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For @yoruta-kun​​ and Anon, this is all SFW, if you’re looking for more NSFW stuff please ask on my other blog. Also I’m sure alot of this is really cheesy, I hope its not too bad :)

  • Shiro and Allura both were extremely slow and inexperienced in love affairs. They always put the kids before themselves, and so initially courting was very basic: little compliments, a lot of blushing, and often staring at one another when the other wasn’t looking.
    • Coran literally had to tell them that they should go out. He would watch the kids, and shoved them both at the door. Their first date included more blushing.
  • For their first Valentines day, Allura went waay overboard, arranged a high class meal at a 5 star restaurant on a cruise liner. However nothing went according to her plans. She knocked over a candle on their table and set the table on fire, she then when becoming overly enthused while talking and hand gesturing, she spilled her champagne all over Shiro, and to top the night off, she tripped and fell off the side of the boat. 
    • Despite all this Shiro was flattered and appreciated all the work she put into trying to arrange a nice evening. He gave her their first Kiss as a thank you. 
    • Now they both just agree nights in are far better, she gives him a massage and they eat chocolate in bed together. (store bought cause Allura isn’t allowed near the oven, or any open flames really..)
  • For White Day, Shiro was afraid that anything he would plan wouldn’t appeal to Allura, after all she was used to fancy things. But after the Valentines fiasco, he decided simpler was better. 
    • Starting w/ the old fashioned approach he brought her flowers and macaroons. And then took her for a hike in the mountains, and they spent the evening star gazing. It was the best time out she ever had.
  • Now that they’ve been dating a while they’re a lot more comfortable around each other, and are comfortable with the little compliments, hand holding or a quick kiss here and there. They still stare at one another when the other isn’t looking. 
  • They’re totally one of those “old & goofy” couples who will playfully kiss one another just to get a reaction out of the kids, especially lance. 
    • When the kids are asleep they like to lay in bed and stare at eachother, somtimes they talk about one thing or another, but most of the time just sit in silence and admire one another.

Anon-kun I have no idea if you are in the IchiRuki fandom still or not, but I promised you this crossover and here it is. I’ve been working on it for a while now and I’ve finished the extras today. I actually did not want to post this today, because this is such a salt-full day today and I wasn’t in the mood. But then my friend asked if I still like this ship after how shitty the ending turned out to be? yes, I do. I’m never giving up on these two. I just feel sad that the plot took this turn and I don’t freaking understand what happened in this chapter, nothing makes sense to me anymore. I just wanted a good ending for this manga that I started with in 2008. 

Oh well, fuck the ending, fuck Kubo, he can have his stupid chapter soak it and drink it’s water. As a fan, he has lost me, lost my respect and all I feel for him now is disgust.

As for IchiRuki, they were my first otp and will always have a place in my heart. I'm obviously going to move on, but I would definitely still be making some fanart for them just not as much as i used to (yeah -.- school is starting next week).

AS FOR MY 675 ICHIRUKI FOLLOWERS (- the porn blogs (I hope you became an IchiRuki shipper by now XDD)) !!!! Thank you!!!

It makes me so happy to have such a huge number of followers and all for the love of IchiRuki. Thank you for liking and supporting my art. 

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Suppose that you were sitting down at this table. The napkins are in front of you, which napkin would you take? The one on your ‘left’? Or the one on your ‘right’? The one on your left side? Or the one on your right side? Usually you would take the one on your left side. That is ‘correct’ too. But in a larger sense on society, that is wrong.

wow nice job funny valentine


This food is delicious and you’ve filled my head with happy thoughts. Thanks so much for being there, guys!

I definitely hope we’ll meet again. We have to, right? And I hope she’ll have been super-happy all that time, too. I can’t imagine her with anything else than a smile on her face.^^

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Match up! I am 5'4. I wear glasses.I have brown hair and eyes. I am a cat person. I love drawing and listening to music. I'm a deredere and my sign is a Pisces. TBH I'm quite shy and introverted. And my fears are the dark and heights ;) thanks love the bloggggg !!

You’re welcome anon!


You would legit be frightened whenever he would be near. Yuuma would have this obsession of carrying you up, considering you as a tiny piglet, though that would bring one of your phobias to the surface. Because of his height, Yuuma would probably be enough to scare the crap out of you whenever he’d lift you from the ground, and laugh it off, thinking that you would be overreacting. Yet, this wouldn’t be the worst. He would also let you take care of the garden at night as well if necessary, and sometime leave you alone. The darkness surrounding the mansion would be enough for you to feel the rising goosebumps and increasing heartbeat. The way he’d suddenly appear out of nowhere as a vampire would make you squeal in terror, though a sentiment of relief would soon be felt throughout your body. Yuuma would hear the panic working on your body, and consider it as enough for one day. He’d soon enough be gentler with you than ever before, lifting you and pressing you against him again. This time, you wouldn’t be as frightened of him anymore.

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Aww, have you seen those adorable little charms? Reibert are the cutest of them all, as always delivering the beauty! But I think it's also kinda cute that Levi and Erwin are supposed to match :) wish I could get them all

Hi anon! Did you mean these Bocchi-kun acrylic charms? If you do, then yes! I saw them this morning. They were announced while I was sleeping so unfortunately I’ve missed the pre-orders for them! Yep…they’ve already sold out on some sites :<

The Reiner & Bertolt ones are adorable ;-; My friend pointed out on twitter that for the gonin bayashi, each instrument is supposed to be different, but Reiner & Bertolt have the same drum!! Cute ♥

And I agree.. I think it’s really cute how Erwin & Levi match too

  • Kashima: Oh my god you just had a jealous fight with my fans and she threw you to the door, didn't you?
  • Hori: Wait, why did you assume that I'm the one being thrown?
  • Kashima: Physics.

I’m so happy for have the oportunity to draw a happy Chihiro in a happy couple. When I was drawing this I was like “omg, this is so cute, look at them, they are so happy, and these three couples are so cute. Well, Chihiro is cute with everyone, well… maybe with Celes and Junko not, because Celes is the posesive and manipulative tipe and Junko is just evil so… even that Chihiro is cute, really cute. I love you Chihiro.“

I hope you like it @chiaki73
Maybe this is good for your new profile picture, @coding-fortunes?
And yes Anon-kun, this is true and there you have it~!


“Ikusaba-san, If you are here, we can protect everyone. So please, stay in my side“
“Alright, I will do it, Naegi-kun”

I love this couple, and all is thanks to de DR If novel. That novel was so good. Action, suspense, mistery, love, really everyting!… HEY, KODAKA-SAN! CAN I GIVE YOU AN IDEA? MAKE AN OVA OR A MOVIE OF DR IF!! PLEASE, I NEED IT IN MY LIFE!!

Well, Anon-kun 1 and Anon-kun 2, There you have it. Enyoy it! へ[ ᴼ ¬ ᴼ ]_/¯

(Fake dating encounter? Yes, thank you anon.)

“Kagami-kun, you were so great in your game!”
“Yes Kaga-chan, you were so handsome!!”
As the group of girls grew around him, Kagami looked around in panic. He had never been good with girls. The only girl he had any actual experience with was Alex, and he still wasn’t sure if she should be put in the same category as the females in front of him. Backing up, his hands in front of him, he smiled nervously.
“Thank you. Thank you for coming and watching.”
“Ohh Kagami-kun, you’re so sweet! Can we go get some food?”
“No you can’t! Kaga-chan is coming with me!”
Kagami panicked more as he looked around for an escape, suddenly noticing that Kuroko was nowhere to be found.  Traitor. Just as he was losing hope, he saw a familiar head of dark blue hair.
“Huh?” Aomine turned and saw Kagami racing towards him, a group of excited girls on his heels. The look on the redhead’s face explained everything.
“Aomine you want to play one on one? Please?”
Smirking, the blue haired boy looked over Kagami’s shoulder at the group of girls getting closer, “You can’t handle all the fans, Kagami?”
The redhead didn’t have the energy to argue with his rival, the high pitched whining and calling from behind him making his heart race. He couldn’t handle all of this attention.
“Aomine hold my hand.”
Jerking back sharply, Aomine stared at the other boy in shock, “What?!”
Leaning forward, not leaving any space between them, Kagami whispered, “Hold my hand and say you’re my boyfriend.”
“Why the fuck would I do that?”
The horde behind them was getting dangerously close. The fear of facing the girls on his own creeped into Kagami’s mind. Before he knew what he was doing, the redhead had grabbed Aomine’s shirt and pulled the boy even closer, their faces only inches apart.
“I’m really sorry about this Aomine.”
With that, the redhead crushed their lips together and held them, even as Aomine gripped his wrists hard. Not closing his eyes, Kagami suffered the intense glare that was sent towards him. Dealing with the hate, Kagami realized the noise behind him had gone silent. Pulling away, the redhead hurriedly linked hands with a frozen Aomine and turned to the girls behind them.
“Ah sorry everyone, let me introduce you. This is my boyfriend, Aomine Daiki.”
Most of the girls looked heartbroken at the two boys holding hands, but some of them shot daggers at Aomine, not caring how rude it was.
“If you’re really Kagami-kun’s boyfriend, then what sign is he?”
Aomine took a long moment to process the actions that had taken place before he sent a death glare towards the boy next to him. His voice was emotionless as he mumbled.
The girl questioning bristled visibly, “Fine. That was easy. What is his worse class then?”
“All of them, he sucks at school.”
“Another easy one, that proves nothing. What is Kagami-kun’s favorite thing to do?”
Aomine had had enough. Smirking down at the girl questioning him, Aomine took his hand from Kagami’s and wrapped his arm around his shoulders instead, bringing the redhead close to his side.
“What is his favorite thing to do? Well besides getting fucked by me, I would say basketball.”
The amount of blushing from the girls and Kagami made Aomine grin.
“Any more questions?”
Vigorous head shaking was his only answer, the girls turning and running away. The moment they were out of sight a sharp jab to his ribs had Aomine wincing and pulling away from the boy next to him.
“Why the fuck did you say that?!”
“Cause you obviously wanted to get them away from you, so I did. You should be fuckin grateful, baka.”
Kagami had never been so embarrassed before. Yes, Aomine was right; he had been hoping Aomine would go along with his plan to get the girls to go away, but did he have to say that?! Shaking his head in frustration, Kagami walked past the other boy, hoping he could just make it home and forget this whole incident. However, a strong hand on his arm pulled him back around, stopping him from his escape.
“Oi, Kagami, did you think you could use me like that and walk away?”
Groaning, the redhead let his head hang, “What do you want Aomine? I’ll make you Teriyaki burgers if you want. Just let me go to the store.”
A dark chuckle had the redhead looking up at the boy in front of him.
“Yes, burgers would be awesome, but that’s not enough. I want this too.”
Kagami barely had time to gasp before he was pulled forward, his body held tight to Aomine’s as lips pressed hot to his. It was different than the kiss before in every way. This was hot and passionate, and Kagami’s toes were curling inside his shoes. His eyes closed automatically as a tongue swept across his lower lip before pushing inside his mouth, licking him as if Aomine couldn’t get enough. A strong hand slid down his back, the move making the redhead arch into Aomine, their hips firmly pressed together. Just as the redhead went to wrap his arms around Aomine’s neck did the kiss break, the blue haired boy pulling back completely with a satisfied grin.
“Thanks Kagami. I’ll be over for those burgers later.”
Standing in shock, Kagami watched as Aomine sauntered away.
“I hate him,” whispering to no one, the redhead turned around and stomped back to his apartment.
As his door was pounded on a few hours later, Kagami refused to leave his bed to answer it.