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R.I.P. Hiromi Tsuru. Voice actress of Bulma from Dragon Ball / Z/ GT / Super.

I made this drawing special for her because at first Bulma is a character of my very first anime I have ever seen, in fact, I grew up seeing the english dub but due my curiousity in my teenage years I watched the complete original japanese version of Dragon Ball Z and have always loved the voice of Bulma.

For some she may have taught you much as well she being an amazing voice actress and done it for so long. That is just amazing that she still kept voice acting due the new series of Dragon Ball. I wish her the best as well for her friends and family.


“Fergus will take it.”

“Me?” The boy’s eyes went round with astonishment.

“You, man.” Jamie took the paper from me, folded it, then knelt and tucked it inside Fergus’s shirt.

“This must reach my sister—Madame Murray—without fail. It is worth more than my life, man—or yours.”

Practically breathless with the enormity of the responsibility entrusted to him, Fergus stood up straight, hands clasped over his middle.

“I will not fail you, milord!”

A faint smile crossed Jamie’s lips, and he rested a hand briefly on the smooth cap of Fergus’s hair.

“I know that, man, and I am grateful,” he said. He twisted the ring off his left hand; the cabochon ruby that had belonged to his father. “Here,” he said, handing it to Fergus. “Go to the stables, and show this to the old man ye’ll see there. Tell him I said you are to take Donas. Take the horse, and ride for Lallybroch. Stop for nothing, except as you must, to sleep, and when ye do sleep, hide yourself well.”

Fergus was speechless with alarmed excitement, but Murtagh frowned dubiously at him.

“D’ye think the bairn can manage yon wicked beast?” he said.

“Aye, he can,” Jamie said firmly. Overcome, Fergus stuttered, then sank to his knees and kissed Jamie’s hand fervently. Springing to his feet, he darted away in the direction of the stables, his slight figure disappearing in the mist.

- Dragonfly in Amber 

They save Fergus.

This scene is better in the show ;)


Gender neutral reader 



You both lay close to each other, you lay on his arm, as he lays on his back sound asleep, he snores slightly in his sleep. He’s embarrassed by it and you resure him that you think its cute - and that if it does become overbearing you wont hesitate to smother him with a pillow. If he has a bad dream he might pull you closer at times and you’ll play with his hair to calm him down. When the two of you wake up in the morning the both of you will lay together not wanting to get out, you’ll talk about anything or maybe the dreams you had the night before. Jaune is usually the one to get up and make you both something to eat, 


She’ll rest her head on your chest and hug your middle, she loves to hear your heartbeat as she sleeps and the rise and fall of your chest, it calms her down after an exhausting day, it’s almost like a form of meditation for her. She often smiles as she’s about to drift off and hug you a little tighter almost as though to double check that you were actually there. The two of you tend to stay up late and talk about random stuff that seems to matter so much at the time but most of it you can’t even remember half the things you said or how it seemed so important at the time, “if we could talk to dogs would they think we were their rulers?”


He’ll let you braid his hair for when he goes to bed - which is a HUGE honour as he doesn’t like anyone touching his hair as it makes him uncomfortable at times. He likes to run his fingers through your hair as you and he drift off. He’ll let you borrow his shirts to wear to bed if you want, you didn’t always take the offer but some days when it was hard for you and you just weren’t in the mood for humans in general you would take one of his shirts and just lay in bed with him and he would hold you gently, sometimes letting you vent and sometimes it would just be silence between the two of you would be all you needed to calm you down from everything. In the morning you and Ren would take turns in who does what. Usually it’s whoever wakes up first is in charge (you usually steal Ren’s apron when it was your turn)


You would both fall asleep close to each other after helping each other with homework and study, you would both hold hands with each other and by morning you would find that your head would be resting on her shoulder. Pyrrha loves holding hands with you, she’s shy about showing affection in genral but hand holding is one thing she can’t get enough of. She loves it when you hug her in your sleep and pull her close, snuggling your head in her chest. She loves hugging you back too. In the morning she’s usually the first to wake up but she’ll let you sleep longer because she doesn’t want to wake you up when you were so peaceful and seemed so happy (also she doesn’t want you to stop hugging her). You usually make her something in the mornings because she’s not used to people wanting to do those small things for her because they love her for her and not because she’s famous.


This girl, this girl will hug you all night, she’ll hug you all day too, she loves her hugs. The two of you will definatly talk almost all night which will tend to lead to sleep ins in the morning. Which would then lead to the both of you jumping out of bed and trying to find your clothes that would be mixed with each others and grabbing whatever food you could before running to class, holding each other’s hands.


There is no organised way for you to sleep at night. Sometimes you would be laying sideways on the bed over Yang, maybe her feet would face you one night or she would have her head next to yours. In the mornings you would both be ready to eat breakfast and shake Ruby awake to make sure she wouldn’t be late … again. She will however tend to hold you tight at night if possible and she tends to steal the blankets at night but you both will either fight throughtout the night in your sleep or one of you would give up.


Cuddles, she likes you holding her clsoe to you and when you rub her back in her sleep. You’ll help her brush her hair before you go to bed and she will do the same for you. The both of you have so many covers on your bed, some people have two donas but you two? Nope, you two had at least four, and no one should even get you both started on pillows, you both had the most comfy sleeping place in the school, and when your bed was made up - lets just say it looked good.


The two of you have an organised sructure in order to get to bed at a reasonable time to get enough sleep at night after study and training. By the time you both got in bed after training you would be exhausted and basically collapse on the bed together, pulling the blankets up and resting on each other falling asleep instantly, listening ot each others heartbeats and being drifted away from the rise and falls of each others chest. Weiss will never tell you but going to bed with you was her favourite part of the day.  In the mornings Weiss would try to make you something to eat which was honestly the cutest thing since she had no clue what she was doing half the time.


There was no set time for when the two of you would go to bed. It was usually just whenever work was done, even if this meant five in the morning was the go to time. When the two of you got in bed she would pull you close, she prefered being the big spoon and would rest her head in the crook of your neck. If it wasn’t bed due to times when the two of you would be on the couch or just where ever it could work. Sometimes the two of you would take a nap in the helicopter and even on the floor - everyone around you know when you two were asleep to not disurb the both of you. One person had made the mistake to accidentally disturb you as you were sleeping in between Cinder’s legs as she leaned against the wall and played with your hair, when the person had woken you up … he wasn’t seen for the next few weeks.  

Seek, and You Shall Find- Chapter 9

I’m baaaaaaaack! Miss me? :P 

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3  Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6   Chapter 7    Chapter 8

Stolen kisses and secret touches filled Jamie and Claire’s days. He would catch himself staring at her, more often that he would like to admit. Her beauty, her movements… how could he not? She was mesmerizing.

And she was secretly his.


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#27 & #30-Donald Pierce

“I can’t control myself around you”

“God, you make me so hot.” 

Warnings: Smut

Note: Y'all thirsty. 

Words: 794


Throwing a stack of papers on Donald Pierce’s desk, you watched him scoff. Looking up, his face suddenly softened, and you rolled your eyes. He sat forward, taking the stack, and flipping through the pages, he furrowed his eyebrows. 

“Rice wants them back by Thursday.” 

“Mhm.” You waited there for a second, thinking that Pierce was going to continue, but nothing followed, so you began to exit. However, right as you opened the door, you heard Donald slide out of his chair, and nearly race you to the door. Shutting it again. You looked up at him, bewildered. Noticing Donald’s eyes drift from your face to your breasts, you felt your cheeks burn with embarrassment as you yanked your top up. Donald cleared his throat. “You know… Love… It ain’t ‘propriate to make your co-workers feel this way.”

Clenching your jaw, you didn’t respond, rather, you reached for the door again, but Donald grabbed your wrist. Pushing you against the wall. You didn’t resist, and he knew you wouldn’t. Not with him. Leaning down, he grazed his mouth against your neck, as he had done a month ago when you stupidly let him in your house. Yet, you found yourself shudder, leaning into him. 

“Dona-Donald…” You whispered, your voice hushed with fear, but also with hesitation. 

“I can’t control myself ‘round you…” Donald muttered, and you closed your eyes. Letting him wrap his arms around your waist and carry you over to his desk. Pushing you to the top, he scattered all of the papers to the floor, climbing on top of you. Ripping your blouse open, Donald unclasped your bra, hiking your skirt up to reveal your already damp panties. A small smirk pulled up his lips, revealing his gold tooth. You swallowed. With impatience, Donald began unbuckling his cargo pants. But pushing his hand away, you grabbed his belt, yanking him towards you and forcing him to fall onto you. He hovered over you, his breath hot against your lips. “God, you make me so hot.” Pushing your lips on his, you cut off his words, a low hum forming in your throat as you felt his member become hard. With ease, you succeeded in pushing down his pants. He then kicked his underwear away, pulling yours down your thighs with hunger in his eyes. His machine hand scratched your skin, but you hardly noticed to the buzzing feeling that consumed you. 

You wouldn’t admit it, but you felt the same way about him. What he did to you. 

As his lips moved against yours, he pushed inside of you. Your walls tight around his cock, making him groan as he filled you. Thrusting deeper, you knotted your fingers into his hair and hooked your feet at the small of his back. His bomber jacket pushed up, revealing the lines on his back where his muscles tightened. 

Pumping his hips faster, Donald nuzzled his face in your neck, breathing heavily, and holding your body against his with a cage-like grip. You gritted your teeth, shutting your eyes. An orgasm then tore through your stomach with the friction between you, and you gasped. Donald moved up, bringing his human hand against your mouth and muffling you. 

But it wasn’t long before he bent his head, arching his back as he came. Hot cum spilled out of you, and you let out a shaky breath. Your fingers still shaking with the remnants of your orgasm, you let your hands fall above your head. Donald pulled out of you, cleaning himself up, and then pulling his pants up. He grabbed your underwear and tossed them next to you, watching you as you sat up. 

“We’re gon’ have to go out sometime if we keep this up.”

“Says the guy who just comes for the purpose of sex…” You teased, and he walked back over to you. Grabbing your knees and pulling you forward. 

“Well, baby girl… It ain’t my fault you look so damn good." 

Kissing you, his lips were salty, the taste of leftover cigarettes and booze lingering on his tongue. He drove you crazy, and though you didn’t mind the sporadic sex, you felt as if you wanted more, unsure that he did, you let it be. Passing through with the, likewise, heated sessions. 

Parting from your touch, Donald walked out of the door without a sound. Pressing his lips together, leaving you in his office, your clothes tattered and torn from your body. The disaster of your guys’ love leaving evidence as to the craziness of it. 

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Do you think you could maybe Dona bullet point of dating Shawn? And not like unrealistic, like what you think its like.

I’m not a bullet point person, but this is what I think it would be like:

Shawn would be a very attentive boyfriend. Even with his crazy schedule and him not being around very often, he would still take a few minutes out of his day to check in with you via text, whether it’s him letting you know that he’s thinking about you or just to tell you he loves you.

The relationship wouldn’t be easy, especially with the distance, but both of you would do everything in your power to make it work. 

If you were on opposite sides of the globe, Shawn would stay up later than usual just to talk to you via Facetime while you got ready for work. You’d listen to him tell you all about his day while you did your morning routine. You’d also stay up late as well while he got ready in the morning, his voice deep and gravelly from sleep, watching him lounge shirtless in bed and then giggle while he tried to talk with his toothbrush hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

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"Would you like to Dona-" "debit"

So I’ve just been put up to cash after working at my retail store for about a year now, and holy hell is it terrible. My small town is filled with old men and women who have no common courtesy. Our “deal of the week” this week is donations to one of the big hospital programs in my country, and it’s a simple 2$. I ask the customer if they would like to donate, they tell me yes or no, and then I tell them their total or punch the numbers in and then tell them. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had customers interrupt me to tell me the type of card they’re using, and then shove the card into the slot. OR! They just slam their card on top of our debit machines over and over again, trying to get their tap to work. Like, buddy: I need to know what card you’re using so I can tell the computer. We’re not getting anywhere this way. Pls.

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For the anon looking for a fic where Steve quits being Cap to take care of himself, I just read "Dona Nobis Pacem" by thegraytigress from the Cap RBB. It fits that perfectly. Plus Bucky is super protective and stands up to Steve and the rest of the team to get Steve to rest. Plus it was awesome.

Thank you for writing in!

Dona Nobis Pacem by thegraytigress

“This job… We try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes it doesn’t mean everybody, but if we can’t find a way to live with that… Next time maybe nobody gets saved.”

An incident on the battlefield exposes how much Steve’s falling apart under the crushing weight of leading the Avengers after Sokovia. Now Bucky’s adopting a new mission: save Steve before he destroys himself completely, even if it means the end of Captain America.

NCT Reaction

Taeil: He heard you singing as he walked inside your shared apartment. He was confused so he continued on walking until he stopped in front of the room. The door was slightly open so peaked inside and saw you playing guitar and singing. He was amazed because this is the first time he’s listening to your beautiful voice and the fact that you can play guitar. He didn’t make himself noticed because he knew how shy you get.

“Wahh she needs to sing more often”

Originally posted by taesyong

Taeyong: He knew you get shy when it comes to singing so hearing you sing is going to excite him. After you were dona singing he started clapping, hugging you, and praising you. He’s never seen your face so red until now. 

“We need to do a duet, with your singing and my rapping…Wow”

Originally posted by taesyong

Yuta: This was a rare moment for him and for you so why not record it? He loves your voice and he’s going to want to have a recording of it so later he can listen to it for only his ears only. 

“She looks so beautiful singing”

Originally posted by smboys

Doyoung: He’s not even going to hide. He wants you to know that there’s nothing to be shy about your voice. So why not clap while singing right?

“No don’t stop … keep going … ok i’ll stop clapping”

Originally posted by taesyong

Ten: He’s confused on why you get shy about your singing. He is going to be outside your room listening but not making himself known.,shook.

“ … … … … … … … … … .”

Originally posted by nctmark

Jaehyun: He’s going to laugh, not because of you singing but because it’s unbelievable that you’ve been hiding your amazing talent this whole time.

“No, i’m not laughing at you. Please keep singing”

Originally posted by yonges

Winwin: He came home after a very long and tiring day of practice and he wasn’t feeling too happy. But hearing you sing for the first time brighten his mood and brought a smile to his face.

“I need to help her with her shyness so I can hear her sing more”

Originally posted by 10795

Mark: Like Yuta, He’s going to want to record this memorable moment. But he’s going to want to show off the video to all the boys because he wants them to know how amazing you are.

“Did you hear her hit that high note … She’s so amazing”

*Ignore the words*

Originally posted by yutangenuh

Jeno: He’s going to lowkey jam out. How can he not when you’re also playing the piano and singing. He’s impressed about your hidden talents

“wow she can even play piano. I need to have her overcome her shyness”

Originally posted by doyoungiedo

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Hay i really luv your Donnie imagines *____* so i thought to ask for one :D can you do one where Reader and Boyd are dating and one night the reader comes home to find him dressed as Donnie waiting for her because he knows that she had a thing for him ? that would be great btw :) so have a nice Day , and when your celebrating it Happy Easter :)

Note: Hello! This is so cute ✨ I hope you had a wonderful Easter (aka Zombie day in my house) Sorry this is short! Im at school right now ☕️📚also if you don’t mind I changed the setting to morning. Morning sex is just 💪🏻 and I thought it flowed better. Please let me know if you want me to change it back

Words: 890

Warnings: Smut/fluff

Sighing, I opened the door to my apartment. The smell of fresh coffee filling my lungs as I stepped in. It was 8:00 in the morning, the time that Boyd usually wakes up with disheveled hair, sleepy eyes and heavy steps. I wiped the sweat from my brow, breathing heavy from my morning run. Locking the door behind me, I moved towards the coffee, but jumped in shock as I saw Boyd, already dressed, with a slight grin on his lips. A gold tooth glinted behind his top lip, causing my stomach to drop. Widening my eyes, I then looked him over. Realizing that he was dressed as Donald Pierce-his character in the movie, Logan. Swallowing, I set down the mug that I had grabbed, and he walked towards me. I giggled involuntarily.

“What’s this?”

“Though I’d surprise you, baby…” He leaned down, pressing his lips against my jaw. Working down my neck. I let out a small moan. Leaning my body into him, closing my eyes. Ever since seeing Logan at its premiere, Boyd knew that whenever he came on screen wearing his tattered, thick clothes with yellow sunglasses, a machine hand, gold tooth alongside thick southern accent, I got weak with the thought of him. So here he was, standing in front of me, triggering the weakness in my knees with the same thick accent as in the movie. Boyd-well, Donald, moved his fingers to my thighs, spreading them as he kissed my hip bones. I gasped, holding onto the counter. He then pushed me up, so that I sat on the countertop with my legs hanging over his shoulders. I began to take off my shirt, and he looked up at me. Raising an eyebrow. But as I moved my hands to the hem of my workout leggings, Boyd snapped his hand up and grabbed me by the wrist. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you Darlin’”


“Just trust me now.” He then moved his mouth over the fabric of my pants, pressing against my throbbing lips. Moving his tongue against me, grazing his teeth along the inside of my thigh, his fingers worked around my clit. Creating friction as I knotted my fingers in his hair.


He snapped up, grabbing me by the neck. I widened my eyes.
“What’d you call me?”


“Good girl.” Picking me up, he lifted me with his nails scraping under my jaw. I held my breath, afraid to make a sound. His mouth then met mine with blunt force.

Working our way to the bedroom, he shoved me onto the sheets, and I yanked my pants down my legs. Unclipping my bra right as Donald grabbed me by my legs and flipped me over. He was already hot, his hard member throbbing under the tight fabric of his cargo pants. Unbuckling them, and sliding them down, Donald met my skin with his tip. I sucked in a breath as Donald licked his fingers. Lubricating my folds and then sliding in. He had always been big for me, but I was tighter from the abruptness of the moment. Making me wince and grown as he slammed against me. He took no time getting up to speed, and I shut my eyes. Feeling him hit my walls. I cried out, not in pain but in pleasure. Yet, as my raspy voice pierced the air in a small cry, the difference between pain and pleasure blurred and he stopped. His hands now soft as he instantly pulled me up.

“Did I hurt you?”


“No. Stop. Did I hurt you?” Boyd looked at me with wide eyes, his chest heaving.

“No, I’m okay.” I wiped my hair back, out of breath. Realizing he was pressing his lips together in worry, I grabbed his face in my hands, climbing onto his lap. He closed his eyes as I softly kissed him. “I’m alright.” Wrapping his arms around me, Boyd kissed me back, more firmly as his lust rose again. Adjusting myself so that I rubbed against his member, he bit my bottom lip, and I allowed myself to move over him-sitting back down so that he slowly slid into me. Now, grinding against him, he held me against him, and I felt my heart burst. My stomach filled with warmth and tension, pleasure sending waves through my spine.

After Boyd had finished, I watched him clean himself up, and come back to bed. The morning light was now strong through the blinds. As he crawled to my side, I laid on his chest. Kissing his chin before tracing the outline of the skeleton tattoo that remained on his neck.

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know.”

“I want you, no one else. I mean, it’s you I’m attracted to.”

“I know, babe.” He chuckled under his breath. Then running my fingers over the rough texture of his scruff, I whispered against his lips,

“I love you.”

He smiled and slid his fingers to the back of my head. Pulling my small figure against him and into a long kiss. “I love you too.”

“Can we go see the movie again, though?” I asked. Boyd rolled his eyes, trying to hold back a sigh.

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I think the anon looking for Steve and Bucky ending up in a house somewhere at the end might be looking for Dona Nobis Pacem. That's canon divergent, kinda like a rewrite of CW, and they retire I think.

Thank you for writing in!

Dona Nobis Pacem by thegraytigress

“This job… We try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes it doesn’t mean everybody, but if we can’t find a way to live with that… Next time maybe nobody gets saved.”

An incident on the battlefield exposes how much Steve’s falling apart under the crushing weight of leading the Avengers after Sokovia. Now Bucky’s adopting a new mission: save Steve before he destroys himself completely, even if it means the end of Captain America.

Part of the Captain America Reverse Big Bang 2017.

Temptation was her name

Imagine you’re Opie’s cousin(18) and you and Chibs fall for each other 

Originally posted by msmon26

4 years with Aunt Alice only made you long for Charming like crazy. Aunt Alice was a lovely lady, and she was loving, but even thought you believed in God, she was all about extremes. 

First; It was St. Michael’s school for ladies, where not only teached you about school, but about religion, and about manners. They made a real lady out of you; The reason why you were back at Charming was because Aunt Alice was going on a trip to Africa, help the congregation up there. She was happy ad excited and you were twice as happy and excited, because Aunt Alice leaving meant that you got to be back at Charming, for good. 

After making a few calls you were currently waiting for Opie to pick you up, wearing high wasted shorts,  matching with your white Chuck Taylor. Simple red crop top on. It was amazing to be back, already feeling so much better to be breathing the same air. You leaned on the door of the bus station, sighing. 

You heard whimpers and giggles behind you, making you smirk looking down. “Look at her…” a very well known voice said. “Lost like a puppy…” You turned around the second you recognized his voice, jumping into his arms as a grown up Ellie snapped pictures and Donna hugged his son, feeling content with simply seeing his husband so happy. 

“Ope!” You said, wrapping arms and legs around him. “Ope! I’ve missed you too much!” 

Opie’s laughed, echoing through Charming. “I’ve missed you too, (Y/N)!”. He placed you down on the ground smiling at you as Ellie and Kenny both came running hugging you as you hugged back the best that you could.  Dona smiled up at her husband and Opie hugged her back, grabbing your bags with one hand and walking all of you towards.

“You’ve grown up so much, (Y/N)…” Donna commented once you were on the parking lot. Opie had been gone looking for the van. You blushed slightly and nodded. “Boys must be getting line for you…” 

You laughed. “Just a little.” You said winking as you two saw Opie on the distance. “I’ve missed you, Donna…” and nothing could be more right. Donna was all you could call a Mom. The small brunette smiled and hugged you, as you felt good to be back. 

“I just have to stop at TM real quick…” Opie said, once you dropped the kids and Donna at the house. You smiled warmly as he smirked, not taking his eyes off the road. “Jee. Don’t look so sad about it…”

“Can you blame me?” You said. “I’ve spent 4 years dreaming about coming back to Charming…to the people I’ve known my whole life…” 

“Aunt Alice wasn’t so bad.”

“Bible camp was a delight.” You said leaning your cheek against the window of the pick up. In the distance you spotted TM and its doors and remembered the last time you were there, when Opie was driving you to the bus station and how you saw Chib’s bike parked outside.

Chibs. Chibs Telford. The one and only love of your life. You smiled and looked down, blushing slightly at the idea of it all. It seemed so childish to think about it now but you couldn’t deny that the name tingled a few things inside of you still. Just thinking about it made you smile. 

Your life didn’t stopped, of course. You forced yourself not to. You had your first time, and when the boy was laying on top of you, you couldn’t help but wonder how was Chibs doing, if he ever thought of you, if he even knew you loved him that much. You also wondered how would it be like for the boy on top of you be replaced by Chibs.

“(Y/N)?” You were so lost in your mind you didn’t realized the van has stopped and you were inside TM, Opie calling from you. “Don’t walk away that much. Piney’s at home and he wants to see you. I’ll just pick some stuff.” You nodded as your cousin got up and left the van, leaving a devilish smirk on your face. You were in the search of your old friends. 

“Just once again.” Juice said making Chibs groan and roll his eyes, closing the car they were working on. “It’s difficult for me, you know? I specialize on bikes.” 

Chibs shook his head. “You’re stupid. Ain’t no excuse for that.” The Scotsman pointed leaning against a near table where all the tools were resting. It was a slow morning at TM, and all of the Sons were either at home, passed out at a bar or inside the clubhouse, surviving the hang over. Chibs and Juice, on the other hand, like they were joined by the hip, were working on some John’s car on the garage. 

“Whatever, old man.” Juice said zipping down his suit and leaning on the same table. “Where is everybody?”

“I believe…”



“Who…” Juice blinked putting his cigarette pack on the tool table and walked to the doors of the garage. “Damn. Who the heck is that?”

Chibs frowned and followed Juice, lifting his eyebrows at the image. Bending down against his bike, a shocking figure, beautiful and sexy enough to make a grown man cry. “Dunno…” Chibs said taking a long drag from his cigarette. “Feel like finding out?” Juice smirked and they both walked closer to the mysterious woman.

But Chibs had a bad feeling about this. As we walked closer, and if you ask him today, he still doesn’t know why, he began feeling suddenly quite ashamed and dirty. He stopped in the middle of the parking lot and whistled, making Juice pay attention and the girl against the bike straighten her back. “Oi, lass…” He said, unmistakable accent coming through your ears. “Who…” You turned around. Different clothes, different hair style, definitely different body, and then Chibs realized, that not even 4 years could change the charm of your smile when you saw him. “Holy fuck…”

“Is that…?” Juice trailed off. 

“Chibbie!” You yelled and ran towards him. Not a million years could prepare Chibs for what was about to happen. When you got close enough, you forgot all about the dirt and jumped into his arms, your legs wrapped around his waist and your arms around his neck, face pressed tightly against his chest as he stumbled back a little, groaning slightly and completely shocked. Your hips hitted his and he could only shiver when he had your young body against his, your lovely coconut smell all over him now. You smiled and licked your lips. “Chibbie; I’m back.”

“(Y/N)?” He asked, unable to hold you. Too ashamed to do so, with all the thought running around his mind. 

You nodded against him, separating a little and looking into his eyes. “I’m back!”

“You’re all…grown up.” He simply said as you went back to bury your face in his leather. 

Juice chuckled. “Believe that…” He said under his breath as Chibs started sweating, gulping slightly. 

You could only smirk. 

Luz dos olhos.

Cassia Eller!

English lyric below.

Luz dos olhos
Light of the eyes
Ponho os meus olhos em você, se você está
I set my eyes on you, if you are
Dona dos meus olhos é você, avião no ar
The owner of my eyes is you, airplane in the air
Um dia pr'esses olhos sem te ver, é como o chão do mar
One day for these eyes without seeing you, is like the sea floor
Liga o rádio a pilha e a TV, só pra você escutar…
Turn the battery operated radio and the TV, just so you can listen …
 A nova música que eu fiz agora
The new song I made now
 Lá fora a rua vazia chora
Outside the empty street cries

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