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Hiii love the new URL lol. Since we're on the topic of even's hands, could you write a fic about isak's feelings about his hands? Ty my love

anon, you are my favourite person in the history of forever. i loved writing this so much! and i have to give a shoutout to @isisisak for giving me the idea of Isak telling Jonas about it while high!

i hope you enjoy this! it’s super self indulgent :D


“She makes me so happy, dude. It’s like - her smile, and how… she’s so confident now! She just… knows what she wants, and it’s awesome.”

Jonas has been waxing poetic about Eva for far too long now, in Isak’s opinion. It’s probably because Jonas is high as fuck, in fact, they’re both high as fuck, but Isak is kinda finished with the subject of how Eva and Jonas got back together (okay, maybe that’s because he’s a little worried that Eva might reveal why they broke up in the first place.)

Jonas seems to notice Isak’s bored look (actually, Isak might have rolled his eyes, or yawned. He’s a little too out of it to remember)

“What? It’s not like you don’t talk about Even for fucking hours, Isak! Remember last week? When you got wasted and spent ten minutes describing his eyes?”

“He has nice eyes!” The nicest! Isak could talk about them for hours, even while sober. Jonas got off easy. Or maybe he just ran off. Isak doesn’t remember, or care.

“I swear to God,” Jonas sighs. “Next you’ll be talking about his fucking…nose, or his hands or something.”

“Fuck,” Isak says, only focussing on the words ‘his hands.’ “I fucking love his hands.”

“Okay, well I wasn’t being serious, but good for you.”

“No, seriously, Jonas. Have you seen his fucking hands? They’re fucking incredible.”

“They’re just hands, Isak.”

“How dare you.” Isak is far too high for this, and now all he can think about is Even’s hands.

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jonas sees it the most when isak's dad calls with some not so great news and isak's just completely shut down because of it. but even brings him into his lap and makes him look at him "whatever happened, whoever called, it doesn't matter. not right now. what matters now is eating this amazing pasta we made, alright? we can talk about it tonight okay?" and isak's nodding into his shoulder and just goes back to eating a little more relaxed than usual and jonas is a little jealous but mostly happy

it’s always pretty tough for isak when he gets news from his parents; he knows it shouldn’t be since they’re working pretty hard to fix things in their family, to get back on good terms, because isak does miss them and love them. but at the same time he has all those bad memories that come to the front of his mind whenever something happens, and his first instinct is to go in on himself.

he can’t help but remember how ignorant he used to be of what his mother went through, and how badly he dealt with it. he cant help but think of what he said to even that time, he can’t help but wonder whether even should have forgiven him for that, whether he’s actually proved himself good enough.

and he’s just received some tough news, probably about his mum, and that sends the thoughts swirlling at an alarming rate anyway, so he does what his instincts tell him to do - keep quiet, keep it to himself. pretend he’s okay.

even knows him though, he knows the little shake of his hands, the tremble of his lips, the nervous jump at sudden noises. even knows that something’s happened, and as soon as he sees, he’s there for isak. maybe now isn’t the best time to deal with it directly, and that’s okay, they’re at a pregame with the boys or something, and they’re about to go out - they want to have fun, even knows isak would be upset if they skipped out on it.

so he pulls him back, one hand rubbing up and down his back letting isak rest a tired head on his shoulder, as he whispers little things to him, reminders of where they are now, what’s happening that they can think about instead, and promises that they can talk through it later when theyre back home and even will always always be there to listen - they can go now if isak wants? but he just shakes his had, curls himself in a bit closer to even, and breathes, relaxes, focusses back on the silly conversation that the boys are having around them.

later, they’re back in their apartment, lying with isak’s head on even’s chest, and he speaks in a tired voice, tells him what his dad said and how his thoughts are spiralling because of it, and even will talk him through it, remind him that it’s okay, he’s grown, he’s come so far, reminds isak that hes exactly what even needs, there’s no way that even would be upset with him. they both have their problems but they help each other through them, and as much as isak thinks that even helps him, he helps even just as much.

and yeah, jonas notices how they help each other, he notices even pulling isak into him at the pregame and he notices the comforting touches and the significant looks and whispered words passed between them, and he’s jealous, sure - what even and isak have is incredible, one of a kind. but mostly, jonas is thrilled for his best friend, he’s found exactly what he needs in even, and although jonas doesn’t know even as much, he’s pretty sure even’s found what he needs in isak as well.

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my boyfriend just broke up with me after I told him I was bisexual, because he was like "You bis always prefer woman." And I'm kinda upset??


hun, love, lovely anon. He is absolutely wrong and had no right to say that. First, because you chose to be with him and he clearly didn’t see that. Being bisexual doesn’t mean anything other than you fall in love with a person for being that person. It’s your choice who you want to date. It’s your heart that falls in love with someone else and he broke up with an amazing person. He doesn’t deserve you. You deserve much better than that and I know it’ll come one day.

Now, come here and let me make you a pillow fort and give you ice cream and cuddles because that was horrendous of him and I want to comfort you so you can feel better.💛

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Hi! I'm a great fan of your writing and it makes me happy seeing you developing your art and keep growing as an artist. I've read all your rivamika fics and I want to say thank you so much :)

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to send me this, anon. I think it’s a beautiful thing to have people like you who acknowledge the artist’s growth and pay attention to the changes and development; it all makes it even more worthy of hard work and patience.

Honestly having you guys along the journey of growing as artists/authors is a very important factor to the progress one makes, because you make a source of encouragement and support that one needs in order to keep going, because there are people out there who notice the effort and appreciate it. It’s much like a team work, really!

I read this while I was still in bed and it put a smile on my face, so thank you so, so much. I love waking up to messages from kind people.

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How can that anon call you pretty when we haven't even seen your face? Like, ever. I bet you're ugly and that's why you won't show yourself here

Oh wow! Thank you anon, for your mean comment will inspire me to be extra kind to everyone today ❤️
(also, just so you know, there are people here who know what I look like, in case you thought I was a robot or something… in addition to being ugly 😘)

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Keira I'm fucking crying. I'm the pan girl whose ex said she shouldn't go to pride bc she was dating a man. And i just love you so much bc I'm also ace. And seeing you stick up for ace/aro individuals makes me so happy. I can't tell you how many people have told me being ace isn't real or doesn't make me part of the community. And it's worse whenever I'm dating someone of the opposite sex. So knowing one of my favorite blogs supports me makes me so happy. Thank you for being amazing! 💖💛💙

oh my god this made me cry! I will punch every person who told you that being ace doesn’t make you part of the LGBTQ+ community. I will always love and support you my dear <3

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The comic is so good that I feel like I want and I need to pay for this beautiful content. I will commission you I swear to the Iris that I will!!

Ooh Gosh Anon, thank you so much this is so flattering!  ♡ ♡ ;0;

I mean, if your wallet allows you to, and you if you ever feel like it I’ve got a Ko-fi ;u;

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Hey! I read that you want to try for the role of Mare (actually maybe you have already auditioned? I have no idea when is it gonna take place) and I just wanted to wish you luck ^^ I would also love to try for that part, but unfortunately I am too freaking pale and also live in a shitty country and there is no way my parents would let me travel just for one audition. Also I wanted to ask you when did you start acting? Sorry if you've already answered this. Once again good luck!

Hi there! I haven’t auditioned yet (I wish) and on IMDb Red Queen is still in the very beginning of pre-production. However thank you so much for the good luck wishes! That is tough, but sometimes casting calls start with video auditions and then they can fly you out! So there is hope! I started acting last February, so fairly recently but I have been lucky enough to already be working a lot. I’m very grateful. No need to apologize, I am flattered you asked! I wish you all the best of luck as well. If you want to be an actress then you are worth it and can do it! xxx

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ok even is proud, jonas is proud, but ESKILD is so proud??? i mean literally a year ago he was living in an actual basement and now he's living with his boyfriend and we dont know if even knows about the basement thing so imagine eskild just talking with isak and maybe he's a little drunk so he says too much and cries too much as well but he's "so proud of my baby gay for finally finding a home with a boy with a good dick" (sorry for sending u all these no one i know irl watches skam so)

never apologise for sending these, anon! i love hearing them so so much!!! and i hope my responses are okay, i hope you dont think im messing up your hcs or anything :P

but yes!! lets talk about eskild! we saw with that big hug that he’s so so unbelievably proud of baby jesus.

because, you see, the first eskild heard of isak was that noora and eva thought he was gay - and eskild’s favourite thing to do is pick up strays and mother them! so he thought -  oh, here’s another that i can help! so he talked to isak on insta and must have noticed straightaway how far isak was in the closet, and so his first task was convince noora and eva to drop this, because it could hurt this boy that he barely knows anything about. he was already so protective of isak

and then, a few weeks later, who does he find drunk out of his mind in a gay bar, refusing to go home? he can’t leave him there, this boy is struggling so much. so he takes him back to kollektivet, leets him stay in the basement until he can sort something else out. he doesn’t push isak for any information, and isak certainly doesnt volunteer it, so eskild is stuck with a sullen grumpy quiet boy in his basement, and later in his spare room.

from there, he sees isak change. he started out refusing to call any guy attractive, and hiding in his room all day when eskild knows there’s a boy in there, with him, and he sees him push back against stereotypes, misunderstanding the community that he, whether willingly or not, is a part of now.

and then its a messy few weeks, its okay, then it’s not, then it is again, and it’s rough, but at the end of it all, when it’s really okay this time, who knew there was so much love in that grumpy little teenage body of isak’s?

from there it can only go up. isak is more comfortable, more confident, and so much happier. and eskild is watching on with so much pride.

it’s probably the 23rd of april when eskild brings it up - exactly one year since they first spoke on insta, and eskild is round at the new flat to visit, because  “i miss my baby gay! gosh isak!”

and he remembers the date exactly, (because he was checking through his old dms on insta and saw isak’s) so he brings it up to isak, and tells him “we should celebrate how far you’ve come, baby gay!” and isak rolls his eyes but grins as well, because yeah, he has come pretty far.

so eskild produces a bottle of champagne from somewhere, because he’s eskild, of course he brought champagne, and isak rolls his eyes and says he hates champagne but still manages to drink a fair amount, and by the time even gets home from work, they’re both kind of tipsy - and they’ve had a deep conversation about how isak is doing in this new flat with the - quote - “gorgeous” boyfriend, and isak replies that he’s incredibly happy, and then they both get a bit too emotional, and eskild will tell isak exactly how proud he is (and how jealous, that he found such a great man on the first go)

even gets home and grins at them both, because they’re both heavily denying that they cried reminiscing over how far isak has come, but yeah, even can get behind this conversation. everyone is so proud of isak, and how far he’s come.

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elia, please, please don't delete the cover video. Not to be overdramatic but it was the first thing in weeks that somehow got through my numbness straight to my heart and now I'm sitting here crying and it feels so good. Thank you for this, honestly

Anon from just rn. When you sang stay alive for me, it just had so much power and i believed it. i know it’s just lyrics but oh my god, I’m rambling, sorry

friend, i don’t know what to say. of course i won’t delete it if you don’t want me to. your words just gave me chills and i feel like crying because i’m so happy it helped you in any way. i hope you know that even though i was dead tired & wanted to listen to music, my brain decided to film that short video because it was the perfect moment to do it. an empty street, but a heart full of laughter from the previous night. the sunrise, the birds. words that i mean even though i wasn’t the one that penned them. you will get through this. i hope that short video was cathartic and that you feel better. please know you can talk to me anytime you feel the need to, okay? 

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I stood on a bridge this weekend, and for the first time I didn't want to jump. I take that as a win.

That is an absolute win! Awesome Anon - 1 Bad thoughts - 0  I’m so proud of you and happy you are still here with us! Keep fighting my dear anon! 

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Do you receive hate asks or weird asks? If you do DONT WORRY!! I'll protect you with my love!! <3

Thankfully, no! No hate for me ;u;
I’ve gotten a few sorta…violent asks, but not directed at me (thankfully) and some asks that could be a little…uncomfortable. But most of the asks I get are super duper sweet! I’m just sorry I can’t answer them all ;__;

All in all, you guys have been amazing and super sweet to me
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart   ♡