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Carol Writes Letters To Daryl: Part 11

I have not done one of these since East aired, but the last three were crap so I thought it was time for another one. That episode last night gave me ideas for probably two more of these. By the time Season 7 is over… I don’t even want Season 7 to be over. 

With all her available time at her safe haven, Carol finds plenty of time to write letters to the man who never came home to her. 

Dearest Daryl,

Ew. That’s such a cheesy opening. Can I start with something better? Do you remember when I called you Pookie the first time? Of course you do. That was different you. A whole other world life for me.  I don’t even think I remember the woman I used to be, the same woman I think you fell in love with. 

Spending so much time alone in this house has given me alot of insight to things I never got to really think about. Like how the entire time we were together at the Prison, all the signs were there of how we both felt. Neither of us just had the guts to actually say it, and now we’re here. Past Terminus.. Past a life I would’ve wanted for the two of us if we were to ever end up together. That’s what you deserve. You of all people deserve happiness.. you deserve the world. I would give it to you if I could. 

There was a man I met here at The Kingdom. He’s nice enough. I trust him. But there was one thing he said the night I decided to leave that has resonated inside my head since. 

  ”Where there is life, there is hope, heroism, grace and love. Where there’s life, there’s life. I hope that’s not what you’re walking away from.” 

It took me a few hours to sit on what he said. Because it made NO sense to me! I walked away from Alexandria because I couldn’t kill for people anymore. Not for Rick, not for Sam… I couldn’t bring myself to lose another child. Not after all the ones I already lost. So I left. No one noticed I was gone… Until Morgan did. 

That’s what I had run away from. You. I had run away from you because I was so afraid to just feel it in front of a crowd of strangers, people who have never experienced the horrors that lurk outside those god forsaken walls. I ran away from you because if I let myself realize I was so deeply in love with you, I wouldn’t be able to kill to keep you safe. To make sure you stay alive and stay mine. 

My Daryl Dixon. 

I guess that’s the point of this trivial letter. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t catch you in time before you ran out that gate after Dwight, I’m sorry I didn’t take off my mask for you to be the woman you fell in love with. 

I’m sorry the world is so unbelievably cruel in nature. But there’s one good thing that came out of the apocalypse. ME and YOU. Us, together, fighting the good fight. Let me tell you, Mr Dixon… You are my reason to keep going. Just the thought of seeing you makes me shiver with excitement. I live and breathe for when that moment will come. 

I love-

Hold on a moment. Someones at my door. 

xoxo - Carol Dixon

Frost’s Daughter

Joker x Reader (as Frost’s daughter)

{A/N} Enjoy love! xo

Prompt: This might be a weird request, but can you do one about the reader being Frosts teenage daughter? 
I’m the person who requested the frosts daughter imagine and I just forgot to mention maybe you could do something where it’s your first time meeting Joker!

Warnings: Cursing, self esteem issues (you’re beautiful, I promise), kidnapping, suggestive speaking to minors but like thats not really a real warning ;P

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“So my life’s a little different than yours, who cares?” You scoff, surrounded by friends and curious onlookers at the lunch table.

“But he’s THE Joker!” Kate squeals, excited and frightened at the same time.

“I know..” you respond, a bit hesitant, “but I haven’t exactly met him yet, either..”

Kate’s perfectly round green eyes stay alert as she listens intently to your words. She pushes some of her perfectly pin straight blonde hair back from her face as she stares at you in disbelief.

“But.. you’re always gone! And you always travel with your dad, {Y/N}. How have you not?”

A little embarrassed in front of the kids now leaving your table, you throw her a warning look. She looks to you with excitement, and as she catches your expression her face falls. 

“Sorry,” she murmurs. 

You both get up and take your Coke Zero’s, heading for the stairwell to wait while everyone goes back to class. 

“Let’s ditch this place, {Y/N}, please?” She pouts, her eyes moving towards the double doors as she hugs her books, bouncing in place slightly, “I don’t have the energy to face this test I have in French.” 

You inhale, already used to ditching the last class of the day already from countless tests that Kate hasn’t been too enthusiastic to take. 

“Let’s go,” you say, rolling your eyes with a smile. The two of you push through the double doors, hearing several taunting “Oooo, you’re gonna get in trouble!”’s from the kids you pass. 

As you walk out of the school and off of the property, you pull a pack of cigarettes from your bag, handing one to Kate and the keeping the other. She lights them both with her hot pink lighter with a unicorn on it and you continue walking up the street.

“Don’t you have to go to that thing with your dad later today?” She asks, curiosity bubbling from within her. “Do you think you’ll see.. him?!” 

“What is your obsession with this guy, Kate?” you ask, genuinely curious. 

The Joker was a criminal, a murderer. As far as you knew, your dad was only working for him for the heavy compensation he received in return. He was the best guy around and even though he got into some crazy situations that you were kept virtually unaware of, you knew deep down he was a good guy. How could you know that he’s the Jokers right hand man for a reason?

“He’s just so.. dangerous!” She squeals, a dreamy, smoke filled sigh leaving her full pouty lips as she lowers her cigarette. 

For being the average good girl next door, Kate has a side to her that you hadn’t seen before lunch when you explained to her what your dad does. If it weren’t adorable, you’d be annoyed by her constant return to the topic. 

You laugh, taking a long haul from your cigarette. “Kate, he’s like, old. We’re in high school. Stop that,” you joke, poking her in the side. 

“If that’s your only concern, maybe you two belong together!” She giggles, and so do you. Something about that sentence resonated with you. But you were too busy trying to get back home without someone spotting you and ratting the both of you out. 

As you approached the neighborhood you both live in, you hug goodbye and go your separate ways to your streets. As soon as you’re out of sight, your phone buzzes in your pocket. You pull it out and see it’s from Kate. 

“Please, please, please, take me with you tonight! Or at the very LEAST let me know what happens!!! Love you xoxxoxoox”

You return to your home screen and click your phone back into sleep mode, sliding it back into your pocket. You haven’t even met The Joker yet, and she was asking to tag along? You felt a slight pang of envy, but you know it’s only her excitement. 

You walk into your house and head immediately upstairs to your room. Your dad catches you in the hallway, raising a brow. 

“You’re home early…” 

“Half-day,” you retort, going into your room and slamming the door behind you. Your father was not the type to get into your problems, and you’re sure he had plenty to worry about on his own anyway. 

Tonight was a night that Frost wasn’t sure when he’d be home, so he’d take you with him, leaving you in a five star hotel near by that he knew would be within his reach if need be. You couldn’t help but feel like it was a little too much- a little over protective. Certainly you are old enough to stay home, but after what happened to your mother, you can see where he’s coming from. You don’t know all the gory details, but you know enough.

The hotel he booked for you tonight is on the upper end of Gotham, classy and full of money. This time, there’s a club in it that you can’t wait to see. Sure, you aren’t old enough to legally drink, but whats the fun in doing anything legally anyway? You know if you wear that slinky black dress and do your makeup right, they won’t even bother carding you. 

Flinging the doors open to your closet, you pull out your black dress and a pair of matching stiletto’s. You throw it into the bottom of your duffle bag, moving to your dresser to grab the raciest matching {F/C} lingerie you can manage to find.. If you decide to wear any at all. 

You were bubbling with excitement now, just itching to find out what the night holds. Your ringtone goes off and you scramble to find your phone on the bed.


“{Y/N}!” Kate exclaimed on the other in, her baby voice pouring on thick before going back to normal. “So can I come?”

You hesitate on the other end. Tonight was supposed to be your time to shine, and even though you love her, you always felt inferior to her beauty, inside and out.

“I mean..”

“Oh please pookie! Come on! Just one time!’

You sigh, she pulled the heinous ‘pookie’ card on you- she wants this bad. You think about safety in numbers at least, if something did get out of hand at the club.

“Ugh.. Okay fine! I’ll give you the address I’ll be at tonight, do you have a pen? Get a pen, now, before I change my mind.”

Her elated squeal from the other end of the phone was earsplitting, and you could hear it drop to the floor before all of the sounds of her rustling through her messy room to find a pen and something to write on came through. 

“Got it! Go!” 

You give her the address and she thanks you a million times, promising you won’t regret it before hanging up. You sure hope you don’t, but that won’t be known until tonight. 

Your dad paces back and forth in the penthouse suite. You can tell something is on his mind, but you know what he does is already a daunting task, so you don’t push the issue. He was packing heat, and you watch as he loads more guns, hiding them on his person. 

“It’ll be fine, dad,” you say, secretly just hoping he’ll hurry up and leave so you can text Kate and get ready. 

“Do not leave this room, do you understand me?” he snaps back, causing your eyes to widen. That normally wasn’t something you had to abide by, and you begin to worry. 

“Wha… what do you mean?” You weren’t a goodie-two-shoes, but as your plans begin to crumble around you, you suddenly felt like staying in for the night.

“Just what I said, {Y/N}. If you stay here you’ll be safe, but if you go anywhere else, you’ll jeopardize your life.” 

His tone was stern, and you immediately get up, walking to the other side of the  room as panic starts to consume you.

“What the fuck? What is going on?”

He ignores your questions, checking his phone before turning to leave. 

“Do not leave this room,” he opens the door, poking his head back through it and making eye contact with you, “I love you, {Y/N}.”

Frost leaves, and you can hear the door click as it locks behind him. You stand still for a moment, turning to look at the amazing view from the windowed wall.

“Well fuck if that didn’t sound good..” you mutter to yourself, pulling yourself together and grabbing your phone. 

You open a message to send to Kate, staring at the blank screen. Your dad seems concerned for you this time around. Maybe this time you should take heed.. Just as you move your finger to exit out of her message thread, you see three little dots pop up onto the screen. You stare at it, tonights fate would be in her hands, and either she’s canceling or she’s coming.

“I’m not waiting anymore, bitch! I’m on the way! oxoxo”

You look at the time on your phone, 8:45PM.

Welp. Looks like we’re heading out, you think to yourself as you go to the master bedroom, taking your dress out with one hand and your lingerie in the other. Staring down at your {F/C} underwear, you quickly rumple them into a ball before tossing them back into the bag, getting undressed and sliding the dress on. A wave of dangerous excitement crashes over your aura, and you get giddy at the thought of disobeying your dads orders with your best friend. 

It isn’t long before you hear a knock at the door. Running from the master bath, through the rest of the penthouse and to the front door, you almost trip and fall. You stand on your tiptoes, looking through the peephole. Her makeup is done and she’s in sweats, carrying a large pink backpack. An excited scream leaves her throat as you open the door.


“Please don’t,” you say flatly, hugging her and shuffling her inside, closing the door and barring it before you lead her back to the bathroom to finish getting ready.

“You look hot, oh-la-la! That black dress is just barely-there enough!” She comments, looking you up and down. 

“I still need to do my hair, but look at you! That eye makeup! I’m used to seeing you all.. natural beauty! Like a Hollister ad!” 

She pretends to scoff, undressing behind a screen in the bathroom as you work on your hair, “Please, this old makeup? Dah-ling….” She walks out from behind the screen, pretending to strut on a catwalk and striking a pose in a shimmery pale pink tube dress. 

“Wow,” you turn around, teasing your hair for volume still, “You look amazing!” 

That pang of jealousy returns, she was tall, slinky and naturally beautiful, essentially built for New York Fashion week’s runway. You never embraced yourself the way she has, and so your insecurities start to rear their ugly heads. Turning back around, you sigh to yourself and continue working on what you always consider to be ‘the best of a bad situation.’ 

You grab your room key and hand it to Kate since she’s the only one with a bra on tonight. She slides it into the top of her dress and the both of you slip into your heels. You take one last look in the large mirror by the door, and she pulls out her phone, taking a selfie of the two of you. 

“This is gonna be wild, {Y/N}!” She bubbles with excitement, heading for the door.

“I know!” you start, but your mind betrays you, suddenly replaying your dads words in your head. “It’ll be fun..” you manage to force as you follow her through the door. 

“Oh gosh what if we run into The Joker! You’re dad’s here, I bet he’s here too!”

You don’t have the heart to tell her what your dad told you, even if she did find this whole situation thrilling. Instead, you decide that the moment you step into the club, you’re going to get shit-faced. You try to perk up. If you can’t remember the problem, it won’t matter, right?

“Maybe!” You say a bit more enthusiastically as you let your mind wander back to what she said earlier. ‘Maybe you two belong together.’

You shake the idea and continue walking through the hall and to the elevator, giggling and joking around with Kate all the while. When the doors open, you both stand up straight, acting like you’re fabulous and ‘old enough.’ 

The lobby is busy, people walking in and others stammering out. It was already late, and the loud thudding from the music inside was getting under your skin in the best way. Kate struts up to the bouncer first, confident in all her glory as she winks at him. Of course he let’s her through that easily. Walking up behind her, you pucker your lips to blow a kiss in his direction with a smirk, minus the hand gesture. He let’s you go through, and you can’t believe it. The moment you pass you both light up in pure glee as you jump in place together. 

“Act.. Adult!” Kate says suddenly as you both try to collect yourselves again.

“Okay, okay!” You say. “Let’s get drunk and be bad.”

She grins, her perfect white teeth showing behind her pouty lips. “Let’s do it, baby!”

Walking further into the club, you smell the alcohol and sweat mixed with perfume and cologne coursing through the air. Bodies dance and grind around the floor, and hands are being swept around as you walk to the bar. Girls are dancing on poles and men are watching, touching them with no reservations. What a place, you think. 

The liquor bottles glimmer and gleam with the lights in the club along the back wall. Kate orders two vodka cranberries, or ‘Cape Cods’ as she called them, and turns back to you. She opens her mouth to speak, but you notice her eyes shifting to focus on something behind you, and you grow curious as to what it could be.

“What?” you ask in a rush, turning behind you and then back to her.

“{Y/N}, why is your dad here?”

You jaw drops, surely you’ve been caught and he’s coming to bust you and Kate. Your body tenses up as you shut your eyes.

“Isn’t he supposed to be with The Joker…. Oh my god! Do you think he’s here?”

“What are you talking about?” you snap, opening your eyes.

“I just saw your dad walking into the back room! We have to go spy! What if he’s there?!”

She grabs the drinks that are now on the bar top, shoving one into your hand and taking a sip of her own before she takes your arm, leading you through the sea of people again. 

“What are you doing?! If my dad sees us we’re done for!”

“We won’t get caught!” she shouts back, tightening her grip and making sure she doesn’t lose you in the crowd.

“How do you know that! Kate this is dangerous! He didn’t even want me to leave the room! If he see’s me here, what if we’re in a lot of trouble!”

“Stop complaining and live a little! Trust me!”

You give up fairly easily. You already knew that once Kate set her mind to something, it was going to happen, whether you argued it or not. You followed her and began to down your drink as it sloshes in your glass from the movement, hoping that it’ll hit you hard enough before you have to face your dad.

As you come across the door, you notice a window on it.

“There Kate, peek in the window first before you just barge in, that way you’ll see it’s not even worth it. He’s not even here. This is so stupid we should just–”

The door swings open and suddenly you’re both being pulled in roughly by large, muscular men with masks on. Being taken by surprise and trying to fight, you both begin kicking and screaming as you’re pulled further into the quiet room.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..”

You feel a sharp sting across your face and a black tie being place across your eyes. You can’t hear Kate clearly anymore, and you can tell she’s been gagged. 

The laugh continues for a moment before silence falls over the entire room. Your heart is beating out of your chest, and you can feel yourself beginning to sweat. 

“What do you want,” you start, adrenaline run confidence thick in your voice, “I’ll give you whatever you want, please, just let her go.”

You can hear Kate’s muffled screaming behind a towel, and you just wish you wouldn’t have gone out at all. 

“Miss {Y/N} Frost…”

“How do you know who I am?” You spit out, wishing you could see what was going on around you. 

“Lets just say I’m a.. family friend, Miss Frost.”

“Why am I blindfolded? I know who you are. I know what you do to people, Joker!” Your scream your last sentence. Your fear is showing more than anything else, but you can’t seem to react in any other way as your breathing quickens.

“Don’t be a coward. Let me see,” you finally say.

You feel a pair of cold hands on either side of your face, the blindfold being pulled off of your eyes. Slowly but surely, a red grin and metal grill was revealed, followed by a slender nose and eyes the size of worlds.

“Because you asked so nicely,” he says, as he tosses the blindfold aside, turning to one of his masked goons. “This ones gotta mouth like her mommy.”

Your blood begins to boil at the mention of your mother, and suddenly it all began to click. Your mothers incident was caused by The Joker, the very person your father worked for. Hatred, anger and sadness all began to sink in as you watched him saunter behind a desk that sat in the middle of the room. 

“Bring him in,” he says nonchalantly. 

The door to the back busts open, and your dad is being hauled in by two other masked men.

“Dad!” you yell, relieved and frightened. 

“{Y/N}! Fuck!” he growls, lunging for Joker. “Let her go you son of a bitch! You just promised me you wouldn’t hurt her!” Frosts voice is gravely as he’s being restrained. 

“Why does everyone hold me to such high standards?” Joker tuts, looking back towards Kate. 

He walks closer to her, eyeing her figure with satisfaction. When he’s standing right in front of her, he leans his head back, running his index and middle finger down the side of her perfect face.

“This ones pretty..” he growls, causing her to blush. He notices this and rakes his fingers back through his hair, leaning down to get on her level, though he didn’t have to by much. 

“I think she likes me too.” 

Why am I jealous right now? You think to yourself as you watch the scene play out before you. Kate’s trembling, you can see it, but no one dared to interrupt, and you weren’t sure if she even wanted someone to. Sure, she was shaking, but her eyes were the size of pies, and she looked like a kitten locking her sights on its prey.

“She’s seventeen!” You shout, and both their heads whip in your direction. You were going to feel Kate’s wrath later, and the guilt already washed over you as she glares in your direction. You’re unsure of what’s come over you and your dad lunges for you again as Joker stands up and walks towards you, cocking a brow as he cockily stands in front of you. 

Joker cracks his neck before he leans down to meet your shorter height.

“And how old are you, Miss Frost?”

You hesitate before answering. Kate could easily dime you out at any moment, even gagged as she was, and you expect it. But you feel worse when she doesn’t, and your eyes shift to the floor. 

“She’s not for you, J,” your dad says through his teeth.

“Ah-ah-ah, all that chit-chat’s gonna get’cha hurt. Or {Y/N}, over here.” 

He looks into your eyes, the blue halos radiating around his large pupils were like ice, cold and harsh- but there was a smoothness to them. You almost get lost in them while he looks at you. 

“Ya wouldn’t want her to end up like dear ol’ mom, would ya?” he questions your father as he continues to stare at you. 

Standing up straight again abruptly, he gestures the men to let Frost go, and he immediately runs to you. Pulling you out of the mens grip and pulling the towel from Kate’s mouth and taking her under his other arm. 

“They’re kids, Mr. J. They don’t mean fuckin’ shit to you. They won’t do shit for you.”

“Playing with them would’ve been so fun, too.”

He takes Kate’s chin in his hand for a moment, but leans over and faces you.

You cringe slightly, and you’re not sure if it’s more at his terrifying appearance or the weird butterflies in your stomach. Your dad grasps onto you both, and you can tell he just wants to make sure you’re away and safe from this situation before anything else.

“Call me when you’re eighteen baby doll, and I’ll show ya what you’re missin’ out on.”

He cackles as your dad grabs you both and pushes you through the doors quickly, appalled at Joker’s actions. You couldn’t help but replay his offer in your head over and over again as Frost drags you both out of the club, a stupid, insane smirk on your features.

Under-Appreciated caryl moments (by season)

•the concerned look when he hands her the pickaxe and she starts smashing Ed’s brain

•Daryl speaking softly to Carol when him and Rick first return without Sophia
•"we’re gonna locate that lil’ girl and she’s gonna be just fine.“
•Carol crying in the RV at night and Daryl leaves to search for Sophia
•DARYL GIVING CAROL A FLOWER(!!!!) to cheer her up and give her hope
•Carol bringing Daryl dinner and kissing his head after he was shot
•Daryl stepping in for Carol when Shane argues about leaving without Sophia
• "I can’t loose you too…”
• Daryl’s way of apologising by taking Carol to the Cherokee rose bush
•Daryl catching and holding Carol after Sophia comes out the barn
•Daryl saying “don’t look” and shielding her from the sight by continuing to hold/ hug her
•When he walks into the house the morning after he yells at her and awkwardly/ apologetically smiles
•Carol on Daryl’s bike after he saves her from the farm

•First clearing out the prison and they take the guard tower together
•Daryl giving her a massage (then getting all embarrassed)
•Carol thinks he’s romantic
•"wanna screw around"
•d: “I’ll go down first” c: “even better” d: “stop”
•Daryl’s heartbreak when he thinks Carol is dead when he finds the scarf and the knife
•Putting the Cherokee rose on the grave and the gentle touch to the cross
•CHIN TOUCH and carrying her carefully back to her cell
•"stay safe"
•Carol looking for Daryl in the car and her heartbreak when Rick tells her that he went off with merle
•Carol visiting him when he returns and them laughing together in his cell

•"I liked you first"
•"sorry pookie" and the playful nudge
•*generally asking if the other is doing alright*
•c: “you alright?” D: “Gotta be”
•Daryl getting angry and upset after Rick kicks Carol out AND Daryl asking about Lizzie and mica

•Carol finding Daryl’s crossbow
•d “you alright” c “gotta be”
•Daryl offering to carry her water bucket but dropping his own in the process
•Daryl realising she isn’t doing so good, following her, and try’s to bring her back
•lying/ sitting on the bed together
•Daryl stopping Carol from having to see/ kill the child walker
•c “you don’t know me” d “yeah? You keep telling yourself that”
•finding the hospital truck and Carol offers to go in cause it’s unstable and she’s lighter but he jumps in anyway
•Carol holding his hand and the fear in his voice telling her to “hold on” as they fall
•Daryl getting distressed and frantic when Carol is hit by the car and taken away
•Carol knowing Daryl is not okay, following him, FOREHEAD KISS, and bringing him back
•Carol making Daryl shower before she “hoses him down” and washing his vest when they get to Alexandria

•Daryl abandoning Abraham and Sasha to go back home (to Carol)
•Daryl’s face when they hear on the radio that they have Carol
•Carol making tracks knowing Daryl will find her
•d *chin touch* “you okay” c “no” d “come ‘ere”

{okay this was a lot longer than I originally planned but oh well. BUT FEEL FREE TO ADD ON. CARYL ON FELLOW SHIPPERS}

Caryl Headcanon/Oneshot idea

Takes place at ASZ post AOW.

Caryl is taking a nap, and Daryl wakes up first, feeling a bit flirty and mischievous. He gets an idea and sneaks out of bed to find a pen…..

Maybe 15-20ish minutes later, Carol wakes up, notices Daryl’s cute little smirk, looks down at her arm and… ….“pookie…did you play connect the dots with my freckles?…”