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A fine Crowmance

First time DMing, co-dming with a friend. First session of the campaign, mostly intended to establish characters. The players are a human ranger with a wolf companion, a half-elf oracle (alv), and a half-elf wizard (jimbob) with a raven familiar (momo). Jimbob critically failed to recognize Alv’s gender, and thinks the male half elf is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. He tells his raven to fly to her room in the inn and tell her a poem.

Jimbob: I tell my raven to find her and tell her a poem. -describes Alv and poem-

The raven lands on his windowsill. Alv approaches the raven.

Momo: My master likes you…

Me: Roll intelligence to see if the bird remembers the poem

Other DM rolls 6, 2 with intelligence penalty for being a bird 

Momo: Roses are red, violets are blue. Do you like juice? Because I like to have sex.

Modern Enjolras with Long Hair
  • Okay so maybe it was a rebellious move, or he was to busy going to the hairdresser or whatnot, but Enjolras ends up growing out his hair into a lush mane that falls somewhere between his shoulders and mid-back
  • It’s gorgeous, of course, but also damn unpractical, and Enjolras can’t braid for SHIT, so he calls up Jehan to teach him a few tricks
  • Thank goodness Jehan’s patient, because Enjolras isn’t and not getting it perfect on the first time is frusTRATING
  • His hair lost its natural ringlets when it grew out, but when Enjolras stays under the rain, he ends up with Disney Prince ringlets. Grantaire can’t help but stare, to be honest
  • His hair is gorgeous and a golden waterfall, but rest assured Enjolras didn’t #wakeuplikethis. He’s got a terrible bed head in the morning
  • You know shit’s gonna go down when he ties his hair into a ponytail
  • He once showed it at a rally with a braid crown, because it’s easier to get rowdy when everything’s tucked in nicely.. It was a surreal vision

Ever think about being Harry’s date to an award show?

He’s so excited telling you that he’s been invited to the Oscars and that he wants you to come with him. But when you remind him that of course he’s invited, he’s nominated, he just laughs and shakes his head, mumbling, “Oh, right, forgot about tha’.”   

He insists on buying you the prettiest outfit, setting up countless appointments with your favorite designers. And he’d attend every one, showering you with compliments after every change. But you know you’ve got a winner when his jaw unhinges, tongue lolling to the side as he takes in the way the fabric hugs your every curve, the color compliments your skin tone, and how the style is so quintessentially you

In the car, he can’t keep his hands off you, though he’s careful not to muss your hair or smear your makeup. At first, you try to keep him from pawing at you, but you have to admit his blue polka dotted Gucci suit fits him exquisitely, and the way he’s left the top few buttons of the pale blue shirt gaping to give a peek of his strong chest has you swooning. Your resolve melts half way to the theater after you whimper a why and he answers, “I’ve got no control around yeh in this dress, kitten.” So Harry and you take turns placing kisses in concealable spots, delicately slipping fingers beneath clothes to feel each other without ruffling or creasing the fabric. 

But that doesn’t mean the both of you aren’t flushed from exertion when it’s time to exit the car and walk the carpet. 

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Hey guys! It’s been awhile, and I am glad I am around again. I know I have been going through changes on this blog. And I am so very appreciative of each and everyone of you for being patient with me and my muses. I am so glad you guys love and adore them too, especially Ani. I have finally hit 200 followers and growing! 

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Talking to you is very complex

It’s funny because we’re both a mess

You talk about your love troubles

And then I say that mine are doubled because

When you talk about them

I tell you I feel the same and

When you’re talking about someone else

Just know my experiences are coming from my feelings for you

I don’t want you to know that I still like you

But here I am telling you in code that I do

Someday you’ll figure it out

And I hope that day comes soon.

anonymous asked:

Can you also be called... Abu Skitty???

Listen Azeez, I’d love to! But my Sheikh and bros at the Hussaiyniyah (small congregation hall for Shias) is so used to calling me Abu Adalat, he will be very confused why I have such a cute name, I don’t think he would bear calling me Abu Skitty without laughing, haha!

6' 3"

when you were born
the doctor said
how you’d be six foot three

from that day forth
i fantasized
of all the big you’d be

you’d touch the stars
with fingertips
all words of wisdom
from your lips

she didn’t lie
that you’d be
six feet: just you, your dad and me

that’s when we learnt
that you were really,
rather, very sick

something even a
six three cannot be
strong enough to fix

it was so fast
so cruel
so wrong
so soon to say goodbye

to our teeny tiny
giant hearted
lovely little

because I do believe
that all of you
was so much more
than me

though I understand
that giants need
a lot more room
to breathe

your fingers touch
the stars and I
realise my dream
came true

then cry for
not all dreams
happen the way
we want them to

I miss you every day // A.S

(a disclaimer: I am lucky enough to say I myself have never lost a child, I wrote this for people who have, and who have been unfortunate enough to experience such a trauma. I hope you each find your peace.)