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You are the blankets I wrap myself in as I fall asleep, a warm cup of tea on a winter afternoon, the bed I crawl into after a long day, a cup of coffee to wake me up in the morning. You are my warmth, my comfort, my safety, my happiness, my home, my heart. You are the one place where I know I truly belong.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering what’s your top most favorite jimin focused fancam like a complication of diff ones because the fancams I’ve watched had me on the floor 😩

Hey!! I’m actually so excited that this ask got sent since I have a playlist with a bunch of his focuses!!! 😊 I’ll try to narrow them down to my top 10 performance focuses (these aren’t really in any order):

  1. perfect man (of course)
  2. tomorrow at trb in hong kong (has a special place in my 💘)
  3. fire at ulsan summer fes
  4. fun boyz at super seoul concert (all the fancams from this day are 🔥)
  5. bts begins solo (honestly get this video away from me)
  6. baepsae at beijing epilogue
  7. lie at gayo daechukje
  8. 3j dance break at tokyo showcase 
  9. bst at ksb1 open concert (this look 😳)
  10. nmd at youth unison fes

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I thought of the power.
The gods would be terrified.