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and as isak tells even more, even begins to understand that it wasnt entirely his bipolar that was preventing isak from being open. isak'll talk about things from when he lived in the basement like "i couldnt tell jonas, no way, so when he walked me home i waited for him to turn the corner before walking 4 more miles to the kollektiv" and even realizes that he didn't even tell //jonas// this stuff but isak reassures him "i, i tell him stuff now. and you too. it's not like that anymore, promise"

isak is slowly, slowly learning to open up to people, and it’s so wonderful for even to see. sometimes it starts with even, sometimes jonas - even is fine with that, as long as isak is talking to someone, and not keeping things to himself.

when he learns about isak’s past in full (he never gets a full answer to start with, just little admissions here and there, about his family life, and about being so deeply in the closet for so long, and everything that came with that) it all starts to make sense. isak has very much been a victim of the “boys don’t cry” idea, and it’s had such an effect on him, making him believe that he’s got to get through things alone, even when it’s breaking him apart inside.

but he’s learning, slowly, and even sees this. he sees isak begin to volunteer the information that he’s had a rough day, or he didn’t sleep last night, or he’s worried about an assignment. even always does the most that he can to make isak comfortable with sharing this, makes sure isak knows its not his fault for feeling bad, and as time goes on it gets easier.

even is so proud of how far isak has come, and he lets him know this as much as he can. he whispers it into isak’s hair, or he draws it into his skin with his finger, or he holds him for as long as it takes isak to realise what even thinks of him.

it gets easier to talk, and it gets better when he does, for both of them.

it was supposed to be another color practice but then suddenly I remembered these messages in my inbox

I’ve received messages like these ever since I created this blog
this hater or those haters still telling me to delete this blog of mine just because I like this ‘Nathan Prescott’ character

just, anon, just please STOP
whoever you are
you’re killing me

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1. @ people you wanna be friends with?

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i don’t have any shame in tagging ppl bc they’re all v nice and kind n stuff like that yknow

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(1/2) (Lol this is shit but I had to) So isak and Even would totally ignore all the signs. So when Jonas and Mikael finally give in and end up kissing at a party after glaring each other for an hour they can't believe their eyes. "You know I used to have a crush on Jonas right?" "I ended up kissing Mikael while I was still at Bakka". They went quiet for a bit before both started laughing.

(2/2) They laughed until they realised that Jonas and Mikael were staring at them with worried expressions. “I have no idea what is happening but I think now is the time when we go and give them our blessing” said Even grabbing a still very confused Isak’s hand and dragging him across the room. Thank you for blessing us with Jonas/Mikael and thank you to whoever your anons are because I can’t stop thinking about them


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PS: You are beautiful, attractive, gorgeous and Oh! So pretty. Also, if I've failed to send any of my other messages anonymously, please don't reply to them.. I like being anon around here. Much love.❤

hey anon, whoever you are, i have your 3 messages in my inbox and i won’t be publishing them, not because they aren’t anonymous but because i want to be able to see and read them everyday without them getting lost in my posts plus they feel too personal to me that someone would take the time to help me like this 
thank you, you have saved me in ways you can’t understand! ❤

why do y'all send anons telling people to kill themselves do you know how fucked up that is? like do you fucking think about how that actually fucking affects someone? like whoever sends anons like that, do you enjoy the fact you are telling people to off themselves and could be Charged with a felony? think about your fucking words people oh my God i shouldn’t have to say this.

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Honestly to get people involved in the poll, we need incentive like fanfics, fanarts, that kind of stuff. Those seem to work in the AMM poll


I’m currently studying like heck tho, but, by any means, my dear people who can do these wonderful things, are some of y’all available?

(however i did see some fanfic writers linking the polls at the end of their work, that seems to help as well :D, so here’s an idea)


LINKS for whoever was inspired by anon needs them:

i see you + conclave

Bob + Eliza premium combo

Sexy body fluids coming outta clarke’s forehead n bellamy wipin’ ‘em (also known as vote for bellarke yo)

 Baby Jasper, Devon and a bunch of other characters that r now ded

Fandom bloodbath and gore

It was 6 y and 7 days not 5 years as previously spoiled


“Half dressed, apologetic. A mess, she looked
Pathetic, she cried:

Please don’t go sir…”

Here is Part 2 of my Marliza diptych which explores the recurring and contrasting leitmotifs in Hamilton (in this instance, helplessness). :D And, below are the two girls side by side.

Eliza: first love, beginnings, creation, song of innocence

Maria: worldly love, endings, destruction, abuse, song of experience

This one is for the anon who requested Marliza, whoever you are. I hope you see this! <3

who got that anon pointing out the pattern between louis and shoes and eleanor??? every time he posted his feet eleanor would show up. then he followed those shoe twitters the other day and they were papped at his house… and then today, according to the fan, he walked into a shoe store with her…. it’s a funny coincidence is all im saying