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Ok guys so I just watched Dan and Phil play Pokemon go for about the 100th time and I just realised one critical detail I’ve been missing. In the very start of the video when they open the app it asks to access their location. Phil says “professor oak’s gonna turn up at our house if we press allow.” He then presses allow and says “too late now, no going back.” And then Dan says “threesome with professor oak.” I love the amazing Dan reference ahahah

If you didn’t notice that before and are looking for phan proof, here ya go 😂.

**Guys btw don’t take anything on my account too seriously lmao, I know this isn’t actual proof. It’s just to satisfy the phan trash hope :)**

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You know one time I saw this headcanon about how Haruka wore sports bras her whole life and so when she and Michiru did it for the first time she was so confused on how to take it off

Ahahah can you imagine. 

Michiru, she is not nervous, no, it is nothing to her, to be with a girl, is it? And yet, she feels herself grow hot underneath her dress–she thought it ight happen tonight, she picked out this set, delicate embroidered French lace, for just such an occasion. 

If she had any worries about holding her poker face, she need not have worried, because Haruka is absolutely Not Doing That, her inexperience and nervousness on full display. She shakes, only slightly, as she goes to unbutton her shirt, and Michiru helps her, button by button, which doesn’t ease the shaking but does at least get her shirt off, and Michiru smiles amusedly at the sight of Haruka’s thick strapped sports bra, a Lady Adidas special she probably got out of the clearance bin. 

Michiru slips out of her dress, the cool silk pooling on the floor like a reflective pond. Haruka’s eyes grow wide looking at the delicate frame of her body, wrapped in lace like a rose in an early winter. Her desire overrides any nervousness at the moment, and she slowly moves her hands across Michiru’s back.

And then yanks up on the lace bra, accidentally both ripping it and tossing Michiru from the bed to the floor. 

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Your Sonic genderbends are without a doubt the best I've ever seen, I would pay money to download a mod that replaces the canon designs in Generations with your designs, if we can get Batman in that game, someone could easily make models of your art!

aww thank you so much!! XD hahah Batman?! must to see this..!

XDDD its true!!! ahahah thank you for telling me.. i didn’t know there it was a batman mod for Sonic generations!

and thank you for the compliments! i would be so honored if something like that its done.. hehe and it would be very funny to listen how Female Sonic still talks like male Sonic! lol!

Celebratory Jack for good luck! …because he’s Irish…. haha.. 

I started my senior year yesterday. It went well! :D

Promise me you’ll never leave my side.

♥Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans OPENING 1: Raise Your Flag English TV Version~*

WOW! This cover got done faster than I thought! I got a request on YouTube by @gundamprimezero to dub the Iron Blooded Orphans Opening! Since it is currently airing on Toonami it is super popular so I was wondering when I’d tackle this one XD! I recently caught up with this show so I can livetweet with the cast & it is really quite an amazing show let me tell ya! Highly recommend it! I wanted my buddy Ceonn to feature in this one and just watch him SLAY them hella notes! We make a great duo together! ♥ So super proud of this! Enjoy everyone!! I also wanna dedicate this to @akachuscifo cuz she told me about this show first besides @tyrestgwa ;D

Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

Song: Raise Your Flag

Original Artist: Man With A Mission

English Adaptation: Manabingu

Vocals: @manabingu / @manadarkmagiciangirl  FT. Ceonn

Mixing: Ceonn

Instrumental: Immanuelbear

MDMG Studios 2016


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UWAHHHHHHH~~~ what did i ever do to you that you have to kill me with cha cha's smirk gifset???????? i feel so attacked right now! *lies on floor due to inability to cope with emotions and the amount of beauty* side note: i really love the gifset. cha is pain, i love pain. keep attacking. <3

hiii~! it’s not a secret that ST☆RLIGHTs are masochists~~ i’m glad you’re sharing the pain with me ♥ this is the most creepy reply i’ve ever written and your ‘keep attacking’ is soooo cute omggg

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Hey! I just want to tell you that I'm really in love with your blog. It's kinda like ... that people can talk with the "real" Yasuo because you're so damn good in rp-ing him. I know it isn't a question (or an "ask") but ... Thank you so much! ♡

// It doesn’t always have to be an ‘ask’ friend :D. You are sending a sweet message and I will never frown upon it regardless of its format. Think of it like this - it takes a lot of energy and disposition for me to produce content like this and this sort of message helps me with fuel. I would be lacking a lot were it not for this sort of message :). I doubt I would keep it up as I do if not for you guys. I really really really appreciate the gesture.

And I should be the one saying thanks. Truly, friend. There is no higher reward than receiving messages like this. Thank you so much <3.

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I'm genuinely seduced by your world building, from the social aspects to the medical/anatomical (the premed major is most pleased by this 👌), its all very engaging and thought provoking, and its fueling new requests for when the ask box opens again!

Originally posted by fiatusa

^ This is going to be me when I open the requests I s2g (bring em in when i do; i love getting stuff 2 talk about)

But I’m glad that you’re enjoying everything so far! :D I can’t wait to share more about this lil AU as time goes by!

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So I'm like 98% sure that's Dan's going to paint his nails in the near future and I may be one of the only ones who have noticed this. In a one of his last live shows he said in order for him to be able to hed have to not bite his nails for a few weeks and when I was looking at the recent meet up picks from TATINOF I noticed his nails were a lot longer. Sorry if this makes no sense, its 4am but I was wondering if anyone else noticed this or if I'm the only one?

ahahah wow you’re very observant. idk but i really hope he does!!! maybe if he and phil do the pastel edits irl they’ll paint their nails!!

to @shizuos; because you’re ineffable and i really love your presence <3  

Pairing: Izaya/Namie
Theme: highschool!au: fake dating



“I said no.”

Izaya and Namie argue, in fact, most of their conversations are arguments that nobody wins, because they argue on opinions more than on facts. They don’t have the usual heated arguments, it’s as if they are discussing something, but since they are two different individuals, it turns into an argument; a very calm and almost poetic one.

Some people find it weird, because how can a couple argue to this extent, seem to hate each other a lot, and yet stay together.

some say it’s probably their ‘bed time’ that keeps them together.

What the people don’t know is, their dating is fake. Being children of proper families who wanted to start getting along with their business, they had no choice but to fake date. They hate it, in a way; but they still do benefit from it, so they try not to mind it that much.

Their fake dating lasts for a whole year, and it seems to them that their families have bonded quite well and their dating won’t be needed anymore. Thus, Namie thought a chilly evening will be a good time to crack the conversation up.

Izaya was reading a biology book, noting down some headlines for the upcoming exams; Namie didn’t need to do that, making sure she did it during the biology class itself, so she was lying down, reading a magazine. Nothing seemed wrong with taking about their relationship at this time.  

But, the moment Namie asked how long are they staying like this, she heard a sharp ‘no’ escape Izaya’s mouth; having not said anything that could be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, she was confused.

“We won’t break up.” He said, scribbling some last notes into his notebook.

“What’s the point? Our parents are already okay with each other; the green light had been given.”

Putting down his pencil, he shifted his gaze to look at Namie, lying on the couch parallel to him. She was frowning, annoyed on how he won’t make himself clear, but he was okay with it, Namie almost always frowned at him; and yet she always looked gorgeous as if someone drew her looks perfectly.

“It’s not about our parents, Namie.” He waves his hand, closing his eyes, picturing Namie’s response to what seems to be his ‘sarcasm’.

Nothing, no reply.                          

Until he hears a laugh, and he opens his eyes to Namie cracking up in front of him. Unsure of what he’s witnessing, he blinks several times, clears his throat and before getting his chance to speak again.

“Then, what is it about, huh?” Namie asks, holding back her magazine, a smirk defining her look.

He smirks, feeling kind of defeated, “Nothing really; on a second thought, we can break up if you really want.”

“What? Just now you were being so stubborn about it, what changed? Schizophrenia?”

Izaya rests his back on the couch, working the idea through his mind. They’ve been fake dating for a year, and despite it being fake, it left something in the both of them, even though they hated the idea at first, it seemed to get better by the time; and he doesn’t want to just end it.

Even if it was fake, for the last few months, it felt real, to him, at least.

Izaya shakes his head swiftly at the thought, and finds Namie still looking at him, except she’s too near right now and he’s not sure if this is a hallucination or reality, until their noses touch, and she sits on his lap, facing him. He looks at her eyes glittering like they are those of an excited child, and he’s not sure if his are still as dull as they usually  are. He part away his lips to speak, but Namie gets them gently closed with hers.

He doesn’t think twice about kissing back, shutting his eyes close, and he moves his hands to rest them on her back; as her hands rest on his shoulders, she melts into the kiss, into his hands, and her heart skips a beat.  They pull back together, taking in the oxygen they missed; they don’t move for a fine three minutes, resting their foreheads on each other.

“What was that?” Izaya sarcastically asks, crooked grin.

“An answer.” She smiles smugly.

He raises an eyebrow, questioning the meaning of her reply.

“I’ve grown up with you, Izaya Orihara.” She hits his forehead, and gets up, walking away to the kitchen.

Izaya looks at the books and papers scattered on the table; he finds his fingers unconsciously brushing over his lips, and moves them down quickly when he hears, “Also, we don’t need to break up.”, she says, walking into the room, holding a tray with two coffee cups.

She places the tray on the table, and takes a sit next to him, “We will just upgrade our relationship.”

He smirks, raising both eyebrows in amusement; staring at the coffee cup, he realizes he haven’t had enough sleep, and it’s funny that Namie knew despite how hard he tried to hide the dark circles under his eyes.

His smirk softens into a smile, and he feels a cloud of happiness filling his chest; Namie always seems to understand him, no matter how complicated he is; she almost always has his back, and he is more than overwhelmed that he’s disgusted by his very human feelings.

“Fine with me.”