” you say and walk into the kitchen, humming to one of the new unreleased songs that Ashton let you hear first hand.

“Mommy!” She shouts as you walk and you turn around to see her standing on her own two feet, smile big and happy. Your eyes light up and you can tell she has been following you.

“Come here…” You encourage and she waddles towards you, footsteps slow  and cautious. You clap when she makes it to you and she mimics your actions before you pick her up. “Good job baby, Hi5,” you hold up your hand and she gives you what you asked for. “Can’t wait to tell your daddy…”

*@ his show*

“Let’s hope this works,” you say quietly to yourself as you stand backstage, putting large headphones on your daughter’s ears to protect her from all the screaming and loud bass. You were allowed backstage since everyone knew who you were and that you were going to surprise them, besides, Luke let them know especially just for you. Ashton had no clue that you were going to be there; he only knew about the FaceTime date with you set up that night for the fact that it was his birthday.

The music outside stops and the crowd quiets down just a little. Luke grips the microphone in one hand and walks around, thanking the fans and telling them how Michael’s new hair color was planned. Your daughter wobbles out on stage even though she wasn’t supposed to do it yet and you attempt to go after her but you already see Ashton doing so. The crowd is in awe as Ashton gets up from his seat on the drum set to chase her and pick her up. When he grabs her he peers backstage at you and smiles fondly.

Luke walks up to the two of them and hands Ashton the microphone. Ashton grabs it and thanks him before speaking into it, “This little babe decided to surprise me on my birthday, say hi Y/daughter/N.”

“Hi!” She says into the microphone. “I walk now,” her voice is proud and Ashton can’t stop smiling, his cheeks in serious pain.

“You do, baby,” he kisses her cheek and all the fans cheer, just as proud of her as you and Ashton are.

First off I’m sorry this is so long and that it’s bad. I’m going to delete it ok.

Closer Than You Know

Hillsong United | Empires

I tempered the storm
Though your faith was small
I prayed while you slept
And the night waged war
We stood at the fire
And we walked on sea
And we drank of the wine
That was made of me

Don’t turn your eyes from me
For my love won’t be undone
Don’t hide your face from me
For my light has surely come
Surely come, surely come

I carried that cross
And I felt your pain
I took up your crown
And I wore your shame
And death was a fire
And its teeth were grim
But I left it behind
Along with all your sins

Don’t turn away from me
For my love won’t be undone
Don’t hide your face from me
For my light has surely come
Surely come, surely come

Lift up your eyes and see
Heaven is closer than you know
Lift up your voice and sing
Know that My love won’t let you go
And I won’t forsake you
Lift up your eyes and see
Heaven is closer than you know
Know I’ll never leave you

So lift up your voice and sing
Know that My love won’t let you go
And My light has surely come
Surely come, surely come

And I’m closer than you know
And I’m closer than you know

Lord I hear you I know You’re there
Closer now than my skin and bones could bare
Breathing deep within me
You are always with me
I can see you where eyes can’t stare
Brighter now than the sun could ever dare
Breathing all around me
God I know you’re with me here
(God I know that you are here)

For I am yours and you are mine
And my soul knows well
You are here
You are here
And my soul will praise you
And my soul will praise Your name
Singing Holy is your name


I discovered this beautiful song last night while drawing the previous picture, Wild Child.  I was feeling very discouraged and it spoke to me.

And so I drew this picture.

I was feeling very upset because I guess I realised I don’t really have a future as a professional illustrator, and really, any of the creative pursuits I wish that I could do professionally.

Today I woke up to lots of likes on my two drawings on Instagram, and an amazing 14 new notifications on DeviantArt. :) Someone even invited me to add 3 of my drawings to a group gallery.  I’m really thankful for these little bits of encouragement from strangers who admire my work.

I feel like God was correcting my approach to my illustration.  I was trying so hard to earn followers, to gain attention, because I want to make a career out of this and earn money from this.  I feel like He was telling me to let go of these goals and instead turn my eyes to Him and just focus on expressing the abilities He’s given me, rather than trying to hit some abstract target or ape other artists/follow particular standards, and to focus on glorifying Him rather than trying to earn followers or attention or pursue money/a career.

In terms of glorying God through drawing, I frankly have no idea how to do that.

But if He’s closer than I know, than the most important thing is not exactly what I’m doing, but Whom I am walking with.  I just need to walk with the One who makes me good.  Because it’s not about the goal I want to achieve, but the fact that He is a part of the journey.

7 Delightful Spins on Your Afternoon Coffee

Turn your coffee break into an experience thanks to these elevated recipes that make kicking back while sipping an icy chai frosty or chilled mint-and-milk coffee a total refresh. It’s like being transported to your favorite cafe without leaving home. And these mashups really perk up long afternoons, which makes them new spins you’re going to love sipping.

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New Way to Use Visualization for Optimal Results

Usually when visualizing, we make time to simply breathe and see what it is we are bringing into life, we feel it, we thank it, and we breathe it in so deeply that by the time we’re done, we feel as though it is already here. And thats amazing.

what ive been doing for the past few weeks: visualizing what I am creating *while* im doing the thing I believe will bring to me my creation.

Let me specify….

Since its the start of a new year and everyone is making plans to be the best self they can be, here are some examples.

To become a healthier person physically, while exercising and eating, see the body that is wanted doing the eating and exercising, *in the moment it is being done*

See yourself being fast enough to run 4 miles and feeling refreshed afterwards *while jogging or doing cardio*
See yourself with the ass you want as you do your squats, see *that* you doing the squats in the moment you are doing it.
See your skin and cells as already beautiful and clear and refreshed while drinking water and green juice.

And this is beyond physical, too.

If you have a dream to write to sing to draw or paint or be a photographer or blogger or whatever, while you are writing or singing or painting or whatever your current craft is, see the finished product.

And not just that, see other people being blessed by what your heart has to offer, see light flooding everyone who comes into contact with what you create. See the universe thanking you for being wild enough to do what you love. See people feeling so happy and powerful and empowered because of you being more you. Do this *while you are creating.*

If you want to be a kinder person, if you want to have a better interaction with someone (or people) you usually bump heads with, every time you come into contact with them, at work, while visiting family, or whatever, see yourself being the kind of person you are to someone you love, see yourself smiling in their presence, see them feeling joyful to be in contact with you.

Do this, as soon as you step into the office or at home, or wherever. do this before you get there and in the moment *while you are seeing them/speaking to them*

Do this for your finances, as you buy things and put money into your savings, see yourself *in the moment* feeling good about being able to spend and save. See the money blessing everyone it touches and returning to you a billion fold.

Do this with your health. Do this with any and everything.

I dont know why this is effective, but all I know is that it works. I have been working towards pressing up into pinchamayurasana in yoga and I could never do it. But I always saw myself NOT doing it while I was doing it, and technically its true, I wasnt doing it, but hello, we are not the face reality type of people, we are the creators of it. So, I saw that I was keeping that in my mind and thus my body, and i decided to plwy with visualization. Idk why but this came to me. As soon as I shifted this, things changed, and now I can do it.

We all experience that, we create our world by how we perceive, so when we perceive ourselves as successful, as peaceful, as healthy, as financially secure or whatever it is, we tap into the dimension where it is already so, and we shift our frequency to match it. So it comes in faster.

We are elevating and accelerating and now is the time to use the power that we are for the greater good, for fun–for love. And this is something thats been pretty useful and effective to me, and so I wish to share it so that it may bless you, too. So that you, using your innate peaceful power, can bless you, and the whole world. May this serve you.

Heres to a wild adventurous divine prosperous 2016, where we see live and be the power that we are, more than ever,

I love you♡♡♡

Arise, Shine. Photo Credit

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. Isaiah 60:1 

The word God gave to Pastor Prince for 2014 for my church is “The Year of Greater Glory”. What is greater glory? Glory that can be seen! Glory that is greater than the darkness surrounding us. When you light a candle in a dark room, it doesn’t matter how small the light is, it will be the only thing you see. 

I have often prayed that God would make His face shine upon mine.  

I truly believe that this year, the Lord’s countenance will shine on all of our faces, and everyone will see the glory of God shining through. Our light has come! 

anonymous asked:

As a person who has read your fanfics, I'm at a position where I'm not going to continue with that since your real opinion of Chris has come to light. He's just a pretty face and nice template for a fanfic or smut to you people to use and live vicariously through and now that he's taken, everyone's upset. Frankly I'm disgusted and I hope you come to your senses.

Hey anon! First of all thanks for reading my fanfics cause they’re not even that great compared to some of the other one’s I’ve read on here! 

So I’m going to go through your answer systemically cause waking up to this was pretty disorienting , NGL. 

Originally posted by femtastico

First of all, anyone can stop reading my fics at anytime. I would never know anyway so if you at any point want to stop reading my fics or hell, even start to dislike what I post and my blog, please feel free to just click the unfollow button. I wish you well with everything else!

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

I wanted to play Switzerland in this fandom drama that has been going on, so yesterday I reblogged posts made by both sides so my followers would get to make the decisions themselves. But maybe that wasn’t clear enough so I’ll restate my position on all this shit. 

Basically, I know that my ass will never be with Chris Evans so please don’t chalk this up to some angry fan girl nonsense and I’m most certainly not upset that “he’s taken” cause ain’t nobody got time for that. 

I used to really like Jenny Slate up until I looked into her Twitter account and her jokes- I’m not going to sit here and waste my time trying to provide all the receipts but I believe @thelonesomequeen‘s blog has some screenshots about her sense of humor. She’s made jokes about suicide, fat people, abuse that Shirley Temple faced and used abelist language and even some slurs against the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s my PERSONAL view that even the protective net of comedy has its barriers and you can’t just say anything you want to- it doesn’t give you the right to be a complete tool. I don’t like that and I have the complete right not to. 

Now I don’t stan Jenny. But as someone who’s been finding it harder and harder to get inspiration for writing those fics, I get how difficult it is for people to keep writing or blogging obsessively about Chris and I can understand why Chris being with her colors people’s perception of him. I completely support people’s right to leave the fandom whenever they please because they want to. What I DO NOT support is them getting hate for it! Especially since many of them are fellow friends and writers who’ve worked very very hard to make their blogs as good as they are. Just unfollow or whatever and move on with your life of loving Chris Evans as I’m doing (not unfollowing peeps but you get the picture)

Now, as for me, I’ll keep reblogging and writing Chris Evan’s stuff because he’s more than Jenny Slate’s boyfriend and as you so eloquently put it “pretty face and nice template for a fanfic or smut to you people to use and live vicariously through” and I can cognitive dissonance enough to put petty fandom shit aside and keep blogging and writing! 

Long story short (if you even bothered reading this far): This shit hasn’t affected my love for writing or for Chris Evans, who is still a nuanced complex cinnamon roll. I’m still going strong and I hope you continue to stay for my stupid writing and my trashy ass blog. But I won’t stand by and see people hate on my friends in the fandom because of a fucking opinion. You do you boo, live and let live <3

This is the last time I’ll address this stupid drama so if you’re here for that and send anon hate to my blog then I’m just deleting it :/ 

Thanks for even bothering to care about my opinion, didn’t know it mattered that much