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The same people who think Troye is an insensitive boyfriend forget that he wrote "we're like two halves of one heart" and "I know what you're feeling cause I feel it as well" on a love song/love letter for his boyfriend.




Yes, they are twins! In the canon Valerin dies at the Conclave so Dorian never has the chance to meet her… or even hear much about her since it’s all too painful for Vax (seriously Vax, it would be nice if you ever talked about your family with Dorian). If she was alive though, Val would approve in 100%. And probably would make things easier for everyone. 

And that’s why I have a twinquisition au where everyone’s alive and happy (’:

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im v sorry if this is weird but im super proud of you , like , sticking with your art even when it got hard? like ive always wanted to draw and find my niche style-wise and youve been a huge inspiration for me but i still cant get a hold of it? but you have this like, fantastic ability to stick with it and figure your stuff out and improve and then look back and pat yourself on the back for doing that, and it really really makes me want to do the same for myself. youre just really wonderful, idk

oh gosh anon,, its not weird at all!! i,, i dunno what to say,, i guess i just lean on drawing very heavily bc its one of the thing i know that are able to make me happy/cheer me up/take me out of things so even after all the frustration and the years-long breaks (cause of health or otherwise,,) i still… i still have to admit to myself that spending my time drawing just,, makes me happy hahah,, and! i dunno why ive started being more positive.. i guess having my best friend be always, always enthusiastically supportive of my art, like as excited about it as i was, and realizing how much good that did for me, i wanted be a bit like that for people who tell me they picked up drawing too or started drawing new things whether its smut or comics of just drawing in general,, and also… opm dragged me out of a,, kind of a dark place. im glad i have the kind of energy to be this involved and productive at all, now. thats not something u can just take for granted. so, yeah. things gets better, sometimes for silly stuff like a parody anime coming along and making u feel excited about things again, haha,,

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Romanced NV companions (+Benny?) and seeing the Courier being flirted with at a bar?

Arcade Gannon: Arcade was hardly gone for more than a few moments when he turned around with the drinks and saw his boyfriend being spoken to by a local woman. He believes her name is Maria? No matter, he takes a seat with the Courier, placing their peers down on the counter.

“Hello Maria.” Arcade greets, only to be ignored. For a moment he’s horrified he remembered her name incorrectly but it seems more like he’s being ignored by her entirely. Arcade raises a brow, the Courier giving Arcade a quick smile as he turns to take his drink from Arcade.

“Thanks sweetheart.” The Courier leans in and quickly presses his lips to the corner of Arcade’s mouth, giving the doctor a front row seat to what had to be the most intense, five second glare he has ever received. In his life.

When the Courier turned back the seat beside him is empty.

“I should probably watch where I sleep tonight.” Arcade mumbled, taking a sip of his watered down beer while the Courier laughed.

Craig Boone: Boone had his eyes on the unwelcome guest before they even made it near the Courier. He kept an eye on the two, giving the Courier the chance to brush the intruder off. The person seemed insistent though, Boone was nearly ready to walk over himself until the Courier’s hand dropped to their side and they subtly made the ‘Move Up’ sign. Boone pushed away from the corner he was hidden from and took the seat on the other side of the Courier.

The Courier turns to Boone, completely ignoring the person until they grabbed the Courier’s shoulder.

“I’m talking to you!” They complained, prompting Boone to stand up and close the space between himself and the stranger. There was barely an inch between them when Boone growled. “They don’t want to talk to you. Leave.”

Raul Tejada: He’s the calmest of them all, too old to have that same fire he had when someone looked at his date. When someone approaches the Courier he keep an eye on them, not out of jealousy but out of concern for them, making sure that he doesn’t get too handsy with them and they don’t look uncomfortable. But it doesn’t take long for the Courier to break from the man and turn back to him. 

The Courier does that same thing every time. And Raul isn’t exactly sure what always makes them come back to him, but he’s not dumb enough to complain.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy: It really should be expected by now. Cass drunk had 3 settings. Angry. Horny. Or this ungodly combination of both. The poor sap who went up to the Courier with 1,000 cheap lines didn’t really have a chance (not even hot enough for Cass to drag into a threesome). The Courier only has to shoot one look at Cass and she tears across the bar and right up into the person’s face, spouting a rainbow of words about where she can shove her drink.

It quickly escalates when the girl throws her drink in Cassidy’s face and she tosses a bar stool. The Courier, not ready to be banned from another bar, tries to grab Cass’s arms (earning themselves a bruised cheek in the process) and dragged her out of the bar before the bouncer stepped in.

Under the moonlight Cassandra broke away from the Courier, growling as she grabbed them by the collar and forced them into a passionate kiss.

Veronica Santangelo: Veronica and her girlfriend are sitting together at the bar, forearms on the bar while they lean into one another as if conspiring together. Sweet words flow like a stream until a gentleman takes a seat to the left of the Courier and clears his throat to get her attention.

And it begins, the man is clearly drunk. Though Veronica doesn’t think he really has much to offer when not. He’s far too touchy, the Courier literally jerking her arm away from him when he reaches out for her. He’s not making much sense, besides that he really finds the Courier attractive (and Veronica can’t blame him on that).

“Yo, dude.” Veronica whistles to catch his attention. “I’m trying to talk to my girlfriend here.” The Courier is trying not to laugh, hiding her chuckles as she nurses her beer.

“Girlfriend?” He repeats dumbly, in what seems like pure awe.

“Yes, my girlfriend. Leave us alone.”

The man scratches his chin before wandering off, Veronica rolling her eyes. “Men.” She signed, but the exasperation was worth it when the Courier turned back to her and placed her hand over Veronica’s.

Benny: No place was safe for the Courier when they looked like that. Benny never liked to be too far when the Courier was at the bar. Between drunk NCR soldiers and his own Chairmen there was always someone nipping at the bud to try and bag his date.

Sometimes he thought the Courier was doing this for fun. Nearly every time he turned the Courier had trapped another in their wake and Benny had to go run them off. It wasn’t until someone from Gomorrah was nearly hanging off of the Courier that Benny decided to stick around.

“Baby, they just keep coming. I just can’t keep my eyes off of you for a sec.”

“You never do anyways.” The Courier sassed, nursing their…4th drink? Benny took the seat next to the Courier who slumped a bit onto Benny’s shoulder. “But at least it means you stop working and come see me.”

Benny runs a hand down the Courier’s back before slipping his arm around their waist. “You jealous of the Chairman?” He orders himself a drink and takes a sip while the Courier snickers.

“Nope, none of them are Platinum Pussycats.”

Benny chokes on his drink.

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Meg I'm sure I've told you this before but you are my absolute favorite blog here on tumblrdotcom. It has been such an inspiration watching you grow as an artist, and such a pleasure to indulge in your love of fandom. I so enjoy the AU contributions you have created. Every time I see your posts on my dash, I simply am excited to see what you've created. Thank you for being a beacon of positive creative energy, and all around anxious pineapple.

This is incredibly sweet, anon. Thank you so much.

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What's your favorite line from your WIP(s)?

Hmm, right now it’d have to be from the Reylo Frat AU I’m working on, where Kylo first sees Rey at one of the First Resistance parties. He’s just heard a commotion, even over the noise of everything, and finds himself pulled to go investigate

The girl hardly stood taller than a little over five and a half feet, but she had Everard Kwillan, Kwill, shoved up against the countertop with her hand fisted in his shirt. Even from where Kylo stood he could see that her eyes were bright, and that the pink tinging her cheeks had little to do with alcohol.

“You don’t fucking touch me again,” she snarled, teeth bared as her thin lips pulled back, more wolf than girl in the room full of sheep.

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but would you do master yi?

“…Honestly? Everytime we have attempted to talk he would always start talking shit. Last time he forced my hand and I ended up sticking my sword up his gut - not the way you are proposing here, mind you. I honestly feel nothing for the old man other than disdain and pity and I don’t think I ever will. He is a fool who wants to make me a criminal no matter what I say… And something tells me he’d try to cut off my dick if I tried anything and that’s not something I would enjoy… so, to answer your question, no I would not. Even if I wanted to.


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I love how in the anime, you get the Lawlight everyone is familiar with. In the drama, it's all basically flirting and heart eyes and doki-doki. The musical is like a homoerotic angsty stageplay. And the movie, where they... aren't even friends, didn't even try to be. I think having all these versions is rather amazing tbh I mean wow

It really is amazing! Especially the drama is 10/10. They couldn’t get any more gay there, which is exactly why the whole fandom chose to kinkshame them for it. I mean, everyone weeps over canon Lawlight and it’s much stronger than us, and heartbreaking, so we’re kind of scared of it, but we straight out make fun of the drama and quite shamelessly too cuz even the actors have this chemistry between them, honestly. and Playing His Game WAS kinda gay let’s admit it

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I believe in everyday magic. My father can name any rock song from the 80's based off of a badly sung guitar solo or off-key humming the melody. Babies and little kids stop crying as soon as my brother walks into the room. I never burn cookies or anything that I'm baking. My mom always knows when her favorite song is on the radio. My sister can always beam someone with an object, even if they're running away. (she's never played a sport a day in her life)

I believe in magic too friend. That’s an awesome thing to be able to do I am jealous. I wish I could do that, kids cry when I walk into the room. BAKE SO MANY THINGS. A super power perhaps? your sister sounds amazing.