for you i will


About 70$ half thrift/half crafted.

Its not perfect you could do more if wanted i.e. gauntlets and trick weapon, real leather fixings I8

I did what i could with the time and money i had, but i do know how to do it 100% if you have the desire.

Tip 1 iron your collar so it sticks straight up before day 2 of con.

Thank You Doesn’t Say Enough

To my followers, each and every single one of you, I could say thank you until I’m blue in the face, but it still wouldn’t be enough. 

There are now over 2.5K of you. That number seems so unreal to me. That is 22 times the number of kids I graduated high school with. That is more than the population of the town I grew up in. And the numbers just keep rising. 

I still do not understand why you chose to follow me or why you continue to do so or why your numbers continue to grow. What I do know, is just how happy each and every interaction with you makes me. How every like brings a smile to my face, how every re-blog makes my heart happy, how every gif or comment you leave makes me feel alive, how each and every chat or ask or submission makes me feel so very loved. So a million times over, thank you! THANK YOU ALL!

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Now onto how I would like to do more than tell you each thank you, because you deserve so much more.

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A present for @bolt8826​ for being such a good friend and for surviving the hell that is finals week. I hope you like this fic! @catchthespade@maidofstars@oh-heaux@celestial-destiny​ you guys might like this too! AO3 link here

1:29 AM

Eisuke doesn’t get much sleep. He rubbed his temples as he finally snaps his laptop closed. With one hand, Eisuke reaches out and switches off the bedside lamp and sinks down into the mattress. The night is quiet, unlike his racing mind. He knows how early he’ll have to get up and prepare for meetings and mountains of paperwork, not to mention planning the next auction.

God, he was already exhausted.  

In his irritation, Eisuke turned onto his side and tried to push the thoughts out of his mind. The sight of her sleeping peacefully beside him suddenly made all of his worries seem meaningless.

Her rich, brown hair splayed across the pillow, and the soft smile on MC’s face told Eisuke that she was having pleasant dreams. He resisted the urge to run his fingers through her hair or pull her tiny frame close to his chest. Instead, Eisuke simply smiled and closed his eyes.

Eisuke doesn’t get much sleep, but it’s moments like this that make it all worth it.

8:46 AM

The rich smell of coffee reached Eisuke’s nose, and he set down his tablet and stifled a yawn. Looking up, he found the source of the aroma: she was standing next to the coffee maker as it sputtered out the hot liquid. She was lazily pulling her hair into a ponytail, having already changed into her work uniform. 

Eisuke found himself captivated by what would normally be a mundane sight, and he rested his chin in his perfectly-manicured hand. He kept his eyes on her as she reached for the sugar and milk, making his coffee just how he liked it. She stirred the drink while humming a song under her breath, and Eisuke almost smiled. He drank in the scene before him until she began to make her way towards him. Eisuke resumed a neutral expression and picked up the tablet before her eyes rested on him, and MC was none the wiser. 

“Sorry I couldn’t make you breakfast before work, but I have your coffee here” she said apologetically, as she placed the mug on the table. He gave her a slight nod of approval, his eyes not leaving his device. Curious, MC leaned in to read the article on the screen. 

Eisuke tried to hide the fact that his heart was racing. The light scent of her perfume filled the air, and her soft lips were parted slightly - only inches from his face. He subconsciously leaned into her touch when she began to play with his hair at the base of his neck. 

“You’re going to be late for your shift if you don’t hurry up” Eisuke replied, sitting up straight and giving her a stern look. He would never admit that he loved little moments like this.

“Oh, you’re right. I’ll see you later” she cried out, grabbing her purse and heading towards the door. Eisuke watched her leave, the scene of her perfume still wafting around him.

3:17 PM

The penthouse was buzzing with activity, but Eisuke barely noticed. He had long since tuned out the sound of Mamoru bickering with Baba and Ota about some ridiculous prank they just pulled, Soryu was on his phone discussing his newest deal with the Dragons. Hikaru and Shuichi were huddled around a laptop, no doubt hacking into a rival politician’s sensitive data. Eisuke sighed and put down his phone, instead choosing to rub his temples.

Looking up, Eisuke caught sight of her. MC was rushing around the penthouse, running mindless errands for the Bidders. While he’d never admit it out loud, Eisuke was constantly amazed at her ability to handle the ragtag crew and their demands. 

He watched her place a drink in front of Soryu and clear off a nearby table of magazines strewn about. Her slender hands reached out and organized the pile, then she brought them to her face. With one fluid motion, MC tucked her hair behind her ears and continued working. Eisuke found himself trained on her delicate hands, always seeming to be working for someone else.

Don’t they know she’s my woman? he thought irritably. They shouldn’t make her work so hard. 

Eisuke almost chuckled at the irony of his statement; he ordered her about more than anyone else. Perhaps that was his way of caring. More likely, it was Eisuke’s way of ensuring that MC only focused on him.

With a smirk, Eisuke turned back to his phone.

9:32 PM

“I’ll get us some more wine” she said, standing up to reach for the now-empty glasses. Eisuke decided to reward MC after a hard day of work with a bottle of red gifted to him from God-knows-who, but he found no enjoyment in the drink. His eyes, his thoughts, all of them were only on her. That’s why he gripped the slim wrist as it reached over to his glass.

“I think there’s something more important you could be doing” he mused, rising from his seat. Without loosening his grip, Eisuke pulled her close and ran his lips down her neck. Her involuntary shudder made his mouth curl into a devilish grin, and he wrapped his free hand around her waist.

“Eisuke, wai-” she cried out, but her voice was soon replaced by a gasp. Eisuke loved her voice, but something about her other noises was music to his ears.

“What was that?” he asked, feigning innocence. He knew she could hear the smirk in his voice. Eisuke looked at her face as she dragged her hand up his arm, choosing to tangle it into his dark locks.

“You little devil” she replied, an uncharacteristically bold statement leaving her lips. Before Eisuke could be too impressed by her words, she gently tugged his head down and crashed their lips together.

In that moment, Eisuke knew no wine could compare to the drunk he got from her kiss.