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This is just kinda a rant but there was this FT account on instagram who posted the last chapter and in the comment section they were literally getting mad at Nalu shippers saying “we’re grasping at straws” for them being canon and that if Mashima would’ve wanted them to be romantic he just would’ve done it and honestly the only thing that bothers me about their whole argument is that even in the last chapter people still don’t seem understand that Natsu and Lucy are not like other couples. hence↓ ↓ ↓  lol

Just because they have never flat out addressed their feelings head on or said “I love you” doesn’t mean they don’t acknowledge that something between them is there, ESPECIALLY in the last chapter.

I think I speak for a lot Nalu shippers that when we are saying that we are excited that it’s Canon we mean that they FINALLY acknowledge their feelings towards each other.  

Lucy truly thought Natsu was going to kiss her and DIDN’T push him away.
Natsu promised that they would be together forever from now on.

There is literally soooo much evidence through out the entire series and the last movie of them being more than friends but idk guys guess we are grasping at straws here and forcing it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lmfaoo 
Mashima did a great job as keeping them more than friends less than lovers through out the entire series but I truly feel like in the end it is heavily implied (and obvious) that they will end up together and it really is just the beginning for them two. 

As a lot of people have already said, they’ve never been lovey dovey or romantic but that does not take away from the development that they’ve had as a pair. Whether YOU want to view them as a couple or just simply best friends (which I respectfully disagree with) it’s YOUR opinion. But don’t go telling people to just accept that they’re “not canon” bc everyone has their own perspective. (Pretty sure that’s why Mashima left it as an open ending)
Just because they’re not a in your face “WE ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP AND IN LOVE” official pair doesn’t make it any less canon to us ;) 

I know how you feel, dear anon~ I hope you enjoy! Though this is about Midoriya, there is also some Bakugo x reader btw! I timeskipped all over… I hope you guys don’t get lost in this writing ahaha -u-

You, Izuku knew, were an angel. A god-send at that, too. When he walked into class 1-A for the first time, his heart fell upon realisation that he’d be stuck with Bakugo for the entire year. His bullying did not stop now that they were in high school. But you, sweet, wonderful, strong you, were there the first time Bakugo took out his anger on Midoriya, and you made him stop. You were there the second time, too. And the third, and fourth, and fifth, and the days grew to weeks and months and before long, Izuku knew he had fallen completely for you.

“Bakugo!” You’d scold him, “Leave Midoriya alone!”

“Eh? You wanna go, shitty brain?” He’d raise his fist and threaten in return. He did not know your name then, but Izuku did. Bakugo did not care for you then, but Izuku already did.

“Use your energy to study instead of picking on Midoriya, Katsuki.” You’d tell him. You learned that the boy reacted more when you used his first name, but it was a risky move. Still, you were one of the only one Bakugo allowed to call him ‘Katsuki’, at least without exploding.

He’d learned your name by then, probably as not to fall behind in you calling him by his first name. “[___], why do you care so much about that loser? Whatever, I don’t give a fuck, I have better stuff to do.” You didn’t give Bakugo an answer then, but the smile you gave Midoriya made his heart soar.

S/he cares for me, he knew then, [___] likes me.

But slowly the words that defended Midoriya turned to jests aimed to tease Bakugo. Playful. He realised that you called the blond Katsuki, but you never once called Midoriya ‘Izuku’. Eventually Bakugo approached his lunch table not to jeer at Deku, but to speak with you. His words were gentler, he smile came easier. Both you and he spent more time on your phones between classes, texting. Smiling down at your devices.

“[___], are you joining our study group this Saturday?” Iida asked one day. He, Midoriya, Uraraka and Todoroki would be studying together as planned for exams.

You scratched your cheek, “Sorry, I can’t make it. I actually have a date with Katsuki this weekend…”

What?” Uraraka squealed. Even Todoroki’s eyes widened. “He asked you out? Oh my god when did that happen? Pfft, I can’t imagine him being romantic and asking you- You gotta tell me all about it!”

Midoriya smiled. He forced himself to, anyway. Though you began to recount how Bakugo asked you out in front of the school gate mere hours ago, and how you accepted, Midoriya did not hear it. The noise seemed to blend together into one buzz, one white background fading to nothing. His head spun. It was hard to swallow.

He was not an idiot. He’d suspected it for a while now, for how could he miss the way your eyes lit up when you saw Bakugo, or how the blond instantly calmed when you were nearby? He had suspected it, but still…

“I’m happy for you,” Midoriya smiled as you gushed over Bakugo’s flustered expression. 

He hoped no one heard the waver in his voice.

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How would Sekka react upon knowing she was pregnant with Harkniss's kiddo?


She would react as well as you might expect her to !
And if anyone is wondering what Harkniss reaction to learning about this would be : the exact opposite ! xD

who you gonna call? (kim taehyung!)

Pairing: Taehyung/Jimin
Rated: M
Author: namakemono
Length: 17k

Taehyung doesn’t believe in ghosts. He believes very much, however, in profiting off of those who do. Hauntings, seances, contacting dead relatives, he does it all.
But there’s just one thing: none of it was supposed to be real.


Reccer’s Note:
This is honestly one of the best fics I’ve read, it’s so interesting??????? I’ve honestly never read a fic like this and I’m just so in lovw with the plot and the sotry and everytghin

i need you right here with me

What bugs me most on Orphan Black is really not knowing what’s on the second floor of Beth and Paul’s place. What’s upstairs. As an interior design and house enthusiast I must know. More rooms? More bathrooms? Office? Store? Drug stash? Bondage gears? Big Boob Blowies 2.0 stash? Firearm closet?