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something quick cause i dont know how or why it happened but I absolutely love peters look here
deadpool approves ! hello kitty fashion buddies stick together !! 

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And even the things you hide to protect people- usually (I won't say always cause I can't remember) it's told what that person knows or shared (to an extent. Cause I know you may not be able to share the whole thing). But enough to get the point across. And then you save their identity. I don't think I can even remember a time when someone said they had info and then didn't share some of the info. (I could be wrong though so feel free to correct me). Know what I mean? I could be completely wrong

Yeah, there are some things floating around bts that aren’t shared at all, but usually when I find out about something I try to get it out there as best I can. But a lot of times, when we do that, people get angry that we don’t share the whole thing OR we’re accused of lying because the details that make the story “real” are exactly what can’t be shared.

Here’s something and no, I won’t discuss it further:

Someone I know and trust has second hand access to a Syco recording contract. They’re trying REALLY hard to get details about it, but it’s not a close friend or family member, so demanding a copy isn’t going to cut it (I tried, oh god how I tried) :)

What they have learned so far is that there really is a one year “non-compete” where after the contract end date, the artist can not release any new music for a year. But I don’t have details, I can’t share who has the contract and I literally do not know more than I just said about the contract itself.

Some people will believe me, some will consider it a “confirmation bias rumor,” and some will call me a liar.  Was it worth me sharing that? Maybe. Depends on what my inbox looks like in a few minutes :)

the cute cashier guy in japan

so okay this is so ridiculous but i NEED to share. my mom, aunt, sister and i decided to buy groceries for our breakfast tomorrow. while approaching the family grocery in our place where we were staying, i saw from the glass windows that SOME CUTE GUY WAS HAVING HIS SHIFT. 

It wasn’t a busy time since it was already 9PM. So I made a mental note to go to his cashier after while we picked our stuff. Cute guys are cute, sue me. When we were done, my mom decided to GO TO THE CASHIER BESIDE THE DUDE’S “here, my child.” And I was like OH NO YOU DONT. NUH-UH. So I was ignoring her since I was the one holding the basket. I made my way to the cute cashier guy and placed my basket and he did his usual Japanese greeting while smiling. 


Apparently I wasn’t the only one who noticed. My Aunt kept on saying in her own language “What a handsome boy. Oh my god. What a really really handsome boy” and I couldn’t stop laughing! I started bagging our stuff but I couldn’t help but GLANCE in the most subtle way I can (I had a cap so I thought I was subtle). 


The cashier guy beside cute guy was staring me as if he knew what was up. Like he noticed how much I was staring at the other guy. And I was all “OH SHIT.” So I tried to look away but THE GUY WAS TOO CUTE I LOOKED AT HIM AGAIN BECAUSE I SWEAR TO THE GODS I DON’T THINK SOMEONE THIS CUTE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO EXIST. LMAO 

So we paid and he stammered and when he handed the change, THE COINS FLEW all over the place and he was panicking “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!!” and he tried so hard to grab the coins but it was on my side, so I picked it up obviously and he kept on apologizing so I said “It’s okay. You’re pretty cute.”

WHAT THE HELL???????????????????????????????

And he friggin blushed and I was like oh my god kill me OTL there went my wonderful 2-minute romance with a cute cashier guy at 9PM at a grocery store

I asked my mom when we went out “Can I marry him?” “Yes, you can.” 

I’m just so weak for cute guys *sobs into my hands*

hi i’m super tired but i’m also feeling super in love w my gf so here’s some scribbly johndaves even though i still haven’t started hs


i have always appreciated the added layer of safety that my glasses have provided me.

[non-bts related] I photographed a wedding this past weekend on my day off. It was at a vineyard and the reception took place in a barn. The sun was setting and the people were starting to calm down a little as the reception was soon coming to an end. I walked by and saw the sun hitting this and I fell in love. People thought I was weird for taking a moment to appreciate it instead of gluing myself to the couple. I don’t even care. It was totally worth it.

DazAtsu vs DazAku
  • Atsushi:Dazai-san.. I'm cold..
  • Dazai:Oh no! Here, have my jacket!
  • ...
  • Akutagawa:Dazai-san.. I'm cold..
  • Dazai:Want me to set you on fire?