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“Sam and the Tabby” - Digital Oil Painting

“I know it’s a little strange, for the guy who flies around like a bird to own a cat, but I found him setting off a perimeter alarm while on patrol. He was all thin and sick and, well… I got attached. And hell, I’m down for irony. So, yeah, the Falcon has a cat.”

Sam is a soft touch for poor, neglected creatures turning up on his doorstep. He lets the cat chase Redwing around for fun and exercise.

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This video is devastating, you guys. We could have had it all, if they could have pushed off the Sales department for another year. 

We could have had it all. I always wondered why they would give us the car if we only would use it one more time…

anonymous asked:

I'm searching the internets and I saw a post abt a cat with fur that mutated to look marble, and I can't find what it's called? Pls help thank youuu

you mean the cats tabby pattern changed?? like a marbled tabby? or do you mean like…a vitiligo cat with “marbled” fur

  • Barbara Kean: Listen, there is nothing wrong with listening to Nygma and Penguin have sex. It's a victim-less crime. Like tax evasion or public indecency.
  • Tabitha Galavan: Yeah, or like when a bartender doesn't notice his tip, you can slide it in front of you and leave it as your own.
  • Barbara Kean: Oh great example Tabby! You are so quick! Like lightning.
  • Butch Gilzean: That's a terrible example.
  • Tabitha Galavan: Ohh, I think somebody's just mad because somebody didn't think of it first.

So, as I said the other day, today I’m uploading the sneak peek for “Requiem for a Loud” ‘s 14th chapter, coming soon (and by soon I mean like a week). Next chapter’s named “Show must go on”. And as you can see, Tabby’s here too! And we’ll get to really know her, she won’t be simply “Luna’s friend” anymore. As always, you can ask me anything and, as long as it doesn’t spoil anything, I’ll kindly answer. Have a nice day!

Como prometí el otro día, hoy subo un sneak peek del capítulo 14 de Réquiem por un Loud, en cines próximamente (o sea, en una semana más o menos actualizo :v). El próximo capítulo se llama “El show debe continuar”, y como pueden ver, ¡Tabby vuele a aparecer! Y vamos a conocerla de verdad, ya no será simplemente una amiga de Luna. Como siempre, pueden preguntarme lo que quieran y, mientras no revele nada del argumento, responderé con gusto. ¡Que tengan un buen día!

anonymous asked:

how common is a snowshoe seal point siamese with lynx attributes?? just wondering lol.

um…ok i think u have ur terms mixed up a bit lol

snowshoe’s are a very rare and distinct breed because they are bred to have very unique features + white spotting in an arranged way. they are siamese x american shorthair crosses and it’s very difficult to breed regulation standard snowshoes. the lynx point is not recognized in snowshoes

a lynx point happens because you breed a colorpoint cat x a tabby, or you have 1 tabby parent with a colorpoint gene x 1 tabby parent

Too Much Tequila

This is a birthday fic for @hart2hartsquared! It’s early but oh well. I hope you like it, babygirl. I love you and happy birthday!

Mamrie wasn’t sure how it happened. She had woken up to the blonde sleeping contently beside her. She didn’t remember most of last night, but one thing was for sure. The two had slept together. Hannah was curled up naked on the bed, the sheet hanging over the side. Mamrie herself was sitting there with no clothes on.

The redhead sat there looking at Hannah, trying to remember the night before. The evening had started like any other party night, her getting the alcohol.

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