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I want to thank each of you all for following me and loving my stuff. Y’all have no idea how much it means to me to have so many people thinking my writing is good and you are all so sweet and kind! Some of you have been following me since I started and some of you, since last night probably lol but, that’s all good! I appreciate the love!

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First, Happy New Year! I hope it's a good, anxiety-free 12 months where only good things happen (and absolutely manageable half-bad ones if they have to). Second, thank you for all the Sterek! I've been feeling lukewarm to cold about TW for years now, but I have these Sterek phases where I get so nostalgic of them bbs. Third, if you feel like talking about this, do you agree with those who say Derek was older than 18 when Kate happened because Davis allegedly said so during a panel or something?

Thank you and happy new year, hope this is a good one for you <3 To answer your question: I don’t agree at all. First, Jeff is such a liar, you can never tell when he’s being serious and when he’s messing with you so always be skeptical of anything he says. Second, despite the total mess that is canon, there are some things that point to Derek being younger than 18.

Number 1: the fire was 6 years before the pilot and Derek was supposed to be 19 in the first episode (there’s a script with his age) which would have made him 13 hadn’t they decided to age him up a little.

Number 2: Peter tells us about 15 y’o Derek and then in s4 we see a deaged Derek that looks exactly like the 15 y’o version being lured by Kate and clearly already knowing who she is which implies Derek met Kate around the same time Paige died or not long after.

Number 3: Derek told Scott he and Laura were at school when the fire happened (I know the fire was during the night but fuck it, it’s tw, let’s pretend they had a dance or something) and Laura got the alpha spark which could either mean that in the Hale family the alpha spark goes primarily to the females of the family or Laura was the older sibling, but I’m leaning towards the later because the actress who played Laura looked older than Hoechlin and because it makes more sense (I love matriarchal Hales but I think it’s more… the females have a big influence in the family but it doesn’t mean the alpha is always going to be female). Derek clearly meant high school, not university. So under all these assumptions we can say Laura was a senior (since they got to leave together she was probably 18, unless she was behind a year or something and was older than that but again, there’s nothing pointing to that) and Derek, being younger than his sister, was AT MOST 17 (unless they were twins, but the alpha twins killed their alpha which I assumed meant they only killed one alpha and both got the powers via the twin connection so I don’t think it’s the case at all for Laura and Derek even though I love playing around with that headcanon).

Overall, there’s not really a sure way to tell because it’s tw and what’s new? but I think there’s no way Derek was 18 or more and people who cling to that idea are usually just looking for trouble and trying to find a reason to hate on Derek for hanging out with teenagers (and saying Derek is like 30 is one of the most common and tiring arguments against Sterek lbh).


I know I’m a couple of days late (Irma knocked out my Internet!), but I really wanted to post a doodle celebrating the 15th anniversary of the first Kingdom Hearts game’s release in the US.

Celebrating 15 years of my favorite sunshine dorkupine in his many forms! 

\o\ \o/ /o/


I….I finally did it after a along ass time scrapping scenes

The lyric comic is based on a comment in the music video which was this: “This version sounds like she’s mourning the potential.”

The idea began from that, where a different color on your skin represents the love and affection you have for the person. If you don’t see your color on them, then your love is unrequited.

There is some elements of my GTA 5 AU in this comic hence the guns and stuff. Also fun fact: Wildcat’s convo with Vanoss hints to my Minicat comic that I made before. Wildcat knows what Vanoss is going through and he didn’t want his friend to suffer the same heartbreak like he did.

Anyway hope you enjoy it!


yoongi’s adorable gummy smile for @agustdulce​ (happy birthday, mi amor!)


Ice Dance Elements presented by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir | Dance Lifts

insp. by @eggplantgifs​ and feat. special guest appearance by Marie France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon

Lifts are essential elements in any Ice Dance program. They are used to enhance the character, music and choreography of the dance. They are graded on a level scale and awarded Grades of Execution (GOEs). Levels are awarded based on difficultly in the form of difficult positions, change of positions, entry and exit features, and number of rotations. Unlike pairs lifts, in Ice Dance the lifted partner cannot be supported over the head of the lifter so the lifts are identified by the position of the lifter and are split into two categories:

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finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡


jihope for @velvethoseok​ (happy birthday!!)



Super self indulgent but man this made me happy to draw, I hope it makes some of you happy today too ^ ^

Thank you everyone who played my Valentine’s Day Game! The event is now closed, thanks for participating!! <3


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