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Taeil: He heard you singing as he walked inside your shared apartment. He was confused so he continued on walking until he stopped in front of the room. The door was slightly open so peaked inside and saw you playing guitar and singing. He was amazed because this is the first time he’s listening to your beautiful voice and the fact that you can play guitar. He didn’t make himself noticed because he knew how shy you get.

“Wahh she needs to sing more often”

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Taeyong: He knew you get shy when it comes to singing so hearing you sing is going to excite him. After you were dona singing he started clapping, hugging you, and praising you. He’s never seen your face so red until now. 

“We need to do a duet, with your singing and my rapping…Wow”

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Yuta: This was a rare moment for him and for you so why not record it? He loves your voice and he’s going to want to have a recording of it so later he can listen to it for only his ears only. 

“She looks so beautiful singing”

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Doyoung: He’s not even going to hide. He wants you to know that there’s nothing to be shy about your voice. So why not clap while singing right?

“No don’t stop … keep going … ok i’ll stop clapping”

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Ten: He’s confused on why you get shy about your singing. He is going to be outside your room listening but not making himself known.,shook.

“ … … … … … … … … … .”

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Jaehyun: He’s going to laugh, not because of you singing but because it’s unbelievable that you’ve been hiding your amazing talent this whole time.

“No, i’m not laughing at you. Please keep singing”

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Winwin: He came home after a very long and tiring day of practice and he wasn’t feeling too happy. But hearing you sing for the first time brighten his mood and brought a smile to his face.

“I need to help her with her shyness so I can hear her sing more”

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Mark: Like Yuta, He’s going to want to record this memorable moment. But he’s going to want to show off the video to all the boys because he wants them to know how amazing you are.

“Did you hear her hit that high note … She’s so amazing”

*Ignore the words*

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Jeno: He’s going to lowkey jam out. How can he not when you’re also playing the piano and singing. He’s impressed about your hidden talents

“wow she can even play piano. I need to have her overcome her shyness”

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Request: “You should dona text series where you’re seeing calum but when he goes on tour, he cheats on you but regrets it and doesn’t know what to do :) (your Luke series was an emotional rollercoaster, my friend was rolling around the floor crying)”

[text au] Calum “Don’t play innocent on me”


Do you know Dona Moça?

A Brazilian literary adaptation of José de Alencar’s novel Senhora, Dona Moça first started in May 2015 and is currently in its second season, with new episodes airing every Wednesday. In this short show, we’ll get to know Aurélia Camargo and Fifi Mascarenhas, two promoters, best friends and partners who own the company Dona Moça. Everything changes when Aurélia’s former boyfriend Fernando Seixas applies to a position at their company, and she gets the chance of getting revenge for something that happened over 10 years ago.

Besides being Brazilian - a.k.a. probably way out of your comfort zone - Dona Moça is an independent problem written, produced and directed by an entire crew of women. Paralel to Dona Moça’s channel, there’s also a culinary webseries called Nic’s Lab, where we get a glimpse of the story told through Fernando and his family. Both shows together will sum up 45 episodes.

Oh - and did I mention that all episodes have captions in English? ;)

Give us a shot! Click here to check out all 14 episodes already released.