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The best part of “Dear John” is how Taylor subtly changes the lyric from “I should’ve know” to “you should’ve known” at the end of the song as she realises it was his fault not hers, and nobody can tell me any different.

Dear God

Part 3 to my 2 other One-shots Apocalyptic and I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket. This will be the final part. I will not do anymore for this because I feel this could be a good ending for it. I hope you enjoy. It’s the lyrics of the song Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold.

Fandom: PlayChoices-Endless Summer

Pairing: JakeXMC

Word Count: 1,318


“A lonely road crossed another cold state line. Miles away from those I love purpose hard to find. While I recall all the words you spoke to me can’t help but wish that I was there back where I’d love to be, oh yeah.”

He sat on the edge of the roof, his legs dangling over the edge, a bottle in his hand. His mind wandered to past places. He tried his hardest to forget her over the past 6 days that she’d been gone. He was certain he would never see her again.

He thought back to his time in war. However, his mind seemed to distort the memories a bit. She was there. She couldn’t have been there. The person who looked like her was her opposite, quiet and reserved. They didn’t speak much to anyone unless they needed to. They just watched everything.

He tried to clear his head. He nursed the bottle a bit then laid down on the edge of the roof. He wouldn’t fall off, he knew that for sure. He just wanted to be alone. If anyone saw him laying on the edge, they likely wouldn’t talk to him in fear of him falling off the roof.

He was surprised there was still alcohol left after how much he drank as well as the college kids, His mind wandered to his family. He missed them so much. His mom was probably disappointed in him with whatever bullshit Lundgren told everybody about Mike and him. He would give anything to be back home and tell him mom what really happened.

His cheeks felt wet and that’s when he noticed he was crying. His chest ached. He had lost too much. With a sigh, he sat up and put the bottle down.

There’s nothing here for me on this barren road. There’s no one here while the city sleeps, and all the shops are closed. Can’t help but think of the times I had with you, pictures and some memories will have to help me through, oh yeah.

His mind wandered to summer nights when he was a teen. There was this girl who would be visiting Shreveport. At first they had just run into each other and he was his usual self that made people stay away from him. However, this girl just wouldn’t leave him alone.

They were bad influences on each other. She taught him how to steal. He taught her how to hide and be stealthy. She had already “known”, but she didn’t really know. He knew how to hide and not be found; he knew how to be stealthy. It was all those skills combined that helped him during war.

Something began to dawn on him. That girl had always gone by Wolf and she had similar features to MC. He remembered her so clearly. She was so beautiful. He didn’t get to say goodbye to her before shipping off to boot camp.

Some search, never finding a way. Before long, they waste away. I found you, something told me to stay. I gave in, to selfish ways, and how I miss someone to hold when hope begins to fade.

After that young girl and Mike he never searched for anyone or anything again. There was no reason to. That was until he met MC. She was all he didn’t know he was searching for. He heard the roof door open and close.

“Go away.” He grumbled, taking a swig of the bottle in his hand. He heard soft footsteps walking towards him still. Slowly he turned and stood up. He didn’t look up to really look at the person until he was fully on his feet. He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. Standing in front of him, in all her beauty, was MC. His mouth fell open slightly. “MC…” He took a small step forward. His hand reached out towards her. “Is it really you?”

Carefully his hand caressed her cheek. The touch of her flesh made him gasp. She leaned into his caress. She reached out and pulled him into a hug. Relief filled him.

“It’s really you.” He whispered more to himself.

“It’s me.” She whispered, pulling away from the hug to look into his eyes. They were filled with relief, but also hurt. Hurt that she left. Hurt that he may never know what happened to her. She guessed the relief took over as he pulled her close once more, crashing their lips together.

“You’re alive. It’s really you. You’re here and alive.” He whispered, his voice just filled with relief and happiness.

“Did you think I would never come back, J/N?” She asked softly, running her fingers through his hair.

“No. I thought you were gone forever. I just….gave up….on everything.” He whispered, the hurt taking over now. “Why did you leave me? We could have just gone together. I could protect you.”

“I can protect myself.” She whispered softly, not trying to make him feel bad.

“Yeah you’ve proven that enough times.” He grumbled. “Let me save you sometimes. We should be a-“ He cut himself off, remembering they never actually agreed to being together. He didn’t want to call them a team when they weren’t even together. With a sigh, he pulled away from her, turning his back to her.

“What were you gonna say?” She asked, trying to reach out for him.

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter.” He grumbled, stepping further away from the woman he loved.

“You were gonna say we make a good team, weren’t you?” She asked.

“No, MC.” She exclaimed trying to get him to talk to her. He turned on her with a cold glare and did what he didn’t want to.

“You know what, MC? Why don’t you just leave me the hell alone? You seem to be real good at doing that!” he spat and walked to the roof door.

Dear god, the only thing I ask of you, is to hold her when I’m not around, when I’m much too far away. We all need the person who can be true to you. I left her when I found her, and now I wish I’d stayed. ‘Cause I’m lonely and I’m tired, I’m missing you again, oh no…once again.

He walked down to the beach, like he had done many nights while MC was gone. He went in to autopilot and did what had become a habit while MC was gone. He climbed to the highest point and just sat, staring out.

“God, I know I’ve fucked up in my life and I probably shouldn’t even cuss when praying, but don’t punish these kids for shit that I’ve done. My mom would tell me to ask for forgiveness for everything and it would all work out eventually, but I’ve been asking for forgiveness since we got stuck on this island and nothing has changed. Please, let them go.  Let MC have a long and happy life.”

He paused for a second.

“Let her be okay. Even if she’s here now, I miss her so much…” He whispered, finishing his prayer off with an ‘amen’. He sat there for a while until he finished his bottle and the sun was rising. He slowly stood up and went to his hotel room. When he woke up, he felt a body in his arms. He opened his eyes to find MC. Part of him was yelling at him to push her away and not let this happen because she would just leave again. He decided to go with his heart instead, pulling her as humanly close as possible.

“I love you, Jake. I’m not ever leaving you again.” She whispered softly. He felt almost as if his heart stopped after hearing her say she loves him.

“I love you, too, MC.” He whispered, breathing in her sweet scent before falling asleep once more.