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I keep thinking of full moons and how when there's an eclipse werewolves lose their powers but sometimes there's partial eclipses and so it's like do they still have their strength? Or can they just open really tough pickle jars?? How often does stiles take the opportunity to mark Derek up during the partial eclipse because he doesnt heal as quickly?? I have so many questions!

This is too fucking good Nonnie, and I know you didn’t ask for this but you really sparked my muse!


Stiles jumped at bit at the sudden voice in his ear, the body heat of another warmed his back, and hands covered his own only to remove the jar from his grasp. The tightly packed jam jar strained against the force Derek was putting on it’s lid…

…but it wasn’t opening in .25 seconds. It took Derek a second to actually open it and it seemed like a small struggle if he was being honest. 

“What is wrong with you? Are you sick? Dying?” Stiles asked, taking the jar away and setting it down before focusing back on his boyfriend. 

The Hale-Glare-Eyebrows-Of-Doom™ were pointed directly at him, all furrowed and drawn in like something personally offended him, “I’m not dying Stiles–”

“Then why did you semi-struggle to open the jar?” 

“Did you forget what day it is?” Derek asked. 

Stiles paused, thinking if he’d missed anything important, “uh…it’s Tuesday?”

“The the partial lunar eclipse.” 


There was a moment of silence before Stiles just straight up pinched Derek on his arm, and hard. Two things happened; Derek actually seemed in pain and beneath where he’d pinched him a small dark mark was appearing and not fading. In fact it looked like it was bruising. 

“Stiles, what the fuck?” Derek winced, rubbing at his arm. 

“Dude you’re not healing–” 

“Don’t call me dude.” 

“–but it’s not a full lunar eclipse so you’re not powerless, what can you do other than get pinched?” Stiles asked, way more curious about this than his sandwich. 

Derek stepped back, leaning his hip against the counter, with his eyes flashing blue for a split second, “I can do the fangs, claws and eyes…but the hearing, smell, healing, and strength are weaker for tonight.” 

Stiles felt his face lift in shock, his eyebrows meshing with his hairline as he soaked in the new information. He kind of forgot about the lunar eclipses after the Darach thing, and he didn’t even consider partial eclipses being able to affect werewolves. 

He was about to ask how it all worked when another more scandalous thought popped into his mind. His face drew back in a smirk, and Derek shrank a little. The guy was probably worried considering he couldn’t rely on his senses anymore to tell what Stiles was feeling. 

“So…lets say we go up to the bedroom right now…are you saying I could mark you up and it would stay?” Stiles asked. 

The growl that radiated through the room was more than an answer. Somehow they found themselves upstairs in bed, catching their breath after probably the hottest sex they’ve ever had. For the first time ever they were both marked up with bruises, welts, and if Stiles raked his fingernails down Derek’s back for good measure…well they’ll heal tomorrow. 

“Have I ever told you that you look hot like this?” Stiles asked, admiring the trail of hickies along Derek’s neck and collarbone. 

Derek rolled his eyes playfully, “I’ll make sure to clear my schedule for the next eclipse.” 

Damn Nonnie, you know how to get a girl writing :D

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Hey Emily-- so I'm going to New York in a few days, and I was wondering if you have a favorite museum or gallery?? (I know you're not a travel guide, but I can tell how much you love your city and I feel like we have similar tastes so I thought I'd try picking your brain a bit)

shit yeah I do. okay, like, obviously it’s me, so number one would be The Cloisters uptown. it’s the medieval branch of the Met, it’s housed in a beautiful french cloister that was transported from europe brick by brick, and has the loveliest gardens and view of the river. unicorn tapestries, confusing pictures of lions, and a residual dusting of my girlfriend’s patient sighs are all things you will find here. but that’s a standard answer. here are some weirder ones:

  • the new york earth room: it’s in SoHo, and is exactly what it says on the tin: an entire white-painted apartment covered in two feet of soft soil. technically it’s an art installation, but I use it as a “I need to get away from other humans and the toothy gears of this city for twenty minutes and hear my own thoughts” solution. it’s quiet and visually simple and smells like loam. a+ dirt. 
  • the nicholas roerich museum: nicholas roerich was an early 20th century Russian artist and theosophist who fled the country after the february revolution. hundreds of his mystic paintings are displayed in this little museum on the upper west side. it’s never crowded, most of the people who visit are weird nerds who like Russian mysticism, so you know. I’ll see you there. 
  • the dream house: an installation project in Tribeca, it’s a marriage of music and light that you wander through as the musical and visual environment reacts to your presence. very strange, very lovely.

Have fun! 

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Помимо "Остров Сокровищ", есть ли у тебя любимые советские мультфильмы? Если да, то какие?

“Остров Сокровищ” это прям… любовь на всю жизнь! спасибо!

и да конечно есть, это:

“Бременские музыканты”(первые 2 части только… про остальное делаю вид что его не существует…) - прям большой фанат

“Жил был Пёс “- для кокоро <3 

“Простаквашино” - просто сборник гэгов <3

“Маугли” - скорее в эстетическом плане - дизайн животных и фоны просто богичны!

“Падал прошлогодний снег” - 10/10

“Следствие ведут колобки”(хотя… это не ранние девяностые уже? хз)

“Контакт” - очаровательный и музыка красивая

“Тайна третьей планеты” - не то чтобы прям так сильно его обожаю, но чёрт подери саундтрэк и Зелёный меня подкупают)

так же “Карлсон” и “Котёнок Гав” греют душу(а ещё там Ливанов))) мысль о Шерлоке Холмсе вопящим ООО КОТЛЕТА просто ничем не затмить)

ещё я думаю о том что стоит пересмотреть работы Дёжкина типа “Шайбу Шайбу” и другие на тему спорта - они смешные и анимация там хороша(так я их только в детстве видела)

ах да

и некоторые выборочные серии из “Ну погоди” конечно же

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What do you use besides ads to make money online? I saw you made a post awhile ago but i can't find it :(

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Concept: Royai foster parents au. Ed lives with them first until they find out that he was separated from Al when they were little, so Mustang pulls some strings and they manage to get Al as well.

Concept: Me, laying in a puddle of my own tears as quiet sobs wrack my body, clutching this ask to my chest because of its beauty and perfection.

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If you are still looking for Solavellan songs, I think DIMINUENDO by Lawless is a fitting one. Especially with the line "Jump-start the innocent parts that once dared to dream"

Oh man, anon, I love this song. It’s dark and moody with a cinematic undercurrent that drives you forward, all of which feels fitting for DAI in my mind. And I find the lyrics so well suited to a Lavellan that wants to redeem a romanced Solas that I’m going to post them all.

Oh, the storm clouds were moving across your eyes,
And I could hear the war drums pounding from inside your mind,
So I gave up my life for love, but it still was not enough
But it still was not enough
But it still was not enough

My heart shattered apart with your sanity, but I won’t leave
The stars have scattered across a haunted galaxy, please,
Hold on through Heaven and Hell, hold onto each other,
Or I fear we won’t recover.

On your side, on your…
I’m still on your side, on your side…
I’m still on your…

Jump-start the innocent parts that once dared to dream
Before the spark diminishes from the life you’re meant to lead,
Are you gonna let it burn out, are you gonna let it fade away?
Fade away?

On your side, on your…
I’m still on your side, on your side…
I’m still on your…

On your side, on your…
I’m still on your side, on your side…
I’m still on your…

There, there, it’s better late than never (Never say never again)
There’s always time to start this over (Over and over)

Shades of Green

I scrapped this so many times trying to get it right ohmygod. Also I’m a filthy liar; sorry for not posting earlier! Oh, and I promise this isn’t smut, despite the title ;)

Request: omg can’t believe no ones requested my baby ashton :(( can you do one where he gets jealous over something (CAN YOU MAKE IT FLUFFY AT THE END)) // I tried my best, Anon. Thanks for requesting, I love this idea :)

Title: Shades of Green

Words: 900+

Summary: You’ve been tutoring one of the other guys on the piano, and Ashton can’t help but feel a bit jealous of the attention you’re giving away.

Warnings: None

The sound of your laughter drifts from one room to the next, followed by a few sporadic piano notes, and Ashton can’t help but roll his eyes from his spot on the couch. As he recalls, some people like to read books in peace.

The piano notes, however, don’t stop, and neither does your laughter. Sighing in irritation, Ashton folds the corner of his current page before closing his book and placing it on the coffee table, rising from his spot. He makes his way down the hall and into the music room of your shared apartment. “Music room” meaning the place where the casual instruments were kept; guitars, individual drums, cajons, the piano.

“Music room” meaning the place where you’re currently perched on the piano bench with Calum beside you, both of you laughing over some stupid inside joke or something as your arms brush from the close proximity.

Once again, Ashton finds himself rolling his eyes. “You guys having fun?” he asks, keeping his voice light, and both you and Calum jump, startled by the sudden interruption.

“Yeah,” you say around a bout laughter, taking a deep breath and composing yourself before blinking a few times and continuing, “why wouldn’t we be?”

Ashton shrugs. “I was just checking in.” Next, he turns to Calum and cracks an innocent smile. “Is my girlfriend a good teacher?”

Calum’s face flashes with doubt for a split second, and Ashton can tell that he knows something is up. He feels bad getting possessive over you like this, and Calum is his best friend, but Ashton just feels plain irked right now, partially because his reading kept getting interrupted and partially because you and Calum are acting particularly close, more than usual.

“She’s great, actually,” says Calum with a nod of understanding. “It’s getting late, though, and I promised Mitchy I’d meet up with him for drinks.” With that, he rises from the bench, tapping you on the shoulder and saying thank you. You smile in response and bid him goodbye, watching as he leaves before turning to face Ashton.

“Cal’s such a sweetheart,” you say. “Love that guy.”

Ashton scoffs. “It’s noticeable.”

You blink before your eyes widen in realization. “Ashton, are you… are you jealous?”

“What? No. That’s stupid, why would I be jealous?” You saw the way his jaw clenched up, how he kept shooting odd looks at Calum. It all started making sense. He wasn’t being honest; Ashton was definitely jealous back there.

“You tell me,” you say, standing up and crossing your arms. You’re confused; he’s never been like this before.

Then again, you’ve never spent as much alone time with any of the other guys as you have been with Calum lately.

“I’m not jealous,” Ashton insists.

“Good,” you reply. “Because I would be pretty damn offended if you actually thought I would start having… feelings for Calum.

Ashton sighs. “Can you… can you maybe teach me a few notes or something?” he asks, gesturing toward the piano. You smirk in victory. He may not have admitted it to you, but he totally gave away that he was, in fact, jealous.

“Come on over,” you say, scooting over on the bench and patting the spot next to you. Ashton grins and takes a seat beside you, admiring the glossy keys.

“This looks kind of overwhelming,” he says, and you giggle.

“It’s not that bad, trust me,” you reassure him. “Now, I think we should start with something basic, like Mary Had a Little Lamb or—”

“No, what’s the one Cal is working on?”

“Ashton, Calum has been practicing for over two months now.”

“I want to try it,” your boyfriend insists, and you sigh.

“Fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


Later, you and Ashton are sprawled out on the couch as an old action movie plays on the TV before you. You have to give him credit, he picked up the piano pretty quickly. Of course he has a ways to go before he’s actually any good, but your boyfriend has always been a fast learner, especially when it comes to music.

“Okay,” Ashton suddenly mumbles into your hair as he buries his head into the crook of your neck. “Maybe I was a little bit jealous back there.”

You smile knowingly. “Oh, yeah?” you say, feigning innocence. You feel Ashton nod, and you giggle as his curls tickle your neck.

“Just a little,” he mutters again, planting a soft kiss against your neck before backing away to face you. “But only because you’re like, my favorite person in the world and so is Calum, so when I saw my two favorite people getting close without me I kinda freaked out.”

“Hey, no worries,” you tell him with a shrug. “In all honesty, it was kinda hot.”

Ashton grins and leans forward, resting his hands gently on either side of your face and pressing his lips to yours in a lingering kiss. “I love you,” he says when he pulls away, and you only smile mischievously in response.

“I know,” you reply, leaning back into him as he wraps an arm around your shoulders and pulls you closer. “Believe me, I know.”