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How would Sekka react upon knowing she was pregnant with Harkniss's kiddo?


She would react as well as you might expect her to !
And if anyone is wondering what Harkniss reaction to learning about this would be : the exact opposite ! xD

hi guys...

I’m taking a hiatus because of personal reasons. I’ll probably check in from time to time. Sorry for not answering your messages I’m just not in a good place rn. I wan’t to say thank you for following me and sending me all those nice messages ily and you’ve been a huge help for me!

Crowley and Az aren’t super cuddly and lovey dovey. It’s more like a mutual agreement that they love each other, and a date is usually just going feed birds or some shit while having polite banter
—  Headcanon, well more like canon, submitted by anon
This will be my last time answering to these.

I received a few hours after this the following message which well…answers perfectly the messages I recieved about transphobia.

I actually invite you to read the page they linked, it’s very interesting.

The “sacrifice” I mention is not Ko’s feminity. The Komaeda I draw/write is someone who identifies as a male and will wear pants, skirts, dresses, whatever depending on what he wants on the moment, what looks pretty or comfortable. Long hair, short hair ? he doesn’t care. You can see in the comic his only concern is if Hinata likes it.

  • Imagine you adopt a kid and he’s only comfortable with people who wear yellow clothing. You never wear yellow so the kid is never okay being with you. Your sacrifice will be to force yourself to wear yellow clothing so he’ll be more at ease with you. Yet wearing yellow clothing don’t change who you are, it doesn’t impact your identity. It just makes your kid okay being around you.
    Here Komaeda let his hair grow because Rantarou assimilates long hair with his birth-mom. It’s a trick. I called it a sacrifice because Komaeda somewhat poses as someone else so the kid can be at ease around Komahina. But like he says “Rantarou will get it as he’ll grow up”.

I thank A LOT this anon for their message which reminded me why I went with this point of view in the first place : because Rantarou is a confused orphan baby. I’m starting to get overwhelmed by this topic.The fact that some lgbt+ are supportive (and I thank you guys) and yet other think its transphobic.. confuses me. It makes it hard to know if I’m right to fight for this or wrong because I am being an ass, if I should apologize or step up.

I’m going to stop answering to these because I think no matter my answers, everyone will always see this matter differently. If you’re offended, just know I didn’t have ill intentions.
Trust me I thought I’d have the fire to keep responding yet this afternoon when I saw notifications in my inbox I got TENSE at the idea it was someone saying i was being transphobic again. This saddens me because getting inbox notifications used to make me insanely happy.
So yeah. Last post about this issue and thanks to everyone who sent me nice messages or were supportive in their tags (I read those ahah).

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macdennis, number 2 or 25? love your writing!

I’m sorry for the long wait, anon! Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy it! It’s set in Season 12, after “PTSDee.” 

25.) “I dreamt about you last night.”

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Eleanor Calder: The demon 1D and louis’team are protecting.

yes i love being dramatic

Disclaimer: this is a masterpost of masterposts, none are mine. I’m too lazy and it’s annoying to say the same thing over and over again to people who keep turning a blind eye on facts.

it will be a bunch of things I have in my tag, no particular order.

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So, how much did it sting to see Kent go home with Bitty for Jeff. Not even in a jealous way, just in a "he shouldn't be leaving this safe space for that asshole" way


A whole, whole, whole lot. Jeff was surprised by how much, actually. He was so happy??? When Kent came to him first because he was upset??? It’s proof that Kent thinks of him as a close and safe person, and that made Jeff feel really good….

And it does make him wonder what it is about Eric that Kent loves so much, because so far they haven’t really discussed him that much. Jeff doesn’t know all THAT much about Eric.

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Hey rags, could you uh, please pray for me? I think I'm falling back into depression and self hatred, pretty sure Satan wants to hold me there. This happens if I go too long without social interaction and affection, but I don't want this to always have to happen. I know people don't hate me, really, even if sometimes it feels like they do. I know it's kind of personal, but can you relate at all? Thank you, I hope you have a good night.

Hey friend. I will certainly be praying for you. I am so sorry that you are going through this, but please know that you are not alone. There are many temptations and fears that come up with all of us that make us question things or sink into depression, and many battles we all have to fight.

I’m not the best person at showing affection to the people I love. I also struggle with pride and doubt. Sometimes we know in our heads something is so, but it doesn’t make it easier to believe in our broken hearts. The struggles we face are real, but Christ’s presence is even bigger.

Remember that Christ lived his entire life to show his love and grace and mercy for you. The Father created you to be a light for him and to love him and to love others. Remember that he sent his Holy Spirit to reside in you, in every aspect of your life, in the dark corner of your bedroom when all you can feel is your darkness - to remind you that there is peace, and love, and hope, and joy, to be found in him.

Remember you are loved, even when you find yourself thinking you are unloveable or burdensome.  Christ came to seek and to save what was lost.

Sounds like you need some peeps to hang out with. Call up a friend or two, see if there are opportunities to hang out with them soon. I can almost 10000000% guarantee it won’t bother them, and they’ll be super pleased to hear from you. :D

God loves you, friend, and so do I. Please stay safe, and feel free to come talk to me anytime at all. <3