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In your human au, would Jasper be Lapis' ex? One she dumped for a good reason?

I suppose you are talking about my Digimon Xros Wars AU :3c ‘cuz that’s kinda the only au I’ve been formaly working on (?)

With DarkKnightmon using Lapis for his own evil purpuses, Laz decides to use one of the armies to make an alliance and use them; The Crystal Gems are way to good for them so she chooses Jasper who is more violent and will do anything for the victory.  She refuses at first but end up joining Laz after she showed her how strong she was~

By the time they reach Forest Zone, Jasper discovers that Laz only used her brute force to get information and eliminate the ones in her way and DarkKnightmon attacks Jasper with this, their alliance is over and here we discover how abussive is the relationship between DarkKnightmon and Laz making Steven wanting to help her more and so Jasper.

But far from being “allies” at some point (to later being all together to fight the Death Generals), they never got that together~ buuuuuuuut after Forest Zone, Jasper started to develop this big crush on Laz which she and Steven might be aware thus if sometimes the Crystal Gems need help and Jasper is there, Laz asks for it and she can’t say no unfortunately for Jasper, Laz choose the dorito nerd over her

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You don't have it on your list of what you're willing to draw, so I was wondering if you were willing to draw some cute allushi (alluka and zushi)? I just feel like they'd be cute together. If not, I'm always ready for more killugon :3

As a matter of fact, I am more than willing to draw Allushi. I feel stupid for not putting it on my list of what I’m willing to draw since i think that they’re such a cute couple >w< I don’t know if this is what you were thinking when you said some cute Allushi, but I hope this is alright. Plus a bonus Killugon in the back bc i couldn’t resist

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Although he enjoys the game when he could almost see her naked (as well as everyone would like to get her happiness punch once again like in Arabasta), he steps near to cover her body with his jacket before she take off her panties for any last question and carries her away from people's sight. "Nami-san, I save you from those bastards, you don't have to finish it if you aren't comfortable." But just in few seconds, he gets heart eye & slightly nosebleed. "Are you in love with me now & then?"

Truth or clothes meme [x] | @chefalier, anon

Desperately clinging to her removed blouse, Nami felt like she was in front of a firing squad.  Death probably would have been more merciful than waiting for the question that determined if she would have to remove the last of her clothes.  She would rather keep her underwear on.  

One of the observers finally spoke up and Nami felt her breath catch in her throat.  D-Don’t ask that! Before she could respond, the navigator felt a heavy fabric with the scent of tobacco come around her shoulders.

“Huh?  Sanji-kun?”  Although she had always been grateful to the cook whenever he lent her his jacket in the past, this was the first time it left her astonished.  Next she gasped as she was picked up.  Clinging to the blond while he carried her away from the others, Nami tried to think of a way to thank him for his chivalry.  He had rescued her and he actually looked really cool while doing so….  Until the familiar heart-eyed ero-cook returned.

“Yeah, yeah, I love you,” she replied with little enthusiasm.  Despite her attitude, it was the truth.  It had been an exhausting day and she didn’t feel like playing the game anymore.  “Just get me out of here, please.”

Clothes remaining: ー / 7 (終わり!^^)

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Hinata had a lot of potential to be great if she had fixed her relationship with Neji,stand up to the higher branch using the lower branch as slaves,trained to become stronger,prove her father wrong and claim her rightful place as heir to the Hyuuga and make that clan better but instead we got a weakling who can only yell "Naruto-kun"

anon, you are henceforth in charge of writing hinata’s character! kishimoto and pierrot’s sexist asses have nothing on you.

seriously though, this… this is what development is! everything that you’ve said collectively adds up to the exact development that would have made hinata a great character with depth, vision and purpose.

if hinata had used the inspiration and will that naruto supposedly gave her, then she could have accomplished this. but she didn’t even want to – she only wanted to hold naruto’s “big, strong” hand and to knit for him. some goals, hinata…

Anon-kun I have no idea if you are in the IchiRuki fandom still or not, but I promised you this crossover and here it is. I’ve been working on it for a while now and I’ve finished the extras today. I actually did not want to post this today, because this is such a salt-full day today and I wasn’t in the mood. But then my friend asked if I still like this ship after how shitty the ending turned out to be? yes, I do. I’m never giving up on these two. I just feel sad that the plot took this turn and I don’t freaking understand what happened in this chapter, nothing makes sense to me anymore. I just wanted a good ending for this manga that I started with in 2008. 

Oh well, fuck the ending, fuck Kubo, he can have his stupid chapter soak it and drink it’s water. As a fan, he has lost me, lost my respect and all I feel for him now is disgust.

As for IchiRuki, they were my first otp and will always have a place in my heart. I'm obviously going to move on, but I would definitely still be making some fanart for them just not as much as i used to (yeah -.- school is starting next week).

AS FOR MY 675 ICHIRUKI FOLLOWERS (- the porn blogs (I hope you became an IchiRuki shipper by now XDD)) !!!! Thank you!!!

It makes me so happy to have such a huge number of followers and all for the love of IchiRuki. Thank you for liking and supporting my art.