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Hope Part 2 ( Older!Damian Wayne x Reader)

Prompt(s): None
Plot: This is part two to Hope. You find out who kidnapped you and why.
Word count:1481
Pairing(s): Older!Damian Wayne x Reader
Warning(s): Like 1 curse word I think
A/N: So this didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it and I might end up editing it later but I’m still kind of happy with how this turned out. This is part 2 of Hope and I will be making at least one more part. THIS ISN’T THE END OF THE STORY!! So please enjoy!

You woke up on a bed you didn’t recognize in a bedroom you couldn’t seem to recognize either. The walls were yellow but there were no picture on them or any decor for that matter. The bed you a laid on was around a queen size and had a yellow quilt on it.

You began to sit up slowly, but as you did you head started to throb. You quickly put your hands on your temples and started scooting to the edge of the bed. You tried to remember how you ended up in this unrecognizable room but the last thing you could remember was cooking, then everything just went black.

You stood up slowly and made your way to the door. Luckily it was unlocked so you pulled it open slowly and stood in the doorway to see if you could hear anything. You were met with nothing but silence so you decided to take a look around.

Right outside the door was a small hallway with two closed doors on the right. The walls were white and once again there had been no decor or pictures. You slowly made your way out of the room and down the brightly light hall. As you made your way down the hall you began to hear whispers. You wanted to stop and go back into the safety of the yellow room but your curiosity kept you moving.

“Yes I have her. She’s sleeping in the room at the end of the hall.” You stopped walking immediately as you recognized the voice of your kidnapper. You could feel the anger bubbling up inside of you as you stomped into what appeared to be the living room and looked your kidnapped in the eye.

“Talia” you spat angrily. Of course it would be her. She couldn’t stand you ever since she found out you and Damian were together. She smirked at you as she quickly hung up the phone on whoever she was taking to.

“Y/N you’re finally awake.” She said with a smirk still plastered on her face as she approached you. You didn’t back away. Talia already thought you were weak and while you were a little scared you wouldn’t show her that.

“What the hell do you want with me?”
“With you? Nothing, but with my precious grandchild” she said while lightly placing her above your stomach. You jerked back with a disgusted look on your face. How could she possibly know about the baby when you just found out? But most importantly what did she want with the child?

Your look of disgust quickly turned into a look of curiosity and she noticed this.
“Sit down food is almost ready, then I will tell you why you are here.” She spoke as she turned in the opposite direction to walk into the kitchen.
“How do I know you’re not going to poison me?” You called out but you didn’t get a response.

You didn’t trust Talia but you wanted answers so you did what she told you and sat down on the brown couch in the center of the room. You finally took a look at your surroundings and noticed how beautiful everything was. Right across from the couch was a lit fireplace and behind the couch was a granite dining room table. You couldn’t see any doors or windows but considering there was a fireplace you assumed you were somewhere cold and far from Gotham.

On the side wall next to the hallway entrance was a small bookshelf filled with books. You loved to read so you got up to see what kind there were. Surprising enough they were all your favorites. They all looked New and even had that new book smell. You picked up your favorite and walked back to the couch. You began to read to pass the time until Talia was done and ready to explain to you why you were there.

You couldn’t get very far in your book because your mind always wandered back to your husband. Talia then called your name and told you to go to the table and as much you didn’t want to obey her, you wanted answers even more so you did it anyway. She set the table while you were reading and it now held all of your favorite foods. Your mouth started to water. You weren’t sure how long you had been there or how long it had been since you last ate but you were starving.

You eyed Talia suspiciously as you sat down and began to make a plate. You weren’t worried about if it was poisoned anymore. You figured that she would want to have the child kept safe by the way she spoke earlier.

“Alright Talia talk.” You spoke calmly as you began to eat. You noticed that Talia had also made herself a plate and began to eat to so waited for her finish chewing before she started.

“You are here because you are carrying the heir of Ras Al Ghul. I’ve been waiting for 4 years for you to get pregnant. Since my son has decided to turn down his destiny it will now be up to your child to carry on his path. So for next eight months you will be staying here and when you give birth I will take the child somewhere safe so they can began their training.” You looked at Talia as she finished speaking not with anger but with amusement.

“You actually believe you can keep me here for eight months without Damian finding me? And do you honestly think you can hide our child from us? You’re insane Talia! What about doctors appointments and meds what about what about people and socializing?” You said while laughing. You couldn’t believe her plan, it was insane.

“Trust me Y/N no one will find you here not even Damian or Bruce. Also your doctor Karen will be coming by often to make sure the child is okay.” She smirked as she said the last part and then it all came together. That’s how she knew you were pregnant so quickly she must be working with Karen. You felt betrayed that someone you once called friend could do this to you and Talia saw this.

“As for socializing I’ll be here every weekend and Karen will be here once a month there is also a tv in the first bedroom in the hallway for to watch.” You were in complete shock. You couldn’t even bother to listen as she continued talking about how there was no way to escape and how should bring you groceries for the week each time she visits. She wouldn’t tell you your current location though just in case.

You know that Damian would be there to find you any day so you tried to not to worry too much and continued eating. When you were done Talia cleaned up everything and she also informed you that the second door in the hallway was a bathroom. In the bathroom was a closet that held towels, clothes, pajamas, and toiletries. You decided that you’d go take a shower and get ready for bed. You weren’t sure what time it was but you were exhausted so as soon as you got done getting ready you climbed in bed and went to sleep.

~ Six Months Later~
You had been waiting for Damian for 6 months but he had yet to find you. You were losing hope that he ever would. Talia came every weekend as promised and Karen came every month for check ups. In the last few months you found out that you were having a little girl and even got to hear her heartbeat. Talia was a little upset at first about the sex of the child but got over rather quickly.

You were a lot bigger now being that you were 7 months pregnant. You wished everyday that Damian could be there to see just how much you’ve changed. You wanted nothing more than to sit with him and pick out baby names and to be able to show him the ultrasound pictures and the baby’s heartbeat so that you could see him smile.

They say after you arrived you found out the that the main door was at the end of the kitchen. You had tried to escape many times but failed. It was opened by passcode and while you tried spying on Talia to get it, you never had any success. You’re only hope was to just wait for Damian. You also found out why it is that Karen betrayed you. It turns out that her loyalty can be easily bought.

What you couldn’t seem to figure out though is what was taking Damian so long. You hadn’t seen your name on the news for missing person and whenever you asked Talia she ignored you. Sometimes you wondered if he was even looking for you.

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