for your apartment

in high school they called you a fruit so you became one

you let the rind of a lemon harden on the windowsill of your studio apartment

there are a lot of bright lights outside because you live in the city but your eyes disregard them and stay fixed on the dulling yellow skin as it desiccates in the cool dry air

you regard it thoughtfully as you drink water which you squeezed the remaining half of the lemon into this morning before chewing up the pulpy mess and letting it fall into your body

the water is as warm as the room you stand in and it is tart and it is good in the way lemon water usually is for you

you love sour things and you have always loved sour things and it is very likely that you always will love them very much unless your cellular structure changes in the next few years on hormones in a way that makes them unpalatable to you

you hope not but if change comes you won’t fight it you’ll just find new things to love

a new thing you love is beets and sometimes you eat them raw now

you don’t wash them because you like the taste of soil and even though beets already taste like soil you want more soil in your mouth and in your belly

the taste of being buried alive to match a similar lifelong sensation 

sometimes your chest feels tight like it’s packed in earth and when you bite into a beet and close your eyes the taste and smell travel into your brain in a way that reminds you of a hole you once fell into as a child and maybe never climbed out of

but this isn’t about beets or the earth or darkness or something pressing on your chest

this is about lemons

you stole a lemon from a bar last night while you were drunk and you put it in the pocket of your denim punk jacket before leaving your friends 

it was a good night for a lot of reasons and stealing the lemon felt like a good way to finish it

a yellow period against the end of a rambling slurred sentence

you drink the lemon water and as you tilt the glass back the seeds that aren’t stuck to the bottom hit your teeth before you swallow those too

you remember the stories you heard as a child about fruit growing in people’s bellies after they accidentally swallowed their seeds whole

sometimes you want to put enough earth into yourself that something can take hold inside of you

your belly wants to swell with thick dark roots

you imagine a trunk reaching from your throat and through your teeth as you tilt your head back to give it a clear shot out of your body

its limbs spread its leaves darken to green its buds burst into little white flowers and soon fat lemons pull themselves into existence on the branches

they go green then yellow then some fall off

people come and take some while the rest rot

insects climb on the rotting lemons and fly away in dizzy circles drunken from the fermenting sugars

you once read that fruits are analogous to ovaries in animals and now you have gone from having none to having many growing from you and falling and more growing again

some of the seeds make their lives around you and rise into little sprouts

some people and animals have carried your children far away to live in other soils

they all grow up to be strong and healthy and friendly to birds

their lemons are all woman shaped

you are a lemon shaped woman

you set the glass back down on the counter 

you pick up the rind and throw it in the trash

you are the only fruit in this place now

Yes, You came when I called; you told me, “Do not fear.” Lamentations 3:5
Fear is one of the most damaging emotions that can paralyze you. Prophet Jeremiah had to deliver the most unpopular message to the nation of Israel. He was so hated that they tossed into a pit and threw stones on him. In his fear he cried out to the LORD. The LORD comforted him saying, “Do not fear!”
God is in control of whatever you are going through.If you are afraid that your life is falling apart, don’t be. God is saying to you, “Do not fear!” No matter what you’re going through, no matter how bad your circumstances appear, turn from your fear, Jesus is able to rescue you and restore everything you have lost. Trust Him.

Sorry (Woozi)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Woozi fluff/angst ^~^ Maybe where he gets mad at the reader because he’s stressed and he tells her to leave but then one of the members confronts him and he shows up at your apartment to apologize

You stared at the side of Jihoon’s head as he worked. “Woozi-” “working” he simply said as you sighed. “Why did you want me to come over if we aren’t doing anything?” you ask. You slid from your spot on his bed and place your hands on his shoulders as he shrugs them off. He ran his hand through his hair as your hands were on his shoulders as you started to massage them.

“Stop it” he growled as he shoved your hands off again. “Jihoon-” “leave I’m stressed enough without you being here” he said as he looked at you. Your jaw clenched as you grabbed your bag. “You know what don’t call me tonight like normal. I’m just gonna annoying you” you say as he sighs “Y/N-” he said as he followed you out of his room.

“Screw you I’m done with you for who knows how long" you say as you begin leaving. “Dude” Seokmim calls as he watched the whole thing unfold from the bathroom door. “Why are you just standing there?” he asked Jihoon who rolls his eyes. “You know she could dump you?” Seokmin says as Jihoon nods.

“It takes a lot to date an idol. Dealing with our schedules. She’s cheered you through everything-” “alright I get it” Jihoon says as he grabs his jacket and rushes to the door. “Dk” he says as Seokmin looks at him “thanks for being annoying” he said as Seokmin gives him the thumbs up.


He knocked on your door and sighed he wiped his hand on his pants holding a bouquet. Your door opened slightly as you looked out and rolled your eyes. “Hey I’m sorry” he says right away as he holds out flower. “Thanks for dealing with me for 2 ½ years” he said as you smiled a little taking them from him. “Stop being a jerk to me” you tell him as he smiles. “Come” you tell him opening the door more allowing him to come inside.

Unexpectedly/ Conor Maynard

Request: Conor imagine where the readers parents and grandparents surprise visit her after being away for a little and when they arrive they use their spare key to walk in and they see the reader and Conor being cute and are surprised because they hadn’t known about him?? Thank you!!! 

 “You look really handsome today.” You blurted out making Conor pause the movie as he laughed and looked at you.

“You think?” He asked, smiling you nodded.

“Mhm.” You scooted closer to him to hug him. “I love when your hair is all messy, makes you look cuter than normal.” You kissed his cheek.

Between all the compliments and kisses you were giving each other, you didn’t hear your front door open and the four pair feet hitting against the wooden floor of your apartment approaching you.

You hugged Conor and when you rested your head against his shoulder you finally saw them, looking right at you and your boyfriend snuggling on your couch with huge smiles on their faces.

“Oh, my god.” 

 “What’s wrong, babe?” Conor asked Confused before following your sight and seeing your parents and grandparents there. “Oh, well,” he said “I guess you should introduce us now.”

“Right.” You chuckled awkwardly as you stood up, taking his hand to walk closer to your family.

After introducing your parents and grandparents to your boyfriend, you all sat down on the living room, and when you looked at your dad’s look, you knew that the questions were next.

“So, what do you do, Conor?” He asked, catching Conor’s attention.

“I’m a singer, I upload covers to YouTube and drop singles every now and then.” He smiled.

“How long have you two been dating?” Your mum asked sweetly before your dad could ask anything else.

“Five months.” You smiled. “I would’ve introduced you before you left but we had been dating for only two months then, and I wanted to make sure he was worth it.” You teased, looking at Conor.

“And that’s all you do? I mean, do you have enough to live by with just that?” Your dad asked again.

“Dad, oh my god, can you-” Conor squeezed your hand and smiled at you when you looked at him.

“It’s okay, gorgeous.” He whispered. “I get paid a certain amount of money for the views my videos get, and up until now I’ve been doing really well, so money is nothing to worry about.” He said, the smile never leaving his face.

You were actually surprised at how calm he was, and also glad that he didn’t get nervous, when he did he talked way too fast and it was almost impossible to understand him.

“So, may I ask how your trip was?” He asked, making your grandma start talking about their three month trip around Europe.

“You are amazing.” You whispered against Conor’s cheek before giving him a kiss there.

“Thanks.” He smiled at you. “I know.” You chuckled and continued listening to your family talk.

Addicted - Jughead x Reader

Request: Could you please write a jughead x reader where the reader is addicted to drugs and takes pills and smokes weed

Warnings: Drugs, drinking, smoking, violence, swearing, angst

Word count: 1400

A/N: I was thinking about ideas for this request and I decided it has too much potential for just one part, so if it gets requested a fair amount I’ll write a part two :) So let me know if you want one :)

As you sat smoking on the fire escape of your small apartment, you imagined what your first day of school would be like; you got a text on your phone, it was FP Jones, he needed you to pick him up from the bar he was drinking at. You groaned as you flicked your cigarette out onto the street and climbed back through your window.

Your father had died fairly recently, you two weren’t that close, you hadn’t been since long before your mother had left, she had had enough of your father’s antics, the gangs, the drugs and the drinking, so one night she left him. You just woke up one morning and it was like she had never existed. When he died, you were still in high school, so he left you under the supervision of his oldest friend, Forsythe Pendleton the second.

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Sitting at your apartment, you sipped your coffee. After everything that happened with Jimin, you decided to take a week off from work just to completely recoup. Scrolling through the news, your jaw dropped. An article popped up. How I put my brother in prison. You re-read the title a million times, but finally you opened it. It was a viral post that people were constantly sharing, but it hit incredibly close to home.

When I would do something wrong, I would twist the story and my brother would fight for me. He protected me from people that I didn’t need protection from, but he didn’t know that. I preyed on my brother’s unconditional love and his need to protect me from the world. Soon, I had completely forgotten that I wasn’t invincible.

Most of you may know my brother, Park Jimin, as a criminal, but I want to tell you that he had no idea he was committing a crime. I didn’t tell him about my crimes, I didn’t tell him I had fled the country, I hid all of my secrets from him and he suffered.

Jimin was only doing what he had promised when he was young. He promised me that he would always protect me. But what I want to tell him is that he shouldn’t protect me from the world. He should protect himself from me.

Your eyes stung with tears as you read the post. JiHyun had posted it and people were sharing it at alarming rates. They found it heartwarming that a younger brother was looking out for his older sibling, but also heartbreaking. Scrolling to the comments, you saw a ton that asked the government to relook into the case, many were pushing for a petition to be signed to get Jimin released, and some cried that he was still a criminal. However, most supported Jimin and hoped for him to be released. You picked up your phone, but before you could dial a number, your boss was calling.

Y/N. His stern voice threw you off guard.

Yes? You answered and he sighed.

I need to take you off the Park Jimin case. You’ve had too much involvement with his brother and now with this post, have you seen it? He asked quickly and you told him you had. Well this post is causing us nothing but grief, we need to vet that this is JiHyun and then we have to make a deal. But you can’t be there. He said and your mouth hung open.

Why? You muttered, but your boss was already complaining about the mountain of paperwork he now had to complete because of JiHyun’s post. You sighed and hung up the phone. You thought about calling the house, but instead you laid down and put a hand over your eyes.

A flood of memories popped into your head. The little things that Jimin would do when you came into the house. How he would smile at you and his giggle would light up your day. But now you dreaded what the government was going to do, how they would react, you weren’t there to protect him anymore. You couldn’t help the sigh that escaped your lips once more. It hurt to know that Jimin would probably blame himself for you leaving, he would assume that him and his brother were the cause, but you knew you couldn’t reach out to him. The tears streamed down your face. It’s not supposed to be this hard. You whispered into the empty apartment.

Jimin stood in your office as the movers took everything from your desk. He watched intently and with a deep scowl on his face as they packed up boxes of papers and journals. Stripping away the light and life that you brought into that place. He walked back to his room and Yoongi knocked on his door.

What? Jimin said and Yoongi chuckled.

Wow, show me how you really care. He jeered and Jimin didn’t break his angry gaze.

Y/N is gone. No note, no warning, she said she was going on a couple day leave, now they are taking her things. Jimin threw his hands in the air, but Yoongi shook his head. Pulling his tablet out from behind his back, he lightly tossed it at the angry inmate.

Things aren’t as black and white as you thought. Yoongi replied and Jimin scanned the document. It was your hacked file and under your reason for leaving, there was a simple message.

Forceful reassignment? Jimin read it aloud and Yoongi nodded from the doorway.

Guess her bosses thought she was getting too cozy with us, plus with your brother coming to join the house, I’m sure they just wanted a new, clean slate. Yoongi shrugged. And I was actually starting to like her. He murmured and Jimin nodded.

Jimin didn’t tell anyone, but he was not only starting to like you, he was really starting to fall. He saw you as an escape from the pain that the house brought, he saw you as a center of calm in the chaos that was his life, but now you were gone and he didn’t know what to do. Looking at the document, he looked up at Yoongi.

I can still forge. He quietly spoke and Yoongi raised an eyebrow. Maybe, her boss will listen to a more intense government official. Jimin contemplated the idea, but he could see you shaking your head vehemently in his mind. He pictured you looking at him with disapproval in your gaze, Yoongi tried to humor the idea, but Jimin shook his head. No, no. She would kill me if I broke the law now. Jimin murmured and Yoongi left the room.

Jimin wanted to make you proud, even if that meant you were not longer his doctor. Jimin would try to do the right thing, so he could look you in the eye as a free man one day.

The very least

But I did care
about the fears
that kept you awake
long into the night
I held on as you
wanting to make
things right
Loved you with every part
body, mind and soul
Shone my light
into your dark
Tore myself apart
Just to make you whole

Finally you had the strength
you never had alone
Filled with light and love
as I, slowly, turned to stone
Laughing in your wonder
burning, as I grew cold
Eyes of light and thunder
words so brave and bold
You left me in the morning
Sunlight streaming through
Alive while I lay mourning
The very least
that you could do

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hello, i'm extremely sick, and inspiration for a headcanon based on my current condition rose to the occasion. the moment that peter parker heard that you were sick with the flu and not at school, he immediately rushed to your apartment to take care of you when the bell rang. he knocked repeatedly on your window, and you groggily woke up from your nap to open it. "peter, what are you doing here?" "you're sick and you need my help." "peter as much as i appreciate your concern let me (1/?)

point out that i am extremely contagious and you shouldn’t even be in this room breathing the same aIR AS ME.“ "c'monnn lemme take care of you just this once.” you groan and let him go to the kitchen to make you food. you really didn’t wanna burden him but then five minutes later he comes in with some tea and chicken noodle soup like some angel sent from nurse heaven. he brought you more blankets and cuddled you after you finished your soup. then a week later he got sick, and it was your turn. 


A Promise (Tony Stark x reader)

10 Days – 10 Stories: Day 9 – Tony Stark

Summary: You have broken up with Tony a while ago but suddenly, he’s sitting in front of your apartment and wants you back.

A/N: This is my first ever Tony Stark imagine! Man, I really loved writing it, I just hope it turned out alright :)

Word count: 1,571

(Y/N) = your name

Warnings: angst, a kiss


* * *

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Guillotine - Jughead x Reader

Request: A Jughead x Reader based on the song Guillotine by Jon Bellion

Word count: 1427

Warnings: Sweaaaringgg

A/N: I’m really sorry I don’t know where I was going with this, anyways Anon, I hope I did your song justice :) Requests open :)

Sleep on me, feel the rhythm in my chest, just breathe

Jughead Jones was your best friend. He lived with you in your one bedroom apartment, and one night you couldn’t sleep, so you rolled over to an unconscious Jughead and put your head on his chest, his breathing mixed with his heartbeat was like a lullaby for you, and you fell asleep cuddling your best friend, and that’s how it started, you developed feelings for Jughead, and he started developing feelings for you, you both acknowledged it without having to actually talk about it, you were still best friends, but just best friends who were unconditionally in love with each other.

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second thing here, i came up with a list of things that can be good to do when male presenting in order to feel more comfortable and appear more stereotypically male if one should wish: gait and pose help a lot, standing with your hands in your pockets and walking with your feet shoulder width apart can help. obviously short hair is v androgynous which is coo. makeup can help you out a lot with that kind of thing as well, look up tutorials for male looks on youtube. glasses might help too? (1/2)

(2/2) it depends on your individual aesthetic. if you have a binder then obviously that’s super helpful. shorts look great and masculine if they’re long or loose. loose jeans and trousers help, male clothes tend to be loose fitting around the back and give a straight figure so that may help too. feel free to not use in any way if you should wish, if any of this is helpful at all then that’s cool if not then that’s cool too C: thanks for your time [/end]

(there’s been quite a few people asking about “passing” so i’ll post this. but no one should feel like they have to “pass” as anything if they don’t want to. this is specifically for people who need to “pass” for dysphoria relief or whatever)

to add on- there are specific short haircuts that look more “masculine” but there are also “masculine” ways to style long hair too. glasses can be helpful if you wear them, but look for rectangular frames, ideally from the men’s or boys’ section (if that’s not possible, there are “women’s” glasses that fit the bill- i “passed” as male the whole time i had my last pair of glasses, which were “women’s” glasses. loose clothes can be helpful, but they should still fit you. 

- jay

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the RFA's plus V and unkowns reaction to finding out that MC collects something (can be anything like those small pokemon figurines, or keeping any greeting card they ever gotten, Banana Labels, Candles, Dice, extra)

* whilst on a date you brought up your glass doll collection
* It wasn’t anything big just hand me downs from grandmother
* But mister trust fund kids over here see this as a perfect opportunity to spoil you
* You now have a shelf full of the lil glass dolls
* He loves seeing things that makes you happy
* Whenever he travels he’s on the look out for them
* Anything that makes you happy makes him happy

* after visiting your apartment one day he notices your record player and your collection of vinyls
* He thinks it’s really neat!
* He loves your passion and shares your passion for music
* loves surprising you with rare vinyls on special occasions
* You surprise him one day by playing a vinyl of a musical soundtrack he was in
* You start playing it and he’s just
* !!!! That me !!!!!!
* After a stressful rehearsal you just listen to records and cuddle
* Really nice tbh


* so this boy tries to wow you with is LOLOL card collection
* Well surprise
* Because you have one two
* (And it’s better than his)
* He now sees you as 24601% cooler
* Loves bragging about your collection to his friends
* is low key jealous tho
* You two are nerds

*She’s never really collected thing
*But she finds it super endearing that you collect mugs
*Soon enough she’s collecting them too
*Now the two of you make it a point to buy a new mug whenever you go somewhere interesting
*(Eventually there’s not enough room for all of them in the cabinets)
*Her favorite mugs are the ones with intricate designs and crazy details
*You two also end up putting some mugs up in the coffee shop for decoration

*This boi literally collects cars
*take that how you will
*BUT he likes to help you collect figurines
*(ha kind of like the Pop Funko characters)
*maybe he likes it a little too much
*“Seven stop, we don’t need 9 figurines of this character.”
*“But MC this one is limited edition!”
*They’re scattered all around your house
*There’s no set shelf to put them on
*So a few of them might be lined up near the kitchen sink

*Really intrigued when you tell him you collect candles
*Tbh candles are his favorite things
*Sometimes, the two of you will sit around and determine which of the candles are your favorites
*Even before he met you, he always had candles in his house
*So he likes to help you add to your collection

*He never had the opportunity to collect things
*So its a completely different experience for him when he learns that you collect greeting cards that have been given to you
*He’s happy that you have people in your life that take the time to send these
*He loves to sit and look through all of them with you
*His favorite cards are the ones that have little drawings inside
*Whenever he gives you a card now, there’s always a little doodle inside
*but don’t you dare tell anyone

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Hello! Sorry for bothering you, I'm that person that talked about that bad end where Reigen ended up haunting his apartment in your (great) doc? Well, as I was trying to draw some of those ideas and I ended up thinking about how lonely Reigen is, and THAT lead to imagining another kinda sad idea/Au for him, so I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to the angsty potential of this character, it's beautiful

dude no PROBLEM YOU ADDED A WHOLE BUNCH OF COOL IDEAS TO THE DOC SO I THANK U FOR THAT!! and dude listen the True End thing is strongly upsetting im so glad yall were in this with me

Sometimes, right when you think your life is getting better, then everything falls to pieces and you end-up right back where you started. In those moments just remember, that right when your life has fallen apart, something unexpected will come along; a new person, friend, opportunity or discovery, that will help you put the pieces back together again. Things may be different, but you will love your life again in time. — Bryant McGill

Adulting 101

I’m going to start posting a weekly blurb called “Adulting 101″. Basically a list of 10 things that I have learned since I started living on my own, the list changing every week. I’m also going to @ two of you lovely followers each week because I see ya’ll reblogging everything I post and ya’ll make me feel special.

Today big shout out to @lifehacksthatwork and @b1polar-thoughts. Please go love them! And without further ado…

1. Important documents. One of the first things you should do before you move out is get all your important documents from your parents/guardians. I’m talking your Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, high school or college transcripts, banking information, etc. Trust me.

2. Get a store discount card. I save an average of $20 per $100 shop at Stop & Shop and as of today I’ve saved $125 at CVS.

3. Buy herbs. Herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme are very easy to maintain and yield a big bang for their buck. They are cheap, hardy and easy to cook with!

4. Wash those sheets. Wash your sheets once a week (if you can afford it), it will really make a difference in your skin care.

5. Help your bathroom. Always, always, always leave your door or window open after you shower. Black mold is no joke and is easily preventable but not easy to eliminate. I leave my bathroom window open in the summer and my door open in the winter.

6. Freeze everything. I buy in bulk, separate into meal portions, and then defrost as needed. Waste not, want not! I do this with loaves of bread, cookies, meat, etc.

7. Buy xmas lights. I have xmas lights strung up year round, they’re cheap and really brighten my apartment up. 

8. Have pet, will lint roller. If you have a pet, get a lint roller. Seriously. There’s nothing worse than going to an important interview or event and realizing that you look like your cat’s mutated half-human sister.

9. Posters are cheap, frames are expensive. Frames are sometimes three times the price of the poster! And what’s worse is that the cheaper frames fall apart almost instantly and look terrible. 

10. Late night worries. If you’re out late at night worried about your safety use an app to share your location with a friend. Those with Iphones can actually just “share my location” on a friend’s contact page or use “Find My Friends”. It This is something I do all the time