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Tanz der Vampire +  The Mincing Mockingbird: Guide to Troubled Birds

Thomas Borchert recently announced his retirement from Krolock. St. Gallen and Vienna are going to be his last performances in this role. While I am a bit sad that he is not going to perform this role again, I completely understand him. I mean, if I were to play the same role for over 10 years, I’d be bored as hell by now. And this also gives room for more actors to try their chance in this role. So, while I will dearly miss him in this role, especially because of his fitting deep voice, I can understand why he has chosen to do it. And what better way to retire from this role than on the 20th anniversary in Vienna? So good luck Thomas in all of your future projects and may they be as successful as your Krolock interpretation.


Einladung zum Ball: Honestly, I think this is my favourite perfomance of him except “Vor dem Schloss” in sense of facial expressions.
Tried to compare the Berlin and the Viennese version but could not decide. From an aesthetical point of view the Viennese Drewlock is better (costume), he just looks gorgeous, preserved ageless, beautiful and young (but with an old devil inside). Berlin Drewlock ist much more mature with the grey hair but it gets me, too, maybe he is more evil? Although the Dracula carnival costume is not my taste, it fits and I am lost, too *smiles whimsically*
Would like to read your choices…?

Tanz der Vampire songs rated by the amount of Herbert in them
  • Hey Ho Hey: 0/10
  • Knoblauch: 0/10
  • Nie geseh'n: 0/10
  • Got ist tot: 0/10
  • Wahrheit: 0/10
  • Einladung zum Ball: 0/10
  • Draußen ist Freiheit: 0/10
  • Die roten Stiefel: 0/10
  • Vor Dem Schloss: Herbert has only one line, but he steals the entire show. The highlight of act one. Could use more Herbert though. 8/10
  • Totale Finsternis: 0/10
  • Carpe Noctem: Herbert's full potential for this scene is sadly squandered. He's there, but not front and center. 6/10
  • Für Sarah: 0/10
  • Die Gruft: He's techically there, but he's. In a coffin. Points for Herbert nonetheless. 2/10
  • Wenn Liebe in dir ist: Oh my god. If you came to Tanz der Vampire for Herbert von Krolock, this is it. This is the song of the show. The best three minutes out of two and a half hours. Solid Herbert. Infinity/10
  • Ewigkeit: 0/10
  • Die unstillbare Gier: 0/10
  • Tanzsaal: Herbert may not have any speaking lines, but his gestures and facial expressions are everything and definitely are the highlight of this scene. 8/10
  • Draußen ist Freiheit (Reprise): 0/10
  • Der Tanz der Vampire: Hell yeah Herbert dressed in leather and singing about taking over the world. 11/10


It was Steve Barton’s final night in the show, and there were TONS of small in-jokes going on and just THIS ONE. THIS ONEEEEEEEE. Its Mate Karmas and its just so amazing and just Herbert and Alfred ALMOST KISS and THE OUTFIT OH MY GOD THE OUTFIT IM DYING. THIS ENTIRE SHOW IS GOLD ITS AMAZING PLEASE TAKE IT UPON YOURSELVES IM DYING I DONT EVEN WANT TO SPOIL IT FOR YOU ALL.