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I always thought that Penelope putting hair ties in her water bowl was a way of telling me to step it up and get her some clean water.

Apparently indoor cats put toys in their water/food bowls because they see it as a safe and secure place, as “their” place, so other cats? can’t get their stuff.

Which is dumb, because I’m the only other thing in this house and I always find them. Try putting them behind the washing machine or under the bed.

Learn som'n new every day.

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24 & 25 w Peter Parker pls

24. “If I die I’m going to haunt your ass”

25. “You know you’re not as scary as you think you are!”

Requested by Anon and thank you to @bucky-plums-barnes for brainstorming with me <3 

When Peter first told you of his Avenging secret you almost laughed in his face, it wasn’t until he dragged you back to his apartment and thrusted the familiar red and blue suit into your hands that you actually believed him. So when he asked if you wanted to see New York from his perspective, to say you were less than thrilled about the idea would be the understatement of the century. 

“If I die I’m going to haunt your ass” you grumbled peering over the ledge of your apartment building. Peter had told you he would meet you on the roof at 10pm as there was a lesser chance of the two of you been spotted. 

“You’re not going to die (Y/N)” voice was slightly muffled by the suit, you swore the suit actually rolled it’s eyes at you. 

“Oh well I’m sorry I have some reservations about this, you don’t see me swinging from building to building every Friday night”  you huffed crossing your arms across your chest as Peter pulled off the mask, his hair fluffing up in all directions. 

“If it helps, I haven’t been doing this for that long either” 

“You know, it really doesn't” you voice was laced with sarcasm as you gave your best friend a deadpanned look. 

“Come on (Y/N) let me show you what you’re missing” Peter extended his hand out to you. You looked at his hand sighing as you slipped your own into it. 

“This all feels very Aladdin right now” grumbling trying to crack a joke for the sake for your pride as Peter slipped on his mask back on, maneuvering your arms to wrap around his shoulders he made sure you were holding on tight.  

“You know you’re not as scary as you think you are!” Peter snorted as he stood at the edge of the building, your heart hammering in your chest. 

“I’ll have you know that I am very sacaARHHHH” but your attempt to defend yourself was lost as Peter jumped off the building, using his webbing to swing you both between the building of the city. 

sorry- h.s song imagine

I’ve missed your calls for months it seems

Don’t realize how mean I can be

Harry’s name flashed on your phone screen in front of you. You rolled your eyes as you ignored the call once again. Your friend glanced at your phone with a slight pout, slight guilt running through her body as this was Harry’s tenth time calling you in the last hour. “Y/N. Come on. Just pick up for the poor guy.”

You swallowed a sip of your beer as you settled more into the couch in your friend’s apartment. You stared blankly at the wall. “He ruined everything.” you shook your head, already feeling your anger creeping back into your body.

Your friend sighed as she leaned her head on her arm as she stared at you, “What did he do anyways?”

You glanced at your friend and took another gulp of your beer before muttering, “He fell in love with me.”

I didn’t mean to try you on

But I still know your birthday

Groggily Harry opened the door to see you smiling with a small bag in your hand and a bottle of champagne in the other. Harry was about to open his mouth before you interrupted, “Happy birthday!”

Harry glanced at the clock on the wall behind him, “You came all this way just to be the first to wish me happy birthday?” Harry’s heart swelled at the kind gesture you’ve done. Like he often does whenever you’re around, his stomach started feeling butterflies.

As Harry let you inside, you wrapped your arms around him, “Of course, H.” He smiled brightly as you turned and made you way onto the couch. You placed the items on the coffee table and patted the set next to you. “Come on! Open your gift!”

Harry let out a chuckle, any sign of tiredness leaving his body. As he sat next to you, you placed the bag in his lap and cuddled into the side of his body. He placed a kiss on your head before saying, “You didn’t have to get me anything.” You leaned up and placed a kiss on his cheek, “It’s your birthday, H. I’ll be crazy if I didn’t get you anything. Now open it.” Harry let out another smile as he took the tissue paper out of the bag. He reached in and pulled out a black leather journal with his initials engraved on it. “Open it” you smiled. Harry opened the journal to see on the first page, written in your handwriting, “To my best friend that always has a million thoughts going through his beautiful mind, Happy birthday. x”

So I’m sorry to my unknown lover

Sorry that I can’t believe that anybody ever really

Starts to fall in love with me

Harry looked at you with a sense of panic on his face. He tried reaching out to hold your hand but you were quick to pull it back. He sighed and with a shaky voice he said, “Please Y/N. Say something.”

You looked at his eyes filled with worry. “You…love me?”

Harry nodded his head slowly and looked down at his shaky hands. “You’re my best friend. You’ve seen me at my worst and my best. You are the kindest and most beautiful girl I know…How could I not?”

You quickly shook your head and stood up from the couch. You were about to storm out of Harry’s apartment before you turned around. “You can’t be in love with me! We’re friends! That’s it! You’ve ruined everything!” You turned towards the door before Harry gently grabbed your arm, “How did I ruin things! I can’t control how I feel!”

You pulled your arm out of his grip forcibly, “Because Harry! I don’t love you!”

Sorry I could be so blind

Didn’t mean to leave you

And all of the things that we had behind

You chuckled softly at the picture in front of you. In the picture was you and Harry when you guys were little. His hair was an absolute mess while you had that terrible bowl haircut every girl has had at least once in their life. You guys were chasing each other while your mom and Anne were smiling in the background.

Your mom placed a cup of tea in front of you as she sat across from you. Your mom was staring at you with a hint of sadness in her eyes. You glanced up from the photo album you were going though. You let out a small sigh, “What’s wrong?”

Your mom shrugged her shoulders as she stared at the mug in front of you. “I just always thought one day you guys would end up together.”

You quickly looked away before she continued, “Harry is such a wonderful guy. He’s always taken care of you, him and his family.

You nodded your head sadly in agreement, “That’s why it hurts so much. I wish I were able to love him the way he loves me but I can’t. I’m afraid this ruined our friendship completely.”

I run away when things are good

And never really understood

The way you laid your eyes on me

In ways that no one ever could

Harry let himself into your apartment with the spare key he had. While placing the bags of takeout he brought, he shouted out, “I hope you’re hungry Y/N! I went a little crazy when I saw this new-” You turned the corner with tears in your eyes. Harry immediately walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you, “What’s wrong, love?”

You buried your face into his chest and choked out, “Grayson was cheating on me.” Harry closed his eyes and pulled you tighter against him. You continued, “And she’s absolutely beautiful. No wonder why he got tired of me.”

Harry pulled back from the hug and held you at arm’s length. You were looking up at him with a broken heart and tears in your eyes. He stared at your face intently. “You’re absolutely gorgeous Y/N. Both inside and out. Any, ANY guy would be lucky to be able to call you theirs. Grayson is an idiot for hurting such an amazing girl.”

Your eyes teared up again, but not from sadness this time. They were tearing up that someone thought so highly of you. Harry pulled you back against him, “You’re fucking gorgeous, Y/N.”

And so it seems I broke your heart

My ignorance has struck again

Harry yelled out in frustration and sadness as you ignored another call. He threw his phone across the room and placed his head in his hands as he let out a cry. He didn’t think him telling he loves you would get you so furious. He always thought you guys shared a special connection and deep down, he thought you would have some sort of feelings for him. Never would he have thought you would tell him you didn’t love him. Every time he heard your voicemail when you didn’t pick up, he could feel his heart breaking more and more each time. He could feel you slipping away. At this point he wish he never said anything just so you can be in his life. At this point, he’s afraid he’s ruined everything.

Someone will love you

But someone isn’t me

After two weeks, you finally managed to pick up the phone and call Harry back. You arranged to meet him at the cafe you two loved so much. As you stepped inside, you saw Harry looking down at his mug with his foot tapping anxiously. You let out a sigh as you were about to let him down once again. You slowly made your way over to him, “Hey.”

Harry quickly looked up, “Y/N! I didn’t think you would show up.”

You gave him a slight smile as you sat down across from him. “I arranged for us to meet. Of course I would come.”

Harry was about to reply but he quickly closed his mouth. He was afraid of saying the wrong thing again. You noticed quickly and you could feel your own heart breaking seeing Harry so vulnerable. You reached over and took his hand. “I’m sorry.” you said.

Harry shook his head and gave your hand a squeeze, “I’m sorry for laying that out on you like that.”

You were about to speak before Harry continued, “But that doesn’t change how I feel. I love you, Y/N.” You visibly winced before speaking up, “I don’t think we should be friends anymore, Harry.”

Harry gasped, “No Y/N! This wouldn’t change anything! We can still be-”

You looked down at your lap, “But I don’t love you Harry. And I couldn’t live with myself knowing that if we continue being friends, you’re still pining after me when someone could be loving you the way that you love me. You deserve to be happy.”

Harry let a tear slip from his eye as he squeezed your hand tighter, “I can’t just let go of you, Y/N. You’re my best friend. That means something doesn’t it?”

You looked up at the ceiling as tears blurred your eyes. You looked back at Harry, “Please understand I’m doing this because I’m your best friend.”

thank you guys so much for the kind words! i hope you guys loved this as much as i did writing it! i hope it wasn’t too cliche lol don’t forget to let me know what you guys think/ want me to write next! 

Monsta X | Finding Out Their GF Has An Identical Twin Sister

Anonymous said:

hi !! got7 + monsta x reaction to finding out their girlfriend has an identical twin sister? thanks !! xx

“I thought I was hallucinating when you ran in the room and there were two of you,” Shownu said, trying to wrap his head around what had just happened.

He had gotten to your apartment late the night before, and was still asleep around noon when your sister showed up. Attempting to play a prank on him, you sent your sister in to your room to wake him up. But instead of acknowledging her, thinking it was you, he pulled her down onto the bed wrapping his arms around her causing her to freak out by the sudden Shownu bear attack. You had run in to see what the commotion was and Shownu was definitely surprise to see that there was two of you.

“No hallucination,” you said, “Just me and my twin sister.”

“No more pranks…at least not when I’m trying to sleep…I beg of you.”

Originally posted by kbap

A look of shock and relief would rush over his face when you told him that your twin sister was visiting. “Oh thank god, so you mean I’m not in trouble?”

“What? No…wait…Hoseok, why would you be in trouble?” you questioned.

“I walked into the apartment and saw, who I assumed was you cooking in the kitchen, walked over and said “hey babe” and may or may not have gave her ass a squeeze, and I got smacked,” he replied, “I thought you were mad at me about something.”

“No you’re not in trouble at all and though I highly dislike the fact that my sister got my daily butt squeeze, it’s my fault for not telling you, so you’re not in trouble for that either.”

Originally posted by wonho-be-mine

“So that’s why you weren’t laughing at my jokes…cause it wasn’t actually you,” he said, now sitting in front of both you and your twin sister.

“They really weren’t that funny,” your sister commented.

“Minhyuk is hilarous, and anyway you wouldn’t know a good joke if it gave you a lap dance,” you said, before you both proceeded to argue about Minhyuk’s jokes.

“Can’t it just go back to being one of them?”

Originally posted by wullahs

“How did you manage to hide this from me for so long?” he questioned when you told him that your identical twin sister would be in town.

“She may be my identical twin sister but she has her life and I have mine…we talk on the phone, but only get together when she’s in town or on holidays, soooo I didn’t really think about it too much,” you replied, “But I didn’t want you to come home and it be like some big surprise.”

“It’s still a surprise that you have an identical twin, Y/N…there are two of you,” he said, “This is gonna take me a little while to wrap my head around.”

Originally posted by wonkyuns

“So…who was I discussing the anniversary plans with?” he questioned, looking at you and your sister.

“I don’t know sis…was he talking to Thing 1 or Thing 2?” you joked.

“He was talking to Thing 1,” she replied.

“And which one is Thing 1?” he questioned.

“The one that didn’t need to know what lingerie you wanted Thing 2 to wear,” your sister replied.

“Why wasn’t I warned there was a Thing 1 and a Thing 2…I thought there were just sisters. Y/N…why would you do this to me?” he questioned.

“I told you…you fell asleep,”

Originally posted by garisanee

After he found out you had an identical twin he would spend the next several days trying to see if he could tell you two apart.

“If our parents haven’t been able to narrow it down in the last 22 years of life, you won’t be able-” you started to say only to get cut off.

“You’re Y/N and you’re Y/S/N,” he said pointing from you and then to your sister.

After a moment of silence your sister spoke up. “I can’t believe you actually did that…”

“I am the master of twin telling aparting,” he said.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself…we’ll see if you can do it again and then you can start boasting,” you said.

Originally posted by softseong

“Oh my goodness,” he said, looking at you and your sister as you stood in the living room, “I can only handle one of you and now you’re telling me there’s two.”

“Well you’re only dating one of us, so you still only have to handle one of us,” you said.

“I hope he’s not handling you too much,” your sister said.

“He handles me enough, thank you,” you said, looking at her and crossing your arms.

“This is what I was worried about,” Changkyun said putting a pillow over his face, “I won’t survive this visit.”

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Can I sit here? All the other tables were full (Yondu x Reader)


You hadn’t planned on coming to this particular bar. It just happened to be the one closest to your apartment. You would have never guessed it would be this packed on a Tuesday night. You had had a long day at work and you really needed a drink. People had been walking all over the entire day and you just wanted to be alone. Guess even that wasn’t going to happen tonight.

You ordered a drink taking it and deciding you’d try to find somewhere to sit. You checked everywhere but every last table was full. Until you saw in the back corner that there was a man sitting a booth all by himself. Normally you would have never done this but you had had enough today. You walked over taking a deep breath. You put your nicest smile on cradling your drink to you.

“Um excuse me sir?” You asked your voice barely loud enough to be heard over the busy bar.

Yondu was just thinking and drinking when he heard a voice by his side. He glanced over seeing a girl standing next to him. He couldn’t make out what she said but he could see he face turning red despite her smile. It was rare that someone just walked up to him at a bar, especially a Terran girl.

“Whatcha want?” He asked his voice gruff.

“Oh… I… can I… can I sit here? All… all the other tables are full.” You said quickly your eyes wide at his rough voice.

Yondu studied you for a minute before nodding. You quickly settled into the other side of the booth not saying anything. He watched you sip your drink. He was impressed at your choice of drink. He couldn’t help but wonder who would have the courage to just walk over and sit with him. You must have some balls of steel.

You sat there glancing up at the blue man across from you. Maybe you had made a mistake. He looked rough and his teeth were metal and sharpened. You tried not to stare but you noticed the scars that covered his face. He gave you a grin and your eyes widened before you looked back down. You were silent for a moment before you decided that you should probably introduce yourself.

“I’m…. I’m (y/n).” You looked up at him as you introduced yourself.

“Yondu Udonta.” He cocked an eyebrow as he watched you nurse your drink.

You gave him a small smile trying to seem nice. This was probably a bad idea. Instead of relaxing you felt more uncomfortable than usual. Especially because you could feel his red eyes burning into you.

Yondu watched as you didn’t react to his name. That’s when it clicked. You had no idea who he was. Why else would you walk over to him like that and just sit down. He grinned a little as he checked you out. You were a cute one for a Terran.

“Ya keep nursing yer drink like that an it’s gonna be hot by the time ya drink it.” He warned as he downed his drink before pouring another one from the bottle in front of him.

“Yeah I guess you’re right.” You blushed as you looked up at him.

You drank your drink quickly trying to do what he wants. You put the empty glass on the table and before you knew it he had poured you a drink too. You didn’t know where this was going but you were so sick of being scared of doing anything different or new. You took the drink missing the smirk that crossed his face.

“So… whatcha doin here?” He asked his eyes dropping to watch you drink.

“Oh… I had a bad day at work so I thought…. well I thought I’d get drunk…. you know to forget it.” You were kind of embarrassed to tell him this and you felt the blush cross your face.

“I know another way ta get rid of the stress and forget about work.” He grinned down his drink.

“And what is that?” You asked already kind of knowing what he meant.

“Why don’t ya take me to yer place and I’ll show ya.” He flirted.

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*curtsies* Dear Duke, I recently broke up with my boyfriend and I’m just devastated. I can’t concentrate on anything and it’s affecting my academic career. I used to love studying, but now I can’t even do my readings, let alone write my thesis. Do you have any tips on how to deal with academic obligations when everything seems to be falling apart?

*Curtsies* I’m sorry to hear that. It’s really difficult to focus on your academics when it feels like the rest of your life is falling apart. Here’s what I’d suggest:

  1. Remember that this temporary, not permanent. You are not going to hate academia forever just because you broke up with a boyfriend. It sucks right now because everything sucks right now, but don’t despair. Give it some time and you’ll probably love it just as much as you did before. (More on breakups in general here.)
  2. Let people know you’re struggling. You don’t have to get into the gory details (probably better if you don’t) but there’s no reason you can’t tell a professor or thesis advisor that you’re having a really tough time right now personally and you’re not at your best. They may not change deadlines or anything, but it’s still good for them to know. If nothing else they will probably be especially patient or generous with you. They’ve been there. They get it. 
  3. Get organized. Academic work is a lot less overwhelming when it’s not a chaotic mess. Make sure everything you need is where you need it. It can be easy to lose track of things when it feels like your life is falling apart, but staying organized will not only help you to stay on track–it will  also help remind you that your life is not completely out of your control. 
  4. Work in manageable chunks. Once you get organized, figure out exactly what you need to do each day to stay on track. A daily to-do list is a lot less overwhelming than looking at an entire semester’s worth of work and having no idea where to start. Similarly, when you do sit down to work, work for 25 minutes or half an hour (with no distractions) and then give yourself a short timed break. Working for a short burst is a lot less daunting than sitting down to work for five hours straight. More on this here.
  5. Take care of yourself. It’s impossible to pull yourself out of a funk–academic, emotional, or other–when you’re not taking care of yourself. So: eat well, exercise, get as much sleep as you can, and pamper yourself a little bit. Buy a special treat (not booze). Splurge on that Ghirardelli hot chocolate. Make yourself pancakes. Buy a new CD or a bath bomb (or both). Have a friend over just to work with you. (Even better? If you have a friend with a pet ask to come over and hang out with it. Fuzz therapy never fails.) Do what you can for yourself. Every little bit helps. 

Hope this is, also, somewhat helpful. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Good luck and don’t forget: you’ll survive this. 

Yugyeom Imagine - Paint

A/N - This was such a cute Yugyeom request~ Honestly though I wish I was super artistic and good at drawing/painting but I’m just so bad 😂 Hope you all enjoy the imagine!

Could you do one with Yugyeom where the reader likes to draw, paint, etc. and Yugyeom finds out you’ve been secretly drawing portraits of him? Love your writing btw!!

You were sat in your apartment surrounded by pots of paint with pencils scattered over the floor. You had recently gotten a burst of inspiration to draw and paint ever since your boyfriend posted a selfie to his instagram for all of his fans to see. Yugyeom was, as many often said, a work of art and just one look at him made you want to recreate his face through the strokes of your paintbrush. You’d gotten an idea to incorporate song lyrics into the painting but wasn’t quite sure how. In an attempt to get some more inspiration, you had your earphones in playing music loudly. Because of the music blasting into your eardrums, you couldn’t hear the sound of your boyfriend letting himself into your apartment with the set of keys you gave just a few short weeks ago. 

Yugyeom called out your name as he walked through your apartment, surprised to not hear an answer back. He knew you were at home since he’d been texting you earlier and you had said you weren’t going to leave the house at all today. He wandered around looking for you until he saw the door to your art room slightly ajar. He had never been in out of respect since he didn’t know if you’d want him to see your artwork. The last thing he wanted was to make you feel uncomfortable about it. This time, however, curiosity got the better of him and he peeked his head around the door.  A wave of relief flooded through his body when he saw you were there and just had earphones in, preventing you from hearing his calls of your name. Instead of disturbing you, Yugyeom stood there in the doorway as he just watched you draw and paint. He couldn’t quite see what you were painting because your body was covering most of it but he was able to recognise that you were painting a person, judging by the colours he could see.

Time continued to pass by and you still hadn’t noticed Yugyeom was there. He was entranced by the passion he could feel radiating from your body with each movement of your paintbrush on the paper. When he saw you sit back a bit, he realised you were done and the picture was in full view. He gasped at how precise it was. The last thing he had been expecting was for you to have drawn and painted him as well. Forgetting that you still didn’t know he was there, Yugyeom moved into the room and hugged you, making you jump from fright. 
“Oh my god how long have you been stood there!” You said, heart racing. 
“A while. Sorry I didn’t say anything but I was just watching you paint. It’s fascinating. I can’t believe how amazing this is either!”
“You like it?”
“I love it, (Y/N). You are so talented.”
“You don’t think it’s weird that I painted you?”
“No, I’m flattered that you’d actually want to paint me.”
“I was always worried you’d find it weird. That’s why I never really draw around you because I’ve drawn you a few too many times,” you admitted, a pinkish tint crawling onto your cheeks. 
“Can I see?” He asked, watching as you silently nodded and grabbed a small, leather-bound notebook and passed it to him. Yugyeom’s face lit up as he saw the images you had drawn of him. For the rest of the evening, he was begging you to teach him how to draw and paint so he could create little pieces of artwork dedicated to you. It was sweet but even with your guidelines, it’d take a while before his drawings looked anything like you. He was determined to be good though, and he stayed in your art room all night, experimenting with paint and colours until he had made something he was proud of.

Jared x Reader Pregnancy Head Cannons!!

Some Head cannons

Requested by: @averyto



- You don’t plan on getting pregnant, you and Jared were married but still living in your small apartment. Your period was late this month, too late, way too late.

- You left for work early telling a still sleepy Jared you had a big project you were working on. He smiled pulling you into him in a half hug, he did this every morning. He’d stand in your small kitchen, wearing only his underwear riding low on his hips, and wait for the coffee to finish brewing. And when you’d inevitably show up next to him he’d pull you into a soft hug and kiss the top of your head.

- You smiled kissing his lips, you were in love with him and you knew he loved you, but you just hoped he could love the little human that may or may not be growing inside you.

- On your way to work you stopped at the store and bought three pregnancy test, you texted your friends who worked with you, in need of desperate help. (Y/Best/Friend) told you to buy three in case you need a tie breaker.

- Once you arrived at work your friends ushered you to the bathroom and made you take the first one. They consoled you while you waited, telling you that everything would be okay and that Jared would still love you. They also made you chug two water bottles

- At the end of the five minutes you check the first test, positive. You weren’t surprised but you were worried. How would you tell Jared? Your friends told you that maybe it’s a fluke and they others would be negative.

- They were wrong. It became hard to focus at work, being that there were three positive pregnancy tests in a ziplock bag in your purse. You wanted to be able to show them to Jared, just to make sure he’d believe you.

- Your drive home was tense, when the traffic was slow you yelled at it to move faster. Once it sped up you yelled at it to slow down. Your fingers tapped the wheel quickly, your free leg bounced rapidly, you were practically shaking.

- When you got home Jared was in the kitchen making dinner, you quietly walked up behind him and hugged him from behind.

- “Oh Jesus. You scared me baby,” he said putting down his ladle and pulling you into a hug. “How was work doll?”

- “Oh um it was fine, slow,”

- “Are you alright you look stressed, what’s eating you?” He asked laying his hand on your cheek

- You laughed dryly. Yeah. He could say you were stressed. His eyes widened at your empty laughter, you’d only worried him further. You walked to the bedroom you shared and took of your uncomfortable work clothes switching them out for one of Jared’s large shirts and a pair of fleece pants.

- while you were gone Jared prepared the table for an impromptu date night. Needless you say, you were overwhelmed with love. You instantly broke down into tears, the day finally snapping you.

- in between all of your tears and sniffles you confessed.

- “Jared. Jared please stop fussing. I have to tell you something. No no no I’m not asking for a divorce, Squish. I’m. Im. Please don’t be mad. No no no I didn’t cheat on you. I would never. JARED. I’m pregnant. And before you ask it’s definitely yours.”

- “IM GONNA BE A DAD. IM GOING TO BE A FATHER. IM GOing to be a father. (y/n) i dont think im ready for this kind of responsibility. NO NO NO IM NOT LEAVING YOU THIS KID WILL BE OURS EVEN IF IT IS MAINLY RAISED ON MEMES, baby I love you so much, nothing has mad me happier than this news!”


- Jared instantly becomes 103838282782x more worried about you
• didn’t make it home on time? Worried texts

• you were driving and couldn’t answer the texts? A worried phone call

- At first you found this endearing but after awhile you were tired of it, especially as you got late into your pregnancy and were VERY V E R Y testy.

- He tried to act like the baby inside you didn’t effect him emotionally but the moment you start showing he squeals and leave a kiss on the bump.

- On his way home from work everyday he texts you asking what you’re hungry for, at first is normal stuff ice cream, chips, candies. But than it gets weird. You were seven months along when you asked for dragon fruit, Necco Wafer candies, and a shit load of hamburgers from Wendy’s

- You start calling the baby squosh after Jared’s nickname Squish. When he finds out he starts calling it that too.

- He loves to gently rub and leave kisses on your bump, and one day you woke up from your nap to find him talking to it “you know Squosh I’ll love you no matter what you are a girl, a boy, a Apache attack helicopter? Doesn’t matter to me, as long as you’re not a fan of the Despicable Me franchise,”

- You both decided not to figure out the gender until birth, wanting to keep it a surprise.

- On the day you were due Jared packed a bag of things for you in the hospital. And he packed it so early in the morning, he waited impatiently for you to tell him you were in labor, but you didn’t until three days later while he was in the shower.

- your contractions were fucking horrible, Jared actually started crying because you were in so much pain and he hated that he couldn’t do anything about it.

- During delivery Jared held your hand and told you to power through and you’ll be okay, you did not want him to keep talking “FUCK YOU JARED THIS IS YOUR FAULT, LEARN HOW TO USE A CONDOM KLEINMAN!” You screamed pushing again

- somewhere along the line he definitely made a “now there are gonna be two people in this house calling me daddy” joke

- you brought the baby home the next afternoon, Evan, the god father, watched them while Jared helped you take your first post pregnancy shower.

- He takes care of the baby ever night until they can be moved into the nursery, than it’s a “I went last time it’s your turn now” situation.

- He loved the baby as much as he love you and he actually started crying one day watching you breast feed them, he was overwhelmed with the realization that your so strong and will be such an amazing mother.

- god he loves you so much and would literally die to save you and your child.

- be good to him he needs you.



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One small kiss, pulling away for an instant, then devouring each other with Lin?

Lin had been working his ass off for months, writing, going to meetings about the multitude of projects he’s working on, appearing on television shows and doing interviews for magazine articles. He’s been so busy for so long it feels as if is the two of you have had no time to yourselves at all.

And now you’ve had enough, so you’ve taken it upon yourself to postpone an interview and a meeting he had planned just so that the two of you can spend a night together.

For the first time in months, your apartment is filled with the sound of music and the smell of his cooking. He looks relaxed, wearing an old pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt as he dishes up the food, bringing it into the living room and joining you on the floor where you’ve made what looks like a nest of blankets and cushions. 

You can tell how content and relaxed he is as the two of you eat in a comfortable silence, a small smile on his face as he sits close to your side, his leg brushing against yours. 

“Thank you for staying in tonight,” you say softly, resting your head on his shoulder after you’ve both finished. 

“Thank you for convincing me to stay in. I need this,” he admits with a soft chuckle. 

“I can tell,” you whisper, leaning in to kiss his cheek. 

He turns his face to capture his lips with yours, the kiss so small and soft before he pulls back. 

Your eyes glance at his lips before moving up to lock with his, suddenly you’re moving to sit in his lap, his arms encircling you as your lips lock together once more, this time more urgent. 

His mouth is heavy on yours, his hands rough as they move up and down your back, bunching up your shirt. Your hands slip into his hair, holding on tight as he pulls away, his breathing heavy. 

“To the bedroom?” He asks.

“To the bedroom.”

yesterday i was at central park with the same guy from last week and his phone died earlier and he took me to a secluded spot in the park and started making out with me and he layed me down on the grass and in my mind i was screaming bc i was like i can’t believe you just did that but anyways and after making out he was like do you wanna go back to your apartment so i can stick my phone charger into your outlet? and i was like yeah okay you need a portable dude and he was like oh i don’t mean that….i screamed! he’s crazy

Precious Raindrops {Yoongi}

Pairing: YonngixReader

Warning/Genre: Fluff, light smutt, use of babygirl and princess 

Excerpt: You assumed he was going to give you your food and the speaker and find his way back to the living room or bedroom. But Yoongi was full of surprises today, instead without a word he handed you your food and then dropped his low-hanging sweatpants to the ground and made his way into the opposite side of the tub lifting your legs and draping them across his own. 

Word Count: 1,499

Note: Made this upon request and omg i don’t think ive been this fluffy ever so i think i tried a bit too hard but idk. Also i wanted to let you guys know if you ever want PM me for any reason even if youre bored and just want to talk about space im down i luvvv new friends.  

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Kings Cage Epilogue Side Affects

First side affect occurs right after finishing the epilogue; you’ll be dazed and trying to comprehend what just happened, you might even read the epilogue over again which will just make your heart hurt even more. Then you’ll go on social media and see if anyone else is feeling the same way. And then you will spend the next year or so waiting for the next book. You will try to pass the time by reading fan fiction, maybe even making fan Fiction, reading memes, reading the little snippets the author post that tear your heart apart even more, and hope that the release date will come out soon

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Sounds accurate to me, anyone else?

La barrière de langue (The Language Barrier) – Jonathan Drouin

A/N: Hello people of Tumblr!!! Sorry about taking so long to update, I will work much harder to post more often… but thank you to everyone who has been reading the imagines posted and huge thank you to @had-to-skjei-it for all the hard work she puts into the imagines! This one is written by her and it’s set to take place before the trade happened, so Drouin still plays for the Lightning, not the Habs. Also, when he mistranslates something, or doesn’t provide a translation at all, I’ll add a correct translation in parenthesis. If the translation is correct, no parenthesis will be provided.

Warnings- Steam, swearing


You spent the past two hours locked in your Tampa Bay apartment crying. You didn’t want him to go. You loved him so much and its tearing you to pieces that you wanted to surprise him in his apartment and see him with another girl.
You try to forget, but everything reminds you of him. The window curtains were the same color as his eyes. The covers on your bed hugged you just like he did when you cuddled. The pink flowers on your nightstand matched the softness and color of his gentle lips that made contact with another girl. Your brain was against you. Replaying that memory that is causing you so much pain.

You curled yourself into a ball. You shoved your face in your pillow (that soon became soaked with your tears). You covered yourself with your covers so no one could ever find you.

You feel a hand on your back, through the covers. It had to be your imagination, your brain wanted to play more tricks on you to make you feel even worse. You could almost hear him say “Hey (y/n)”.

But the voice was different. An unknown force pulled the covers off just enough to reveal your face. You find the face of Jonathan smiling back at you.

“I heard about what happened with your man so I decided to pay you a visit, After all, I am your best friend,” He said with a smile. “And I know you keep a spare set of keys under your doormat.”

You and Jo have been close ever since he moved to Florida from Canada. You always knew how to cheer him up and he always knew how to cheer you up. When you saw his comforting face, you couldn’t help but feel relaxed. You could feel your body loosen itself from the tight ball you were in, but you still had tears streaming from your face.

Jonathan gave you an awkward face, and used his thumb to wipe the tears off your cheek.

Cradling your head in his large hand he said, “Ne pleure pas, je suis là,” He smiled again. “Don’t cry, I’m here.”

He had no idea how sexy he sounded when he spoke french to you. It just came naturally to him, growing up in Quebec and all. You knew no french at all so you always hope that what he says in english right after is a good translation.

“Viens ici, à côte de moi.” He sat on the edge of your bed and put his arm around you. “Come here, next to me.”

You sniffled a bit, and scooted a bit closer to him. You’ve known Jo for years, and you wouldn’t dare let on that you had feelings for him. After all, you are American. He is Canadian. You love hot weather. He loves cold weather. You can’t speak french. His first language is french. You are a student. He is a professional hockey player. It was a miracle that you two were friends in the first place. There was no way he would go for you at all.

“Don’t be afraid of me. I won’t bite!” He laughed as he pulled you in closer. You were so close to him that you could smell his cologne. It was so aromatic that you smiled as you inhaled.

“There’s the smile I was looking for. That’s my girl,” he said as he coaxed your head on his chest. “Now that I’ve gotten that beautiful smile out of you, what do you want to do? Wanna see a movie? Walk around outside? S’embrasser (kiss)?”
He didn’t give a translation for that last word. Strange.

“Jo? What’s that last word mean?”

“Hang out.” He said with a very straight face.

“Ok. Let’s do that. I don’t want to get up.”
“We can just talk for a while. Is that a good idea, ma chérie (my darling)?” He paused and stared at you right in the eyes for a couple seconds, “My friend.”

“Fine. What’s there to say?”

“That man was a fool to cheat on you. Only a complete moron would do that to someone as nice, smart and beautiful as you. He has no idea what he’s missing out on. You know what? Don’t you worry about men. They’re useless anyway. My Québécois grandmother used to tell me that men were like snowstorms. You never knew when they’re were going to come, how many inches you’d get, or how long they’ll last. Oh wait, I am a man.” Jo started laughing at his own joke, and his laugh was so contagious that you joined him.

“What I’m trying to say is I’m not a moron. I wouldn’t cheat on you or leave you or do anything that would be less than perfect for you.” He gave you a warm smile and leaned his head on your head for a second.

“Actually Jo, there was that time when you were trying to show off to me how well you could skate and you forgot to take off your skate guards and you fell face first into the ice. That was pretty moronic, Wouldn’t you say?” He was so good at getting your spirits up. He really was the perfect man.
“And Jo, there was also that time when you-“

Your heart skipped a beat. Your eyes widened, and then closed lightly. Was this really happening? Was Jonathan Drouin really kissing you? Did he really go in for that? He started the kiss all on his own. Your lips danced in a perfect rhythm for a few seconds until he released.

“C’est magnifique. Tu es parfait. Je te veux. Ici. Maintenant. You’re magnificent. You’re perfect. I want you. Right here. Right now,” he growled as he ran his hand through your hair and went in for some more.

Whatever wall there was between you was shattered in that instant. Your lips, tongues, and teeth fought with each other for what seemed like forever. You only paused when he pulled off your shirt, and when you pulled of his.

“I love you,” you managed to say between kisses.

“J'attends depuis si longtemps ce moment. Je t’aimais depuis le moment où je t’ai regardé pour la première fois. I’ve been waiting so long for this moment. I loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you.” You moaned as he unclipped your bra. “(Y/n), sache que je t’ai toujours aimée, que je n’ai aimé que toi. Believe me, I’ve always loved you, I’ve never loved anyone else.”

You were still in shock that this was happening. You didn’t know what to say. You only knew enough to kiss him back.

“Regardes-moi dans les yeux! Regardes mes putain de yeux québécois! Look at me in the eyes! Look at my fucking québécois eyes!” His eyes were bright and savage. “Look at the desire in them. They want you.”

You were so caught up in what was happening that you decided to play along with his dirty talk. “Hold me, Jo. Hold me so fucking close to you. I want to feel you breathe on me.” You moaned as he kissed your face and neck.

“Nous ne sommes plus ‘simplement des amis’. Nous ne prétendons pas être des gens que nous ne sommes pas. Je t’aime et tu m’aime. Nous sommes parfait l’un pour l’autre. (We aren’t simply “just friends” anymore. We aren’t pretentious to be people that we aren’t. We are perfect for each other.)” He smirked when he said this last line, and gave you a wild smile.

You were too busy kissing Jonathan to hear the sound of his belt unbuckling. He thrusted his body against yours. Biting your ear he whispered “Je t'aime (I love you).”

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Live Here

Sometimes thinking of titles can be challenging. I’m so sorry for the lack of stories today, but don’t worry, I’m working on them. As always, enjoy!


Since Antonio was working later than usual, Sylvie decided to stay at her apartment for the night.

As Sylvie sat down on the couch with her snacks in front of her, trying to have a relaxing night she heard a knock on the door.

She knew who it was before she even got up to answer it.

As she walked over to the door and opened it, a smile appeared on her face as she saw Antonio standing on the other side.

“How did you know it was me?” He asked. “I could have been a serial killer and as soon as you answered, I could have wormed my way into your apartment and killed you.”

Sylvie rolled her eyes, but her smile didn’t fade. “Got your text.” She said, referring to the text from him that said he was on his way over.

Antonio took a deep breath as he walked in her apartment. He closed the door behind him. “But still, you need to be more careful.” He looked at the shirt that she was wearing. “Is that my shirt?” He questioned. “Do you take my clothes and bring them to your apartment?” He asked, amused.

Sylvie shrugged her shoulders. “Not all your clothes.” She said, defensively. “I just took this shirt from you in case it happens that we can’t sleep next to each other and this helps me sleep.” She explained.

“When I start losing shirts and have to buy more, I know who to blame.” He said, jokingly. He thought it was sweet and kind of hot that she was wearing his shirt. “Now on to a more important issue, why are you here?” He asked as he looked around. Sometimes they end up here, like when he had to chase after her to wonder why she wasn’t at his place.

“I live here….” She let out slowly. “I  think the better question is, where am I supposed to be?”

“My apartment. I called you earlier to let you know that I was working a little later than usual so you didn’t have to worry. Not because I wanted to come home alone.” Truthfully he was so used to seeing Sylvie at his apartment that when she wasn’t there, he felt more lonely than ever. Obviously when she was working, he couldn’t expect her to be there, but when she had off, he didn’t want to be apart.

“Well. I didn’t feel comfortable being at your apartment alone. Besides, this is where I live and I feel like I pay rent for a place I don’t even stay at anymore.”

“Then we can stay here. I  don’t care. I just don’t want to be away from you. It’s a feeling I don’t like; being away from you.” He admitted. Then he turned his attention to the TV. “We can watch whatever you planned on watching. As long as I get to hold you, I don’t care.”

Sylvie looked at him for a few seconds wondering if he was okay. “Hey.” She said, placing her hand on his arm. “Is everything okay?”

Antonio looked at her, puzzled. “Yeah. I’m great. Everything is great. I just miss my girl and want to spend time with her. Is that a crime?”

Sylvie smiled softly and she shook her head. “Not a crime, that’s never a crime. Come on then.” She was happy that he wasn’t expecting her to pack everything up and go back to his apartment. She was already feeling relaxed, that just felt like more work.

“Wait a minute.” He said as he walked over to her door and locked it and then he walked back over to her. He sat down on the couch and then she sat down next to him.

Without wasting a second, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in his arms.

“My Lord. Once more, I shall raise this flag, for this country’s—no, this world’s salvation. Order has gone up in flames, and so much purpose has been lost. Our future vanished in but a second.
Listen to my words, brave warriors gathered here, legion of heroic spirits who retain their reason! No matter if you were sworn enemies or no matter how far your time periods apart, now you must entrust your backs to one another!
My true name is…..” 


Mistakes Are Made pt. 4

Misha x Reader

Summary: Misha arrives at your apartment in Franklin and confesses why he’s here.

Warnings: mention of abuse, language, unedited

Word count: 1879

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The sheets of paper spread out across the wooden table sufficed for a distraction from your mobile phone sitting beside you, that is, until it buzzed twice. You didn’t want to look at it, you knew it would be Misha telling you that he was here and he was heading to your apartment. You don’t know what you’re going to do when he does get here, it’s not like you can just avoid him when he’s going to be sleeping over.

You pressed the home button on your phone, watching the picture of your tiny British Shorthair kitten appear on the screen. Relief flooded through your body as you read the message from a guy from work asking where you might know where his jacket was. Your fingers tapped away at the keyboard before you locked your phone once again and placed back down on the table, your attention being brought back to the plethora of drawings that you’ve spent more time on than you have on anything else.

Mackenzie had always told you to take it easy with the all the drafts you had to make for your work but you knew you couldn’t. Your boss was somebody who needed everything perfect, which you completely understood was necessary as an employer, but it brought stress to you more than you’d like to admit. Half the time you were up all hours of the night, it felt like you were still back in college. 

Even though you barely got any sleep and you had more work to do than a high school student, it wasn’t all bad. It gave you some space so you could think to yourself and you were always accompanied by alcohol, so it wasn’t like you were completely alone.

A knock sounded at your door causing you to jump from freight, your nerves easily getting to you as you made your way towards it. You were surprised that Misha had actually decided to show up right now considering it was nearly two in the morning. Smiling softly, you opened the door and greeted him, “Hey, Misha.”

His smile mimicked yours. “Hey, I’m so sorry for coming on such short notice and for coming this late…” You gestured for him to enter and closed the door once he had. “I didn’t mean to wake you up or anything, I couldn’t find any hotel rooms.”

“Its fine, you didn’t wake me.” You replied, looking back over at the table that contained your nightmares. “I’ve been up for at least a good fourteen hours or so…”

Misha inched towards the table and observed one of the most recent drafts, his smile spreading from ear to ear. “These are really good, Y/n.” He complimented, his fingers brushing over the papers as he continued looking through the different bedroom designs. 

“Thanks.” You murmured, nervously fiddling with your fingers. “So, um, you can sleep in my bed if you want?” You didn’t realise how weird that sounded until it had already left your mouth. “I-I mean, I won’t be in there…obviously.” This wasn’t your night.

He chuckled slightly and shook his head. “I’m a big enough bother being here, I can’t take your bed.”

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Namjoon is fairly certain that he’s never been fonder of anyone in his entire existence. Sure, he’s fond of his members—practically his family and his best friends, but…none of them can make him feel like this. His heart is swelling in his chest, arms falling to his sides and eyes opening wide.

Adoration and possessiveness overtake his mind, and Namjoon is left staring as you unknowingly pad around your apartment, fingers hidden beneath the long sleeves of Namjoon’s sweater.

He has no idea when he’d left the sweater here, or whether you’d stolen it from him or not, but from now on he’s determined to get you to wear more of his clothing—because god you’re so fucking attractive to him…

“Joon?” you question when you finally catch him staring, and immediately he starts forward. One of his hands lands firmly on your waist, the other moving to cup your jaw, and before you can question where all of this is coming from he’s kissing you sweetly.

“Keep wearing my sweatshirts, ok?” is what he ends up whispering against your lips, and all you can think to do is nod.

**please don’t send me requests I’m just finishing up from a drabble game I posted a while ago. Thanks <3

Blue: Pt.15

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Previous part: [Pt.14]

Warnings for this part: blood, mentions of violence

The sight of Minhyuk standing in front of your apartment building made you feel a little relieved.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked when you stopped in front of him, making you furrow your eyebrows, confused. “Blue-eyed weirdos or vampires didn’t invade your apartment?” he tried to make the question sound less polite.

“Yes, I got to sleep soundly,” you said. “Despite having nightmares.”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” he stated and started walking. “You get them every night these days, don’t you?”

“Yes,” you said. “Since Yuna is living at my place. And I can’t avoid running into you or your friends.”

He didn’t say anything after that which resulted in a silence. “You are going to have to move,” he said after a bit.

“What?” you asked.

“It’s not safe to live there anymore.”

“It’s not like I have the money to just suddenly move. Besides, do you know how hard it is to find apartments with cheap rent?”

He glanced at you. “No one said anything about finding a new place. You’re moving to our place.”

“Excuse me?” you furrowed your eyebrows.

“Believe me, we don’t want you there but that’s probably the safest option right now. Someone is always home and the whole building is pretty much full of our kind, ones who are on our side. Besides, everyone already agreed to have you there for a while. You’ll get to go home immediately after we are done with this mess.”

How am I supposed to live with those seven? I won’t be able to sleep at all.

You clenched your teeth, thinking about how living with the seven guys was going to be an experience you’d rather not go through.

“You seem angry,” Hajoon stated, stuffing his wallet in his pocket.

You handed him the receipt. “Yeah, I am,” you told him and he looked at you.

“I’m listening,” he said innocently.

“What makes you think I’d tell a high school student about my worries?” you asked, crossing your arms.

He shrugged, still looking innocent as ever. “I’m also your coworker. And a good listener,” he grinned a little and took the plastic bag from the table. “Or so they say.”

His somewhat flirtatious smile made you cringe. “Yeah, maybe not. I don’t want to get involved with a child like you.”

“It’s not like we have a huge age difference,” he said, going back to the innocent look.

“Hajoon,” you let out a sigh. “No matter how much you try, I won’t open up to you. Got it?”


“Get going,” you cut him off and motioned him to leave. “Your lunch break is probably going to end soon.”

“I still have-“

Your phone rang and you took it out from your pocket immediately. You answered the call without looking who was calling. “Hello?”

It’s me,” Eunkyung’s cheerful voice beamed.

“Oh, Eunkyung!” you were more than pleased to hear her voice. She had just saved you. “As you can see, I’m busy,” you said to Hajoon, pointing at the phone you held against your ear.

He looked disappointed and slowly walked to the door, glancing back at you before exiting the store.

“You’re the best friend ever,” you let out a small sigh, smiling widely.

Really? What’s going on? Who were you talking to just now?” Eunkyung asked, chuckling lightly.

“Hajoon was trying to make me open up to him,” you told her.


You gave a laugh. “You don’t remember his name either? He is the part-timer.”

Ah, him! Oh my god, I feel so bad for not remembering his name…” she said.

“He just started wearing his name badge. It was lost for over a month,” you told her.

Oh, well then it’s not my fault,” she stated and you chuckled. “Anyway, I called to ask if you have time in the evening?

“I do, I’ll be free after five, I think,” you said. “You want me to come over?”

Uh huh. Let’s have a movie night.”

You smiled widely. “Sounds good. I’ll be there after work.”

See you then,” she said cheerfully.

“See you,” you said and hung up.

“Are you sure this is necessary?” you asked Minhyuk who had decided to walk you to Eunkyung’s place.

“I just want to make sure you get there without getting killed or kidnapped,” he said calmly, walking next to you.

“Kidnapped? Is that a threat too now?”

“You heard what that guy said yesterday. He and the others will do anything and everything to find Yuna and since you are now involved in this too, there is a possibility that they’ll try to do something to you.”

“Seems like my life has taken a turn for the worse,” you sighed.

“That’s why you should move to our place,” he brought up the conversation from the morning and you stopped walking. “There’s no way to guarantee your safety if you keep living at your own apartment,” he stopped too and turned to look at you.

You bit the inside of your lip. “Are you sure that’s the only option?”

“Yes, despite it being the one that pleases everyone the least,” he coldly said.

Your phone rang and you took it out of your pocket.

Are you coming?” Eunkyung’s voice asked before you could say anything.

“Yeah, I’m on my way,” you said.

Hurry, please,” she said and hung up.

You rang the doorbell of Eunkyung’s apartment. There was no answer so you reached into your bag, trying to find the key she had given you a while back. You unlocked the door and went in.

“Eunkyung I’m here!” you said loudly, expecting a cheerful response but the apartment was silent.

Maybe she’s not home…

You made your way in to her living room where you faced a terrifying sight. Eunkyung’s lifeless body laid on the comfortable couch, her neck covered in her own blood. You dropped your bag and ran over to her, gently cupping her face and turning it.

“Eunkyung? Can you hear me?” you asked, trying hard not to panic. She was showing no sign of life and your breathing became heavier and faster. You felt dizzy.

The doorbell rang which snapped you out of the dizziness for a bit. You wobbled to the door, finding it hard to walk straight. Once you opened the door, you were greeted by Minhyuk.

“Why…” you looked at him, confused as to why he was there.

“Vampires,” he hissed. Without another word, he pushed his way in past you and headed straight to the living room where Eunkyung still laid, lifeless.

You followed him, your steps wobbly.

Is this really happening? Am I dreaming?

You looked around the room. Everything looked normal apart from Eunkyung’s lifeless body that was on the couch. You picked yourself but

“She still has a pulse…” Minhyuk mumbled and your heart skipped a beat

It was as if you had seen a little bit of light at the end of a tunnel.

There is hope… There… There is hope… I have to… I have to call an ambulance…

You reached in to your pocket and pulled your phone out with shaking hands. You walked out of the living room for a bit and came back after barely managing to dial the emergency number and lifting the phone to your ear. You froze in the doorway though when you saw Minhyuk standing there, his hands bloody.

“She’s dead,” he said.

“What did you do?” you asked him immediately, dropped your phone and hurried over to her. “What did you do?!” you turned to look at him when you checked her pulse that was no longer there.

“It’s better this way,” he stated.

Your eyes widened and you stared at him in disbelief. “You… k-killed her?”

“She was in pain,” he said, trying to explain his actions.

“She was still alive! We could have saved her!” you yelled, tears streaming down your face. You had never felt that… broken before.


“My best friend is dead!” you screamed in his face. “She’s dead! And you’re the one who-“

“We have to go,” he was now the one to cut you off.

“I’m not-“ before you could finish your sentence, Minhyuk placed his hand on the back or your neck and you passed out.

You opened your eyes rapidly and sat up a little too fast, causing you to feel dizzy. You looked around and realized you weren’t in your own bed. It was the same bed you woke up in when Minhyuk had paralyzed you.

Why am I here?

Everything came back to you now. Eunkyung was dead. Your best friend had been killed by Minhyuk. Just when you were about to get up from the bed, you noticed Minhyuk enter the room.


“Go away,” you growled.

“I did the right thing,” he said, making you turn your head and look at him, disgusted and in disbelief.

“The right thing?” you repeated. “How is killing an innocent person doing the right thing?! There was hope!”

“You don’t understand,” he tried his best to remain calm.

“Damn right I don’t! Would you understand me if I just suddenly killed Hoseok for no-“

“Don’t say I didn’t have a reason to do it!” he growled.

You raised your eyebrows, tears stinging your already puffy eyes. “Oh, yeah? What was it? Was she pissing you off? Did she maybe ask you one too many questions?”

He just stared at you with those cold blue eyes of his and then closed his eyes for a bit, taking in a deep breath. “Listen,” he opened his eyes and was now speaking with a calmer voice. “She had obviously been bitten by a vampire.”

“Yeah, but she was still alive. She could be alive now if-“

“No, she wouldn’t,” he cut you off, making you furrow your eyebrows. “No one survives being bitten by a vampire.”

“Why?” you didn’t believe him. Or maybe you just didn’t want to.

“Vampires feed either by sucking the victim dry or by biting them. The latter causes way more pain to the victim even though the first one is also known to be extremely painful,” he took a small break. “The way a bite works is that the vampire leaves the victim alive, sucking out just enough blood to somewhat please their hunger and keep the victim alive. After that the vampire releases poison in to the victim’s remaining blood.”

You were quiet.

“The poison in a vampire’s fangs is as deadly as it is painful. It wrecks the victim’s blood vessels and usually they choke on their own blood or they die because of the excessive internal and/or external bleeding.”

Tears were stinging your eyes.

“Whenever me or the others find a victim like that we kill them. Eunkyung was no different from the others we have seen. Believe me, it was better for her to die the way she did instead of being killed by that poison.”

You buried your face in your hands, taking in a shaky breath. Your heart was beating so loudly you could hear it. Breathing hurt. Every breath you took made you feel like something was stabbing your throat, not to even mention the fact that you felt like your throat was more like a thin straw now: you couldn’t seem to be getting enough oxygen no matter how hard you tried.

“This was in the apartment,” he handed you a piece of paper after walking over to the bed and stopping in front of you who was still sitting on it.

Got tired of waiting, it said and you looked up at Minhyuk, terrified. “Does this… Were they there waiting for me?”

“It wasn’t your fault,” he said with a serious expression.

“She called because they were threatening her…” your breathing became more panicked and tears rolled down your cheeks without you even noticing. “She… Minhyuk she died because of-“

Minhyuk cut you off by putting his arms around you and making you rest your head against his chest.

“W-what are you doing?” you asked, too surprised to move.

“It’s called trying to comfort someone,” he said.

You could hear his heart beating as you rested your ear on his chest. It was beating calmly. “Why are you trying to comfort me? I thought you don’t give a rat’s ass about me.”

“I don’t,” he admitted. “But it doesn’t exactly feel nice to see you like this.”

Not knowing why you were letting him embrace you, you let your tears roll down and wet his shirt while you tried to calm down your breathing.

“The reason why I showed you that note is so that you can see what the higher-ups are capable of doing,” he calmly explained.

You lifted your head, making him loosen his arms around you. “The higher-ups? They were involved in this?”

He looked at your teary eyes quietly for a few seconds. “Yes. They knew she was Yuna’s soft spot and your friend. This was an attempt to make Yuna come out from hiding. They thought she would be stupid enough to let this ruin everything. ”


You flinched a little when he gently cupped your cheek with his hand and wiped your tears away. His familiar blue eyes looked at you with unfamiliar warmth and you couldn’t look away. His gaze calmed you down for some reason.

“Minhyuk,” Minhyuk looked towards the door and you did the same to see who it was. Hyungwon was standing there, looking at Minhyuk. “You should come,” he said and Minhyuk immediately walked there and they exited the room.

You got up from the bed and followed them. Soon after you found yourself in the living room where the seven guys were all standing. It took you a few seconds to notice that Yuna was sitting on the couch, her face buried in her hands.

“Did she suffer?” she asked with a shaky voice and everyone looked at Minhyuk.

“I believe she had been like that for at least half an hour. I took her life as fast as I could,” he answered the question.

Yuna took a loud, shaky breath.

“There is nothing we could have done,” Minhyuk said, his voice sounding oddly comforting despite his expression being the usual cold one.

“I know,” she said. She slowly lifted her head and looked at you. “I’m so sorry,” she said to you with a broken voice.

Her eyes weren’t teary and there was no sign of tears anywhere on her face but her gaze made your heart ache. Her blue eyes were filled with sorrow you couldn’t even imagine experiencing. They were glazed and even though she wasn’t crying, her icy orbs had melted in to what almost looked like two pools of tears.

“Me too,” you said and tried to swallow down the lump in your throat.

Her glazed eyes moved slowly to your hands. You looked down at them and your stomach twisted when you saw the red dried up blood on them.

“Is that her blood?” Yuna asked.

You couldn’t look at her and just nodded, your closed eyes filling with tears.

“Excuse me,” she stood up and hurried to the nearest door and went inside the room behind it, most likely not even knowing what room it was. After closing the door behind her she let out a scream that was so powerful that you felt like it reached your soul. It wasn’t a normal scream. You could hear from it how much pain she was going through, you could hear her heart being torn apart.

“I think we no longer have to worry about her not being on our side,” Kihyun said with a low voice. 

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anonymous asked:

Todo!Angel fell in love with Crush!half demon/half human. Scenario how they interact and crush is so damn sweet (their persona is more human) and even tho they shouldnt be together and are not allowed to interact he cant help it bc he is so hopelessly in love? So he steals a kiss from them when there is a moment where his adoration for them is so overwhelming? Fluuuff onegaishimaasu, love your blog man T^T

Aww! Omg I’m smiling!

Todoroki Shouto:

“Marshmallow, where are you?” you ask, walking around your apartment. As a demon and an Angel, you and Todoroki had to be concealed. But nobody would expect you to be living in the middle of Miyagi in a two bedroom apartment.

“In the kitchen,” Shouto called, smiling to himself at that name. Of course you had given him that nickname. As a Cambion, you could see Shouto’s wings just fine. One was fluffy and white, one was sleek and red. Calling him Marshmallow was a take on his fluffy snow-like wing, that is soft and cool to the touch.

“What’cha cooking?” you inquire, sneaking up behind him and appearing next to him out of the blue. He flinches, a spray of faint blush glowing on his cheeks.

“Pancakes,” he mumbles, nibbling on his bottom lip. You grin excitedly, jumping up and down on the spot.

“Ooh! We haven’t had those in a while!” 

He nods faintly, standing a little bit away from the stove as he flips one of the cakes upside down to cook. He couldn’t help but get flustered when you are this near him. Of course, you live together, which is forbidden by Heaven and Hell, but he fell in love with the human in you. Eventually, he fell in love with your demon side too.

“Could you do me a favor and get out the plates please?” Shouto asked, gracing you with little smile that held so much meaning. He didn’t smile as much as an Angel should.

You set the table up and pace around the room excitedly, singing little made-up melodies about pancakes and angels. He found it plainly adorable. He served up the pancakes onto the plates, watching your delighted expression as he frosted them with pearly whipped cream and topped red strawberries.

“It looks so good, Marshmallow!” you take yours and cut off a piece. His ears flushed a little, nearly dropping the can of cream out of distraction of how cute you were.

“Mm,” he hummed in response, not able to come up with a more pliable remark.

His gaze softened as he watched you, resting his chin in his hands with comfort. This was perfect. You were beautiful. He wished just to reach out and touch you, out of pure love. And before he knew it, his fingertips skimmed over your hand as he leaned in to ease his lips upon your own. It was as pleasing as he imagined it would be.

You were frozen, having not expected that at all. The saccharine taste of strawberry and cream mingled with the kiss, only enchanting Todoroki even more. “For a half-demon, you are rather Heavenly.”

“Please do that again, Shouto.”

“Your prayer is my honor.”