for your light has come

SLIGHT spoilers for upcoming swtor patch, Malavai Quinn ’s return.

I feel the need to rp out my warriors reaction to certain news..


Your very name is acid on my tongue. I had spared your life back on Dromund Kass, despite the fact that you made an attempt on my life.

I regret that decision.

Your true treachery has come to light.

He did not want the empire’s wrath to found. He wished me to “stay missing” for his personal gain.

When my beloved Malavai searched for me, he ordered him to stop. Malavai refused, and Loreman sent him to imperial prison! My love, missing all these years due to him! Only recently pardoned by Empress Ancina..

This is why when I find that sniveling worm Lorman, I will crush every bone in his body. I will twist his insides using the force until he screams for mercy. And at the end of his miserable life, I will crush him and destroy him utterly.

There will be no mercy.

Interviewer: Doctor Banner, a lot of our viewers are wondering, who had the worst childhood - you or Mr. Stark?

Bruce: E-excuse me?

Interviewer: Mr. Stark has recently gone on record saying that he and his father, Howard Stark, did not have a good relationship when he was a child, and with the recent release of SHIELD’s classified files, information of your own childhood has come to light. Several of our viewers have wondered if you believe if Mr. Stark has the right to complain about his childhood, with what you went through.

Bruce: You’re asking me … [deep breath] You’re wondering if Tony should be complaining, because it could have been worse?

Interviewer: Well, no. We’re asking if he should be complaining, when he knows what you went through-

Bruce: No, you’re wondering if he should be complaining, because it could have been worse. What, “sorry your dad didn’t love you and treated you like a major disappointment your entire life, but hey, at least he didn’t get drunk and beat you every night?” That’s what you’re saying?

Interviewer: Doctor Banner-

Bruce: His father hurt him, my father hurt me. That’s all that should matter. [eyes flash green] It’s not a fucking competition.

Steve: [head pops in through the door, expression hard] I think this interview is done. You can leave.

Closer Than You Know

Hillsong United | Empires

I tempered the storm
Though your faith was small
I prayed while you slept
And the night waged war
We stood at the fire
And we walked on sea
And we drank of the wine
That was made of me

Don’t turn your eyes from me
For my love won’t be undone
Don’t hide your face from me
For my light has surely come
Surely come, surely come

I carried that cross
And I felt your pain
I took up your crown
And I wore your shame
And death was a fire
And its teeth were grim
But I left it behind
Along with all your sins

Don’t turn away from me
For my love won’t be undone
Don’t hide your face from me
For my light has surely come
Surely come, surely come

Lift up your eyes and see
Heaven is closer than you know
Lift up your voice and sing
Know that My love won’t let you go
And I won’t forsake you
Lift up your eyes and see
Heaven is closer than you know
Know I’ll never leave you

So lift up your voice and sing
Know that My love won’t let you go
And My light has surely come
Surely come, surely come

And I’m closer than you know
And I’m closer than you know

Lord I hear you I know You’re there
Closer now than my skin and bones could bare
Breathing deep within me
You are always with me
I can see you where eyes can’t stare
Brighter now than the sun could ever dare
Breathing all around me
God I know you’re with me here
(God I know that you are here)

For I am yours and you are mine
And my soul knows well
You are here
You are here
And my soul will praise you
And my soul will praise Your name
Singing Holy is your name


I discovered this beautiful song last night while drawing the previous picture, Wild Child.  I was feeling very discouraged and it spoke to me.

And so I drew this picture.

I was feeling very upset because I guess I realised I don’t really have a future as a professional illustrator, and really, any of the creative pursuits I wish that I could do professionally.

Today I woke up to lots of likes on my two drawings on Instagram, and an amazing 14 new notifications on DeviantArt. :) Someone even invited me to add 3 of my drawings to a group gallery.  I’m really thankful for these little bits of encouragement from strangers who admire my work.

I feel like God was correcting my approach to my illustration.  I was trying so hard to earn followers, to gain attention, because I want to make a career out of this and earn money from this.  I feel like He was telling me to let go of these goals and instead turn my eyes to Him and just focus on expressing the abilities He’s given me, rather than trying to hit some abstract target or ape other artists/follow particular standards, and to focus on glorifying Him rather than trying to earn followers or attention or pursue money/a career.

In terms of glorying God through drawing, I frankly have no idea how to do that.

But if He’s closer than I know, than the most important thing is not exactly what I’m doing, but Whom I am walking with.  I just need to walk with the One who makes me good.  Because it’s not about the goal I want to achieve, but the fact that He is a part of the journey.

You are Skolas. Kell of Kells. Leader of a lost and disbanded house. A race long forgotten in the storm. In a short time you led an entire kingdom on its knees. Now you are imprisoned once again. Awaiting your own execution.

You have been taken.

You are free now. Free of the scrapyard and the light that kept you there. Free of reefs watch and the travelers minions that wants to rip your arms off like a dreg.

Breathe. Taste the sweet smell of freedom.

But what happened? How did you die? Who was your executioner? Who brought you here?

Will. Pure will brought you here. The will to complete what you have started.

You are committed to fulfill the role that the prophecy foretold, to reunited your kind from the great cataclysm, to band the houses into one and honor the ways of the old. You feared extinction so you fight on to keep existing.

But the light thought otherwise. The same light that separated your ancestors has come to break you. To destroy your legacy and separate the fallen once again, you retaliated but you have failed.

Fight, fight on and bring the houses back to one.

This knife is for you. It is shaped like [Reconcile]. Pick it up.

No longer shall you be in shackles, trapped in a rusting prison.
No longer shall the fallen bicker and fight like rabid wolves.
No longer shall the light take away your life and perverse you for their needs.

Take the knife. Reunite the Fallen. Take your new shape.

when you find the one you love, time might not stand still

the room might not spin

you might not feel your heart skip inside your chest…

when you find the one you love, it might be at an inconvenient time

you may be ill-prepared…unready to make the leap into the unknown

when you find the one you love, you might not recognize it as love at first

you might be too caught up in your own life

you might let time pass

you might not think of them again until

one day

when you find the one you love, you might just find

that the light has come on inside your mind

and you’ll wonder where they’ve been all this time

and why you never let love find you before tonight.

—  let love find you this time