for witnessing my brilliance


It’s been almost a year I went to London to see James in The Ruling Class, which has been one of the highlights of my life so far. Seriously. Now, the only downside was not meeting James at the stage door, unlike previous meetings in Macbeth and Three Days of Rain. Guess I was getting spoiled. ;) I’m super happy that so many of my tumblr friends saw The Ruling Class and witnessed the brilliance that is James McAvoy owing a stage, so I wanted to share some memories of the first time I saw him acting in front of me, in Three Days of Rain.

It was 2009 and I only had a crappy camera to take photos. I was also so overwhelmed that I forgot to take as many as I could, so above are the ones I managed to take of James. Luckily, I was surrounded by fans with better cameras and much more focused into using them; the result you’ll see in the 3DoR post - part 2. 

Please don’t repost the photos. Thanks. :)