for you i will


Earlier, I saw thedoorkeep do a “what fictional characters are like you” thing, and they tagged everyone, so…

I know I’m an anonymous blog, but I like to think that I still have a personality. I thought it over, and these are characters I’ve found best resemble the various sides of me:

april ludgate-dwyer || tina belcher || sokka || gina linetti || lindsay weir ||
toph beifong || ron weasley || chandler bing || kiki || peggy olson

Bonus (actual) person, john mulaney:


Star’s Lineless art tutorial!!

I did this mostly for me to remember faster when i’m doing the commissions…
but i thought i would give you a share of what i usually do with this type of coloring///

Last thing i forgot to add: I use Paint Tool Sai for these, and in the final image, i add on the WATERCOLOR options in the TEXTURE section of the program: to make it look like watercolor=acrylic visually. I think in PSD you can overlay a watercolor texture over and experiment with it! ;^3

Here are some other examples of lineless art i’ve done you can use reference for!!! [[hidess]]

we’re ordering Nate the men’s birchbox which is going to make me infinitely jealous for several reasons 1) it has things like fucking pocket knives and flasks and socks in it 2) Nate never gets pimples so he’ll be able to try all the skin care, soaps, shampoos, and other things without ever worrying about it causing him a painful break out, and 3) EVERYTHING IN IT IS GOING TO SMELL BETTER THAN THE “GIRL” BOX!!!! 

I was putting eye cream on Nate tonight when he said “I want the birchbox for men cause then I can have my own eye creams that smell better… like a garage”

and he’s right. and I love the woods and dirt and I hate being subjected to these god damn florals all the time

the internet is a wonderful place. i can type “We Need To Kinkshame The Nazis” and show it to about 2000 people and a very large amount of them will agree