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The Last Jedi Poster #5 (Probably Not)

“Tale As Old As Time
Song As Old As Rhyme
Romance Starts On
Starkiller Base!

C3PO is beside himself with shock! His ship has just become canon! Thank the maker!

‘Cause you know he shipped Han & Leia for a long time, too.

Anyways, yeah, decided to jump on the Beauty & The Beast bandwagon this week.

Decided to badly do this cover, cause it’s actually been colder this week than Christmas.

Thank you to all the original artists, nothing is mine, I just mashed it together, like those cauliflower mash potatoes my mom was telling me about last week. Which aren’t potatoes.

But, yeah, probably not.

The Last Jedi poster won’t be like that cause 3PO prefers to look stoic in posters.

And BB needs an oil bath. That’s like not combing your hair on picture day.

And, yeah, we’ve already had a snow setting.

‘Sniff, probably won’t be a Reylo holiday special either…


Takeru (Yaku)
Ok, let’s go to bed.
Good nya-ight!

Shouri (Kuroo)
A black cat!

Takeru (Yaku)
My black cat’s name is Moko, you can meet him later!

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

Yes, he said ‘oyasumi nya-sai’ so… cat pun.


DIY: BB Cream & CC Cream

Have you run out of BB cream or CC cream?
Here are a few easy steps for you to create your own.

BB Cream
You need
- Liquid foundation (that gives a good coverage).
- Face moisturizer (of your choice)
- Liquid Illuminator
-Empty jar (optional)

Add a small amount of your liquid foundation and face moisturizer. Also Add 1 to 2 drops of your liquid illuminator. Now mix everything together on the back of your palm or in an empty jar. 

CC Cream
You apply the same steps of BB cream with the CC cream. But you also add 1 to 2 drops of water and a little bit of shimmer.

We recommend for you to test the mixture on your neck before you apply it on your face. 

Originally posted by poesexual-finn

Dating Poe Dameron would include…

  • Poe likes to tell himself that he doesn’t get crushes - he was not twelve anymore
  • Then he met you
  • You had just joined the Resistance and the General took you under her wing, your kind smile and accepting attitude being just what she needed to keep the troublemakers at bay
    • She told you to keep an eye out for Poe; he liked causing a ruckus now and then
    • Especially when he got together with Finn
  • General Organa is showing you around the airstrip and she sees Poe just got back from his mission and she immediately drags you over to introduce you
  • You’re a little flustered by the sudden change in mood and you’re rushed in front of Poe, eyes wide and mouth parted open slightly
  • And Poe does not know what to do because he’s pretty sure his heart has never beaten this fast since he first flew
    • “Poe, this is (Y/N) (L/N), you’ll be seeing a lot of them”
    • “Nice to meet you, Poe. I’ve heard a lot about you”
  • He can’t answer - can he even speak right now? He doubts he could
  • The General gets this knowing look on her face and she’s already itching to go spread the word and get some bets going
  • Poe finally manages to get some intelligible out and you smile at him and he’s cursing at himself because damn it, Poe Dameron does not get crushes
    • Nope, not happening
    • Don’t care how cute they are
    • Or that they have pretty eyes
    • My hands are just sweating because of piloting
    • Shit, they’re not
    • I am so screwed
  • He tries to avoid you at first because it has been a while since he liked anyone
  • He also still had trouble getting the courage to hold an actual conversation with you like a normal person
  • It wasn’t until he had some helpful conversations with BB-8 that he started to loosen up a bit
    • “Touch their…processor? I am not crushing on a droid”
    • “No! Don’t tell me about your past relationships”
    • “I…I really didn’t need to know that, BB-8″
    • “You know what? I’m just gonna do it - I’m gonna talk to them”
  • BB-8 held him up to that and each time he saw Poe chickening out, he’d roll into Poe’s legs and Poe would stumble forward and you’d be asking if he was all right and if he needed any help
    • “Uh, no! I mean, no, no, I’m fine. Completely fine. BB-8 just needs a tune up, is all”
    • Angry beeping ensues and Poe is a little shocked when you seem to understand everything BB-8 is saying and he can’t take it anymore
  • “Would you like to…go out sometime?”
  • The hall seems to go silent and you grin brightly at him, nodding eagerly
    • “I’ve been waiting for you to ask me for a while, Poe. So yeah, just pick me up at seven”
  • Seconds pass and then someone is shouting “go tell the General! shit, go tell the General!” and everyone’s running around, shouts and grumbles all alike because they all had bets going and some people lost out on a lot of credits
  • The date you two go on is nice and cozy, just a secluded spot at the Resistance base
    • Let’s face it, the two of you couldn’t do much unless you wanted to agree to the General chaperoning
  • You two spend the whole time talking
  • He tells you about his parents and how his mom actually knew Luke Skywalker and -
    • “THE Luke Skywalker? Like the one we’ve been trying to locate all these years and -”
    • “Yup, that one”
    • “She knew him?”
    • “Yeah, worked with him too”
    • “Your mother is royalty, I hope you know that”
    • “’Course I do! She’s a queen just for raising me”
  • You stared at him for a moment at that before grinning widely at him
  • It’s around midnight when BB-8 comes rolling along, Finn in tow because shit, you two have been out there for hours and they all thought something bad happened
  • BB-8 beeps something and Poe’s cheeks flush and you’re covering your face with your hands and Finn is so confused for a moment
    • “Why is BB-8 relieved to see that there are clothes still on?”
    • You and Poe give Finn an incredulous look before you both remember he was a stormtrooper and was bred never to have those kind of emotions
    • “Uh…we’ll explain later…when you’re older”
  • Poe is huge on PDA, but he usually likes to keep it subtle and save the heavy stuff for when the two of you are alone
  • He loves holding your hand - you always rub soothing circles along his palm and he loves the way you’d just absentmindedly play with his fingers as you listened intently to what the General had to say
  • Finn and Rey instantly become your best friends
  • Both adore your relationship with Poe and while Finn is a little confused on some things, if he were in a relationship he’d want it to be like that
    • Like all the kissing. Why do two people need to kiss so much?
  • Despite what other people think, Rey loves to gossip and she likes to have blackmail material on everyone
  • So she of course asked you to get some dirt on Poe, which you agreed to because messing with your boyfriend was too much fun
  • Poe is the master at making you laugh
  • He has what type of jokes you like embedded into his brain
    • He just really likes hearing your laugh
    • It’s so contagious
  • When the General assigns you your very first solo mission, Poe doesn’t like it at all
  • He goes to the General privately and demands that the mission is either taken on by someone else, or he gets to be there with you
    • “They’re just picking up intel, Poe”
    • “And it could be a trap!”
    • “If it makes you feel any better, we’ll have communications up with them the entire time and you’ll know everything that’s happening. Everyone knows our face now, Poe, and no one knows theirs”
  • So he’s holding onto you for dear life each night leading up to your mission and he just keeps muttering “i love you” over and over just in case
  • “Poe, everything’s gonna be fine. At least you know how I feel each time you’re sent on a mission”
    • “You get like this each time?”
    • “Of course I do! Your job is even more dangerous than mine and it’s hard picturing a life without you there -”
  • He shuts you up with a kiss and you two spend the night wrapped up in each other’s arms

Requested by @poe-also-bucky

This one turned out sooo long too but I like making ‘em long so I guess it works out. Enjoy, lovelies!

Flowing Hair and Solo Dreams

My kink…long haired Jinki, slipping quietly into the room, easing between the sheets, and leaning over, hair falling across waiting cheeks. Then soft lips brushing against a sensitive ear whisper “I have a surprise for you” followed by a long, slow, jinki smile…

the touch of those lips
the feel of that smile
the sound of that voice
Artist! I need YOUR Help!

Hewwo Artist out there!! I need halp!!
I have No Art for my Racer Au for the Bbs Boys! Each have a couple different outfits and it is a lot of characters. I understand if the amount of characters and draws are too Much. I need a Artist good with Oc or Character Chart, as in it is a chart that shows different angles and points of view of the Character along with the color, to show the outfit and style better. Please, I need halp! It your not a Artist and know a Artist Willing, Send them my way!
Anyways, Have a Nice Day!


misc. chibi kags b/c kags is life =w=
from top to bottom L to R: preschool kags, grump (hobo) kags, swimsuit kags, punk rock kags


YOu see. 

Wildcat is the money holder of the BBS. You need money, he’s your guy. 

But the BBS bank lost ton of money while delirious was in recovery. They spent millions on Jonathan.  One of the many reasons they fell so hard. 

Vanoss was desperate, so he came in contact with A string of very wealthy people, Asking them to  sponsor , In return, Minilad was placed into the group. The family that decided to Give, wanted there Son to be trained by the biggest thieves and  mercenaries. Of course Vanoss agreed. Ever since then, Wildcat has been a  bitch and salty about mini, always calling him a gold digger and A wannabe  member of the BBS