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Fav. Reading List

A masterlist of fics that I really love reading.
updated: 1.17.17

Okay, so I have a bunch of fics that I keep in my “likes” so I could read over and over again, but now they’re getting burried. I would use my drafts, but I already use that for fics that I’m going to read lol
these are all Bucky unless stated otherwise

Series (may contain smut) 

Hey Neighbor 2 3 4 • by @demonsebastian (Pietro)
If We Were A Movie 2 3 4 • by @rayswritingcorner
Bring Me To My Knees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 • by @mattymattymerduck
House Of Memories 2 3 4 5 by @writingbarnes
My Joy 2 3 4 5 • by @assembletheimagines
Do Me A Favor 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 + drab • by @bovaria 
Marked 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 • by @matthewmurrdock
Have I Made You Uncomfortable 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 • by @marveliskindacool
Downpour 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 + EP • by @bionic-buckyb
Longing 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 by @sebbytrash
In An Instant 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 by @marvel-ash
Right Here Waiting 2 3 4 5 6 • by @such-fun

(if • marked at the end of a chapter, the series is finished)

Absolute Fluff 

• Since When Was I Your Best Girl? by @capnbbarnes
• It’s Just Borrowing by @bovaria
• Dance With Me by @spiderbarnes
• Slurred Confessions by @bovaria
• Why Are You So Quiet? by @demonsebastian
• Is Bucky Ticklish? by @she-who-nailed-it (i was obsessed with this one)
• Captain’s Mischiefs by @bovaria
• Clueless by @writingbarnes (Sebastian)
• Not Just Pretending by @matthewmurrdock
• The First Kick by @buckystories
• Drunken Shenanigans by @bovaria
• Domestic Bucky by @jarnesbrnes
Beautiful Things by @capsbuchanan (ouch)
The Little Things by @wakandasoldier
To Know Oneself by @jarnesbrnes
Don’t Hit Yourself by @bovaria

Short Stories (wc: 5k+) *smut

Just A Dream* [wc:8300+] by @winchester-with-wings (this is a work of art)
Prisoner Of War [wc:6800+]by @wakandasoldier (my heart)
Suburban Safe House* [wc:5300+] by @winchester-with-wings

Pure Smut

• Hiding by @just-call-me-mrs-captain (this was the first fic i ever read guys)
Thinning My Patience by @avengersandchill
A Whole New World by @after-avenging-hours 
Sex With Bucky Barnes by @fvckingavengers
Bucky Barnes & The Three Plums by @demonsebastian
Not Going Anywhere + Sequel by @just-call-me-mrs-captain
Bucky Drabble by @fvckingavengers
Post-WS Bucky Drabble by @winchester-with-wings
Addicted by @fvckingavengers
Right In Front Of Me by @mrs-squirrel-chester
July by @mattymattymerduck (Steve)


• Coffee. Black. No Sugar. by @demonsebastian
• I Win by @demonsebastian (sexual tension, but not smut)
• Awkwardly Tangled by @lowkeybxrnes
• Imagine Bucky by @aprofoundbondwithdean (metal arm)
• The Skirt Is Short On Purpose by @fanfic-super-chick
• Bucky Drabble by @mangosoldier (short af but broke my heart)
• A Figment Of Imagination by @mangosoldier (^contin. Bucky Drab)
• Little Warrior by @wakandasoldier (T’challa)
• Neighbors by @rogerthat-bucky
A Field Trip & A Metal Arm by @waitingfortherightpartner
Our Last Night by @bovaria (reader beware)
Get The Girl by @stories-from-stark-tower
The Last by @rayswritingcorner
Picture This by @pleasecallmecaptain
Dancing On My Own + Sequel by @fallen-stark

Also, some of the series are still ongoing. If something is wrong, please tell me so I can fix it asap! Other than that, enjoy these talented writers and their amazing fics ~

Betrayal Part 2

Request: @fandomdreamer329​ Reader and Malia get into a fight (reader wins) and Stiles calms her down and says how how much he loves her and they get back together.

Author’s Note: So….I forgot about them finding out Theo was behind this but I hope you enjoy!

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Part 1

Caley sighed softly as she pulled into Beacon Hills High School parking lot. The week had been hell if she told the truth. Her phone had blown up with texts from Kira, Lydia and Scott, all wondering how she was doing, if she wanted them to kick Malia and Stiles’ asses; all the stuff best friends say when their friend is hurt. Somehow Isaac had heard about this shitstorm all the way in Paris, pulling a Derek, and threatening to rip Stiles’ throat out with his teeth. How he had found out about this, Caley would never know.

The only thing keeping Caley going was her pride, and the fact that it was Friday…mostly because it was Friday. She refused to fall apart in front of Stiles or Malia, especially Malia. Caley’s blood boiled at the thought of the werecoyote. A little piece of Caley had known that Malia would be trouble. It was in the way that she attached herself so strongly to Stiles after she was saved. Caley had tried to rationalize it, he did bring her back to her human form after almost a decade of being trapped in the body of a coyote. He taught her how to be human again, so Caley would try to talk herself out of the jealous rage that had been building in her chest ever since the pack found that little cu-……werecoyote.

Throwing her car into park, Caley stepped out into the warm breeze of the mid-May weather. Now for another long day of avoiding Stiles and the piece of trash, she thought to herself as she grabbed her bag from the passenger seat. Sadly, for Caley, the universe wasn’t intent on letting her avoid anyone that day. As Caley stepped into the main hall of Beacon Hills, a firm hand gripped her wrist. Caley couldn’t even take a breath before she was face to face with the last person she wanted to see that day.

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Letters (pt. 5)

part onepart twopart threepart four

Summary: It’s been months since you left the Avengers base, and moved into a little apartment. Everything seems to be at peace except for, well, you. After finding an envelope between your windows, old feelings begin to resurface.

Words: 976 whoops

Warnings: Misuse of shower curtain rod

Notes: I’m sorry I take so long to update. If it helps, I’ve been side-writing (is that a thing/word?) a few other fics? :D Maybe not.. I should stick to one fic at a time hahaha. Anyways, enjoy this short part. ~ feedback is rad.

By the time one o’clock rolled around, your room was completely full of light. The oiliness that coated your forehead and around your nose made you cringe. As you stretched out your limbs, a lengthy yawn escaped your mouth. You sat up on your bed, realizing how incredibly icky you felt. You were never one to sleep in worn day clothes, despite how tired you were.

It didn’t help that you had left your windows completely uncovered, basically granting permission to the sun rays that radiated their heat all throughout your room. You could feel the atmosphere still warming up, so you covered half the window and dragged yourself into the bathroom. 

The feeling of regret from your attempt to stay up all night and morning caught up with you, with tired eyes and exhausted mind. 

While the shower ran, you idly stripped the clothes off your body. Right away, goosebumps decorated your skin. Even with the warmth engulfing your apartment, the lack of clothes still caused a chill to run down your spine. Before stepping into the shower, you connected your ipod to the speaker and hit shuffle.


Why didn’t you stop me?
Please, for the love of god, let me help you remember. You’re missing the important parts of us, of those memories. Going back into cryo was your decision, and even though it hurt like hell to leave you, I didn’t stutter when I said I can wait. You remember me crying, begging… But not me telling you that it’s worth it? I don’t care how long it takes Bucky. Days, months or years. If it means that we have a future, then I will wait. I can retire, the both of us can find Steve and the others. We can help you put the pieces together.
You managed to remember some parts of us, wouldn’t you like to know the rest?

If you really are reading this, come home.

Bucky sighed as he found himself walking down the familiar path, with your letter folded nicely in his pocket. Sooner or later, he would have to face you. He wouldn’t have any choice. There was no escaping the memories that were left of his past. It would be better to get this over with. The worst you could do, was reject him.

He walked up to your side of the building, noticing the window half covered right away. Considering the fact that your window was completely uncovered when he grabbed your letter, he knew you were up. As he made his away into the complex, he took the stairway that led to your apartment.

Barely halfway up the stairs, he felt his heart beginning to speed up. Maybe it was because of the stairs? No, of course not. It would take dozens of stairs to raise his heart rate. This was different. By the time he made it to your door, his heart was nearly pounding against his ribs.

What if she isn’t even home? What if she changes her mind? It’s not too late to turn back now?

Slowly, he raised his left fist up to your door and knocked gently.

Now it is.

No response. For a moment he thought he knocked too softly; only to realize the sound of metal on wood isn’t a soft sound. You definitely would of heard that. Immediately, panic started to set in. Without even thinking of possible consequences, Bucky punched a hole through the door and unlocked it from the inside.

Frantically, he looked around the apartment for any signs of struggle. Nothing. The only thing that caught his attention, was the music that was blasting from the backside. Cautiously, he made his way past the small kitchen, through the living room and finally, outside the bathroom door.

Bucky knocked once again, calling out your name right after.

“Y/N?” he called out. No response still. He gripped the doorknob. Locked. At this point, the panic had created even more adrenaline.

“Y/N, I’m coming in!” he yelled, kicking the door in with ease.

As you finished rinsing off your body, a loud noticeable thud echoed through the bathroom, slightly shaking the walls. You knew for a fact that it wasn’t anyone you know. The idea of Nat breaking into your place seemed valid at first, until you recalled telling her about the spare key under one of the flower pots outside your apartment.

You turned off the water, but let the music stay on. There was an absence of movement from outside your bathroom, which was reassuring and terrifying at the same time. It meant that whoever was in your home, wasn’t looking for anything to steal. But it could also mean that they were looking for you.

Quickly, you wrapped your towel around your body and as quietly as possible, you grabbed the rod and gently removed the shower curtains off it. You weren’t going down without a fight.

Your body tensed up when you heard the knock on the door.

“Y/N?” a voice called out. With the music still playing, the voice sounded unrecognizable. The doorknob fidgeted for a second, making your heart stop. Your body relaxed when you realized you had locked the door.

Before you could do anything else, you heard the voice yell out.

“Y/N, I’m coming in!”

Promptly, the door flung open and hit the wall. Without hesitation, you ran towards the intruder swinging the rod at them. The rod came in contact with something hard, causing a loud cling.

“Hey! Wait, sto-” you cut their voice out as the rod collided with something softer. They hit the floor with a thump, a deep groan following right after. You stopped swinging the rod, and studied the person on the floor. Right when you were about to question them, you noticed the silver hand rubbing the trespasser’s head.


commmments? thoughts?

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what steggy bj?! obvs i know it must have been a joke not serious, but what?!

Hayley once said in an interview that during shooting CA:TFA, Dominic Cooper filmed her and Chris fooling around between scenes.

“We got up to a lot of mischief on set. There was a lot of waiting around, so he’d get out his iPhone and make videos of the characters when they think they’re not being watched. Like [my character] Peggy Carter giving Captain America a b#/#job in the cock pit of the plane. I spoke to Dominic yesterday and he threatened to put the video on YouTube once the movie comes out.“

I need to see this SO FUCKING BAD I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU!!! Caley being naughty together is what I live for!

Letters (pt. 4)

part onepart twopart three

Bucky x Avenger!Reader

Summary: It’s been months since you left the Avengers base, and moved into a little apartment. Everything seems to be at peace except for, well, you. After finding an envelope between your windows, old feelings begin to resurface.

Words: 1,616 lol double numeros

Warnings: emotions everywhere, angst

Notes: Things that are in italics are memories/flashbacks. Only Bucky throughout this part, guyssss. Also, I’m sorry if this gets confusing with going back and forth with time. I think this is the last time; I did it to explain what Reader was doing while Bucky was wherever, vise versa. After this, its all “real time.” Enjoy, let me know what you think? ~

3 Days Ago // Incognito

Bucky turned his body to the side, letting his legs hang off the mattress and placing his elbows on his upper thighs, gently cradling his head. The voice rang in his ears; sometimes he could hear complete sentences, and other times, just murmurs. It felt so close, like it was right in front of him. It’s not real. He got up and tossed on some clothes, pulling the hood over his head and tucking the keys into his pocket. Sighing, he looked over at the plastic alarm clock. 4:48 am.

Quietly, he locked the door to his small apartment and made his way out, walking down the sidewalk. As he looked around the empty street, flashes of memories appeared. Only for a few seconds would the flashbacks last. Almost all of them had her included. Who was she? He crinkled his eyebrows, tightly shutting his eyes in effort to try and remember more. Her laugh resonated in his thoughts, making Bucky unconsciously grin. He could see her smile; how it would widen when she saw a dog walk by, or when a cat allowed her to pet it. She loved all the little details in life.

The early hours of the morning were cold, making his breath visible in small foggy puffs. He could feel his heartbeat quicken as he made his way down the street. At the very end was a small park. Of course at these hours, this place was deserted. There was no sign of life yet. Buck looked around for some place to sit and found a bench near the swings. He pondered about, letting his eyes adjust to his surroundings. Almost immediately he made out a little grey jet attached on top of a thick coil. The quinjet. Another flashback came, and he found himself running towards the aircraft. Looking to his left, he could see someone alongside him. Steve.

Snapping out the trance, Bucky blinked a few times and stood back up. He walked over to the small playground, and climbed up the small stairs. The railings were cold to the touch, with a bit of wetness from the dew. He was no more than a couple feet high, but as he held the metal rails he could feel his head beginning to pound. As he looked down at the ground, a sense of panic erupted within him. Hastily, Bucky shut his eyes trying to avoid the memory but instead only encouraged it even more. Black armour slowly surrounded him, suffocating him. He frantically fought one by one, desperately trying to escape. Steve was there, Steve was… Helping.  A sigh of relief escaped his mouth as he carefully climbed down the little playground. God, he probably looks like a creep hanging around an empty playground for kids.

He went back onto the sidewalk and made his way back to his hideout. The thought of you slowly crept back into his mind, making his heart heavy. An overwhelming weight of feelings consumed him; yearning, frustration, lustful, agony, longing, heartache. He took his hands out of his pockets feeling the cool crisp air against his skin, not aware that his metallic hand was seeking something to grab. The soft hum of the arm caught his attention, and he remembered how you used to hold his hand. Bucky recalled all the times he tried to grab your hand with his right one, only for you to move to his left side and grabbing his metal hand. You made sure to let him know that you loved every part of him, even if he didn’t.

Once back inside away from the world, he plopped back onto the mattress and managed to sleep for a few hours. He didn’t dream about anything. When he woke up again, it wasn’t to the sound of your voice, but rather a busy street. The moonlight that previously shined between the blinds was now replaced with warm sunlight.

All throughout the morning, Bucky spent walking around a farmers market. It was roughly noon, and the streets were lively. As he ventured around the separate stands, the idea of what you were doing came to mind. He wanted to go back to you, back to the way things were before all of this but he couldn’t. Literally, every time he tried to remember where the Avengers Facility was, all he could think of was trees. Bucky wasn’t even sure if Steve and everyone else was still there.

He bought a few fruits and headed out for another walk. This time he opted for a different park, one that had trees scattered all over and filled with less people. Bucky walked around, observing the trees before finding one that was perfect to sit under. A view of the street was in front of him, but to his left and right, were all trees and peace. Carefully putting the small bag of fruits to his side, he took off his backpack and pulled out a notebook and pencil. Time bested him, and when he checked his watch, it was already 5:12 pm. He had spent all this time snacking and writing down things he remembered.

The sun was still out, but there was a noticeable change in the temperature. Wind would pick up and be a bit more cooler than the breeze before. Bucky finished the last sentence, and started packing up his things. His stomach growled, and placed his hand over it. Looking around for some place to stop at, he decided on a small little cafe. The lighting wasn’t bright so he didn’t have to worry about being noticed by anyone. He took a seat by the window, and watched as people occupied the sidewalks less and less.

The warm colours of the sky chilled into hues of pink, orange, blue and purple. He ordered something to eat, and gazed into the windows of other small restaurants across the street. That’s when he saw you. At first, he didn’t recognize you. Maybe it was because of the time, but once you sat inside with who he assumed was a friend, it was clear. The lamp from above the table illuminated the very features that he reminisced.

When his food arrived, he purposely took extra time to finish it. As he watched you from across the street, his heart began fluttering and a small lump appeared in his throat. It was really you; that smile put the stars to shame, and in those eyes, he saw his future so clear that crystal balls envied. Your hair was slightly different from what he could recall, but he didn’t care. It was you. A wide smile erupted from his lips as he watched you hold small talk. Suddenly, you and your friend got up, hugged at the entrance and went your own ways.

A feeling of urgency took over as he shoved the rest of his food into his mouth, leaving a $20 bill on the table and headed out to follow you.

“Y/N” he whispered to himself, unable to contain the smile growing on his face.

You were no more than thirty feet in front of him by now, still completely oblivious to him. Before Bucky could sprint and surprise you, the flashbacks popped back into mind. You were crying, and begging him. Your hand on his cheek, telling him you can wait. Bucky stopped in his tracks as you continued to walk ahead.

If you actually love me, you wouldn’t be doing this Buck…

“What was I doing?” he thought, pressuring himself to remember more. “Why was she crying?”

So this is is then? This is goodbye?

“Shit, no, no. What did I do?” he mumbled under his breath.

I love you James.. As you are now..

Bucky watched as you slowly left his sight, turning the corner. The small lump in his throat grew and his vision became blurred. Did he really leave you? Is that why you were crying? Bucky furrowed his brows, trying to remember more details but nothing came up. He couldn’t believe his memories, there’s no way he would leave you. Especially like that.

He rubbed his eyes, and started walking the same path as you. His original plan to go up to you was tossed to the side; he couldn’t show his face to you after what he did months ago. There’s no way he would be able to come back into your life just like that. As his quickened his steps, he made it in time to watch you go inside this apartment building. He moved to the other side of the street and watched carefully to see which lights would turn on.

Just as he expected, the lights of a room on the second floor lit up. Quickly, he grabbed his notebook and pencil, and sloppily composed a letter. It wasn’t thought through completely, but he didn’t care. Bucky needed you to know that he was here, as creepy as that may sound. Even if you moved on already, he didn’t want to regret not letting you know.

When he finished, he folded the letter and dug around his bag. He found an old envelope, smoothed it out on a pole and wrote your initials on it. “It’ll have to do” he thought. With the letter in his mouth, he carefully scanned the building for a way up. He looked around him, making sure there was no one witnessing before cautiously scaling the building. As he got up to your window, he shoved it between the pane. After making sure it wasn’t going anywhere, he jumped down and headed back to his apartment.

Looking back over at your window, he sighed.

“I’m sorry.”

any thoughts? please?

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