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I think suho would use a lot of baby talk to talk with his babies. Sehun would be super pleased but Chanyeol would run everywhere saying that he's already a big boy

cy is the tiniest !! but..also yeah, if jm said he’s a lil bab he’d of course be exactly the opposite. he’s grown up and doesn’t want his rilakkumas, doesn’t want nice snacks like huna gets, kicks off his blankets.. :T (n then gets really grouchy and sad and needs to make friends with rila again and cuddle up with hunnie and be babied twice as much bc he tired himself out being so grown up :P

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Can you do "I may or may not have lied and told you I was scared of bears just so you could sleep in the same tent as me" with triplet Kylo (possibly add some cuddling) ❤

YES! Haha I hope you like this hun!

Modern AU Triplet Kylo +  “I may or may not have lied and told you I was scared of bears just so you could sleep in the same tent as me”

Inside of your sleeping bag you laid motionless on your back, staring at what was the “ceiling” of your tent. You had originally been excited for this camping trip, planning it and what you wanted to do for months prior. It was the first camping trip you were going on with just your friends and they were assuring it would be a good time. It also didn’t hurt that a certain band of triplets were coming along on this trip. Seeing as they shared the same friend group, basically, as their cousin Rey it only made sense for them to be invited. 

One triplet in particular especially got the butterflies fluttering through your gut when you saw him climb out of the car onto the campsite. Kylo. Though you had never told anyone Kylo had always been your long time crush. Whether it was at school or Rey’s birthday parties over the years your eyes had always found their way over to him. What should have been just a school girl crush carried out into college and blossomed past any such thing. 

Which led to where you were now. Laying in your tent alone, absolutely dejected at the fact that you had yet to make any progress with Kylo. Hell you didn’t even know if he really knew your name. All of the years being around him and you still managed to make no noticeable impression on him. Even after having many chances laid out before you in these first hours of camping. 

You sighed when suddenly you heard something outside of your tent. Though it wasn’t clear what it was, it certainly sounded like something was moving around out there. Slowly you sat up a little, furrowing your brows as you tried to assess the sound. The sudden sound of mumbling from other tents didn’t help you to decifer what it was either. 

Just as you were about to lean closer to the side in attempt to hear a little better the zipper of your tent started moving down. Almost instantly you turned yourself towards it in anticipation. To your heart’s delight, it was Kylo. Even in the dark hues of your tent you could tell it was him in an instant. Looking up towards you he paused for a moment.


You smiled, “Hey.”

“Rey told me your tent didn’t have a flash light, so I brought one for you.”

Your gut faintly sunk. He wasn’t here just for you, “Oh…thank you.”  

He gave you a nod as he somewhat carefully tossed the flashlight next to your sleeping bag. 

“Just be sure not to use it right now, Ben and I are pretty sure we heard some bears rustling around. The light draws their attention.”

Your eyes slightly widened, “Bears?”

“Yup. They must have smelt the food we were cooking earlier and are probably thinking about rummaging through the trash.”

Suddenly, as if a light bulb went off inside of your skull, you got an idea. 

“But Kylo, I-I’m afraid of bears. Like reaaally afraid. I’ve had family members attacked by them and it-t’s stuck with me. The hospital visits and the scars.”

Though it wasn’t a lie that you had family members attacked by a bear, you certainly weren’t terrified of them. A little anxious and hesitant yes, but that wasn’t going to get you what you wanted in this case scenario.

Kylo’s mouth formed into an O, “Oh…shit. I mean it shouldn’t be that serious. They won’t go mauling our tents.”

“We don’t know that.”

Kylo paused for a moment as he considered your comment. Truthfully you were right, it’s not as though every bear was exactly the same. This one could have been in a particularly destructive mood for all you knew.

“Well…is there anything I can do? You don’t have food in your tent right?”

You shook your head, “No but um…could you…”

Kylo arched a brow as he awaited your response. 

You faked a gulp, “Nevermind i-it’s a stupid idea, I shouldn’t ask.”

“What is it (Y/N)?”

He did know your name! That could have been because of Rey however.

“…Would you be willing to…to sleep in here with me?”

His brows furrowed, “Sleep in your tent?”

You nodded. In reflection perhaps this wasn’t the smartest idea if it meant possibly facing his rejection. Considering you’d be stuck in the woods for the next 4 days with him the last thing you wanted to do was get rejected by him here.

He sighed before running a hand through his locks, looking down at you a moment after. He looked to the opening of your tent once more before turning back to you.

“Would that really help you?”

You nodded meekly, trying not to seem too eager about the idea of sharing a tent with Kylo. He turned back to the opening of your tent and zipped it shut before turning back towards you. Carefully he made his way over, almost bending entirely to walk through the tent. Finally at your side Kylo set himself next to you with a slight groan before moving onto his shoes. Seeing him up this close almost had your breath catching in your throat. He was so much more handsome than you had observed before, the little details on his face becoming more noticeable and endearing to you. 

He turned to look at you, and for a moment you swore you thought he looked nervous, but that brushed away almost instantly. 

“You’re sure this is ok with you?”

You nodded, “It’s already helping to know I’m not alone in here.”

He gave you a small smile, “Alright.”

You laid back down in your sleeping bag, nestling your head into your pillow carefully as a sigh of subtle relief left you. It truly was comforting to have Kylo in the same space as you, and now you knew you’d sleep like a baby. He only furthered your comfort as he laid down beside you, facing you, with his body heat practically radiating onto you. Considering the colder temperatures you certainly didn’t take the added heat for granted. Settling into his own spot he looked at you for a moment, his eyes glistening ever so slightly.

“Is this fine?”

You gave him a warm smile as you pulled your sleeping bag up more comfortably, “Perfect.”

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I'm pre-HRT and just came out to my wonderful fiancee about two weeks ago aftee being together for a couple of years, but she's been really amazing and so supportive so despite all the hurdles I have ahead of me in terms of transitioning I feel hopeful about my future for the first time in a very long time. Also you're so beautiful and one of my many trans inspirations! <3

That’s so exciting!! Yay!! Good for you hun xx

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"I know I'm the one who suggested we watch a scary movie, but now I can't sleep. Can I sleep in your room?" With Triplet Matt thank you ❤❤❤❤

Yes! Hope you like this one hun :) I decided to go with a concept I thought would creep tf out of our dear Matt haha

Modern AU Triplet Matt +  “I know I’m the one who suggested we watch a scary movie, but now I can’t sleep. Can I sleep in your room?”

His hands were still trembling as he laid down in his bed, his hands gripping onto the sheets. He wasn’t sure what in the world had made him suggest watching such a film, maybe to impress you somehow, but now he deeply regretted it. 

It’s just a movie, it’s just a movie, it’s just a movie, it’s just a movie.

He chanted to himself over and over again. For whatever reason he had suggested you both delve into Kylo’s collection of films for the night and watch something a little spookier than usual. In an attempt to impress you with his knowledge he chose a classic you wouldn’t have pinned him to be watching. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Of course he knew of the films, but he had no idea this one would shake him up as much as he did. If a blade clawed murderer wasn’t creepy enough, one that could bring you to death by merely falling asleep as people inevitably do certainly did the trick. 

As the movie went on and teen after teen was taken out by Freddy Krueger, Matt found himself more and more disturbed. Most horror movies were fairly predictable with a few jump scares and the murderer nearly exterminating the group that started out the film. This movie however took it to another level. To have the natural phenomenon of sleep become how people died in this film shook him. To imagine not being able to sleep for days on end unless you wanted to be murdered by this freak with blade claws and a disfigured face gave his gut a good churn. Sleep was so inevitable, how were you supposed to escape it?

The more and more the thought swirled around his head, causing his whole body to tremble at one point he finally reacted. Sitting up straight in his bed he turned himself to the side and swung his legs over.


Not even entirely aware of what he was doing he swiftly got up from his bed and started walking through the apartment. He couldn’t just lay in bed and think about what he had watched. Even if it was far fetched it was horrifying to think of. Especially just before bed. His restlessness left him wandering through the kitchen, taking a quick gulp of water and mindlessly going towards your room. You were always the greatest source of comfort for him, and to his surprise you were far less terrified of the movie than he was. 

Going up to your door he hesitated for a moment, biting his lip. He then sighed and lightly knocked on your door. Seconds later he heard your soft voice from the other side of the door.

“Come in.”

Gently he opened your door, peaking inside the room to see you sitting up in your bed. You smiled at him with that same warm and friendly smile he had grown to adore so much.

“Hey Matt.”


“You’re up late.”

He cleared his throat, “Couldn’t sleep…so I thought I’d come and visit you.”

You smiled, “Is that right?”

He nodded, “Yeah.”

“…You can’t sleep because of the movie?”

He went to respond, only to have no words form on his tongue. You knew him too well for him to formulate a lie. He could pretend it didn’t affect him, but you would see straight through that.

He mumbled, “…Yeah.”

You giggled faintly as you scooted over to the side of your bed, “Come here.”

He obliged and swiftly walked over to you, carefully sitting beside you on the bed. You looked at him with an endearing gaze.

“If the movie creeped you out that much, why did you suggest we watch it?”

He shrugged, “I thought it was going to be like the other Nightmare On Elm Street’s, not some fucked up dream that leads to your murder plot.”

You giggled, “Yeah that was a little fucked up. Don’t worry though, you’ll be safe sleeping in here with me.”

He smiled at you bashfully, “Thanks.”

Laying down you gestured for him to do the same. He hesitated for a moment, still remembering the movie. You shook your head as it rested on the pillow.

“Matt, you have to sleep. I’m going to sleep, it was just a movie. We’ll be fine.”

He nodded as he slowly laid down beside you, facing towards you and your inviting expression. Just as his blonde curls settled onto the pillow you gently ran your fingers through his hair.

You began to hum, “Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you. Sweeet dreams that leave all worries far behind you. But in your dreams whatever they beee, dream a little dream of mee.”

The soft melodic sound of your voice started to make Matt’s eyelids flutter. Finally giving his anxious mind some ease as your singing filled his thoughts instead. 

5 Things

I was tagged by @rose-femme ! Thank you so much hun! 😘💖

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

1. A stylus pen for my iPad
2. My mini iPad
3. Sunglasses
4. My wallet
5. Tampons

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

1. A keyboard piano
2. A light up makeup mirror
3. A bottle of extra virgin olive oil
4. Many DVD movies and tv shows
5. Many (MANY) natural hair products

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

1. Go to Paris.
2. Eat a croissant in Paris
3. Teach myself how to play piano
4. Own my own business
5. Finally meet someone that actually wants to be my significant other and fall madly in love!

5 things that make me happy:

1. The theme music from the movie Matilda always makes me smile. It sometimes makes me tear up too. (But always in a good way.) I love it so much.
2. The movie Cinderella.
3. My mom’s voice.
4. My dog!
5. Whitney Houston’s voice in every single song she’s ever made.

5 things I’m currently into:

1. The entire After Laughter album by Paramore! Like it’s SO FUCKING GOOD!!!
2. Finding interesting tv shows to share with my friends.
3. Eating more fruit.
4. ‘The Detour’ tv show!
5. 'Claws’ tv show! (I love me some Neicy Nash and the show is a total HIT!)

5 things on my to-do list:

1. Buy more cream concealer.
2. Go on a diet.
3. Get a new phone case.
4. Do my nails. / Get my nails done.
5. Work out more.

I tag: @kitrinafawkes
@snackqueen420 @thenighttimecoffee @rebelliously-lonely @thirteenshadesoffangirl @disgruntled-queen and anyone else that wants to do it! 😘😘😘

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rules: answer 30 questions about yourself then tag 20 people you want to get to know better

1. nickname: cate, cathy and sometimes friends call me cat😷

2. gender: female

3. star sign: aries 

4. height: 167 cm  

5. time: 3:55 pm

6. birthday: on the 19th of april

7. favorite bands: uhmmmm other than bts there are seventeen, highlight, blackpink, ikon and winner, then there are royal bloods, mcr (excuse my emo ass OK), panic! at the disco and fall out boy

8. favorite solo artists: jessie, frank ocean, childish gambino, kehlani, j cole

9. song stuck in my head: easy love by sf9, guys i know its been months but im literally obsessed now 

10. last movie watched: does gantz: 0 count

11. last show watched: daredevil !!!!! (big ass marvel fan right here)

12. when did i create my blog: before this blog i had another blog but it was ugly as fuck so I created this one

13. what do i post: aesthetics, bts and shiba inu

14. last thing i googled: ok I googled kawamura kazuma a member of the rampage, a japanese boyband

15: do you have any other blogs: nop one is enough

16: do you get asks: oh i wish

17: why did you choose your url: blumen in german means flowers and I thought it was really cute so I added the “ae” from taehyung and here we are my friends

18: following: 68

19: followers: 15…. yall im so smol 

20: favorite colors: all the shades of blu and pastel pink

21: average hours of sleep: during school like 6/7, while in summer from 8 to 10??? it depends

22: lucky number: I relay a lot on my date of birth so 19

23: instruments: a little bit the guitar

24: what am i wearing: yellow pajama shorts and white tank top

25: how many blankets do i sleep with: when its cold three, in summer I don’t need it

26: dream job: since I was ten I wanted to be an interpreter because I love  listening and being able to understand foreign languages, especially english, german, korean and japanese 

27: dream trip: I want to see Australia but it is really expensive :((

28: favorite food: a typical dish of my region and ice cream!!

29: nationality: 100% italian baby

30: favorite song now: forever by exo im sorry but its baekhyun’s fault !!

I dont really have 20 people to tag so I’ll just tag the ones who follow me, I hope you don’t mind!! @jiminsanti @prickedmp3 @cu-teaa @bitanrica @peachitsy @bannanacats @petalstained

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have a nice day everyone💌

nico cant take a break


Sehun blowing you kisses to wish you a good day ahead  (´。• ω •。`) ♡