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Smooth Operator, Usnavi de la Vega x Reader

Prompt: 18. “How long have you been standing there?” + Usnavi de la Vega (In the Heights)

Words: 555

Author’s Note: I loved writing for In the Heights! Usnavi is such a cool character to explore.

Warnings: Usnavi is a horrible dancer

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Sonny loved flirting with you. Usnavi would send glares to him through the bodega window as Sonny spent his morning making you giggle instead of working.

Every morning you would waltz in at the same time, buy the same things (cafe con leche, a lottery ticket, a candy bar), he would argue that you shouldn’t have to pay because, “You’re basically family!”

“You have to stay in business somehow, Usnavi.” You would answer, placing exact change on the counter and glide out before he could say much more.

You would stand in front of his bodega as the sun shined on. Sonny would make his way to work an hour late, as usual, and spend at least fifteen minutes chatting you up.

Eventually Benny would make his way to the bodega for his usual and the daily taunting would begin.

“You know looks can’t actually kill right?” He, too, had exact change.

“If only.” Usnavi would reply.

“If it pisses you off so much, ask her out.” Usnavi would look at him as if he was the stupidest person in the world.

“It’s very sweet that you try to talk your cousin up to me, Sonny. But he barely says more than two words to me.”

“He’s nervous! He can’t ask a girl like you out. You’re so far out of his league.” You giggled at this, giving him a swift punch in the shoulder.

“Get to work. You’re probably already a few hours late.” He shrugged, finally making his way into the corner bodega waving off how Usnavi immediately started with the taunts.

After your shift at the salon, you usually went straight home. Today, you were let off early and the sun had yet to set. You decided to drop by the bodega again, just to see if you could get any further in your relationship with Usnavi.

Peeking through the window, you noticed it was only him and Sonny. He appeared to be trying to learn some dance moves from Sonny. Key word being trying.

“Nah man, I didn’t even know legs can move that way!” Sonny laughed as Usnavi managed to trip over his own feet.

“This is pointless. Y/N barely even looks at me! She won’t want to be seen within two blocks of these moves.” Usnavi demonstrated one of his ‘moves’ for show.

The bodega door dinged and you made your way in, grinning at his take on the running man.

“I don’t know,” You teased, “I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with moves like that.” You tried mimicking his dance, but couldn’t replicate it for more than two seconds before busting a gut.

“How long have you been standing there?” Sonny gave Usnavi an encouraging pat on the back before grabbing his bag and taking his leave for the night.

“Long enough to know our first date should not be to a club. Maybe just a dinner?” You suggested. He stared at you, dead eyed, unable to form anything to close to actual words.

“Y-Yeah! That sounds cool. No big deal.” He pretended to act casual, leaning against his counter.

“No big deal.” You agreed, pecking him once on the corner of his lips before saying goodnight.

You lingered outside the bodega for another moment, watching as he broke out into another horrible dance in celebration.

Drunken Confessions

Happy Lowman imagine based off the prompt:

“Well, come back to me tomorrow, and if you still want my name tattooed on your ass then we’ll talk about it.”

“Happy!” You squeal, attempting to walk over to him but stumbling half way and having to catch yourself on the bar. He shakes his head as he watches you, fighting to keep a smile from his lips at how adorable you are when you’re drunk.

You see, the Killer has been crushing hard for you since he met you a few months before, whilst you were visiting your cousin Jax. The moment he saw you, the pure, sweet nineteen year old, he was bombarded with many inappropriate thoughts, his pants feeling tighter than usual.

But he knew he couldn’t go there. Not just because of Jax, but because he didn’t want to ruin a lady so beautiful and innocent, he didn’t want to bring her into a world like his.

Instead of coming over to help you, he glues himself to his seat, knowing that if he gets even a whiff of the intoxicating scent that is you, it’s game over.

You continue your journey again, your vision slightly blurry as you walk, reaching the mysterious, yet gorgeous, man and plonking yourself down next to him.

Your thigh was pressed against his, his body jolting as your touch felt like electricity. You don’t notice, a drunken smile plastered on your face as you lean back, the alcohol making you feel sleepy and unable to keep your head up for too long.

He can smell your berry scented hair, your back resting up against his chest as he sits rigid, not being sure what to do. He’s never been one for PDA, but what he’d give to be able to wrap his arm around your stomach right now, hold you as close as possible and kiss your head so freely.

“Where have you been? I’ve missed you.” Your lips are loose due to the alcohol, your mind telling you to say whatever you wanted to, whatever you were too shy to say sober. You wouldn’t regret it in the morning, well that’s what the liquor told you.

His hard exterior crumbled at your confession, his body softening and instinctively molding around you. He wasn’t sure how long he’d last if you carried on being soft on him all night.

“I’ve been here.” he replies, no emotion to his voice as he reminds himself that you’re off limits. To everyone, he adds, the thought of another man kissing you and touching you and holding you making his fist tighten, his nostrils flaring in anger.

You frown at the frostiness laced in his voice, him not being able to see it as you’re faced forward, knowing that if you turn around your face will be just inches from his, an opportunity that you couldn’t trust yourself with.

Your expression suddenly changes, your body giddy with excitement from what you thought, in your drunken state, was an amazing idea.

“I want a tattoo. Tattoo me, Hap.“ His forehead creases at your random request, holding in a chuckle at the eagerness in your tone.

He knows he would never tattoo you in this state, the regret you’d probably feel the next day not being something he’d want to have pinned on him. Though having you in his chair, your skin exposed as his fingers can freely explore didn’t sound like such a bad idea.

”And what tattoo do you want, Princess?“ His tone is teasing, the word being less of a pet name and more of something he calls you to piss you off. You hated it, the nickname making you sound like a spoilt brat, and that’s probably what he thought you were.

He was always like this, looking for an argument. You always tried with him, wanting to be in his company even when he pushed you away. However, you didn’t know that the only reason he pushed you away and acted like such a dick was because he didn’t want to get too close, fall into the depths of no return. He knew it wouldn’t take long to happen, and he’d be too far gone to stay away, to let you go.

Who was he kidding? He was past that point anyway. It was just a game to see how long his self control would last before he bent you over and made you come around his cock.

His crotch was painful, throbbing in his jeans as he tries to think of dead animals and his relatives to somehow tame the beast in his pants.

“How about your name?” His saliva gets trapped in his throat, making him choke as you smiles mischievously, feeling satisfied with his reaction. You giggle drunkly, your body twisting as you grab his arm and put it around you, resting your head on his chest. Damn, he smells good.

“You want my name tattooed on you?” He asks, his body giving into the comfort of your own as he gently traces patterns up and down your arm. “Why do you want that?”

You hum, wanting to tell him the real reason, that you’re completely and irrevocably in love with him. But instead you just shrug, your mood faltering at being so close to him, yet not being able to touch him and kiss him and be with him in the ways that you want.

“Dunno.“ you lie, your fingers feeling the fabric of his shirt. “Cause if I had ‘Happy’ on my ass, then I’d have a happy ass, and that’d be great.” You laugh, thinking that you just said the funniest thing ever. He shakes his head, smiling to himself.

“Well, come back to me tomorrow, and if you still want my name tattooed on your ass then we’ll talk about it.” He tells you, smirking as you nod.

“Deal.” You say, sitting up. “Hap? Can I tell you something? But shhhhhh it’s a secret.” He looks at you, frowning in question. Once he nods, move in closer, cupping your hand to his ear like when you’re a kid and you don’t want anybody else to hear.

“I like you.” You whisper, smiling gleefully at him as you pull away. His eyes feel like they’re popping out of his head, that being the last thing he thought you were going to say. You look into your lap, your moods all over the place in your intoxicated state. “But you’re always mean to me. It’s not nice.”

You sound like a wounded child, your voice dripping with hurt. He looks down at you, knawing at his lip, his mind telling him one thing but his heart telling him another. He watches you for what feels like forever, the pout on your pink lips and the the scrunch of your nose making you look even more adorable.

“Oh fuck it.” he says, grabbing your face and moulding his lips with yours. Your eyes are wide open, full of shock. You quickly come back to reality, closing your lids as you pull on his shirt, holding him incase he changed his mind.

His lips are so soft, expertly moving on yours, his hands in your hair as he explores your mouth. His tongue slips in, massaging yours with his own, his teeth playfully nibbling on your bottom lip as you both lose yourself in the heaven you’ve been waiting for, been dreaming of.

He pulls away, placing a single kiss to your lips before he completely parts. He strokes his thumb over your cheek, skimming it over your bottom lip, admiring his work. Your lips are swollen, bitten and plump, your cheeks holding a rosy glow as your eyes widely watch him, big and glistening.

“This is it now, Princess. There’s no going back, now that I’ve had a taste I won’t be able to resist you.” His words send a shiver through you, your mouth parting in wonder. He smirks at you, leaning in and pulling your bottom lip with his teeth. You’re like putty in his hands, speechless and completely under his control.

“Good.“ He takes your silence as an answer, pulling you to sit on his lap as he connects his lips back to yours, making up for lost time.

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A/N - Little bit of a random Happy imagine here! I’m not 100% sure if I like it but I liked writing something so loose and easy. Hope you guys liked it!!! Xx

Jon x Jon’s sister x Robb

((I got a little carried away. Might not be the best but…I’m getting there. I’m still a little…iffy…when it comes to writing incest.))

Word Count: 2,484

Warning: SMUT, NSFW

Since he was eight years old Robb of House Stark, the heir to Lord Eddard of Winterfell, had been traveling to King’s Landing and spending four months every year with his Aunt Lyanna, the younger Queen of King Rhaegar of House Targaryen. Robb with his auburn hair and blue eyes was Tully through and through…when it came to appearance. Personality wise, the boy was every bit his father’s son just as Prince Jon of Houses Stark and Targaryen, with his brown hair and grey eyes, looked exactly like his mother but was every bit his father’s son in every other way.

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Get to know me

Tagged by my fave lesbian @tunelessmelodies
Age: 16
Birthplace: Yeovil
Current time: 10:44 am
Drink you last had: A Capri-sun. I’m a hoe for Capri-sun’s.
Easiest person to talk to: No one. I hide my feelings and silently suffer.
Favourite song: Collar Full - P!ATD
Grossest Memory: I once thought I was cis AND straight. 
Horror yes or horror no : Idk, depends tbh.
Jealous of people: Depends on the situation.
Killed someone: Yes. I killed and buried my self esteem long ago.
Love at first sight : Idk man I’m gay for everyone so probably. 
Middle name: Idk I haven’t picked one yet 
Number of Siblings: One ( 1 ) whole bitch
One wish : Get on that sweet T
Person you last called: My cousin?? I think??
Question you’re always asked: Can you just??? Fucking??? Stop???
Reason to smile: Domhnall Gleeson tbh
Song you last sang: 1 hour of agonised screaming - by me
Time you woke up: I like never sleep so
Underwear colour: Who says I’m wearing underwear? ( It’s black but)
Vacation: To Hell, where I belong.
Worst Habit: Participating in online stalking with @tunelessmelodies
x-rays: 2
Favourite food: Ass
Zodiac: Ted Cruz ( I’m kidding, I’m a Capricorn) 

Tagging : @disco-rangerr @ew-malfoy @lilacveins @afosisgay

a-shy-anonymous-little-blook  asked:

H-hello! Y-you're a very cute l-little ghostie!.... w-well, um, I'm a bit t-tied up at the m-moment but... y-you know, you're the c-cutest little ghost I've seen b-besides maybe my little c-cousins!

“Aw, you’re too sweet!  If you’re little cousins are as sweet you and cute as me, they must be a buncha little gumpdrop ghosties!  

“I hope you get untied soon, friend!  Keep an ear out for any trains, all right?  It’s a classic, but you have to make sure your timing is spooktacular!

BTS reactions:Getting jealous over a relative.

Requested: taehyungthereturn

Request: “ Can you do a scenario where the boys get jealous because they see you being close with a boy, which is actually a relative of yours? 💕💕💕💕 “

(Thank you again for the request.Hope you like it. :) Just so you guys know requests are open.) 


You were walking with your cousin.He was a really nice guy,he helped you a lot in school too.

“So how are things going with you?”he asked 

“Nice.How about you?”

“Good.I finally found a job I actually like doing.How is your love life?Still single?” he poked  you a little

“No ,actually I am in a great relationship right now.With a very sweet guy.” you looked at your cousin and giggled.

“Wow really? You are a sly fox.”

“Oh stop it.How are things with you and Gabby?”you pushed him

“Good we are engaged.” you stopped and looked at him “Congratulations.”a big hug came after. 

You arrived at the ice cream place.After you got your orders you sat down and continued chatting about your love life.It seamed that your cousin was interested in Jin.

“So…what is his name?”

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Today, 4.25, my Very Best Pal in the Whole Wide World turns 7 years old! Happy Happy Birthday, Captain Trond Kildahl Ryder! We love you So Very Much, our Sweet Sweet Hund!!!!!!!

Mange takk, Cousin Marcus, for taking this great picture!

Tom proposing to you: POC

While I should be finishing up an assignment for class,this came up. I have some other imagines in draft and plan to have those out soon. I feel like Hamilton…Like I’m writing like I’m running out of time 😭

Warnings: Extreme Fluff, Cursing…I think that’s it. 

This is really long btw!

Tom had traveled back with you to your home. Your family was very excited to have you back at home. After a long debate your mom decided that Tom could stay in your room but your stepdad was reluctant. “No funny business!” He said walking away. 

Your house wasn’t as big as his because its was only you, your mom and stepdad, and your little sister. 

Tom walked in your room and looked around, smiling. “Wow, so much purple and blue.”

He picked up a stuffed animal and started playing with it. “Give that here.” You said playfully snatching it out of his hands. 

The weather was hot and you and Tom were having a great time in your hometown. “Can you believe that we’ve been dating for 5 years and I have never been to your house?” He asked. “Crazy uh?” You said turning in your drive way. 

You put on your bathing suit and you guys went out to your in ground pool. Your parents decided to host a “Welcome back” party for you since you hadn’t been home in a while. At first you worried about if Tom would feel comfortable, but before you knew it he was playing the pool with your cousins-who happened to all be your age as well. 

You heard them laughing and having fun as you talked to your family and friends. “So you are dating a white boy?” Your uncle who literally has no filter yelled while shoving a burger in his mouth. (I know poc have these type of family members, lol)

You groaned, “Yes, Uncle Steve. And do you have to be so loud.” 

“Well excuse me miss actress, I just asked a question.” He said sipping his beer. You rolled your eyes, “We’ve actually been dating for 5 years.”

“5 years! Since when? No one told me.” He yelled. He called your mom over to discuss the fact that he has been out of the loop. You slid yourself away from that conversation and walked over to your  5 year old cousin who was staring at Tom wide eyed. “Hey Jules, what’s wrong?”

He pulled you down to his level and whispered in your ear. “That’s Spider-man!”

You giggled and nodded, “Yep, sure is. Do you want to talk to him?”

Jules looked at you and shook his head, “But what am I going to say?”

You laughed, “Don’t worry, he’s pretty cool. Tom-I mean Spider-man!”
Tom looked over to you and swam to the edge, “You better not cheat!” He yelled back to your cousin while swimming over to you. “He wanted to meet Spider-man.”

“What’s up buddy!” Tom said high fiving Jules, who smiled. “So are you SPider-man?” Jules asked suspiciously. “Of course, but I’m just taking a break with your beautiful cousin.” He winked at you. 

“Where are your web shooters?”

“I left them at home.” 

Tom continued to entertain Jules questions, “Do you want to see something cool?” Tom asked. Jules furiously shook his head and Tom got out of the pool to do a cool flip. “Awesome!” Jules yelled. 

“You want to play water ball with us?” Tom asked. “I can’t swim without my floaties!”

You put his arm floaties on and his life vest on and Tom helped him jump into the pool. In those 8 minutes you fell more in love with Tom. The way he interacted with children and how he was so comfortable no matter where he was at was so admirable to you. 

“Did you have fun?” You asked Tom while getting ready for bed. “Absolutely! Your family is awesome and the food was amazing!”

You grabbed his face and planted a soft kiss on his lips, “I love you.” He smiled and kissed you back, “I love you too.”
“Your little cousin, Jules is so sweet! I was wondering if he would like to come on set for the last movie.”
“I think he would love that! He would freak out!” You said laying your bed. Tom joined you and faced you. “You’re amazing.” He said playing with a loose curl. You smiled and snuggled him until you fell asleep. 

The absence of his warmth was noticeable as you opened your eyes and saw his side was empty. You got up and brushed your teeth before heading down stairs.  “Mom, Dad?” You called but no one answered. “Tom, Y/S/N?” Still no answer so you decided to get dressed. 

You texted everyone and your mom was the only one to reply. Out! Be back soon ❤

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Me; *calls my girlfriend during my first time at the beach & seeing the Pacific Ocean to tell her I wish she was with me and I love her and when we finish our associates degrees we should transfer to a 4-year college near her & get an apartment together & maybe even a cat & ends the phone call by saying ‘I love you’ multiple times* Cousin I’m with: it’s so sweet that you and your best friend are that close (: I’ve never had a friend like that (: yeah ya know just 🙃 gals 🙃 being 🙃 pals 🙃🙃🙃

Six Months to Strawberry Time

A Gadge parallel oneshot fic to When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun…

“No sweethearts this year,” he remarks, half a question, and I tug the gray knit down to my eyebrows, mortified. All at once I know why his mother pulled off my cap: to see if I was wearing any sweetheart ribbons in my hair, though what interest that could possibly be to her, I can’t imagine.

“And what business could that possibly be of yours?” I retort.

“Not one single ribbon for the mayor’s pretty daughter?” he wonders, but without the barb I’ve come to expect beneath anything resembling a compliment.

“I didn’t come here for insults,” I say, glaring at him on instinct. “I could’ve caught you at the Hob for that.”

I’m too conditioned to these encounters; too well-trained by his jibes to simply accept anything he says at face value. Thankfully, those hair-trigger instincts will be put to good use very soon, if I can convince him to accept my proposal.

“So what do you want?” he asks.

This time it’s me who stops short. “I want to go into business,” I answer, raising my chin to regard him as levelly as I can, despite his superior height. “And for better or for worse, with you.”

“And just what sort of business would that be, Princess Undersee?” he taunts. “Are you planning to give your cousins at the sweet-shop a run for their money?” He punctuates this with a bark of mirthless laughter; once more the bitter, angry young man I know so painfully well.

Good. That’s exactly who I was prepared to deal with, and now I can finally spell out my proposition.

“I want to be your hunting partner,” I reply.

This might very well be rubbish. :( I’ve been trying to get back into writing by completing short pieces with less pressure on them, hence: Gadge in the WtMiverse. Posted on AO3 here.

Sweet Little Family

Originally posted by calumsource

Words: 1,281

Summary: You and Calum take your younger cousin grocery shopping and someone thinks you’re a family. Basically just cuteness!

A/N: This is just a cute little piece that was requested. I changed it a bit to fit how I could write it more easily! Please leave feedback and requests here

“Are we almost done?” Your cousin whined, dragging his feet along the white-coated concrete. “This is sooo boring,” he lamented. Your eyes connected with Calum, his amused smile mirroring your own, “He’s so dramatic,” Calum whispered, careful to keep his words quiet so the three year-old wouldn’t hear. You rolled your eyes at Calum,

“Honestly, he reminds me of someone else I know. He gets very impatient whenever I have to buy real food, like vegetables and milk and eggs, you know, anything that isn’t and I quote ‘fun food.’” You responded, giving Calum a knowing look. He quickly averted his eyes, the brown that you loved so dearly disappearing under his eyelids until he focused on the little boy next to the cart. His lack of a response caused you to smirk triumphantly, but your expression changed at Calum’s inquisitive eyebrow raise in your cousin’s direction.
You turned your head and noticed your cousin quickly pulling his hand away from the cart, a package of cookies left behind. It was then you realized that there wasn’t just one package, there were at least five different brands of cookies stashed in various parts of the cart. Calum was failing to hide his smile as he inspected the cart, clearly impressed with the boy’s actions.

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Rose Weasley Headcanons

- She wanted to be Gryffindor and asked the sorting hat to put her there. She wanted to make her parents proud.
-Rose was a daddy’s girl
- She went by Rosie till her fourth year, as she wanted to seem more mature
-She went to Hermione’s work all time growing up.
-She’s veeeeeery protective of her brother Hugo. Almost embarrassingly.
-Don’t let her nerdy exterior fool you, she’s adventurous. She puts on monthly Scavenger Hunts around the castle for her family and friends.
-HARDCORE feminist. Like unbelievably passionate.
-She never really played Quidditch as she rather be in the library reading.
-She had a school girl crush on Scorpius Malfoy for four years.
-She has always been a sweet girl, unless you mess with her brother or cousins, then well be wary because she has a punch like her mother.
-Rose Weasley surrounded herself with all people of all years and houses. She was very popular all around the school.

Dating Advice

For @random-fandom-chick thanks again for the request, hope this is what you wanted!!

Fandom: Arrow

Characters: Roy Harper (Arsenal) x Y/N

Word Count: 919

Request:  One last request from me. Roy Harper loves Felicity’s cousin who is (y/n). He asks Felicity for help on how to ask her out. While the reader is working on one of the cases in Team Arrow’s work area he comes up to her and asks her out while dressed a little nicer than usual. Also been loving your work you put up

He knew it was insane, but he couldn’t help it. When Felicity’s cousin (Y/N) (Y/L/N) had moved to Star City he had been put under her spell. Every time she was in the room he couldn’t help but stare at her, her beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes and long (Y/H/C) just held him captive. And her smile…

Roy was jolted from his thoughts by Felicity, who was strolling into the lair in a pink pencil skirt, a white blouse and chunky high heels, (Y/N) followed behind her wearing black skinny jeans and a cute baby blue blouse. Although at first glance most people thought they were similar, Roy couldn’t help but think they were very different indeed.

Although, what he would say is that they were both a whiz at computers. “I told you to make sure it worked.” Felicity was saying to (Y/N) in a demanding tone.

“And I told you-” (Y/N) retorted, “-that there is nothing wrong with the coms unit, I checked and triple checked it.” She smiled when she noticed Roy there. “Harper, can you please tell my dear sweet cousin that the faulty coms system was a result of the fact that Oliver was thrown into a wall, and not my genius design?” Roy laughed, how could he say no?

“Felicity, (Y/N)’s-” He began but was hushed by an impatient Felicity.

“Don’t.” She snapped, raising a finger to shush him. “I don’t want to hear it.” She pointed another finger at her cousin, who had a gorgeous smirk plastered on her lips. “You are going to go do your job in the tech labs and find out what went wrong or so help me I’ll fire you.” She dared.

(Y/N) stuck her tongue out playfully at her elder cousin. “Go ahead CEO, do your worse.” She walked out with confidence, but before she did she turned back and said: “Love ya.”

Felicity narrowed her eyes at her. “Don’t.” They both smiled at each other and (Y/N) walked out.

“What was that about?” Roy asked. “Did (Y/N) actually make a mistake or…”

“No, of course she didn’t, I did, I let Oliver go after Darhk without any back up and I’m taking it out on her.” Felicity sighed.

“Can I ask you something, about (Y/N) I mean?” Roy plucked up the courage.

“You want to ask her out?” She said knowingly. Roy opened his mouth to say something but shut it again quickly. “It’s obvious you like her, me and Thea have a bet… That I wasn’t supposed to tell you about.” She realised and cursed herself. He shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“Do I have a shot?” He asked.

“Definitely.” She shrugged. “I don’t see why not. But what you really want to know is how to ask her out right?” Roy again, kept quiet, his silence said it all.

“Okay then, I’d try… Wearing, maybe something else for starters.” She pointed at his outfit.

“What’s wrong with this?” He looked down at what he was wearing.

“You mean the old trainers, jeans, black tee and red jacket you wear every single day?” She said sarcastically.

“Next.” He said. Something a little bit nicer wouldn’t hurt, he thought to himself, he did wear the same thing all the time.

“Be yourself.” She told him and got up. “Now, I have to go do important CEO stuff that important CEO’s do.” With that she strolled out of the lair and left Roy to think about what he was going to do.

- Later -

New shoes, clean jeans and an ironed shirt. Nice clothes weren’t exactly Roy’s forte and he felt stupid asking Felicity for more advice than he already had.

He found (Y/N) alone at the computers examining blood samples from their last encounter with the Ghosts. She was so engrossed in her work that she didn’t notice Roy till he wheeled into him on her spinning chair. “Roy.” She exclaimed, rolling of of his foot. “I didn’t see you there, sorry.”

“It’s okay.” He said, moving his feet out of her way as she rolled past to the computers on the other side.

“Sorry, were you looking for someone?” She asked nicely. “Felicity and Ollie are back at their place, Thea is out on a date with… somebody,” she checked herself, “and I have no clue where Dig and Laurel are.”

“No, I was looking for you actually.” He admitted. (Y/N) looked at him curiously.  

“You were?” She enquired slowly. “Why?” He swallowed.

“I was, just wondering if you’d eaten yet.” He tried.

“I haven’t actually, Ollie had me running tests for the past few hours, why are you asking?” (Y/N) stood up off of her chair and put her papers down, they were about the same height now and he really wanted to kiss her.

“I just, wanted to know if you wanted to get something to eat, with me, if you wanted. If you wanted we could go now.” He said, cursing himself when he realised how crazy that sounded.

(Y/N) laughed. “Like a date? Well, if I wanted to, I’d have to say yes.” Roy relaxed quite visibly. “I was waiting for you to do that.” She walked up to him. “Shall we.” Her smile lit up her face.

“There’s something different about your outfit.” She said as they left. “I hardly recognise you without your hoodie.”

He Pretends to be Your Boyfriend

Scott: “You know (y/n), you haven’t had a boyfriend in a while,” your annoying, snotty Aunt spoke, making your eyes grow wide and nearly choke on your water you were currently drinking. You sat in your living room with some family members, and your best friend Scott. Scott had been over when your Aunt and a few siblings decided to drop in, much to your dismay. You didn’t say anything as you watched your Aunt take a sip of her tea, your mother giving her sister a look of dissaproval. “I’m just saying, you must be doing something wrong. You need to have a man in your life,” she said, making you want to not only curl up into a ball of embarressment because she was saying this all in front of Scott, but also punch her in the face because of her arrogance. “Actually,” Scott piped up, slinging his arm over my shoulder, “I’m her boyfriend.” Good thing you weren’t taking another sip of water, because you’re pretty sure it would be all over the room right now. You watched as you Aunt’s face fell, and your mother suppress a laugh as she watched Scott smile cheekily in your Aunt’s direction. “Well,” you Aunt said flustered and a bit awkward, “very well then.”

Stiles: “What about this one?” You asked holding up a dress towards yourself, admiring the light green fabric. “(Y/N) honestly, you look beautiful in anything,” Stiles said a bit tired, making a small blush rise up your cheeks. You had dragged Stiles with you to get a dress for your cousins sweet 16, and after almost an hour, you could tell Stiles was getting pretty tired. “Okay, I’ll just get this one seeing as you look like you could take a nap right now,” you laughed, making Stiles smile and spring up from the seat he had taken on the ground, the two of you walking over to the checkout line. As you approached the counter, a boy took the dress from you, scanning it and swiftly putting it in a bag. “I’ll just add the employee discount to that for you,” he smiled as you handed him over the amount of money. “Uh, thanks,” you said thankfully as Stiles gave the guy a weird look. “Anything for a beautiful girl like you,” he said as you immediately felt an arm reach its way around your waist. Stiles tugged you closer to him, eyeing the cashier as you picked up the bag from the counter. “Uh, sorry man, didn’t know you were her boyfriend,” the boy said nervously, making you shake your head. “Oh no, he’s not-” you started, but got cut off by Stiles. “Mhm buddy, keep your eyes off,” Stiles said trying to act tough, leading you away from the cashier before you could say another word.

Isaac: “Now, choose your partner carefully, because you will not only be working with this person for the next two months, but it will directly account for forty percent of your grade in this class. And with those wise words of advice, go!” The teacher said, making everyone in the class spring up from their seats and run to the person they wanted as their partner. You looked over at your only friend in the class, Isaac, who already had a smile on his face as he sat down next to you. “Partners?” He asked, but just as you were about to respond, a boy walked up to you. You knew he was in a few of your classes, but you had never really talked to him. “Hey (y/n), want to be partners?” He asked cockily, already pulling up a seat before you had even responded. “So I can’t really work on this project all that much because of lacrosse practice, but I’ll make the cover page if you want?” He asked as you raised your eyebrows. Like hell you were doing all this project by yourself. “I don’t really know what you think, but I think (y/n) would rather work with her boyfriend, but that’s just my opinion,” Isaac stated rather annoyed, as you couldn’t help but let out a slight chuckle at the guys reaction. It was silent for a few moments while the boy stared at Isaac. “Oh, um yeah, of course,” he mumbled, standing up and walking away defeated as you looked at Isaac, both of you bursting into laughter.

Liam: “Liam, I need you to do me a favor,” you asked as the both of you stood in the hallway. “And what would that be?” He asked as he shoved a random textbook into his locker. You closed your locker and leaned against it as you nervously bit your lip. “Pretend to be my boyfriend,” you spit out before you had even realized what was happening. You hand flew to your mouth as your eyes bulged out of your head as he closed his locker and looked at you. “Excuse me?” He asked confused. “Look I-” You began to explain before a boy walked up, making you groan. “Why hello (y/n), looking lovely today,” the boy said as you put a fake smile on your face. You were pretty new to Beacon Hills, and this one boy has been bugging you since you got here. “So have you reconsidered my offer for a date yet?” He asked with eyebrows raised as you took a deep breath to remain calm. “Not entirely,” you said honestly as Liam looked between the two of you, jaw clenched together. “Well like I’ve said before, the offer still stands, and I would love to take you out,” he said. This kid would just not give up. Liam must have understood what was happening, because the next thing you knew, his arm was wrapped around your waist, and his lips briefly met yours. You tried not to look too shocked as Liam turned to face the boy. “Sorry, she’s taken,” he said with a big smile on his face.

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Family isn’t everything

Family isn’t everything

Family isn’t everything

Family isn’t everything

There are kids who grow up being beaten by their father, mentally abused by their mother, raped by their brother, or attacked by their sister. Aunts and Uncles are not always saints to be always trusted. Grandparents are not always sweet old people who give you cookies and hunting advice. Your cousin might molest you while “teaching” you how to swim.


Don’t feel bad for hating a family member that has mentally, physically, sexually, or in any way shape or form abused you. Just because you have the same genes does not mean you have to love them.

IF YOU ARE BEING ABUSED PLEASE CALL CPS!!!You do not have to talk to them in front of your family, if they try to make you they are breaking the law. If they say they cannot help you after asking only a few questions either ask to speak to a superviser or hang up and call again, you will get a different and hopefully more understanding person.

Abusers will not get better. They might say they are sorry, or blame the abuse on you. But you are not at fault, and they are not sorry. They will hurt you again and eventually they might go to far..No one deserved to be abused. No one deserves to be treated less than a human being with rights and feelings. You are worth it. Please call. Please get somewhere safe. The numbers for CPS in the US are:

Alabama: (334) 242-9500

Alaska: (800) 478-4444

Arizona: (888)-767-2445

Arkansas: (800) 482-5964

Colorado: (303) 866-5932


TDD: (800) 624-5518

Toll-Free: (800) 842-2288

Delaware: (800) 292-9582

District of Columbia: (202)-671-7233

Florida: (800)-962-2873)

Hawaii: (808) 832-5300

Idaho: (800) 926-2588


Toll-Free: (800) 252-2873

Local (toll): (217) 524-2606

Indiana: (800) 800-5556

Iowa: (800) 362-2178

Kansas: (800) 922-5330


Toll-Free: (800) 752-6200


TTY: (800) 963-9490

Toll-Free: (800) 452-1999


Toll-Free: (800) 792-5200Mississippi:

Toll-Free: (800) 222-8000

Local (toll): (601) 359-4991


Toll-Free: (800) 392-3738

Local (toll): (573) 751-3448

Montana: (866) 820-5437

Nebraska: (800) 652-1999


Toll-Free: (800) 992-5757

Local (toll): (775) 684-4400

New Hampshire:

Toll-Free: (800) 894-5533

Local (toll): (603) 271-6556

New Jersey:

TDD: (800) 835-5510

TTY: (800) 835-5510

Toll-Free: (877) 652-2873

New Mexico:

Toll-Free: (800) 797-3260

Local (toll): (505) 841-6100

New York:

TDD: (800) 369-2437

Toll-Free: (800) 342-3720

Local (toll): (518) 474-8740

Oklahoma: (800) 522-3511

Pennsylvania: (800) 932-0313

Puerto Rico:

Toll-Free: (800) 981-8333

Local (toll): (787) 749-1333

Rhode Island: (800)-742-4453)

South Carolina: (803) 898-7318

South Dakota: (605) 773-3227

Tennessee: (877) 237-0004


Toll-Free: (800) 252-5400

Local (toll): (512) 834-3784

Utah: (800) 678-9399

Vermont: (800) 649-5285


Toll-Free: (800) 552-7096

Local (toll): (804) 786-8536


TTY: (800) 624-6186

Toll-Free: 363-4276)

After hours: (800) 562-5624

West Virginia: (800) 352-6513

Wisconson: 800-422-4453

Please if you know the numbers for this kind of thing in other countries, add them.

Stiles’ cousin

Request: imagine where Y/N is Stiles’ cousin and she stays with them because her parents are travelling the world and she couldn’t come. She becomes best friends with Liam and Mason. On one full moon who is somehow very strong Satomi’s pack joins Scott’s pack in Lydia’s lakehouse and when Brett wolfs out Y/N calms him down and they spend the whole night talking and laughing and Liam gets jealous because he secretly likes her?

pairings: Liamxreader and a bit of Brettxreader

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“Why are we actually here? I don’t really want my best friend to rip my head off.” Mason asks you while you two are sitting on the couch in Lydia’s lakehouse. Everyone had gathered today because somehow the full moon would have a stronger effect on them or something like that. And with everyone, I litteraly mean everyone. Even some of Satomi’s pack are here so this must be something serious. 

“We’re here for the moral support I guess.” I’ve been best friends with Mason and Liam for over a year now. If my parents hadn’t decided to travel the world without me I wouldn’t even be here, staying with  my cousin Stiles. It’s not that I don’t like him, no, he’s a great guy. It’s just that we are so alike that we get into fights most of the time. 

As if Mason could read my mind he makes a comment that I have heard many times before. “You and Stiles are actually just two sarcastic assholes.” 

“Thank you for reminding me for the fifth time today, Mason. I am very much aware of that.” You scoff.

“Even now you are acting like one.” he laughs while poking your cheek. You swat his hand away and stand up to see what is going on with everyone. After a while of searching you found out that the newest werewolves were in the basement getting chained up. 

“Y/N! My sweet little cousin. How nice of you for joining us.” Stiles says a little too happy making all the eyes in the room land on your form. He walks towards you and puts both hands on your shoulders. “And now you are going upstairs so you will be safe!” You try to stop him from pushing you back but he is stronger than you. You look around and when your eyes land on Liam it feels like punch in your face. Seeing him struggle like this wasn’t something you like to see by somebody you love. Yeah, you read that right. Since you and Liam had gotten really close you started to develop a crush on him, but he of course did not like you back so you tried not to act on it. 

“Why am I here then?” Stiles rolls his eyes and tries to get you to leave the basement. Suddenly you hear a loud roar from behind Stiles. It was Brett.

“According to Satomi, Brett’s having more trouble controlling his shift on full moons.” Scott states. The others had trouble too, but Brett was really starting to wolf out. His eyes were turning gold and claws were coming out. 

“He’s gonna hurt himself.” You watch him with a pained look on your face feeling the need to reach out for him and help him calm down. You and Brett weren’t friends or something like that, but that was because you barely knew him. But when you take a step towards him Stiles holds you back. 

“NO! You are not getting close to any of these werewolves right now.” You roll your eyes and just when you are about to leave Satomi steps in. 

“I think she can maybe help him. If you listen good you can hear his heartbeat slow down a little when she speaks, please Stiles, just let her try.”  You and Satomi give him a pleading look and he gives in. 

“Hey Brett, you know me right?” you mumble softly as you take slow steps towards the young wolf. He growls softly and pulls at his chains and only then you see that his wrists are starting to bleed. Once you are in front of him, just out of his reach, you slowly put your hand up while talking to him. 

“You aren’t going to hurt me, right? I don’t think Stiles would be to happy about that.” You chuckle as you slowly put your hand on his cheek. Brett starts breathing slower, his claws dissapear and his eyes turn back to their normal blue color. He lets deep out a deep breath and slides down the wall to sit on the floor. 

“Are you okay?” You slide down next to him. He nods softly and rests his head on your shoulder. “Did you know I would be able to help him?” You wonder aloud as you look up at Satomi. She smiles softly and then nods. 

“I’ve always noticed his change in behaviour when you are around.” 

Liam’s POV

“I’ve always noticed his change in behaviour when you are around.” Satomi tells Y/N. Of course she can calm him down. She can calm everyone down, but if she keeps stroking his cheek I feel like I might explode.

Ever since I met her I couldn’t stop imagining how it would be to have her as my girlfriend. But I’m a werewolf with anger issues, why would such an amazing girl like Y/N like me? 

After like an hour of watching Brett and Y/N laughing and talking I couldn’t handle it anymore. My breath got faster and my claws were coming out. 

“Liam?” Scott asks

“Liam, are you okay?” 

Scott’s POV

“Liam, are you okay?” I ask him. It went so good but now he seems to have a hard time controling his shift. Maybe something triggered it. I followed his line of sight and saw Y/N and Brett cuddled up to each other. Any of us would be blind if they hadn’t noticed the way the two of them were staring at each other. And if they got closer to each other their hearts almost jumped out of their chest. So it wasn’t really hard for me to find out that Liam got so worked up because of Y/N and Brett being so close to each other.

“You know that she’s just helping him.” I tried but it was too late. Liam growled and lunged forward breaking the chains holding him back from hurting anyone. 

Part 2

Liam’s end

Brett’s end

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30 with calum? Thanks you're awesome :-)

30- “I don’t know whether to slap you over the head of hug you”

“King Hood!!” your little cousin, Emery, yelled at your boyfriend who wore a blanket tied around his shoulders as he walked through the door of your house with a smile on his face.
“hey Kiddo!” he smiled.
bending down he messed up her hair and stood back up.
“Where’s you’re cousin at Hun?” he asked as quietly as he could, looking around the living room where she stood.
“She went to her room to call you.” Emery stated, “she thinks your in another country.”
He only chuckled.
“let’s go.. scare her!” he exclaimed, grabbing some crayons and paper, drawing a very fake looking ghost on it and showing your cousin.
Emery nodded excitedly and dragged him up to your room. He quietly walked up being you, dropped the paper in your lap and grapes your shoulders quickly making you jump and scream.
You turn, quickly, hands up like you’re ready to fight a laughing Calum.
“Cal!“ you yell, “oh my god.. I don’t know whether to slap you over the head of hug you!”
“I’ll take that hug please.” he replied, smiling cheekily and pulled you into his arms, wrapping the blanket around you as well.
“Look Em,” he said softly into your hair,
“King and Queen Hood!”


Steve Rogers used to sleepwalk.

It was a trait that used to drive his poor Babushka to distraction, as according to her, it left him vulnerable to the depredations of Terrible Things such as the moroi and strigoi.   She put garlic flowers on his windows, made him wear holy amulets - a few of which were blessed by particularly saintly Popes (or so she claimed) and reminded his Mam to lock the doors and the windows.

All to no avail.  It was only fortunate or perhaps Steve did have a loving guardian angel working far and beyond the call of duty, that Steve would be found safe and sound by his worried mother and grandmother. 

Finally, on his fourth birthday, Babushka had presented Steve with a soft, plush bear that she declared would be his guardian and keep him safe from all the ghoulies and ghosties that could go bump into his sleepwalking self.

Little Steve happily named his bear Bucky.  

Amazingly, the Bear kept Steve safely in his bed and guaranteed good dreams from then on.

Of course, these days Steve was far too old for his faithful and much-loved Bucky Bear (now left in storage and waiting for the day that Steve might pass him on to his own child).  He’d thought he’d left his sleepwalking days behind.

While staying in Castle Dracula, Steve soon found that he was quite wrong.

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