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Illiterate person aka SB stan salty because their mayo crackship founded in racism ain’t happening: “I can’t believe they’re wasting a crossover on a fucking wedding!!!”

Me, an intellectual: *picks up comic books*

Also me: Well, weddings always are a pretty big thing in comics too. Your point?

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How did you improve your eczema?

Plenty of drinking (tea, water), adjusting the sweet stuff to decent amount per day and building immune system worked out best for me . For immunity I started drinking goat milk instead of cowsmilk. It’s much healthier and less risky (though smelly and the taste you gotta get used to), the risk of lactose intolerance is near zero with it (cats, babies, whoever can drink this safely). Goat bodies are able to process a lot of eaten things and the effects of their food is strengthened in their milk. I switched to it during a very difficult time and though it took a few months, the effects and improvement was HUGE. I advice not giving up on cowmilk fully though, because your body won’t be able to process lactose after a while… Milk is in lot of foods and products - you can’t really run away from it completely. So it’s best to drink goatmilk instead of cowmilk, but still consume cowmilk, processed in other foods or in coffee etc. In small doses, so you won’t have stomachpains after drinking/eating cowmilk products after a long pause. A lot of people say it gets better with age or more stable hormones - so that can play a role too! So basically… (, less cowmilk/white sugar/stress and more balance in diet (some foodsinning allowed without worry) and drinking/vitamins and immunesystem building can help immensely! Hope it gets better for you if you’re battling the illness!

Seriously, a couple of months ago I would have gladly gotten rid of the Vegas Golden Knights and their weird name but now it’s like, their prospects are adorable, their Twitter is a gift, Marc-Andre Fleury looks so happy and smiley and APPRECIATED and their jerseys are SPARKLY and I feel genuinely excited for them?!

Pennywise doesn’t care if you have stretch marks, or big thighs, or wide hips, and he’d probably think they make you look that much more delicious and enticing, tbh.

Penny would literally love a pudgy tummy.

And he’d get confused if you try to cover up.

This is Thistle’s most favourite water toy in the whole world! We have had it since we got her. Unfortunately this weekend we threw it too deep, too late in the day and no dog had the energy to retrieve it.

We ended up leaving it behind.

I am hoping when we go back, it will have drifted around and we will be able to find it.

But just in case, I have ordered her one online. Can’t let a girl be without her aqua kong!

OKAY. This reveals some personal information about me… but I don’t even care right now. Because I’m fangirling SO HARD. BRIT FREAKIN SNOW said I’m a badass. Therefore, I’m totally a badass. We all are because she said so. THIS IS FINE. IM FINE. TOTALLY FINE…..

Okay. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

But still, life made.

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Sometimes deep in the night, when the world seems a little darker, he can still hear his voice. Hello, Dean, Cas’ll say, little whispers in Dean’s ear, a voice already blurred with the flaws of passing time. And then, at other moments, when the ache in Dean’s chest will get a little harder, it’ll be the unspoken things, painful things—words that were left unsaid.

The only way that Dean can sleep now is by drowning him out with the words of music that he’d once gifted away to Castiel alongside his own heart.

You self insert to help cope with emotional issues, trauma, or something else? Your awesome and I love you.

You self insert just for fun because you like the idea of having magic powers and whatnot? You like occasionally daydreaming about epic adventures and like putting yourself in the position of the hero? Your awesome and I love you.