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unpopular opinion: a certain level of personal responsibility needs to be taken when using a site like tumblr. take the proper actions to protect yourself from things that trigger, quick, or just generally make you uncomfortable. be progressive about it. do not expect the rest of a website’s population to change and alter itself for your personal benefit because it will not happen and no amount of anon hate, harassment, and bullying behavior will change that (plus it doesn’t make anyone sympathetic to your side of things; it just makes you a colossal asshole)

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I think the reason the PMMM fandom has a weird obession with German is the fact that a lot of the songs on the soundtrack are in pseudo-german. It isn't a very good reason, but that's the one I can come up with.

Okay, the obsession with German isn’t the fandom’s fault. It’s because the show has a weird, nonsensical obsession with German.

PMMM is based on Faust, which is German, so of course SHAFT went extremely fucking overboard with symbolism and shit. Like, songs written in (bad, apparently) German, Faust quotes written on walls, Witch runes translating to German… it’s ridiculous.

I don’t usually have a problem–symbolism is usually really nice–but the thing about the PMMM symbolism is that it completely disregards what makes sense in the universe. Symbolism doesn’t have to have a bulletproof explanation, but when there’s absolutely no logical reason why this shit could possibly even be there, we do have a problem.

Why the flying fuck are there random German Faust quotes graffitied on walls in a city in fucking Japan? It makes literally zero sense.

I did a terrible job explaining this, but basically, symbolism is okay as long as it isn’t glaringly and obviously nonsensical in the world of the story.

And don’t even get me started on the fucking bike symbolism because I swear to god.

Anyways lads, good news! My shift got cancelled for this weekend, which means I’ll be watching the GP live.

As usual, my salty self will be liveblogging it and screaming so if you don’t want me to be clogging up yo dash, blacklist “australianGP live”


Crisscolfer coming out headcanon

I hope one day one of them will just release a really, really sweet photo of the two of them. It will casual; say Darren kissing Chris’ cheek but it will be really adorable. it doesn’t even need a caption they could just release that picture. or it could be them holding hands. it would be super nice and the internet would explode.