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Hello everyone! My blog is almost 2 years old and I met more friends along the way which made my tumblr life more colorful (^_^). To all my wonderful followers especially new mutuals, thank you all so much for sticking with me and my blog until now! You guys are amazing! I don’t deserve you guys and I can’t thank you all enough! I never thought I would reach this far, a new milestone… 2k is a lot for me and therefore, I will keep running this blog and my other sideblogs for as long as I can! Thank you also for those who looks up, appreciate and compliment my edits, your words means a lot to me you have no idea! It boosts my confidence and motivates me to do more and improve along the way! ≧◡≦

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hi so haha what if hypothetically, i’ve never had sex before 

i also might be on the ace spectrum (to be determined)


i started this blog for my long distance ex and then i afterwards i liked being able to come up with posts? i’m a writer (a term used loosely since i rarely actually,, you know, write) also sex sounds pretty great so?

hello guys, im 38 away from my first thousand and it would be realllyy cool if y'all helped me out! rb if you’re a louie/harrie/larrie and i’ll definitely check you out ☺️

Hello cuties!
recently i’ve reached a lovely follower goal and I dont know what else to say other than a big big thank you! i know my blog style has changed a lot and i just wanted to say thank you so so so much for everyone who has stuck with me and my blog until now! I’ve been able to talk with so many nice and talented people from around the world, and even though I don’t talk to each one of you, I probably would love to if I wasn’t that bad at starting/keeping conversations :// But in all honesty Its so crazy to see this trash/mess blog that i created 5 years ago just for funsies getting so much love and support from all of you! ♡

♡ :  i love u and ill probably hit that d*e for u 
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tbh i love u all equally 🤐  also sorry for doing your archive dirty like this

calyssmarviss replied to your postI keep wanting to post something funny or reply to…

I think pretty much all your followers are in. Nobody here who doesn’t love Obi-Wan Kenobi at least a little bit.

LOL @ me throwing a party for all my followers so that we can cry about Obi-Wan together. I’m not even sure how I’d begin to explain the purpose of said soiree to a party planner. 

“It’ll just be me and a bunch of internet strangers. Here is a list of hilariously-named drinks my friends made up that you can serve to the over-21s. Please make sure there are lots of tissues available because there’s going to be a lot of tears of both the sadness and laughter variety. Also I need you to blow these drawings up to poster size and hang them on the walls. The theme is “swooshy hair”.” 

This party would require a cardboard cutout of Pirate Kenobi for people to take their picture with. I’ll have Stover do a live reading of selections from the Revenge of the Sith novelization for us all. 

We’d all almost certainly have to agree to never speak of the event ever again, though. 


I’m bored and anxious soooo!!
I wanna do the handwriting tag thing!!
If you want to see that, like this!! 10 likes and I’ll do it!!
And if you’d like me to write you something additional, send me an ask!!
(This is what the tag entails:
1) Name
2) Blog URL
3) Blog Name
4) Favourite Colour
5) Crush/Partner
7) Favourite Band
8) Favourite Number
9) Favourite Drink)

Tomorrow is gonna be the last day for the daily doodles and then come DLC day you get my pretty painting that’s been waiting to be shown! After that my blog might go quiet for a bit, take a break, work on commissions entirely and launch out my shop soon!

I’ve got lots of plans to sell merchandise on my Storenvy and thanks to the wonderful help I’m receiving from a certain king it should be sooner than later!
Buttons, Charms, my own prints ( so i don’t have to rely on redbubble anymore) and a bunch of other stuff I’ll be working on hands on myself will be available there!! 

With the doodles completion soon as well, I’ve decided to create a Zine out of them, 
so keep an eye out for my pre-order announcement as stock will be very limited! 

~Numinoceur <3 


Hello my lovely followers! Over 1,000 of you have liked my little sherlolly blog enough to follow it! In celebration, please drop me an ask and ask me anything your heart desires, about Sherlock, sherlolly, any other fandom or ship, or personal questions, anything you have ever been curious about, ask me and I will answer them to the best of my ability! I’m going to work out a contest in the next couple of days, and the lucky winner will get a short one shot (Sherlock ship of their choice) dedicated to them! Thank you all so much for the follows, you have made my little shipping heart so happy!!

Just so you guys know, I’m currently sitting at 99 followers (THANK YOU SO MUCH I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU’RE HERE BUT I LOVE YOU) and this took me by total surprise. I may not have something right away, but I’ll try to do a “thank you” sketch or something for you. 

I don’t know how these things usually work; I just think that you should be celebrated and I want to commemorate you allowing me to be part of your internet experience, and hopefully lives, as time goes on and we get to know one another. Again, I’m super happy to have you and I hope this finds you well and happy.